10 Best Ranger Builds in Path of Exile Necropolis 3.24

20.05.2024 - 11:53:31
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10 Best Ranger Builds in Path of Exile Necropolis 3.24

Do you have plans on creating a projectile-based character in Path of Exile anytime soon? If so, the Ranger class is the right one for you!

This class has been one of the most popular in the game for so many leagues now and it is not surprising given the advanced classes available to it.

If you are looking for recommendations, then you have come to the right place! In this article, we will go over our picks for the 10 best Ranger builds in Path of Exile 3.24 Necropolis League!

Why Choose the Ranger

The Ranger class is synonymous with projectile or ranged-based attack skills in PoE while wielding a bow. But make no mistake, she is also capable of using a wand, claw, dagger, or any one-handed melee weapon out there if the need arises.

This class starts at the lower-right section of the passive tree, where an abundance of bow, dagger, sword, and claw nodes reside. Being a Dexterity-focused class, the Ranger has easy access to evasion nodes that help her avoid attacks. Not only that but passive skills that increase spell suppression are within reach as well. 

Spell suppression, for the uninitiated, is another defensive layer that mitigates spell damage by up to 50%. This is actually quite huge considering that monsters in the later levels deal spell damage more often than not.

If you are new to Path of Exile, the Ranger has three different “ascendancy classes,” which can be accessed by completing the first labyrinth (aka Lord’s Labyrinth) at character level 33.

Which ascendancy class you should choose really depends on your build, as well as the notable passive skills available on each one.


The Raider is typically used as the ascendancy class of choice for league start scenarios. That is because it contains notable passive skills that can greatly benefit builds that do not have access to good gear just yet.

Rapid Assault does not need any elaborate descriptions because taking this node grants you the effect of the ever-popular “Onslaught” buff. This buff grants you a 20% increase in attack speed, cast speed, and movement speed, which are quite helpful when you are still in the race for finishing Path of Exile’s main campaign.

If you want the more upgraded version, you can take Avatar of the Chase. This ascendancy node increases the effect of Onslaught on you (effectively giving you 40% of the aforementioned bonuses) 

In terms of defenses, the Raider has a couple of interesting nodes that improve your chances of survival. Quartz Infusion grants a huge 40% chance to suppress spell damage, which greatly aids you in gearing your character. Additionally, it provides you with permanent “Phasing,” which enables you to move through enemies unhindered.

Whether you are playing the league starter or endgame version of a particular build with Raider as your ascendancy class, Avatar of the Veil is always a solid notable passive skill. You have a 50% increased chance to avoid elemental ailments, including Chill, Freeze, Shock, and Ignite. That, in and of itself, greatly boosts your survivability.

On top of that, nearby enemies are affected by elemental exposure; effectively reducing their fire, cold, and lightning resistance by 20%. If you are using an elemental damage attack skill gem like Ice Shot, Avatar of the Veil increases your damage against them.

You can already settle with the four notable ascendancy passive skills just mentioned, but if you want to take things to a whole new level, you can remove the first two nodes in favor of Way of the Poacher and Avatar of the Slaughter.

Way of the Poacher is great for Frenzy Charge-stacking builds such as the Flicker Strike Raider. Simply taking this ascendancy node grants you the ability to gain one more Frenzy Charge.

Avatar of the Slaughter, on the other hand, amplifies the effects of Frenzy Charges by also giving you increased evasion, movement speed, attack speed, and attack damage. 

If you are asking us if the Raider is great, well, for the most part, it is trumped by the other two ascendancy classes. However, the good thing about Path of Exile is that you can change ascendancies just by running the level 33 Labyrinth all over again with the nodes completely removed.

So, in the event that you change your mind, you can do that at any time. Be that as it may, the Raider is still pretty amazing, most notably if you do not have good equipment yet.


If you are into builds that deal chaos damage, then the Pathfinder is the go-to option for that. This ascendancy class specializes in poisons and chaos damage with Nature’s Reprisal and Master Toxicist.

However, most PoE players who use the Pathfinder typically select it due to its nodes that have something to do with flasks. Nature’s Adrenaline allows you to automatically gain three flask charges every few seconds. This is incredibly useful if you are fighting against pinnacle bosses that take time to defeat.

