How to Farm Divine Orb Effectively - Path of Exile 3.24

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How to Farm Divine Orb Effectively - Path of Exile 3.24

It is a known fact that Divine Orbs are hard to come by in Path of Exile. They are quite valuable because they are used in a variety of different ways, such as endgame crafting, rerolling the mod values on gear, and purchasing items from other players.

If you are a newcomer, chances are you have a difficult time knowing where to get some. Fortunately for you, this guide will tell you everything you need to know about how to farm Divine Orbs effectively in Path of Exile.

What Are Divine Orbs?

Divine Orbs are a type of currency in Path of Exile that allows you to do a lot of things. Since Patch 3.19, some crafting options in the Crafting Bench now require you to spend Divine Orbs instead of Exalted Orbs. They are:

  • Prefixes Cannot Be Changed
  • Suffixes Cannot Be Changed
  • Cannot Roll Attack Modifiers
  • Cannot Roll Caster Modifiers
  • Can Have Up to 3 Crafted Modifiers (aka Multi-mod)

Most of the time, you use "Prefixes Cannot Be Changed" and "Suffixes Cannot Be Changed" while crafting because you want to prevent some of your affixes from being removed or altered. "Can Have Up to 3 Crafted Modifiers" is also another popular option because it allows you to add one more modifier from your Crafting Bench.

Another use for Divine Orbs is to reroll the values of the mods that are already on your gear. For example, if you have crafted a pair of boots that has "32% Chance to Avoid Elemental Ailments" and you are 3% short of achieving full ailment immunity, you can spam Divine Orbs until you get the desired value.

Because of how useful Divine Orbs are, players use them as the main currency for trading items in Path of Exile.

Although Chaos Orbs can be used to trade for in-game items, Divine Orbs are more valuable because of the reasons mentioned above. Besides that, they are difficult to farm, especially if you do not know the best currency farming strategies.

How to Farm Divine Orbs

There is good news and bad news when it comes to Divine Orbs in PoE. The good news is that the said currency can drop anywhere. Whether you are farming red maps or fighting pinnacle bosses, you have a chance of obtaining one or more if you are lucky.

The bad news is that they are a lot rarer than Chaos Orbs. You can potentially farm 100 Chaos Orbs and still not get any Divine Orbs to drop.

That being said, how can you farm Divine Orbs more effectively then? While there is no guarantee that you can get one from a single map, you could increase your chances by doing the following strategies:

Monster Density is Always Good

When farming currency in Path of Exile, it is always a good idea to increase a map's monster pack size. Basically, the more enemies you kill, the higher your chances of obtaining more lucrative loot.

Now, there are many ways you can increase monster density in maps. For one, use Cartographer's Chisels to improve the quality of the map by 20%. Doing this increases the quantity, as well as the quality of items you're going to get.

Aside from that, you should always turn your maps into rare ones if they aren't already. If you do not know, a rare map has yellow text color on its name. If the name is white or blue in color, then that means that your map is of normal or magic rarity, respectively.

You can change the rarity of a map by using some currencies. If you have a normal (white) map, use an Orb of Alchemy or Orb of Binding to turn it into a yellow (rare) map. For magic (blue) maps, you can use an Orb of Transmutation and then an Orb of Alchemy/Binding. Although a Regal Orb can be technically used to change a magic map into a rare map, that process is a bit pricey compared to the one just mentioned.

Another way to increase the number of enemies that will spawn on your maps is by taking the "Growing Hordes" keystone passive on your Atlas Tree. This grants more monster pack size depending on the rarity of the Scarab you're going to use.

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Always Corrupt Your Maps

You can also take things a step further by "corrupting" a rare map using a Vaal Orb. Doing this may result in one of three outcomes. First, the map just gets corrupted but the mods on it stay virtually the same. Second, the map gets more modifiers and, therefore, has higher item quantity and rarity. Third, the map gets corrupted and transformed into a Vaal Temple Map.

Vaal Temple Maps transport you to an entirely different area when placed in your Map Device. This area contains a lot of amazing loot, including double-corrupted uniques, corrupted jewels, corrupted maps, and Remnants of Corruption, among others.

You can trade Vaal Temple Maps for profit. Sell them in bulk so that you can price them with Divine Orbs.

Be careful when you are running maps with plenty of modifiers on them. That is because the more mods a map has, the more difficult the monsters will be. Make sure that you are running a competent mapping build or a tanky character before diving in.

Set Up Your Atlas Tree for Profit

The Atlas Tree, for the uninitiated, is different from the Passive Tree in that it contains nodes that affect your maps instead of your character. That said, setting up the Atlas Tree is vital if you want to farm a lot of Divine Orbs per hour.

When you bring up the Atlas Tree, it looks pretty daunting at first glance. However, do not be intimidated by it because there is a nifty "Search" feature, where you can type in specific keywords to highlight the nodes that you actually want.

