Ultimate OSRS Money Making Guide

24.12.2023 - 20:25:17
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Ultimate OSRS Money Making Guide

Leveling your skills is just one of the things that you need to worry about in OSRS. If you want to make the most out of your time and character, you'll need to get rich too! The good news is that there are quite a few money-making methods in OSRS that you should know about.

OSRS Money Making Methods


To make this guide easier to browse and understand, we're going to divide it into several sections. You'll also see the average hourly profit for each method, as well as the skill requirements. Before doing any of these steps, you need to make sure that you're well-researched as not all topics are applicable for everyone.

Let's start with money making methods through collecting first.


Buy Cheap Runescape Gold
MethodHourly ProfitSkillsCategoryIntensityMembers
Delivering food in Gnome Restaurant2,005,000Cooking 42, Magic 61CollectingHighMember
Buying monkey nuts954,000NoneCollectingLowMember
Making weapon poison(++)636,000Herblore 82CollectingHighMember
Collecting mort myre fungi486,000Decent Prayer recommendedCollectingLowMember
Stealing cave goblin wire474,000Thieving 44CollectingHighMember
Looting ogre coffins469,000Agility (Highly recommended)CollectingModerateMember
Planting mithril seeds373,000NoneCollectingLowMember
Stealing from Rogue's Castle chests338,000Thieving 84, Prayer 43+ strongly recommendedCollectingHighMember
Collecting black scimitars from Ardougne Castle276,000Thieving 61CollectingLowMember
Buying pies249,000Cooking 32 (99 recommended for faster banking)CollectingModerateMember
Collecting red spiders & eggs247,000Decent Combat level, Defence recommended, Prayer 25 recommended for Protect ItemCollectingLowMember
Collecting snape grass243,000Magic 72 recommendedCollectingLowMember
Collecting climbing boots216,000Decent Agility recommendedCollectingHighMember
Buying team capes206,000NoneCollectingLowFree-to-play
Picking bananas179,000NoneCollectingModerateMember
Collecting red spider's eggs (free-to-play)170,000Combat level 69+ recommendedCollectingModerateFree-to-play
Collecting jangerberries165,000Agility 10CollectingLowMember
Collecting planks164,000NoneCollectingLowMember
Collecting fish food161,000NoneCollectingModerateFree-to-play
Collecting wine of zamorak156,000Magic 33, Hitpoints 20+ recommended, 500 total levelCollectingModerateMember
Buying iron ore148,000Mining 60 for access to Mining GuildCollectingModerateFree-to-play
Buying bronze bars146,000NoneCollectingLowMember
Collecting cosmic runes141,000Decent Combat level and Defence recommended, Prayer 43 recommended for protection prayersCollectingModerateFree-to-play
Collecting monk's robes137,000Prayer 31 Prayer requiredCollectingLowFree-to-play
Collecting white berries121,000Agility 56 (higher, the better)CollectingLowMember
Collecting chaos runes107,000Decent Combat level recommended, Magic 25 to teleport to VarrockCollectingModerateFree-to-play
Collecting steel platebodies88,000Decent Combat level and Defence recommended, Prayer 43 recommended for Protect from Melee, Magic 25 for Varrock TeleportCollectingModerateFree-to-play
Collecting bronze pickaxes88,000NoneCollectingHighFree-to-play
Buying jug packs82,000NoneCollectingLowFree-to-play
Collecting anti-dragon shields (free-to-play)82,000NoneCollectingModerateFree-to-play
Collecting wine of zamorak (free-to-play)79,000Magic 37CollectingLowFree-to-play
Collecting and tanning cowhide70,000NoneCollectingLowFree-to-play
Collecting tinderboxes62,000NoneCollectingHighFree-to-play
Collecting spades58,000NoneCollectingModerateFree-to-play
Collecting ashes58,000Firemaking 30CollectingLowFree-to-play
Collecting iron ore56,000NoneCollectingLowFree-to-play
Buying ale from the Rising Sun Inn54,000NoneCollectingHighFree-to-play
Collecting beer glasses53,000NoneCollectingLowFree-to-play
Collecting big bones from the Bone Yard52,000Decent Combat level and Defence recommended, Prayer 25 recommended for Protect ItemCollectingModerateFree-to-play
Shearing sheep47,000NoneCollectingLowFree-to-play
Stealing Wydin's bananas39,000NoneCollectingHighFree-to-play
Buying kebabs in Al Kharid33,000NoneCollectingHighFree-to-play
Collecting garlic29,000NoneCollectingModerateFree-to-play
Buying from Wydin's Food Store25,000NoneCollectingHighFree-to-play