Nature’s Boon boosts the effects of magic utility flasks, such as the Jade Flask, Amethyst Flask, and Granite Flask (to name a few) by 30%. When you have the Mageblood equipped and you have flasks that already have 95% increased effect mods on them, Nature’s Boon elevates those flasks even further!

Master Surgeon is often taken by those who play MF builds (aka “Magic Find” characters) in Path of Exile. Why? Because this notable ascendancy passive skill does not remove the life recovery effect from your Life Flask even though it has already filled your HP bar. This makes Divination Distillate work even if you are at full life.

While not as popular as the last ascendancy class for the Ranger in Path of Exile 3.24 Necropolis League, the Pathfinder can still be taken to the top with the right investment.


The Deadeye is still the top dog when it comes to the best Ranger classes in PoE. Why is that? Well, most people gravitate toward projectile or range-based skills, including Lightning Arrow, Tornado Shot, Kinetic Blast, and even the newly introduced Elemental Hit of the Spectrum, among many others. The Deadeye just happens to have nodes that improve such skills in various ways.

Endless Munitions simply enable skills to fire two additional projectiles. Take note, this effect does not come with strings attached, unlike Greater Multiple Projectiles or Greater Volley Support, which reduce the damage of your projectiles by a considerable degree.

Then you have Ricochet. If you are playing the Tornado Shot Deadeye, you will find great value in this notable ascendancy passive skill. It states that it can force projectiles to chain an additional time, hitting one more straggler in the process. 

But, that is not the only thing that it can do! Ricochet also makes your projectiles chain to nearby enemies when colliding with walls or other terrain. So, if you are in a skimpy room with a boss (like in the Crimson Temple map), Ricochet should make quick work of the enemy.

Far Shot is perfect for those builds that use the Nimis or the Returning Projectiles Support. That is because this ascendancy node empowers your projectiles to deal 60% more damage to targets the further they travel from your location. This interaction will be discussed at length when we talk about our top builds for the Ranger class in Patch 3.24.

Gathering Winds is an amazing node, which grants you increased action speed via Tailwind. As long as you employ a more active playstyle, you will always have Tailwind up without a problem.

And then, you have Focal Point. In Patch 3.24, Grinding Gear Games heavily nerfed Sniper’s Mark, likely due to the fact that people played a lot of projectile-based builds in the league prior to this one. Focal Point brings some power back by increasing the effect of your Mark Skills by 75%.

Even though there are still two notable passive skills available to the Deadeye, they are not popular at all, so they are not worth mentioning here. You could technically allocate points to get them, but they are only taken by very niche builds.

Best Ranger Builds

Now for the information you have been waiting for! Before we begin, it is important to keep in mind that even though we will disclose our recommendations in descending order (from 10 to 1), all of the builds that will be mentioned here are quite amazing in their own way. In short, you cannot go wrong with any of them.

Having said that, here are the best Ranger builds in Path of Exile 3.24 Necropolis League:

10. Lightning Strike Raider

+One of the best currency farmers early on

+Raider’s ascendancy nodes make gearing during league start easy

+Easy access to important passive skills compared to the other ascendancy classes that use Lightning Strike

-Not as damaging as the Champion in the endgame

-Requires a ton of investment to beat the Champion in the later stages of the game

The Raider, as previously mentioned in the article, is the go-to ascendancy class for many people who want a competent league starter on a budget. That said, the Lightning Strike Raider is one of the best farmers in the game that allows you to save up enough PoE Currency for your second character, or for some upgrades if you want to elevate this build to the next level.

Lightning Strike, as the name implies, is a strike skill in Path of Exile that infuses your weapon with electrical energies. This gem has two main parts, but you only need to concern yourself with the second one where lightning projectiles are directed towards the enemy.

Although Lightning Strike converts half of your physical damage to lightning damage, oftentimes, you do not have to worry about the other 50%. That is because you will utilize Trinity as one of the support gems included in your main skill setup.

When using a self-crafted claw with at least two different elemental damage types, you are always going to take advantage of the elemental penetration and increased elemental damage bonus provided by Trinity Support.

During league start scenarios, you can invest in a Perseverance belt, which is typically sold for only two Chaos Orbs from the trade website (maybe more, maybe less depending on the demand).

If you are able to get your hands on the three different “Berek” rings, you can use the vendor recipe to obtain The Taming. This unique ring not only boosts your elemental damage significantly, but also gives you a much higher chance to inflict the popular elemental ailments in the game, namely Freeze, Shock, and Ignite.

