Ultimate Money Making Guide- Runescape3

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Ultimate Money Making Guide- Runescape3

Have you ever wanted to make absolute mills per hour in Runescape 3 but you didn’t know how? If yes then this simple guide is for you. As a heads up, all the methods that will be shown below are pretty intensive high-end PVM methods, as they are the best ways to make a lot of gold per hour. If you do not want to spend time and energy to do these methods, check out our store page and get rich in a few clicks!

Killing Zamorak, Lord of Chaos

Zamorak is one of the latest additions to the game, being added in an update in 2022. As such he is still the king of making you some money, if you are able to defeat it of course.

Before the fight you will see that Zamorak is surrounded by six chaos with channelers, once you kill all of them the fight will start, so make sure you are truly prepared before killing the last one. 

Zamorak is utilising a system called the enrage system. You will be progressing through six phases, upon completing a phase both you the player and Zamorak will receive buffs and debuffs by activating and uncorrupting a rune. If you reach 100% enrage or more the fight will be extended by an additional phase. This phase will involve mechanics from four of the six runes and also will reverse the activation order of the first six phases.

Required Levels and Items

As this is an end game boss, the requirements for efficiently killing it is very high. Here are the recommendations for efficiently killing Zamorak the Lord of Chaos:

  • Max combat level

  • 96 Summoning for binding ripper demons

  • 106 Herblore for elder overload

  • 95+ Prayer for best prayers

  • 89+ Invention for perks

  • Tier 90+ weapon and tier 80+ armour both with perks

  • Elder Overload potion

  • Best healing food

  • Mahjarrat aura or Supreme invigorate aura/Inspiration aura

  • Erethdor’s grimoire

  • Superior scrimshaw of vampyrism

  • Enhanced excalibur

  • A spirit shield

  • Cryptbloom armour recommended

  • Infernal puzzle box recommended

Gold Per Hour

The money per hour you get from Zamorak depends on its enrage levels. The higher the enrage level the better the rewards but do keep in mind that this also makes the fight that much harder. So pick the best enrage level suited for you and don’t try to rush enrage levels while learning the fight. For a decent profit you should kill the boss in the following enrange levels:

  • 2000 Enrage: 170M/H - Profit rate assumes that you can get 4 kills per hour.

  • 500 Enrage: 106M/H - Profit rate assumes that you can get 7 kills per hour.

  • 100 Enrage: 105M/H - Profit rate assumes that you can get 12 kills per hour.

You shouldn’t farm the boss on 300 enrage level and just go up to at least 500 enrage level as the profit rates are actually lower than that of 100 enrage level kills.

Killing Telos the Warden

Telos is a boss that resides in the Heart of Gielinor. He is an end game boss that was added in the game back in 2016.  Even after 7 years he is still the second best way to make a lot of money per hour.

Just like Zamorak, the Lord of Chaos, Telos also uses the enrage mechanic. If you are under 100% enrage, you will progress through four phases. After completing a phase you will be descending down a platform. If the player is fighting Telos at or higher than 100% enrage level the fight is extended to five phases. This last additional phase will involve mechanics from all four phases preceding it.

Telos’ difficulty is scalable. After killing Telos once at 0% enrage you will be given the option to choose which enrage level you want to fight Telos at. Your options will vary on your highest enrage level kill. So your options will be between 0% and the highest enrage level on which you have successfully scored a kill plus 5%. The higher the enrage level the more damage and health the boss will have but it will also increase your chances of getting rare drops.

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Required Levels and Items

As this is an end game boss, the requirements for efficiently killing it is very high. Here are the recommendations for efficiently killing Telos, the Warden:

  • Max combat level

  • 106 Herblore for elder overloads

  • 95+ Prayer for best prayers

  • 99 Summoning

  • 89+ Invention for perks

  • Tier 90 magic weapon and armour with perks

  • 3x Grasping rune pouch

  • Dreadnips

  • Tier 90+ Shield

  • High healing food

  • Pack mammoth pouch or Ice nihil pouch

  • Enhanced Excalibur

  • Completion of the quest “The Temple at Senntisten” recommended for ancient curses

Gold Per Hour

Unlike other bosses Telos possesses three tiers of drops which are: Bronze, Silver and Gold. These tiers only affect the rare drop chances and do not affect common drops. After killing Telos, you will be given two options and you have to select one in order to continue farming Telos. You can choose to loot all the rewards which will reset your enrage level and kill streak or you can choose to continue the fight which will increase the enrage level by anywhere between 5-20%. Second option makes the fight harder but greatly increases your drop rates. The enrage level of Telos is capped at 4000% and the maximum amount of kill streak one can do is capped at 200 times. After reaching this killstreak cap you are forced to claim your rewards.