Picking potatoes20,000NoneCollectingLowFree-to-play
Getting infinite money19,000NoneCollecting/NoneHighFree-to-play
Collecting air tal17,000NoneCollecting/NoneModerateFree-to-play


MethodHourly ProfitSkillsIntensityMembers
Killing Nex (Duo)19,654,000Attack 95+, Strength 95+, Defence 90+, Ranged 90+ recommended, Magic 90+ recommended for magic defence and summoning thralls, Prayer 74+ recommended for Rigour and must have at least 43 Prayer for protection prayersHighMember
Tombs of Amascut (Solo 500 raid level)16,168,000Attack 95+, Strength 95+, Defence 90+, Hitpoints 95+, Ranged 90+ recommended, Magic 94+, Prayer 77+ recommendedHighMember
Killing Nex (Team)12,907,000Ranged 90+ recommended, Defence 90+ recommended, Magic 85+ recommended for magic defence and summoning thralls, Prayer 74+ recommended for rigourHighMember
Theatre of Blood (Scythe of vitur)8,941,000Attack 95+, Strength 99, Defence 95+, Hitpoints 95+, Ranged 99 recommended, Magic 94+, Prayer 77+ recommendedHighMember
Theatre of Blood (Abyssal tentacle)7,516,000Attack 95+, Strength 95+, Defence 95+, Hitpoints 95+, Ranged 90+ recommended, Magic 94+, Prayer 77+ recommendedHighMember
Killing Vardorvis7,479,000Strength 90+, Attack 90+, Defence 90+, Prayer 70+ recommended for PietyHighMember
Tombs of Amascut (Expert)7,298,000Attack 82+, Strength 85, Defence 80+, Hitpoints 85+, Ranged 90 recommended, Magic 94+ recommended, Prayer 77+ recommendedHighMember
Killing Venenatis6,795,000Strength 80+, Attack 80+, Prayer 70+ recommended for PietyHighMember
Killing Kreearra6,135,000Ranged 80+ or Magic 80+ and Defence recommended, Prayer 74+ recommended for Rigour or Prayer 77+ for Augury with at least 40+ for Protect from MissilesHighMember
Killing The Leviathan5,632,000Ranged 90+, Defence 90+, Prayer 74+ recommended for RigourHighMember
Chambers of Xeric5,473,000Attack 90+, Strength, Defence, Magic, Ranged recommended, Prayer 70+ recommended, A party member with Farming 55+, Herblore 78+, Construction 30+ (strongly recommended), Woodcutting 70+ and Mining 70+ recommendedHighMember
Killing The Whisperer5,077,000Magic 90+, Prayer 77+ recommended for AuguryHighMember
Killing Cerberus4,765,000Slayer 91, Attack 85+, Strength, Defence recommended, Prayer 70+ recommendedHighMember
Killing General Graardor4,644,000Strength 70+ required to enter Bando's Stronghold, Attack 80+, Strength, Defence recommended (Defence 80+ strongly recommended), Magic 75+ strongly recommended to tank Magic attacks, Prayer 70+ recommended and must have at least 43 prayer for protectionHighMember
Killing Duke Sucellus4,609,000Strength 90+, Attack 90+, Defence 90+, Prayer 70+ recommended for PietyHighMember
Killing Spindel4,549,000Strength 80+, Attack 80+, Prayer 70+ recommended for PietyHighMember
Killing Commander Zilyana4,053,000Combat level 100+ recommended, Agility 70 (required), Ranged 80+ recommended, Defence 80+ (90+ recommended), Hitpoints 70+ recommended, Prayer 44+ (74+ recommended)HighMember
Completing The Corrupted Gauntlet3,973,000All Song of the Elves' quest requirements, Although no strict requirement, high combat stats are recommended for completing The Corrupted GauntletHighMember
Killing the Alchemical Hydra3,915,000Slayer 95 required, Ranged 75+ recommended, Prayer 74+ recommended, Hitpoints 85+ recommendedHighMember
Killing Phosani's Nightmare3,506,000Attack, Strength, Defence, Hitpoints 90+, Magic 90+, Prayer 70+ recommendedHighMember
Killing Vet'ion3,293,000High melee stats, Prayer 43+ (Protect from Melee)HighMember
Killing Vorkath (Dragon hunter lance)2,965,000Attack 90+, Strength, Hitpoints recommended, Defence 85+ recommended, Prayer 70+ for Piety recommended, Various others required for questsHighMember
Killing Phantom Muspah (Twisted bow)2,878,000Ranged 90+ recommended, Defence 80+ recommended for Masori armour, Prayer 74+ for Rigour recommended, Magic 85+ for summoning thralls and casting greater corruption, Various others required for quests to complete Secrets of the NorthHighMember
Killing Vorkath (Dragon hunter crossbow)2,813,000Ranged 90+, Hitpoints recommended, Defence 80+ recommended, Prayer 74+ for Rigour recommended, Various others required for questsHighMember
Killing Callisto2,758,000Combat level 90 (95+ Recommended), Hitpoints 60 (90+ Recommended), Ranged 70 (90+ Recommended), Magic 94 Recommended, Defence 70 (90+ Recommended)HighMember