In the endgame, you can invest in a couple of upgrades if you want to. The first is Farrul’s Fur which grants you near-permanent Frenzy Charges for a significant increase in attack damage and attack speed.

After that, you can buy the Crystallised Omniscience, which is a unique amulet that  gives insane amounts of elemental penetration based on a pseudo-attribute called Omniscience. You can increase your Omniscience by putting as many flat attribute modifiers (STR, DEX, and INT) on your gear.

So, how does the Lightning Strike Raider compare to the Champion? Well, in the early stages of a new league, the Raider variant is much easier to gear and is a bit tankier due to high spell suppression.

Unfortunately, when properly geared, the Lightning Strike Champion could gain a considerable lead over the Raider version, particularly in the area of defense. The only time that the Raider can outclass the Champion is if enough PoE Currency is spent.

Even though that is the case, the Lightning Strike Raider is still an incredible build – one that you can play during league start, which can then be elevated to a bonafide endgame build with the proper gear and investment.

9. Soulrend of the Spiral Pathfinder

+Fill the map with projectiles that deal chaos damage

+With the right investment, this build can become a true boss killer in the game

+Incredibly tanky thanks to some useful items

-Requires certain items to function

-Needs you to be at melee range for maximum damage

The next build on the list involves the use of a Transfigured Gem that was pretty unorthodox at first, but one that rose to the top of the charts at the tail end of the previous league. The Soulrend of the Spiral Pathfinder can deal insane amounts of chaos damage, so much so that it can eliminate Uber pinnacle bosses in PoE with the right investment.

It all starts with the main skill gem, the Soulrend of the Spiral. When used, you fire a series of projectiles in a spiral pattern that damages and pierces through those they hit, while leeching some energy shield in the process. Enemies that are hit by the projectiles suffer from chaos damage over time, which you scale by adding more spell damage modifiers on your gear.

The Pathfinder’s Master Toxicist node is the perfect complement to the said spell skill gem. The “100% more damage” modifier this notable passive skill provides cannot be ignored. So long as you are under any flask effect, your Soulrend of the Spiral should deal the maximum amount of damage. This is the reason why Master Surgeon is also allocated because you will rely on a Life Flask for a more consistent flask effect uptime.

Keep in mind that this build requires certain items to function. The Nimis is one of the crucial items for this build due to its “Returning Projectiles” mechanic. Although you can insert a support gem of the same name as the mechanism involved here, it does come with a reduced damage downside, making it an undesirable alternative.

The Tides of Time, which is a unique belt that was introduced in the 3.24 Necropolis League, is an amazing addition to the build. It increases the life recovery of your Life Flasks, helping you survive longer on the battlefield. But more importantly, it gives you up to three flask charges every three seconds, which ensures that you have your Life Flask ready at a moment’s notice.

Aside from that, the Doppelgänger Guise is an incredible body armor that is responsible for keeping you alive as well. You do not wear it for its “Insanity” buff; you equip it because it significantly reduces the physical and chaos damage you take from monster attacks and spells.

Your defenses are supplemented by Mahuxotl’s Machination. You do not even need to know about the effects of the six keystone passives that it offers you. Rather, it makes gearing easier for you by letting you focus only on improving your fire resistance and chaos resistance. Do not forget to include a Lethal Pride (Rakiata) to allocate the “Tempered by War” keystone passive when you equip Mahuxotl’s Machination.

Despite the heavy investment required for this build to work as best as it possibly can, the Soulrend of the Spiral Pathfinder is worth every PoE Currency you spend on it.

8. Spectral Shield Throw Raider

+Easy to scale damage during league start

+Items are often cheap to acquire

+Able to transition to better builds in the future

-The damage potential of this build is only good until the mid-game

When you look at the many shields in Path of Exile, you would normally think of them only as a means of improving your defense. Well, the Spectral Shield Throw Raider begs to differ because of the choice of attack skill gem the build is using.

Spectral Shield Throw prompts you to hurl your shield towards the enemy, causing it to split upon impact, hitting nearby monsters in the process. The damage of this build scales with the amount of armor or evasion on your equipped shield, which is why it is imperative that you use a good one.

For this reason, you will grab the Emperor’s Vigilance for that 1000% increased armor mod, not to mention that it improves your ability to block attacks and spells from the enemy with Glancing Blows.

