What's new in Path of Exile 3.20 update?

20.10.2022 - 04:20:18
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What's new in Path of Exile 3.20 update?

Path of Exile 3.20 Redemption league patch notes:

We are reverting the changes to rare monsters.

You can now encounter Archnemesis monsters in a frozen state (same as Essence monsters), to release it you will have to choose at least 1 Archnemesis modifier from a pool of 4 random modifiers.

The number of Archnemesis modifiers can be increased through the Atlas passive tree.

We are reverting the changes done to Harvest in 3.19, you can now store a substantially greater number of harvest crafts.

Harvest monsters can now drop a new orb that will allow you to store one Harvest craft and trade it with other players.

We are reverting the changes to the rarity and quantity of items dropped from league-specific monsters.

Zana is back from her sea journey and she is going to take you on a boat ride, prepare your fishi... ehm prepare your swimsuits.

We are introducing 5 new melee skill gems.

Path of Exile 3.20 Release Date

The release date for Update 3.20 has been moved from late November 2022 to early December 2022. According to Grinding Gear Games, this should have a positive impact on the development team and players. The team will start updating 3.21 as soon as the add-on 3.20 is released.

Due to the postponement of the 3.20 start, the Calandra League will last a few weeks longer than planned. In response, the developers decided to launch several smaller events at the end of the league. The first event starts on November 4th. Since last year, game developers have been working hard to release a new game mode for POE.

PoE 3.20 Three New Modes

For the convenience of players, Path of Exile provides players with three additional game modes: Ruthless, Hard Mode, and Solo Self-Found. Among them, after Ruthless goes online, players can choose whether to add extremely scarce items or participate in other changes. As an addition to the 3.20 expansion, Ruthless will not affect the scope and functionality of the upcoming new leagues.

Players can sign up for the Alpha in November and test it out for themselves. If you are lucky, you can also be invited to test and feedback on the mode when 3.20 is officially released. However, you need to be aware that you are testing Ruthless from PoE 3.19 in Alpha. Since version 3.20 has its own internal staff to participate in the test, ordinary players cannot participate in the test.

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