Killing Zulrah (max efficiency)2,379,000Defence 70+ recommended, Ranged 95+, Magic (95+) recommended, Prayer 77+ recommendedHighMember
Killing the Corporeal Beast2,365,000High melee stats, Prayer 37+ (Protect from Magic), Construction 90+ recommended for an ornate rejuvenation poolHighMember
Killing Dagannoth Kings (Solo tribrid)2,318,000Attack 85+, Strength, Hitpoints recommended, Ranged 85+, Magic 85+, Defence 70+ recommended for wearing decent tank gear, Prayer 74+ recommended for RigourModerateMember
Killing Calvarion2,310,000High melee stats, Prayer 43+ (Protect from Melee)HighMember
Killing Artio2,295,000Hitpoints 60+ Recommended, Ranged 75+ Recommended, Magic 70 (79+ Recommended (Ice Burst / Entangle)), Prayer 43HighMember
Killing revenants (Magic shortbow)2,249,000Defence 45+, Ranged 80+, Prayer 43+, Agility 89+ (optional)HighMember
Killing demonic gorillas2,202,000Attack 80+, Strength 85+, Defence 80+, Hitpoints 80+, Ranged 85+, Magic 70+, Prayer 70+, Slayer 69+HighMember
Killing The Nightmare1,833,000Attack 85+, Strength 85+, Defence 85+, Magic 85+, Hitpoints 85+, Prayer 70+ recommendedHighMember
Killing Lizardman Shamans (Canyon)1,775,000Ranged 75+, Prayer 70+ recommendedModerateMember
Killing revenants (Craw's bow)1,742,000Defence 45+, Ranged 90+, Prayer 43+ or 77+, Agility 65+, 75+, or 89+ (optional)HighMember
Killing Vorkath (Toxic blowpipe)1,669,000Ranged 90+, Hitpoints recommended, Attack 80+, Strength, Defence recommended, Prayer 74+ for Piety and Rigour recommended, Various others required for questsHighMember
Killing the Giant Mole (Twisted bow)1,639,000Ranged 85+ recommended, Prayer 77+ recommendedLowMember
Killing Kril Tsutsaroth1,587,000Hitpoints 70+ required to enter Zamorak's Fortress, Attack 80+, Strength, Defence recommended (Defence 90+ strongly recommended), Magic 75+ strongly recommended to tank Magic attacks, Prayer 70+ recommended with at least 43 for Protect from MeleeHighMember
Completing The Gauntlet1,553,000All Song of the Elve's quest requirements, Although no strict requirement, high combat stats are recommended for completing The GauntletHighMember
Killing rune dragons1,404,000Hitpoints 90+, Attack, Strength, Defence recommended, Magic 75+, Prayer recommendedModerateMember
Killing Zulrah1,357,000Defence 70+ recommended, Ranged 80+, Magic (only magic 85+), Hitpoints recommended, Prayer 45+ recommendedHighMember

Killing the Thermonuclear smoke devil

1,317,000Slayer 93+ required, Combat level 90+, Hitpoints, Magic 94+HighMember
Killing the Abyssal Sire1,128,000Slayer 85, Attack 85+, Strength, Defence recommended, Ranged 85+ recommended, Magic 92+ recommended, Prayer 70+ recommended, Construction 90+ recommended for Fairy ring (Construction) and Ornate rejuvenation poolHighMember
Killing Lizardman Shamans (Settlement or Temple)1,122,000Ranged 75+, Prayer 70+ recommendedModerateMember
Killing brutal black dragons1,047,000Slayer 77, Prayer 37+ (Protect from Magic), Construction 45 (Chapel with at least Oak altar), Ranged 85+ recommendedLowMember
Killing hydras1,045,000Attack 90+, Strength, Defence, Prayer 70+, Slayer 95HighMember
Killing Dagannoth Kings (Rex only)1,029,000Magic 50+ for Iban blast or Magic 78+ for the Trident of the swamp, Defence 40+ recommended for wearing decent tank gear, Prayer 43+ recommended for Protect from MeleeLowMember
Killing the Giant Mole (Dharoks)1,026,000Attack 70+, Strength, Defence recommended, Prayer 43+ recommended, Hitpoints 92+LowMember
Killing the Grotesque Guardians965,000Slayer 75, Combat level 90+, Prayer 43+ (70+ for Piety)HighMember
Killing lava dragons961,000Ranged 80+, Magic 75+, Defence 70+, Prayer 43+ModerateMember
Killing the Kraken847,000Slayer 87+, Magic 85+, Defence, HitpointsLowMember
Killing mithril dragons751,000Hitpoints 80+, Attack 80+, Strength, Defence recommendedModerateMember
Killing urium shades746,000Firemaking 80 (boostable), Attack 80+, Strength, DefenceModerateMember
Killing fiyr shades745,000Firemaking 65 (boostable), Attack 80+, Strength, DefenceHighMember
Last Man Standing743,000Skills 750+ Total level, Quest points 30+, or Skills 1,500+ Total levelHighMember
Barrows708,000Prayer 43+, Attack 70+, Strength, Defence for Melee, Magic 50+ (75+ for staves), Ranged 50+ (75+ for Toxic blowpipe)HighMember
Killing green dragons (Myths Guild)699,000Combat level 80+ for Melee, Ranged 60+ModerateMember
Killing green dragons658,000Combat level 80+ for Melee, Ranged 60+, Prayer 25 for Protect ItemModerateMember