By default, Spectral Shield Throw is a skill gem that deals physical damage. However, scaling physical damage is rather difficult in Path of Exile. Hence, you convert your physical damage to cold damage by wearing the Hrimsorrow gloves early on. In the endgame, you should wear the cold damage conversion gloves, preferably with the “+1 to Maximum Frenzy Charges” implicit modifier.

Once you get your hands on the Hrimsorrow, you can then equip the Heatshiver for some extra fire damage as well. Do not forget to grab the Taste of Hate flask from the trade website for another source of extra damage.

Just by equipping the said items, you can turn this build into an effective PoE Currency farmer in league start scenarios. Where this build falls short is that it does not deal heavy damage compared to the other ones on this list, especially in the endgame.

Still, we can easily recommend the Spectral Shield Throw Raider if you want a league starter that you can rely on.

7. Kinetic Blast Deadeye

+ Has the power to obliterate enemies with ease

+Surprisingly tanky with the right equipment

+Projectiles hit hard, making this build a potent boss killer

-Can make low-end PCs cry

-Necessary items cost a lot of currency

The Kinetic Blast Deadeye might not be viable for a league start scenario, but what it is capable of is deleting bosses from the game with physical damage converted to cold damage for maximum pain.

Kinetic Blast, when used, enables you to fire a projectile that causes a series of small explosions at the point of impact. This spell skill gem requires you to use a wand, so you might want to craft one using the Imbued Wand as the crafting base for its “% Increased Spell Damage” implicit modifier.

Now, there are two versions of the Kinetic Blast Deadeye. The first one is more offense-oriented in that it wears the Ravenous Passion unique helmet. This thing, which was added in the Necropolis League, allows Rage to grant increased cast speed and spell damage rather than attack speed and attack damage.

The second one is a lot tankier, but does require you to spend exorbitant amounts of PoE Currency to pull off. That is because you need some really expensive items, including a well-rolled Cloak of Flame, Mahuxotl’s Machination, and Defiance of Destiny. This is the preferred variant because it is capable of taking on the hardest content in the game without dying due to the multiple layers of defense.

When you look at the support gems that are linked to Kinetic Blast on this build, you will find that one of them is the Awakened Fork Support. This allows a single projectile from your main skill gem to split toward additional enemies, which can greatly aid in clearing maps more effectively.

Now, you might think that it won’t work with Ricochet from the Deadeye’s ascendancy passive tree, but that is not the case. You see, Fork takes precedence over Chain in Path of Exile, meaning, projectiles will split and hit more enemies (with Fork), and then chain to nearby monsters shortly after (thanks to Ricochet).

Having Endless Munitions is a godsend for this build because then, you will not have to rely on Greater Multiple Projectiles to eliminate more monsters at once. Additionally, when you have the Nimis equipped, you can guarantee that the projectiles you fire will travel their maximum distance. That is why taking Far Shot (either by allocating it using your ascendancy points or using Forbidden Flesh/Forbidden Flame) can greatly boost this build’s damage output.

As you can already see, this build requires a ton of investment, so if you do not have the PoE Currency yet, you might as well go for the other Deadeye builds that are discussed on this list.

Another important thing to note is that due to the nature of your main skill gem, it can make lower-end PCs grind to a halt.

Despite the caveats, the Kinetic Blast Deadeye is one of the most popular Ranger builds in Path of Exile 3.24 Necropolis League because of its sheer power and survivability with the right gear.

6. Flicker Strike Raider

+Best suited for those who love a “zoom-zoom” playstyle

+Has the power to destroy anything in its path

+Insane damage scaling with Frenzy Charges and elemental damage mods

-Not a league starter

-Less accessible than the Slayer variant

The Flicker Strike Raider has been around for so many leagues now and it is still one of the greatest Ranger builds in Path of Exile today. Why is that, you ask? Well, it has the power to destroy anything and everything in the game. This begs the question: Where does the build’s power come from?

The biggest contributor to your overall damage is a specific Forbidden Shako that has the mod: “Socketed Gems Are Supported by Level # Ice Bite.” Wait, isn’t Flicker Strike a skill that deals physical damage? You are correct! However, you can surmise that this build converts all physical damage to cold damage to take advantage of the specific Forbidden Shako that was just mentioned. You will need the cold damage conversion gloves for that, of course.