There is also a risk of stacking up killstreak. If the player dies while fighting Telos, then Telos will "reclaim" some of its rewards. As players increase their killstreak, they will retain more of the rewards upon death; this starts at 5%, and increases by 5% every successful kill afterwards up to 75% at 15 kills. This reduction applies by whole numbers of the items held in the chest, not the total value of rewards. For example, if the player possesses 16 uncut onyxes in the chest but dies with a killstreak of 58, then 4 of these onyxes would be lost, while the other 12 would be kept by the player.

  • 2449 Enrage: 142M/H - Profit rate assumes that you can get 11 kills per hour.

  • 999 Enrage: 59M/H - Profit rate assumes that you can get 11 kills per hour.

  • 100 Enrage: 11M/H - Profit rate assumes that you can get 11 kills per hour.

Killing Nex The Angel of Death

Nex, Angel of Death is an upgraded version of the original Nex fight. This boss also resides in the God Wars dungeon and can be accessed through the original nex lobby with the usage of a frozen key.

Unlike the other two bosses listed above Nex do not have an enraged mechanic. This boss has a lot of really expensive high end rare drops which are always on demand. This boss can be killed both with a group or as a solo player. If killed with a group the player that held Nex’s aggression the longest has the highest chance to receive a rare drop. Other members of the party receive drop rates in accordance to their dps. This doesn’t prevent a group from receiving multiple rare drops on a single kill, although it is extremely rare.

Required Levels and Items

As this is yet another end game boss, the requirements for efficiently killing it is very high. Here are the recommendations for efficiently killing Nex, Angel of Death:

  • Max combat level

  • 96 Summoning for ripper demon binding contract

  • 106 Herblore for elder overloads

  • 95+ Prayer

  • 89+ Invention for perks

  • T90+ Magic Armour, T90+ Melee Armour or T90+ Ranged armour (all perked)

  • T90+ Magic Weapon, T90+ Melee Weapon or T90+ Ranged Weapon (all perked)

  • Elder overload salve

  • High healing food with no adrenaline cost (Guthix rest flasks with blue blubber jellyfish recommended)

  • Maniacal or Berserker aura

  • Erethdor’s Grimoire

  • Enhanced Excalibur

  • Tier 90+ Shield

  • Ring of Vigour

Gold Per Hour

Nex is a group boss so in general you can expect to make more money while in a group. The reason for this is the fact that you can get a lot more kills per hour with a group compared to being solo. The following gold per hour assumes that you are splitting all the drops you get from the boss:

  • Group of 7 Players: 97M/H - Profit rate assumes that you can get 20 kills per hour.

  • Group of 4 Players: 124M/H - Profit rate assumes that you can get 15 kills per hour.

  • Group of 2 Players: 74M/H - Profit rate assumes that you can get 5 kills per hour.

  • Solo Kills: 54M/H - Profit rate assumes that you can get 2 kills per hour.

Killing Ripper Demons

Unlike all the other high end money making methods, this one does not involve killing a boss. Ripper demon is a mob that was released back in 2015. They require level 96 slayer to be killed and the reason for their massive profitability despite being a very old mob is because of the archeology update. With the introduction of archeology, you can now create ripper demon binding contracts. These contracts are the reason why it is worth farming these demons. Ripper demons are the best offensive familiar a player can use in combat thus making them very high on demand on grand exchange. If you can’t do binding contracts yet, do not do this method.

Required Levels and Items

All of your profit rates are based on how many ripper demons you can kill per hour. So having high stats alongside high-end gear will affect your gold per hour. Here are our recommendations:

  • Level 96 Slayer (Required!)

  • Level 96 Summoning (Required!)

  • Level 96+ Herblore

  • Level 95+ Prayer

  • Darklight

  • T90+ off-hand weapon

  • T80+ Amour

  • Armour spikes

  • Holy or Supreme overload potions

  • Weapon poison +++

  • Super restores

  • Shark or higher food

  • Vampyrism aura

  • Scrimshaw of vampyrism

  • Enhanced excalibur

  • Spring cleaner 9001

  • Gem bag

Be very careful of the demon's special attack. Each demon will have an adrenaline bar and when that bar gets full they will leap in the air to do a special attack. Make sure to dodge this attack as it will one shot you. To dodge it simply move two squares away from the shadow that appears beneath you.