Killing skeletal wyverns653,000Slayer 72, Attack 80+, Strength, Defence for Melee, Ranged 80+, Prayer 44+ (70+ for Melee)LowMember
Killing gargoyles597,000Slayer 75, Attack 70/80+, Strength, Defence (85+ strongly recommended), Magic 55 (High Level Alchemy)HighMember
Killing Sarachnis569,000High melee stats, Prayer 70+ for PietyModerateMember
Killing Vyrewatch Sentinels563,000High melee stats, Prayer 43+ (Protect from Melee)LowMember
Killing ents554,000Attack 60+, Strength or Ranged, Defence 40+, Prayer 25 (43+ for protection prayers), Woodcutting 75+ModerateMember
Temple Trekking530,000Combat level 60, Combat level recommended to kill Nail BeastsLowMember
Killing the Kalphite Queen502,000Attack 80+, Strength 80+, Defence 80+, Ranged 80+, Prayer 70+, Hitpoints 85+HighMember
Killing blue dragons439,000Combat level 90+ for Melee, Ranged 70+, Magic 37, Agility 70 (boostable)ModerateMember
Killing disciples of Iban432,000Hitpoints 50+, Agility 60ModerateMember
Killing ice troll runts393,000Attack 60+, Strength, Defence, or Ranged recommended, Prayer 43+ModerateMember
Killing skogres and zogres391,000Ranged 40+ or Attack & Strength, Defence 40+ModerateMember
Killing brutal red dragons390,000Ranged 80+, Prayer 37+ (Protect from Magic)HighMember
Killing spidines332,000Attack 40, Strength, Defence recommendedLowMember
Killing the King Black Dragon322,000Attack 80+, Strength, Defence for Melee, Ranged 70+, Hitpoints 70+, Prayer 44+ (70+ for Melee)HighMember
Killing Feral Vampyres231,000Combat level 75+ recommendedLowMember
Killing aviansies213,000Strength 60, Agility to enter the dungeon, Ranged 70+ (80 recommended), Defence 70+ModerateMember
Killing spiritual mages198,000Slayer 83, Attack 70+, Strength, Defence, Agility 70, Prayer 43+ModerateMember
Killing cave horrors197,000Slayer 58, Magic 70, Attack, Defence or Ranged 50 (with 70 Defence) recommendedModerateMember
Killing black dragons190,000Ranged 80+, Defence 70 recommendedHighMember
Killing red dragons183,000Agility 30, Woodcutting 34, Ranged 70+, Defence 40+ModerateMember
Killing chaos druids164,000Combat level 40+ recommended, Prayer 25 for Protect ItemLowMember
Killing brutal green dragons159,000Ranged 70+, Prayer 37+ (Protect from Magic)HighMember
Killing chaos dwarves155,000Combat level 60+ recommendedLowMember
Killing Bryophyta (free-to-play)147,000Attack 50+, Strength 50+, Defence 50+, Prayer 43+, Woodcutting 57+ModerateFree-to-play
Killing ogress shamans131,00080+ Defence, Attack, Strength, Magic, Ranged 40 recommendedModerateFree-to-play
Killing brine rats127,000Slayer 47, Attack 60+, Strength, Defence, Cooking 45+ recommendedModerateMember
Killing monkeys99,000Combat level 5+ recommendedLowFree-to-play
Killing imps89,000Combat level 30+ recommendedLowFree-to-play
Killing ogress warriors80,000Ranged 40 (60+ recommended)LowFree-to-play
Killing cows and tanning cowhide56,000Combat level 20+ recommendedLowFree-to-play
Killing hill giants52,000Attack 30+ (40 recommended for rune scimitar), Strength 30+ (40+ recommended), Defence 30+ (40 recommended for rune armour)ModerateFree-to-play
Killing bears43,000Combat level 30+ recommendedModerateFree-to-play
Killing Zamorak monks29,000Ranged 40+ recommended, Defence 20+ if Dragon Slayer I is not completed, Magic 37 for Falador Teleport (optional)ModerateFree-to-play
Killing wizards28,000Combat level 20+ recommendedLowFree-to-play
Killing Ankou (free-to-play)23,000Combat level 60+, Magic 60+, Ranged 60+, Attack 60+, Strength 60+, Defence 60+, Prayer 43+ for Pray MeleeModerateFree-to-play
Killing chickens20,000NoneLowFree-to-play
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MethodHourly ProfitSkillsIntensityMembers
Opening eclectic impling jars1,648,000Construction 42, Magic 96 (for clue steps)HighMember
Making cadantine potions1,388,000Herblore 66LowMember
Opening sinister chests1,385,000Agility 49, Magic 58 recommendedHighMember
Buying kegs of beer1,318,000NoneModerateMember
Making toy cats1,299,000Crafting 85, Construction 42, 50 recommended for Demon butlerHighMember
Making snapdragon potions1,276,000Herblore 63LowMember
Opening grubby chests1,261,000Thieving 57HighMember
Making avantoe potions1,048,000Herblore 50LowMember
Making redwood pyre logs1,010,000NoneModerateMember
Making ranarr potions1,008,000Herblore 30LowMember
Making dwarf weed potions988,000Herblore 72LowMember