This is a Frenzy Charge-stacking build that utilizes Farrul’s Fur for a more consistent charge uptime. Another item you need to get your hands on for maximum damage is the Paradoxica, particularly one that has elemental damage penetration and double damage modifiers.

You may have heard about the Slayer version of Flicker Strike. How does it differ from the Raider? The Slayer variant typically uses a two-handed weapon called Rakiata’s Dance. It has a unique effect where the enemy’s resistance values are inverted. Suppose that a monster has a 40% cold resistance, attacking that particular enemy with Rakiata’s Dance will have its cold resistance inverted to negative (-) 40% instead.

For the most part, the Slayer version is more accessible as it can destroy enemies with a modest budget. That is, in large part, due to the Slayer’s notable ascendancy passive skills, such as Brutal Fervour, Headsman, and Masterful Form.

The Raider version is a bit more expensive, but what you get is a more well-balanced character than the Slayer. Quartz Infusion and Avatar of the Veil heavily improve your chances of survival by making it easier for you to avoid elemental ailments. The “40% Chance to Suppress Spell Damage” granted by Quartz Infusion, as well as permanent Phasing, are just too hard to pass up.

With the build’s high number of Frenzy Charges, Avatar of the Slaughter makes each Frenzy Charge you have even more potent, thus ensuring that you have enough power to obliterate the competition.

The Flicker Strike Raider might be out of your budget. However, its insane damage output is quite appealing nevertheless.

5. Caustic Arrow Pathfinder

+Tried and tested league starter

+Kills enemies effectively with chaos damage over time

+Most of the items are inexpensive to buy

-Endgame bow and quiver might require you to spend more PoE Currency

Here we have another build that deals chaos damage over time and you know what the perfect Ranger ascendancy class is to choose for such build archetypes? Yes, you have guessed, it is none other than the Pathfinder!

The Caustic Arrow Pathfinder is a tried and tested league starter that scales really well into the endgame. This build can function without specific items, though you can invest in some upgrades later down the line.

This bow attack skill gem prompts you to fire an arrow in a targeted direction, dealing chaos damage upfront. What’s more, the skill creates a caustic ground and any monster that steps on it is going to receive chaos damage over time.

Why this build is a good league starter is due to the Pathfinder’s Nature’s Reprisal node. This ascendancy node not only gives you the ability to inflict Wither on hit, but it also increases the effect of the said debuff by 50%. For the uninitiated, Wither is a debuff in Path of Exile that causes affected monsters to take increased chaos damage.

Caustic Arrow is not the only attack skill gem you can use here. For instance, you can utilize Frenzy of Onslaught to enable you to gain Frenzy Charges and the Onslaught buff for increased attack speed and movement speed.

Storm Rain is another bow attack skill gem you can use to improve your map-clearing speed. Whatever bow skill you use, do not forget to include the Manaforged Arrows Support so that they will automatically be cast after spending a certain amount of mana.

Now, this build’s survivability leaves a lot to be desired. That is why you will often find those who play the Caustic Arrow Pathfinder wearing the Lightning Coil as their body armor of choice. Thanks to this item, half of the physical damage you receive from the enemy is taken as lightning damage instead.

Although the Lightning Coil reduces your lightning resistance significantly, you can address that by using the Topaz Flask. The said flask has a nice ancillary benefit since it increases your maximum lightning resistance by 5%.

While you can use a bow and quiver with physical damage or damage over time modifiers during league start and into the mid-game, the true endgame version of this build requires you to utilize a well-rolled Widowhail and a quiver that has a damage over time multiplier and chaos damage over time multiplier with attack skills as suffixes. These two pieces of gear constitute the bulk of your budget, so do keep that in mind.

Still, the Caustic Arrow Pathfinder is an incredible Ranger build in the 3.24 Necropolis League, especially if you are into builds that kill enemies with damage over time mechanics.

4. Tornado Shot Deadeye

+Still capable of deleting screens of enemies

+MF viable build

+Can dish out tremendous amounts of damage

-Compared to the previous league, this version now requires multiple “Mirrors” of investment 

-No longer accessible to the general PoE community

Tornado Shot was one of the best (if not the best) bow attack skill gems in Path of Exile for quite a while until GGG implemented a few significant nerfs to it in the Necropolis League.

