WOW WotLK Classic: Best Professions for Farming Gold

22.09.2022 - 04:49:08
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WOW WotLK Classic: Best Professions for Farming Gold

Wotlk Classic is coming soon, In addition to caring about its changes, many players most importantly find the best guide for Farming Gold. In fact, the key to Farming Gold is the Professions you use, RPGStash will offer the best Farming Spots and Professions, allowing you to earn as much WOW WotLK Classic Gold as possible.

What gear needs a lot of WotLK Classic Gold?

For the updated Wotlk Classic, we have to know where a lot of WotLK Gold will be used and to know how much WotLK Gold is required for each unique item, RPGStash summarizes the following points for you to use WotLK Classic Gold.

Ring of the Kirin Tor - by the Jewelcrafters in Dalaran, Around8K
Reins of the Traveler's Tundra Mammoth - allows for up to 3 travelers; Comes with a vendor and a repair bot, Around 20k Gold
Flying - Both Cold Weather Flying and Epic Flying - Around 5.2k Gold (Depends on Reputation).
Pets and Toys - Around 2k gold.
Professions - Professions can now craft BoE (Bind on Equip) gear which ends up being Pre-BiS (Best in Slot) gear for raiding seasons.
Various Elixirs and Consumables for Raiding.

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Where are the Best Farming Spots for WOTLK Classic Gold?

Spots that allow players to earn a lot of WOW Gold in a short time are the most attractive Farming Spots. Generally speaking, players always need to spend a lot of time and energy doing tasks in the game. If you get more Gold at the same time, then these locations are worth checking out. RPGStash has rounded up the best Farming Spots for you below.

Eternals (Wintergrasp)

Freshworks - Icecrown (Pre Quest Chain) (Mobs dropping straight silver at enormous rates)

Thormodan - Grizzly Hills (Low-Level Farming Spot) (Massive Bonus Exp and huge gold rewards)

Excavators in Sholazar Basin (High Blue/Green Drops)

Stormpeaks (Just below Terrace of the Makers) (meat farming spot)

Stormpeaks K3 Cave (Spidersilk farm from Crystalweb Weavers)

Get WOW Gold fast by farming trash mobs and selling all green/blue on the auction house for enchanter disenchant gear.

What are Professions For WOTLK Classic Gold?

In World of Warcraft, there have always been many lucrative careers for players to choose from. Choose the right profession to quickly get a lot of WOW WOTLK Classic Gold, make your farming gold easier, and follow RPGStash now to learn about earning professions.

Herbalism - Best Earning Careers

Herbalism is widely used in WOTLK Classic, therefore, players can get a steady stream of profits using Herbalism. With the introduction of the inscription profession, if you use inscriptions, then you need to grind herbs to make the ink of the rune. At the same time, Herbalism is also the sole supplier of alchemical potions and flasks, which are used throughout the late game of Raiding.

Not only that, but as a bonus, herbalists will be able to grow immortality, which sells for a lot, and RPGStash strongly recommends herbalism as it's the most lucrative profession in the WOTLK canon. If you decide to join WotLK Classic, then you shouldn't miss it.

Mining - World of Warcraft's Gold Mine

Mining plays a very important role in World of Warcraft as most professions use raw ore to craft end-game gear, it is widely used in jewelry crafting, blacksmithing, engineering, and even leather crafting. Therefore, mining during WotLK Classic will be very easy.

Crafting Professions

In WotLK Classic, the income of Crafting Professions is also quite considerable, especially for gathering professions and crafting equipment to run alt, each piece of crafted equipment can bring you more than 5k+ Gold, although far less than the above two professions, still beneficial Can be pictured.

Skinning - Gold Farming

Skinning uses the skinning knife to kill the beast mob to skin it for leather and the most sought-after item arctic fur. Skinning loses its original value in TBC Classic but becomes profitable in WOTLK Classic, one of the top careers to get WotLK Classic Gold quickly.

The arctic fur is the key to crafting a component, buy recipes for the tanners later in the game and you can expect to sell arctic fur for a staggering profit, while also crafting heavy borer leather from normal borer hide. Anyway, it's a safe bet.


WotLK Classic has its complete economic system, so please make sure you have enough WOW Classic WotLK Gold to support it to continue the adventure, learning the skills of earning Gold is a long-term solution, of course, whether it is upgrading or making money, players need to invest A lot of time and effort, if you can't do it, please follow RPGStash, visit; learn more WOW practical guide, safe, fast and easy to own WotLK Classic Gold, Happy Gaming!

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