Making kwuarm potions980,000Herblore 55LowMember
Opening crystal chests978,000Construction 10HighMember
Crushing bird nests945,000NoneModerateMember
Exchanging impling jars922,000Hunter 17 to enter Puro-Puro, Various requirements for questsModerateMember
Making toadflax potions876,000Herblore 34LowMember
Making lantadyme potions876,000Herblore 69LowMember
Charging and alchemising bracelets of ethereum860,000Magic 55ModerateMember
Making raw wild pies811,000Cooking 85HighMember
Making magic pyre logs797,000NoneModerateMember
Filling bullseye lantern (empty)781,000NoneModerateMember
Tanning black dragonhide735,000NoneLowMember
Making irit potions716,000Herblore 45LowMember
Making adamant brutal arrows705,000Fletching 62+LowMember
Making Guthix rests671,000Herblore 18HighMember
Tanning red dragonhide640,000NoneLowMember
Tanning blue dragonhide595,000NoneLowMember
Making gloves of silence589,000NoneModerateMember
Tanning green dragonhide560,000NoneLowMember
Buying beer tankards559,000NoneModerateMember
Making harralander potions532,000Herblore 22LowMember
Recharging rings of wealth512,000NoneModerateMember
Grinding desert goat horns486,000NoneModerateMember
Grinding unicorn horns477,000NoneModerateMember
Dismantling bracelets of ethereum476,000NoneModerateMember
Making guam potions468,000Herblore 3LowMember
Making ultracompost456,000NoneLowMember
Crafting drift nets436,000Crafting 26, Construction 29 for building the loom and bank on Fossil Island (recommended)ModerateMember
Making raw admiral pies433,000Cooking 70HighMember
Fletching ogre arrow shafts418,000Fletching 5+LowMember
Cutting diamond bolt tips367,000Fletching 65LowMember
Making pie shells331,000NoneLowFree-to-play
Cutting ruby bolt tips312,000Fletching 63LowMember
Making mahogany planks296,000Firemaking 50HighMember
Making tarromin potions284,000Herblore 12LowMember
Fletching headless arrows270,000NoneLowMember
Making mahogany planks at the Woodcutting Guild248,000Woodcutting 60ModerateMember
Grinding chocolate bars225,000NoneModerateFree-to-play
Making uncooked meat pies223,000Cooking 20LowFree-to-play
Making pastry dough206,000NoneModerateFree-to-play
Crafting limestone bricks205,000Crafting 12HighMember
Making dyes202,000NoneHighFree-to-play
Making raw summer pies199,000Cooking 95ModerateMember
Creating bones to peaches tablets195,000Magic 60, Attack 30, Construction 67 recommendedLowMember
Spinning flax to bow strings168,000Crafting 10LowMember
Making pizza bases166,000NoneHighFree-to-play
Making marrentill potions144,000Herblore 5LowMember
Creating teleport to house tablets141,000Magic 40, Construction 67 recommendedLowMember
Making teak planks141,000Firemaking 50ModerateMember
Filling water containers (Hosidius kitchen)131,000NoneLowMember
Making tuna potatoes130,000Cooking 68ModerateMember
Making oak planks124,000Firemaking 50ModerateMember
Creating Varrock teleport tablets116,000Magic 25, Construction 40 recommendedLowMember
Making uncooked berry pies115,000Cooking 10LowFree-to-play
Making uncooked apple pies113,000Cooking 30LowFree-to-play
Blessing unblessed symbols96,000Prayer 31+LowFree-to-play
Tanning cowhide84,000NoneLowFree-to-play
Making dough at Cooks' Guild83,000Cooking 32HighFree-to-play
Filling water containers73,000NoneLowFree-to-play
Making flour30,000Cooking 32 (recommended)LowFree-to-play


MethodHourly ProfitSkillsCategoryIntensityMembers
Crafting wrath runes2,121,000Runecraft 95Skilling/RunecraftHighMember
Pickpocketing elves2,080,000Thieving 85+ (99 recommended), Agility 50, Magic 47+Skilling/ThievingHighMember
Hallowed Sepulchre2,027,000Agility 92, Thieving 66, Prayer 54, Construction 56, Ranged 62Skilling/AgilityHighMember
Casting Tan Leather2,005,000Magic 78Skilling/MagicModerateMember
Pickpocketing vyres1,922,000Thieving 82+ (99 recommended), Agility 50, Magic 47+Skilling/ThievingHighMember
Crafting blood runes1,660,000Runecraft 77, Mining 78 (optional), Agility 74 or 93 for shortcuts (optional)Skilling/RunecraftHighMember
Killing Zalcano1,435,000Mining 74+, All Song of the Elve's quest requirementsSkillingHighMember
Crafting double law runes through the Abyss1,316,000Runecraft 95 required, Hitpoints 70+, Agility and Thieving (optional)Skilling/RunecraftModerateMember
Crafting death runes through the Abyss1,289,000Runecraft 65 (99 recommended), Mining 21 (70+ recommended), Hitpoints 70+Skilling/RunecraftModerateMember