So, what adjustments were made to Tornado Shot in Patch 3.24? For starters, it now costs 12 mana at gem level 20. This is huge because, when coupled with the other mana changes, every use of the skill can really hurt those who do not have enough mana to spend. You can feel this while mapping when you find yourself starving for mana as you fire your arrows and move around the area.

Another notable change that was made to Tornado Shot is its base attack speed multiplier received a 20% reduction in this league. You can still bring some of the power back by adding attack speed mods on your gear, but doing so requires you to fork a ton of currency.

But, the biggest adjustment is that Tornado Shot no longer fires an additional secondary projectile upon impact. This effect used to be available simply by increasing the skill gem’s quality to 20%. Because of this, Tornado Shot is no longer accessible to the general public and is reserved only for those who are committed to making a huge investment.

Sure, no one can deny that the nerfs GGG made to the said skill are heavy-handed. However, Tornado Shot is still pretty much alive to this day due to its sheer power and “shotgun” mechanics that can wipe monsters off the screen.

Anyway, the vast majority of people who play the Tornado Shot Deadeye nowadays go for the Crystallised Omniscience version of the build for that massive elemental penetration bonus. This is, of course, paired with the Black Sun Crest for huge increases to normal attributes, including STR, DEX, and INT.

Even though this variant does not use the Heatshiver, you are still going to convert all of your physical damage to cold damage. If you have come this far, you should know by now that you need to get at least a 60% cold conversion from the gloves and another 40% from the Cold Mastery.

A Manaforged Arrows setup with Frenzy and Ensnaring Arrow has become quite popular in Path of Exile: Necropolis League as well. Frenzy allows you to consistently gain Frenzy Charges upon the activation of the skill, while Ensnaring Arrow causes monsters that are hit by the skill to take 20% increased projectile damage.

The bow and quiver, at least at the time of writing, sell for at least one Mirror of Kalandra each. So, as you can see, this build is still capable of eliminating any monster it comes across. However, this now requires a major investment. Therefore, it begs the question: Are you willing to spend PoE Currency to make this build work or not? That is one that you have to answer yourself. 

But, in terms of viability, the Tornado Shot Deadeye is, undoubtedly, one of the best Ranger builds in Path of Exile 3.24 Necropolis League regardless of the changes that were implemented to the main skill.

3. Toxic Rain Pathfinder

+Effective currency farmer even on a budget

+Can be used as a league starter

+Careful utilization of AoE breakpoints ensures that this build does not suffer from poor single-target damage

+Plenty of upgrade options later down the line

-Endgame quiver is expensive or a pain to craft

When you are creating your very first character in PoE, you have to make sure that you use a build that can aid you in farming some currency. The Toxic Rain Pathfinder is incredible in this regard, and the good news is that you can actually obtain certain upgrades if you want to elevate it further.

Let’s discuss the star of the show first. Toxic Rain, when used, prompts you to fire an arrow into the air. When the arrow lands at the targeted location, it creates Spore Pods that deal chaos damage over time to enemies that are in close proximity.

Any increases made to the skill’s area of effect allow the Spore Pods to overlap with each other. There are specific breakpoints that would enable you to maximize the single-target damage of this build. However, if you do not want to know the nitty-gritty, just aim for a 39% increased AoE; nothing more, nothing less. When you achieve this number, your Spore Pods will cover a lot of ground and overlap just enough to deal the maximum damage before they expire.

As a league starter, you will rely on the Ballista Totem setup that gives you the power to summon multiple totems that fire Toxic Rain projectiles for you. This is the best way to level up your Toxic Rain Pathfinder because the totems just attack insanely fast without too much investment.

When you have enough PoE Currency, you can then transition into a more “do-it-yourself” approach, forgoing the Ballista Totem Support in favor of support gems that boost the damage of Toxic Rain when you shoot the arrows yourself.

In addition, you can utilize the Manaforged Arrows setup that includes the Toxic Rain of Withering and Frenzy. Toxic Rain of Withering is almost the same as the base version, albeit the Spore Pods have the ability to apply the Wither debuff on enemies, causing them to take increased chaos damage as a result. Frenzy grants you more damage and attack speed via a consistent supply of Frenzy Charges.

While the Toxic Rain Pathfinder is capable of dishing out huge amounts of pain to the enemy via chaos damage over time, its survivability requires some focus and attention to sort out. This build does not have a ton of life and energy shield to work with, so you have to obtain some pieces of gear to help you address that.

