Ultimate Guide to Uber Kicksin

26.05.2023 - 11:22:16
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Ultimate Guide to Uber Kicksin

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on crafting an unbeatable Uber Kicksin Assassin. This advanced build specifically designed to confront the Uber Tristram bosses, performs equally well in other PvM (Player vs Monster) scenarios, albeit with a slower AoE (Area of Effect) damage output.

This guide's objective is not only to offer a refreshing alternative to the conventional Paladin Smiter but also to aid you in achieving a harmonious balance among critical statistics like crushing blow, attack speed, resistance, and more.

Let's start by examining the optimal thresholds we aim to achieve with our Uber Kicksin build:

  • Crushing Blow: 70% and above (85% is the golden spot)
  • Attack Rating: 22k and above
  • Stacked Resists: 300
  • Increased Attack Speed: 35% (to attain 3 frame kicks)
  • Block Chance: 75%
  • HP without BoS (Burst of Speed): 1,000 and above
  • Dragon Talon Level: 30 or 37 (for 6 and 7 kicks respectively)
  • Open Wounds: 10% and above

Please note that the above figures should be considered goals, not prerequisites. Achieving the perfect balance among these stats is crucial, and the wide range of available gear combinations will make this task quite exciting.

Gear Recommendations

Here are some of the most effective gear selections for our Uber Kicksin:

  • Weapon: Last Wish Phase Blade, Ber'd Fleshripper, Ber'd Stormlash
  • Shield: Sanctuary Troll Nest, Stormshield, Phoenix Monarch
  • Armor: Chains of Honor Archon Plate, Ethereal Duress, Natalya's Shadow
  • Helm: Kiras Guardian (with 15ias jewel), Guillaume's Face (with 15ias jewel), +2sin/visio/str or dex/res, Crown of Ages
  • Gloves: +2 Martial Arts/20ias + mods, Dracul's Grasp
  • Boots: Upgraded Gore Rider, Shadow Dancer
  • Belt: Thundergod's Vigor, 24fhr/str/life/res
  • Amulet: Mara's Kaleidoscope, Highlord's Wrath, Metalgrid
  • Rings: Raven Frost (20/2xx), AR/Res/Dex/ML ring, Wisp Projector
  • Switch: Call to Arms + Spirit
  • Prebuff: Demon Limb (Enchant)

Inventory Recommendations

  • Torch
  • Anni
  • 7 Martial Arts Grand Charms
  • Small Charms with FHR/All Res or Life/All Res

Let's delve a bit into the specifics. Upping the Gore Riders is crucial to achieve maximum kick damage. Using Grand Charms or Small Charms can significantly expedite the process, but isn't necessary. To reach the coveted 7th kick with Dragon Talon, a Torch is beneficial but not mandatory. Make sure you maintain 300 stacked resistances, even if you opt out of the Torch.

Demon Limb's Enchant prebuff is not a requirement, but its impact on your attack rating can significantly reduce run times. Keep in mind that you can repair charges in the Horadric Cube using an Ort rune and the Demon Limb.

Important Considerations

The Uber Kicksin build is surprisingly flexible. Even if you opt not to use Last Wish, you can still build a formidable character, provided you achieve the desired statistics. However, if you forego Last Wish, you should consider equipping Dracul's Grasp or carrying a Life Tap wand on switch. Be careful not to waste Life Tap from both Last Wish and Dracul's Grasp, as a lower level one won't overwrite the higher one.

Furthermore, as enhanced damage barely affects kicks, Fortitude isn't the best option for this build. It's also worth mentioning that the enhanced damage on your weapon doesn't influence kick damage, so striving for a perfect weapon may not yield the expected returns. Remember that a significant portion of your damage (90%) originates from your crushing blow.

Using Phoenix Monarch may necessitate additional stat investment into dexterity to achieve max block, and extra resistances may need to be gained through gear or small charms (11res or 5all res). Be sure to consistently use the Cloak of Shadows skill to manage the number of monsters aggroing you without max block.

Skills: Balancing Act

Depending on whether you're using Last Wish or not, your skill allocation may vary. Here are two possible skill distributions:

With Last Wish:

  • 20 Dragon Talon
  • 20 Venom
  • 20 Shadow Master
  • 20 Death Sentry
  • 1 Dragon Flight
  • Necessary prerequisite skills

Without Last Wish:

  • 20 Dragon Talon
  • 20 Venom
  • 20 Shadow Master
  • 20 Fade
  • 1 Dragon Flight
  • Extra points in Death Sentry
  • Necessary prerequisite skills

Remember, your primary skill is Dragon Talon. Venom won't show up in your stats, but it does proc with kicks, significantly impacting the Ubers' replenishment rate. Shadow Master provides substantial support, while Death Sentry's corpse explosion skill proves indispensable during organ farming or in other PvM situations, although it offers little help in Tristram. Dragon Flight is used to teleport directly to the Ubers.

If you're using Last Wish, there's no need to put extra points in Fade as its level 11 Fade will override yours. One underappreciated skill is Cloak of Shadows, reducing enemy aggression, stopping ranged attacks, and modifying defenses of both mobs/Ubers and yourself. Bear in mind that its effect cannot be overwritten and can only be recast after the duration ends, so one point suffices.

Strategy: Confronting the Ubers

Your basic strategy will align with most Uber builds. Start by luring Mephisto to the upper river's corner and then proceed to cloak of shadows, Dragon Flight to him, and kick until he falls. Next, lure either Diablo or Baal, and repeat the process. Be cautious around Baal due to his mana burn, and carry a row or two of mana potions as a precaution.

Refrain from engaging all the Uber bosses simultaneously; the odds are against you surviving such a conflict, especially without max block. Once Mephisto is dealt with, feel confident to confront both Diablo and Baal simultaneously. Prioritize Diablo as he tends to fall faster.

If you farm your own organs, consider keeping Enigma in your stash for quick and convenient teleportation.

Lastly, a pro-tip: If you're struggling with cold and poison resistances, stock up on antidote and thawing potions. Their durations stack up to 300 seconds (30 seconds x 10), giving you ample time to deal with the Uber bosses!

This guide serves as a blueprint for your own Uber Kicksin build, emphasizing balance and offering multiple reliable options. Remember, there are countless ways to create a successful build. Play around with it, tweak it to your liking, and most importantly, enjoy the process!


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