Hunting black chinchompas1,128,000Hunter 80+, Prayer 43+, Defence 70+ (optional)Skilling/HunterModerateMember
Smelting runite bars at Blast Furnace1,119,000Smithing 85Skilling/SmithingHighMember
Crafting blood runes through the Abyss1,040,000Runecraft 77, Mining 21 (70+ recommended), Hitpoints 70+, Agility (optional)Skilling/RunecraftHighMember
Fletching diamond bolts972,000Fletching 65Skilling/FletchingLowMember
Hunting carnivorous chinchompas936,000Hunter 63+ (80+ strongly recommended)Skilling/HunterModerateMember
Making sacred oil926,000Crafting 20+, Combat level 81 recommendedSkilling/CraftingLowMember
Pickpocketing H.A.M. members914,000Thieving 15 (92 recommended), Decent Hitpoints, Magic 96 recommended, Construction 27 recommendedSkilling/ThievingHighMember
Enchanting dragonstone jewellery910,000Magic 68Skilling/MagicModerateMember
Hunting implings895,000Hunter 83+, Thieving 60+ (recommended), Decent Strength and Agility, Magic 50+ (optional)Skilling/HunterHighMember
Enchanting topaz jewellery882,000Magic 49Skilling/MagicModerateMember
Crafting astral runes870,000Runecraft 85 (82 will slightly reduce profit, 40 will significantly), Magic 69Skilling/RunecraftHighMember
Smelting adamantite bars at Blast Furnace819,000Smithing 70Skilling/SmithingHighMember
Creating forester's rations783,000Cooking 35, Woodcutting 35Skilling/CookingLowMember
Completing elite clues (urium remains)752,000Firemaking 95Skilling/FiremakingHighMember
Cleaning grimy ranarr weed730,000Herblore 25Skilling/HerbloreHighMember
Smithing rune items725,000Smithing 99Skilling/SmithingLowFree-to-play
Mining runite ore720,000Mining 85+Skilling/MiningLowMember
Crafting cosmic runes through the Abyss701,000Runecraft 75 (59 or 27 possible, but decreased profit), Mining 21 (70+ recommended), Hitpoints 70+, Agility and Thieving (optional)Skilling/RunecraftModerateMember
Cleaning grimy torstol690,000Herblore 75Skilling/HerbloreHighMember
Smelting mithril bars at Blast Furnace651,000Smithing 50 (60+ recommended)Skilling/SmithingHighMember
Crafting blood runes through the Abyss538,000Runecraft 77, Mining 38 (to mine dense essence blocks), Hitpoints 70+, Agility 73+ (highly recommended)Skilling/RunecraftLowMember
Mining basalt532,000Mining 72+Skilling/MiningLowMember
Humidifying clay521,000Magic 68Skilling/MagicModerateMember
Crafting law runes through the Abyss507,000Runecraft 54 required, Hitpoints 70+, Agility and Thieving (optional)Skilling/RunecraftModerateMember
Cleaning grimy dwarf weed505,000Herblore 70Skilling/HerbloreHighMember
Motherlode Mine494,000Mining 85+Skilling/MiningLowMember
Crafting soul runes490,000Runecraft 90, Mining 38, Crafting 38, Hitpoints 70+, Agility and Thieving (optional)Skilling/RunecraftHighMember
Making pineapple pizzas485,000Cooking 65Skilling/CookingHighMember
Pickpocketing paladins480,000Thieving 70+ (99 recommended), Agility 50 for Rogue equipment, Decent HitpointsSkilling/ThievingModerateMember
Mining amethyst476,000Mining 92+Skilling/MiningLowMember
High alching profitable free-to-play items451,000Magic 55Skilling/MagicLowFree-to-play
Casting Superglass Make446,000Magic 77Skilling/MagicHighMember
Mining runite ore (free-to-play)443,000Mining 85+, Attack 40 (optional), Defence 40+ (optional), Magic 25 (optional)Skilling/MiningModerateFree-to-play
High alching mystic air staves at the fountain of rune442,000Magic 55Skilling/MagicLowMember
High alching combat bracelets at the fountain of rune440,000Magic 55Skilling/MagicLowMember
Crafting drift nets436,000Crafting 26, Construction 29 for building the loom and bank on Fossil Island (recommended)Skilling/CraftingModerateMember
Fletching ruby bolts432,000Fletching 63Skilling/FletchingLowMember
Cleaning grimy kwuarm430,000Herblore 54Skilling/HerbloreHighMember
High alching mystic earth staves at the fountain of rune420,000Magic 55Skilling/MagicLowMember
High alching mystic water staves at the fountain of rune409,000Magic 55Skilling/MagicLowMember
Blast mining405,000Mining 43 (75+ recommended)Skilling/MiningModerateMember
Cremating urium remains401,000Firemaking 95Skilling/FiremakingHighMember
Making dynamite381,000Mining 42+ for mining volcanic sulphur, Slayer 10+ if using a face mask or Slayer 60+ if using a Slayer helmet to mine sulphurSkilling/MiningModerateMember
Casting Spin Flax373,000Magic 76Skilling/MagicModerateMember
Crafting jade bracelets371,000Crafting 29Skilling/CraftingLowMember