The Lightning Coil is an incredible body armor that converts 50% of the physical damage you receive from the enemy’s attacks to lightning damage. Besides that, get an Impossible Escape (Imbalanced Guard) so that you can allocate Soul of Steel and Prismatic Skin for a 3% boost to your maximum elemental resistances.

You couple that with the +5% to Maximum Lightning Resistance provided by the newly adjusted Topaz Flask, and you can reduce the physical damage you take in the process.

If you still have enough space for one more gem, you could use the Petrified Blood aura as well. This protects the lower half of your HP pool from damage that would have otherwise killed you by spreading that damage over several seconds (rather than in an instant).

Now, in case you didn't know, there is a version that uses the Champion as the ascendancy class of choice. How does it compare to the Pathfinder variant? Well, the Toxic Rain Champion utilizes the Ballista Totem Support, whether it is the league starter version or one that is built for the endgame.

Next, it has pretty decent survivability thanks to consistent Fortification stacks. The Toxic Rain Champion also enjoys increased attack speed via Unstoppable Hero, and the Adrenaline buff granted by First to Strike, Last to Fall.

With that said, the Toxic Rain Pathfinder is still a great choice, especially if you want to be the one to fire arrows at the enemy’s faces. Sure, improving its chances of survival requires you to spend PoE Currency, but if you are able to do something about it, the build is actually not bad at all!

2. Elemental Hit of the Spectrum Deadeye

+Fill the screen with damaging projectiles with ease

+New Transfigured Gem has insane damage scaling

+Using it as a league starter is possible, but its strength lies in the endgame

+One of the best map-clearing builds in PoE right now

-Item upgrades cost an exorbitant amount of currency due to how popular the build is

-As with most of the bow builds in the game, this is relatively squishy

With the nerfs to Tornado Shot, there is now a new sheriff in town. Well, it has not achieved the same status as that of TS but it is certainly gaining a lot of traction as of late. What are we referring to? It is none other than the Elemental Hit of the Spectrum Deadeye!

Elemental Hit of the Spectrum is a new Transfigured Gem that was introduced as part of Path of Exile: Necropolis League. Unlike the base version where you had to rely on a couple of Combat Focus Jewels, the Elemental Hit of the Spectrum allows you to deal three different elemental damage types all at once. For this reason, you can inflict Freeze, Shock, and Ignite without having to equip a tri-element bow.

Aside from that, the skill can deal more damage for each elemental ailment you have inflicted upon the target. This is precisely the reason why some people also use The Interrogation Jewel to get the Secrets of Suffering – a keystone passive that makes your critical strikes inflict Brittle, Sap, and Scorched instead of Freeze, Shock, or Ignite.

Do not worry, the monsters will still suffer from Chill and Shock, though you have to activate Summon Skitterbots for that. With all of that accounted for, the skill gets a huge 75% damage boost from the five elemental ailments you have inflicted on the enemy.

The Elemental Hit of the Spectrum Deadeye is one of the most versatile bow builds out there due to the huge variety of skills you can include in the build. You can have Blast Rain, Storm Rain, and Rain of Arrows, along with the Manaforged Arrows Support, to fill the screen with a plethora of projectiles, leaving your enemies with no chance to escape.

You can opt for the ever-reliable Ensnaring Arrow and Frenzy setup so that monsters that get hit by your skills take increased projectile damage as a result.

In league start scenarios, you can craft a bow using Essence of Anger/Hatred/Wrath until you get at least two elemental damage types just to make Trinity Support’s Resonance mechanic work. Besides that, spam a Broadhead Arrow Quiver with the Essence of Torment to guarantee added lightning damage on the said item. Do this to obtain other useful mods, including attack speed, critical strike chance, and life.

Once you have enough PoE Currency, you can think about getting some good upgrades. You should get your hands on the Nimis Ring so that you can replace the Returning Projectiles Support with Mirage Archer Support.

Then, you could invest in a Headhunter for insane map-clearing speeds, or the Mageblood for a more consistent uptime of your magic utility flasks.

Of course, the bulk of your currency is going to be spent on acquiring the endgame bow and quiver with three additional arrows for maximum damage.