Gold Per Hour

As mentioned before, your profit rates will depend on how many you can kill per hour.

  • 650 Kills per hour: 77M/H

  • 500 Kills per hour: 58M/H

  • 300 Kills per hour: 35M/H

  • 150 Kills per hour: 16M/H

Killing Solak

Returning to track with another boss that is relatively recent is Solak. This monster was released in 2018 and resides in The Lost Grove. Solak drops T92 crossbows making it a pretty profitable boss. You can enter the boss arena with up to 7 players.

Required Levels and Items

For this boss you would want to have the best items that you can get your hands on, as this is yet another end game boss.

  • Max combat level

  • Level 96 summoning, for binding ripper demons

  • Level 106 herblore,  for elder overloads

  • Level 95+ Prayer, with ancient curses

  • Level 89+ Invention, for perks

  • T80+ Magic armour, with perks

  • T90+ Magic weapon

  • Elder overload potion

  • High healing food

  • Maniacal/Berserker/Reckless/Dark magic/Mahjarrat aura

  • Erethdor’s grimoire

  • Enhanced excalibur

  • Tier 90+ shield

  • Ring of vigour

  • Planted feet switch with Aftershock 1

  • Dominion mine

  • Bladed dive switch

Gold Per Hour

After a kill you can talk to either Solak or Merethiel to get your loot. If you didn’t claim your loot or if you died during the encounter and your team completed it successfully, you can talk to Merethiel outside the arena instead. If you complete another encounter without claiming your loot, your first loot will disappear. So make sure to claim it after each fight. It is also possible for each team member to get unique drops from each kill.

  • 79M/H - Assuming you can kill 8 per hour.

  • 49M/H - Assuming you can kill 5 per hour.

  • 19M/H - Assuming you can kill 2 per hour.

Defeating Croesus

Taking a little break from our usual boss slaughtering, we are now going to slaughter another one using non-combat skills. Croesus is a skilling boss that got released back in 2021. To kill this boss you must have high construction,fishing,hunter,mining and woodcutting levels.

In this boss fight you have a different “health bar” where if it ever gets depleted your character will fall unconscious and be returned to the arena’s entrance. You won’t be able to return to the arena until the boss returns to its dormant state. 

You can find this boss at the Croesus Front on the eastern side of Senntisten as part of the Elder God Wars Dungeon.

Required Levels and Items

This boss is pretty unique since it is a skilling boss, rather than a combat boss. This makes the usual recommended items and levels a lot different.

  • Level 80 Construction

  • Level 80 Woodcutting

  • Level 80 Mining

  • Level 80 Fishing

  • Level 80 Hunter

  • Level 90 Magic, for Crystal mask

  • Quarrymaster/Lumberjack/Call of the Sea/Tracker aura

  • Artificer’s Measure 

  • Orthen furnace core or Sana’s fyrtorch (if you do not have these, it is recommended that you bring protean logs instead.)

  • Extreme hunter flask

  • Fishing rod-o-matic

  • Magic butterfly net or enhanced yaktwee stick

  • Pickaxe of Earth and Song

  • Imcando hatchet

  • Pontifex shadow ring upgraded with Bik anima

  • Fury shark/Nature’s sentinel/Magic golem/Volcanic trapper outfit

  • Completion of the quest “The Light Within”

  • Double surge codex

  • Dive or bladed dive recommended

Gold Per Hour

You can choose to duo this boss or go in with a 4-man group. Rewards from this boss are determined based on your contribution points. You can increase your contribution rate by doing the following:

  • Gathering fungi from the trophy carcasses

  • Placing fungi at the statues of the four heroes

  • Restoring the statues

  • Removing energy fungi

  • Freeing other players from sticky fungi

  • Damaging the core of Croesus, and interacting with green and white spores on the core

Your rating can also decrease if you do the following:

  • Gathering from rotten nodes

  • Healing Croesus by interacting with red spores on the core

Depending on your points your chances of receiving a unique increase drastically. You reap the maximum amount of benefits if you score 420 :) points or more.

  • 4 Man kills: 45M/H - This rate assumes that you get 9 kills per hour without splitting any drops. This also assumes that you reach the maximum contribution threshold.

Duo Kills: 57M/H - This rate assumes that you get 12 kills per hour without splitting. This also assumes that you reach the maximum contribution threshold.

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