Crafting blood runes at Arceuus (minimal requirements)367,000Runecraft 77, Mining 38 (to mine dense essence blocks), Crafting 38 (to chip dark essence blocks), Agility 73+ (highly recommended)Skilling/RunecraftLowMember
Stringing magic longbows360,000Fletching 85Skilling/FletchingModerateMember
Crafting nature runes through the Abyss357,000Runecraft 44 (91 recommended), Mining 21 (70+ recommended to mine through the rocks - optional), Hitpoints 70+ and Agility (optional)Skilling/RunecraftHighMember
High alching unfinished runite crossbows at the fountain of rune352,000Magic 55Skilling/MagicLowMember
Enchanting jade amulets349,000Magic 27Skilling/MagicModerateMember
High alching runite limbs at the fountain of rune348,000Magic 55Skilling/MagicLowMember
Casting plank make339,000Magic 86Skilling/MagicLowMember
Cleaning grimy snapdragon325,000Herblore 59Skilling/HerbloreHighMember
Creating Barrows teleport tablets322,000Magic 83, Mining 38, Crafting 38, Agility 73/69/52Skilling/MagicLowMember
Charging air orbs312,000Magic 66Skilling/MagicModerateMember
Crafting clockwork (teleport method)283,000Crafting 8, Construction 25, Magic 45Skilling/CraftingHighMember
Crafting emerald bracelets282,000Crafting 30Skilling/CraftingLowMember
Collecting steel platebodies (High Alchemy)266,000Magic 55, Decent Combat level, Defence, Prayer 43+Skilling/MagicModerateFree-to-play
Crafting sapphire bracelets264,000Crafting 23Skilling/CraftingLowMember
Degriming grimy guam leaf263,000Herblore 50, Magic 70Skilling/HerbloreHighMember
Enchanting sapphire rings261,000Magic 7Skilling/MagicModerateMember
Cooking raw anglerfish254,000Cooking 84 (99 recommended)Skilling/CookingLowMember
Crafting opal bracelets253,000Crafting 22Skilling/CraftingLowMember
Fletching Amethyst broad bolts248,000Fletching 76Skilling/FletchingMember
Smithing cannonballs246,000Smithing 35Skilling/SmithingLowMember
Cleaning grimy tarromin245,000Herblore 11Skilling/HerbloreHighMember
Crafting ruby bracelets244,000Crafting 42Skilling/CraftingLowMember
Charging fire orbs237,000Magic 63, Agility 70/80 recommended, DefenceSkilling/MagicLowMember
Cleaning grimy irit leaves235,000Herblore 40Skilling/HerbloreHighMember
Crafting emerald jewellery234,000Crafting 29+ requiredSkilling/CraftingLowFree-to-play
Cooking raw monkfish234,000Cooking 62 (80+ recommended)Skilling/CookingLowMember
Smelting iron bars at Blast Furnace222,000Smithing 15 (60+ recommended)Skilling/SmithingHighMember
Crafting mud runes219,000Runecraft 13 (50 recommended), Magic 82, Construction 70Skilling/RunecraftModerateMember
Smithing iron knives214,000Smithing 22Skilling/SmithingLowMember
Mining salts214,000Mining 72+Skilling/MiningLowMember
Stringing yew longbows211,000Fletching 70Skilling/FletchingModerateMember
Cooking raw karambwan207,000Cooking 30+ (90+ recommended)Skilling/CookingLowMember
Crafting gold bracelets203,000Crafting 7Skilling/CraftingLowMember
Climbing the Agility Pyramid200,000Agility 30+ (60+ recommended), Hitpoints 20+Skilling/AgilityHighMember
Catching raw karambwan197,000Fishing 65+Skilling/FishingLowMember
Stringing maple longbows194,000Fletching 55Skilling/FletchingModerateMember
Cooking raw sharks194,000Cooking 80+ (89+ strongly recommended)Skilling/CookingLowMember
Charging water orbs193,000agic 56, Agility 70/80 recommended, DefenceSkilling/MagicLowMember
Smithing iron dart tips190,000Smithing 19Skilling/SmithingLowMember
Mining iron ore190,000Mining 15+ (60+ for access to the Mining Guild)Skilling/MiningModerateMember
Catching infernal eels189,000Fishing 80 (99 recommended), Herblore 25Skilling/FishingLowMember
Catching dark crabs188,000Fishing 85+Skilling/FishingLowMember
Charging earth orbs184,000Magic 60Skilling/MagicModerateMember
Catching sacred eels184,000Fishing 87 (99 recommended), Cooking 72 (96 recommended)Skilling/FishingLowMember
High alching rune arrows at the fountain of rune174,000Magic 55Skilling/MagicLowMember
Making anchovy pizzas173,000Cooking 55Skilling/CookingModerateFree-to-play
Mining volcanic ash172,000Mining 22+ (41+ strongly recommended for Rune pickaxe)Skilling/MiningLowMember
Cooking raw dark crabs172,000Cooking 90 (99 recommended)Skilling/CookingLowMember
Smithing bronze dart tips169,000Smithing 4Skilling/SmithingLowMember
Crafting diamond bracelets168,000Crafting 58Skilling/CraftingLowMember