The Elemental Hit of the Spectrum Deadeye is very fun to play, can quickly delete entire screens of enemies in a jiffy, and is strong enough to eliminate even the toughest pinnacle bosses. So, if you are in for a good bow build in Path of Exile: Necropolis League, we can wholeheartedly recommend the Elemental Hit of the Spectrum Deadeye for sure!

1. Lightning Arrow Deadeye

+The number one bow build in the game right now

+Can be built into a Magic Find character you can rely on

+Insane damage potential, especially with endgame gear

+Trumps Tornado Shot in terms of damage output (if given the same equipment)

+An able league starter that can work with a minimal investment

+Plenty of upgrade options you can take

-Survivability is not this build’s strong suit

-Expect to spend a boatload of currency for the endgame items

It is no surprise that the Tornado Shot has been dethroned as the go-to bow skill in the game. The nerfs GGG implemented in Patch 3.24 are quite significant and too hard to ignore. Sure, you can make the build work, but it is no longer accessible to the vast majority of players in PoE. That is why you now see a massive influx of people playing the Lightning Arrow Deadeye in Path of Exile: Necropolis League.

The Lightning Arrow Deadeye is a fantastic build that is able to start a new league with just gear that you can find during the game’s main campaign. When you have enough resources, you can craft your own equipment using Essences or Fossils, depending on what you have on hand.

Just like the Elemental Hit of the Spectrum Deadeye, this build utilizes a tri-element bow due to the presence of Trinity Support. The elemental damage and elemental penetration granted by Trinity are just too good to pass up.

Lightning Arrow, by itself, allows you to fire a few arrows to the enemy, with each one having the ability to pierce through the target. This intrinsic property of the skill enables you to take full advantage of the Returning Projectiles Support, essentially hitting enemies twice.

While the damage of Lightning Arrow is sufficient enough to eliminate map monsters with ease, it does lack single-target damage, giving you a tough time in dealing with bosses. For this reason, you are going to use the Artillery Ballista to give you more firepower.

Your main rotation against bosses involves dropping a few Artillery Ballistae on the ground, and then bombarding them with Lightning Arrows. Bear in mind that if you are going to use the Focused Ballista Support, you should make it a point to fire at the enemy more frequently because the ballistae will only attack when you do.

In the endgame, most people opt to use the Crystallized Omniscience for that huge boost in elemental penetration. If you are going this route, make sure that your pieces of gear contain at least one attribute to increase your Omniscience.

Hyrri’s Ire is a body armor that provides great value to almost any bow build in the game. Not only does this thing give you a whopping 30% spell suppression just by equipping it, but it grants you added cold damage as well.

With the popularity of bow builds in Patch 3.24, you should expect to spend a boatload of PoE Currency if you want to elevate this build to the next level. 

However, if the high investment does not bother you, then the Lightning Arrow Deadeye is, without a doubt, the best bow build in Path of Exile: Necropolis League!


Many PoE players prefer to use ranged attacks and spells because it is much easier and more efficient to kill enemies with them. That is one of the many reasons why the Ranger class is still the most played class in the game to this day.

The Deadeye takes the crown by quite a large margin. Its access to nodes that have something to do with projectiles, such as Far Shot, Ricochet, and Endless Munitions, makes it the perfect ascendancy class for ranged-based attack skills and spells.

Additionally, Focal Point helps alleviate the massive nerfs to Sniper’s Mark that GGG made in Patch 3.24.

Pathfinder is still quite popular in Patch 3.24, particularly for builds that deal chaos damage and nothing else. The Toxic Rain Pathfinder, for example, is a great build that you can use to start a new league with. It also has plenty of upgrade paths you can take if you are happy with the build’s playstyle.

While not as popular as the first two ascendancy classes, the Raider is still great in its own right. The Flicker Strike Raider is suited for those who do not mind spending their hard-earned currency. If you are going for the Ranger class, this is the only melee build that is worth your time and attention.

The Spectral Shield Throw Raider is a good league starter and efficient currency farmer even on a minimal budget. The Eternal Vigilance shield is cheap to obtain, so you may want to snag one up from the trade website a few days into a new league.

So, there you have it! We hope that you love our recommendations for the best Ranger builds in Path of Exile 3.24 Necropolis League! No matter which one you choose out of the bunch, you can never go wrong with any of them!

With all of that said, good luck on your adventures in Wraeclast, Exile!

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