The best farming strategy is to take Atlas passives that improve the type of content you want to tackle. For example, you like farming essences so much because you love crafting your own items. If that is the case, you can type the word "Essence" in the search box and it will highlight all of the nodes that affect essences in your maps.

Another good thing about the Atlas Tree is that you get a ton of points that you can use to improve more than one type of content. So aside from essences, you have the option of putting points on "Delirium" and "Harvest" nodes if you like to farm them.

Make sure to always use the search box to help you navigate the Atlas Tree in a more efficient way.

Delve Deeper

One of the best things about Path of Exile is that there are tons of different content that you can do to farm Divine Orbs. The "Delve" mechanic is considered by many as one of the most lucrative for farming currency, though you have to use a tanky build for this.

The gist is that you enter the Azurite Mine and go down deeper until you reach depth 400 and above. Once you reach this level, you start to get crazy amounts of loot that you can trade for items. And yes, this includes Divine Orbs too!

If you are comfortable at a certain depth, you can move on the Subterranean Chart horizontally instead of vertically. The chart can be accessed by talking to the NPC, Niko, from your hideout or from the Azurite Mines entrance.

When you pick a node from the chart, you will be transported into a new area where you have to follow a Crawler to its destination. When it reaches its final point, you will be able to pick another connecting node, rinse and repeat.

As to what nodes you should choose for making a profit, the most stable is to go for Azurite nodes. Azurite is a type of currency that you can spend to buy items from Niko. Purchase Powerful/Prime Chaotic Resonators from him because they are used for crafting endgame items via Fossils. You can sell several of them for a Divine Orb. Alternatively, you can get as many Primitive Chaotic Resonators as you can and sell them in bulk for Chaos Orbs.

If you want a high-risk, high-reward strategy, look for boss nodes on the Subterranean Chart. Defeating bosses in the Azurite Mines will give you a chance to obtain Aul's Uprising, which is an amulet that essentially grants one useful aura without reserving mana to activate. The said amulet is used in many builds, particularly those that activate a lot of auras like the Bleed Puncture Gladiator.

Go Delirious

Ever wondered what that reflective, portal-looking thing in your maps is? That is actually called the Mirror of Delirium. When you go "through" it, your map changes into a different state where a new set of monsters will spawn. Killing these enemies will give you juicier rewards once the Delirious effect ends.

If you like the Delirium mechanic, there are a couple of ways you can go about this. If you want to have a higher chance of encountering a Delirium Mirror on your maps, you can take some nodes on the Atlas Tree specifically for this type of content.

For instance, you can take the notable passive, That Which You Seek, and the small nodes connecting to it to gain a 22% chance that your maps will contain a Mirror of Delirium.

If you want to maximize the Delirious effect on your maps, take the following notable passives:

  • The Singular Entity
    • Take this if you are running a slow mapping build
  • Descent Into Madness
    • If you are using a competent mapper, taking this is a no-brainer
    • This basically makes mobs harder for a promise of better rewards when the fog dissipates
  • Compulsive Hoarder
    • This notable Atlas passive increases the chance of generating three additional reward types by 8%. Although that may seem like a small number, it does work most of the time
  • Delusions of Persecution
    • If your character can take on Delirium bosses without a hitch, then take this node
    • Additionally, Delusions of Persecution increases the drop chance of Simulacrum Splinters and Unique Cluster Jewels by 50%
  • Paranoid Fixation
    • This improves your chances of getting Cluster Jewels and Delirium Orbs - both of which you can sell for profit
    • If you have enough points, make sure to take all of the smaller nodes that connect to this notable Atlas passive

Although there are ways you can increase your chances of encountering a Mirror of Delirium, you can also force the Delirious effect by using Delirium Orbs on your maps. Use the "Deli Orbs" on your map before putting it into your Map Device.

Each orb increases the Delirious effect by 20%. The higher the percentage, the better the rewards. It is important to note that you will take on tougher enemies when your maps are 80% or 100% Delirious. If your build cannot handle it, stick to 20% or 40%.

You can sell Delirium Orbs to other players as well. Some of the most popular ones are Diviner's Delirium Orb, Whispering Delirium Orb, and Skittering Delirium Orb.

Go On an Expedition

When mapping, you will occasionally encounter an "Expedition." For those who don't know, Expedition is a mechanic in Path of Exile where you set several bombs on Runic Markers found in your maps. When the bombs explode, runic monsters will spawn and you have to defeat them in order to get Expedition currency. The type of currency you earn depends on the NPC who is leading the charge.