Forging Giant swords167,000Smithing 30Skilling/SmithingModerateMember
Hunting chinchompas166,000Hunter 53+Skilling/HunterModerateMember
Catching minnows164,000Fishing 82Skilling/FishingModerateMember
Crafting runes at Ourania Altar159,00070 Runecraft, High Hitpoints, Defence, Magic 71, Agility 75+Skilling/RunecraftModerateMember
Crafting diamond jewellery157,000Crafting 56+ Crafting requiredSkilling/CraftingLowFree-to-play
Mining adamantite ore156,000Mining 70+Skilling/MiningLowMember
Cooking plain pizzas151,000Cooking 35 (68 recommended)Skilling/CookingLowFree-to-play
Running laps of the Canifis rooftop course150,000Agility 40Skilling/AgilityLowMember
Baking potatoes150,000Cooking 7 (41+ recommended)Skilling/CookingLowMember
Catching anglerfish145,000Fishing 82+ (94+ recommended), Hunter 15 optionalSkilling/FishingModerateMember
Cutting mahogany logs137,000Woodcutting 50Skilling/WoodcuttingLowMember
Fletching unstrung yew longbows137,000Fletching 70Skilling/FletchingLowMember
Crafting ruby jewellery136,000Crafting 34+ Crafting requiredSkilling/CraftingLowFree-to-play
Cleaning grimy cadantine135,000Herblore 65Skilling/HerbloreHighMember
Crafting topaz bracelets131,000Crafting 38Skilling/CraftingLowMember
Crafting sapphire jewellery131,000Crafting 20+ Crafting requiredSkilling/CraftingLowFree-to-play
Cutting magic logs127,000Woodcutting 75 (90+ recommended), Optional: Attack 60, Attack 70 and Agility 50Skilling/WoodcuttingLowMember
Cooking raw lobster126,000Cooking 40 (65+ recommended)Skilling/CookingLowFree-to-play
Cleaning grimy guam leaves115,000Herblore 3Skilling/HerbloreHighMember
Mining adamantite ore (free-to-play)112,000Mining 70+Skilling/MiningLowFree-to-play
Collecting nature runes110,000Decent Combat level, Defence, Prayer 43, Magic 33 requiredSkilling/MagicModerateFree-to-play
Cooking raw swordfish105,000Cooking 45 (75+ recommended)Skilling/CookingLowFree-to-play
Cleaning grimy lantadyme105,000Herblore 67Skilling/HerbloreHighMember
Mining clay members105,000NoneSkilling/MiningModerateMember
Cutting redwood logs104,000Woodcutting 90Skilling/WoodcuttingLowMember
Fletching unstrung maple longbows104,000Fletching 55Skilling/FletchingLowMember
High alching wrath runes at the fountain of rune102,000Magic 55Skilling/MagicLowMember
Crafting gold jewellery77,000Crafting 5+ Crafting requiredSkilling/CraftingLowFree-to-play
Mining clay70,000NoneSkilling/MiningLowFree-to-play
Catching shrimp & anchovies58,000Fishing 15+Skilling/FishingLowFree-to-play
Making chocolate cake55,000Cooking 50Skilling/CookingModerateFree-to-play
Mining iron ore (free-to-play)55,000Mining 15+ (41+ for Rune pickaxe, 60+ for Mining Guild)Skilling/MiningHighFree-to-play
Smelting iron bars54,000Smithing 15Skilling/SmithingLowFree-to-play
Mining coal and superheating Adamantite bars48,000Mining 30+ (41+ for Rune pickaxe, 60 for Mining Guild), Smithing 70, Magic 43Skilling/MiningModerateFree-to-play
Cutting yew logs (free-to-play)43,000Woodcutting 60 (80+ recommended)Skilling/WoodcuttingLowFree-to-play
Mining coal and superheating Mithril bars43,000Mining 30+ (41+ for Rune pickaxe, 60 for Mining Guild), Smithing 50, Magic 43Skilling/MiningModerateFree-to-play
Mining coal (free-to-play)41,000Mining 35+ (41+ for Rune pickaxe), Combat level 65+ recommendedSkilling/MiningModerateFree-to-play
Cutting oak logs40,000Woodcutting 15 (60+ recommended)Skilling/WoodcuttingLowFree-to-play
Cooking raw salmon39,000Cooking 25 (50+ recommended)Skilling/CookingLowFree-to-play
Smelting silver bars38,000Smithing 20 Smithing requiredSkilling/SmithingLowFree-to-play
Mining gold ore (Crafting Guild)38,000Mining 40 and Crafting 40Skilling/MiningLowFree-to-play
Cooking raw tuna36,000Cooking 30 (55+ recommended)Skilling/CookingLowFree-to-play
Smelting bronze bars30,000Smithing 1+Skilling/SmithingLowFree-to-play
Catching trout & salmon29,000Fishing 20Skilling/FishingLowFree-to-play
Catching lobsters22,000Fishing 40+ (60+ recommended)Skilling/FishingLowFree-to-play
Catching tuna & swordfish (free-to-play)22,000Fishing 50+, 60+ recommendedSkilling/FishingLowFree-to-play
Mining gold ore (free-to-play)21,000Mining 40, Combat level 65+ recommendedSkilling/MiningLowFree-to-play
Cooking raw chicken21,000Cooking 1 (20+ recommended)Skilling/CookingLowFree-to-play
Cutting willow logs16,000Woodcutting 30 (41+ recommended)Skilling/WoodcuttingLowFree-to-play
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