Anyway, take these nodes to get the most out of the Expedition encounters in your maps:

  • Ancient Decay
    • This node is a godsend as it allows you to eliminate monsters quickly because they spawn with 20% of their life missing
  • Ancient Writings
    • Spawns more remnants and they have a 30% chance to contain an additional suffix modifier
  • Distinguished Demolitionist
    • This not only increases the blast radius of your explosives but it gives you another one that you can set as well
  • Buried Knowledge
    • Increases the number of Logbooks that can potentially drop from Runic Monsters by 50%. Expedition Logbooks can be sold for Divine Orbs, especially if you sell them in bulk
  • Extreme Archaeology
    • Instead of setting several explosives, you can only put one. However, its blast radius covers a much wider area
    • Additionally, monsters that will spawn will have an additional 10% of their life missing. This works with Ancient Decay allocated

There are four Expedition NPCs in the game, each offering something unique to the table. Rog presents you with different items that you can reroll using several crafting options. A lot of people actually love Rog among the other Expedition NPCs because you can potentially get some very good equipment from him.

Gwennen offers you a set of unidentified items. You can purchase one and it gets identified when it hits your inventory. For the most part, you are going to get rare (yellow) items with average modifiers. However, you can get some highly-coveted as well. Just don't expect them to pop up often.

Tujen is an interesting NPC. Unlike Rog and Gwennen, Tujen offers you some in-game currency but you have to give him "Scythe Artifacts" in exchange for those. You can haggle with him to get the best deal, though it's recommended that you don't give him a low-ball offer. Otherwise, you won't receive anything!

If you need more Expedition currency for Rog, Gwennen, and Tujen, then Dannig is your guy. You can trade Sun Artifacts in exchange for the currencies the aforementioned NPCs want.

As to which NPCs you should focus on, we suggest Rog and Tujen. The former lets you roll some insanely good gear that you can sell on the trade website. The latter lets you haggle for items. Furthermore, Tujen will occasionally put Divine Orbs up for grabs, so that is a huge plus.

Gwennen and Dannig are not that special, especially if you want to farm Divine Orbs effectively.

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Farm Essences

Essences are items in Path of Exile that are primarily used for crafting. Since the god-tier items require specific mods, using certain essences can help you achieve that. Even if you don't craft items yourself, you can sell them in bulk on the trade website to gain tons of currency. No matter what league you are in, essences will never go out of style!

You can take certain nodes on the Atlas Tree to improve your chances of obtaining higher-tier essences. "Amplified Energies" ensures that the essences that you'll find in your maps are always one tier higher than they otherwise would be.

"Crystal Resonance" duplicates Shrieking Essences or higher, so take this node as well. "Crystal Lattice" is also a great node to get because imprisoned essence monsters have a 15% chance to contain three additional essences.

Time to Harvest

Aside from essences, the Lifeforce that you can farm from the Harvest mechanic is used in crafting as well. Therefore, adding this type of content to your maps is a great way to farm a ton of currency.

Be sure to get these nodes on the Atlas Tree to receive better yields:

  • Bountiful Harvest
    • Grants a 10% chance for an additional monster to spawn from Harvest Plants
  • Bumper Crop
    • Ensures that you get at least a few Harvest Plants when you enter the Sacred Grove
  • Heart of the Grove
    • This is a node that you must take at all costs. It significantly increases the chance that the Sacred Grove contains a Tier 4 Plant.
    • On top of that, the Harvest Plants in your map have a small chance of not wilting, allowing you to run the plot beside them for more currency

Now, there are three different colors of Crystallized Lifeforce in the Sacred Grove. They are:

  • Wild Crystallized Lifeforce: Purple Plants
  • Vivid Crystallized Lifeforce: Yellow Pants
  • Primal Crystallized Lifeforce: Blue Plants

Only focus on farming Vivid Crystallized Lifeforce (yellow) because this is the most commonly used one. If you want to know how it's utilized, it is the resource you spend on the Harvest Bench (aka Horticrafting Station) for a chance to duplicate Divination Cards.

In addition, there is a higher tier Harvest currency called the Sacred Crystallized Lifeforce that costs multiple Divine Orbs when traded to other players. This can only be obtained by defeating Oshabi.

Try the League Mechanic

If you always participate when a new league comes up, then you should definitely try the league mechanic. Oftentimes, Grinding Gear Games introduces a new mechanic that is quite profitable, so do take advantage of that.

For instance, the 3.23 Affliction League's main mechanic allows you to enter a new area called the Viridian Wildwood. The entrance to this area is typically found near the starting point of any map.

In the Viridian Wildwood, you can collect wisps that will come in handy later on. Once you exit this place, you will return to your original map; only this time, the wisps that you have collected will possess certain monsters, making them more challenging to defeat. If you can slay these enemies, you will get even better loot!

The league mechanic changes every major expansion, so you can expect some variety of content.

Get Currency the Easy Way

While you can certainly employ different currency-farming strategies in Path of Exile, you still need a competent character who can handle any type of content in the game. Not only that but you certainly need to invest your precious time if you want to farm a lot of currency.

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