Best Relics To Use: OSRS Trailblazer Relic Tier List

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Best Relics To Use: OSRS Trailblazer Relic Tier List

Since the conception of the new OSRS Trailblazer Reloaded's relics on the Jagex twitter page, Runescape community have split apart to different groups arguing about the best relics to pick, to maximise efficiency and power of your character. Today we will take on the challenge and have a deep guide on these relics to talk about their advantages and disadvantages while providing the best regions and relic combinations to pick with each one.

Tier 1

Tier 1 relics are all about skilling and each one of them will boost certain skills making them really easy to max out and use.

Endless Harvest


This relic doubles your resources gathered from fishing, woodcutting and mining. So you are basically getting double experience for each action from these skills. This relic also banks all these items gathered so you can sit back and relax without worrying about banking, which is why this relic is referred to as the AFK relic.


This relic is really good if you are looking to AFK a lot and maximise some skills. It also combines really well with a tier 5 relic called Infernal Gathering, which processes the resources you collect from these skills basically making you max out 6 skills really quickly. If you are picking this relic you must pick Infernal Gathering as well. The best place to use this relic is karambwans. This fishing spot never moves so you can fish for 25 minutes AFK at a time.


With the update to Forestry, you can't really AFK for that long as all the trees have a set chop timer. Mining also does not have an AFK alternative as well which leaves you fishing to fully AFK. Getting double resources and experience can seem good at first glance but they don't add much to your journey through leagues since the resources gathered from gathering skills can be easily obtained in the late game through PVM content. Also the bank all the gathered resources might seem like a big quality of life but you can pretty much take Bankers Note and achieve even a stronger effect. So you're really only looking at an advantage of getting 6 skills potentially up to 50 million experience without much effort.

Overall this relic is good only if you are looking to get 50 million experience in the said skills and if you are also picking the Infernal Gathering. However you can pick other relics instead of Infernal Gathering which are very strong so this makes this relic worse than the other options at Tier 1. This is also shown in the data-base as this is the least picked relic in Tier 1.

Rating: B

Best Relic Combinations: Infernal Gathering

Production Prodigy


This relic does a lot of things, all items from the following activities will be processed at once:

  • Smelting ores and bars
  • Fletching logs, stringing bows, cutting gems
  • Cleaning herbs, making potions
  • Cooking food
  • Crafting leather, jewellery, battlestaves, pottery, glassblowing, spinning.

This relic also provides a permanent boost of +12 to your Crafting, Smithing, Herblore, Fletching and Cooking.

It also provides you with a 25% chance of creating an extra product and provides you experience for that extra product. For example: If you are trying to create some potions, you will first get extra herbs for cleaning them, then you will get extra unfinished potions from making them on top of all this you will get extra finished potions from brewing them, which is absolutely amazing!


If you don't want the long explanation, this relic will boost 5 skills in total. Having a +12 boost will allow you to craft certain items and potions you need sooner and there are a lot of tasks requiring you to produce something. For example you can craft your onyx amulet at level 78 instead of 90 which is absolutely huge and will get you 200 points. Being able to process your entire inventory will absolutely make you bolt through production skills and will open up unique ways for you to play the game. With this relic if you unlock the desert as your first area you can easily get 99 crafting within 2 hours. This is done through buying gems from the gem trader, you can cut them and sell them back for a profit as well which will get your starting cash situation sorted. There is also the 25% chance of receiving extra products which will help you complete “craft x amount of y” tasks more easily and will help you get the resources that you need.


This relic absolutely destroys almost all the AFK things you can do with these skills. So If you can't or don't like actively playing the game, I will advise you to not pick this relic. +12 boost is really nice in the early game but becomes irrelevant when you transition into the late game. Another bad side is that, you will need the resources first to process them, so the fast production part of this relic will only be fully usable in mid-game and late-game.

Rating: A+

Best Relic Combinations: Bankers note & Fire sale both work depending on your areas. Farmers fortune.



This relic is a new addition to the league scene and is a player favourite due to the quality of life it provides. This relic will grant the Sage's greaves and when equipped these greaves will grant 2/3rds of your agility levels as experience whilst running.

You will be able to auto pickpocket NPCs without failing. You will also be able to hold double the coin pouches that you can normally hold. You will also be getting double the loot and all the loot will be noted.

Box traps will lure creatures faster and give double loot and experience. Impling jars will also never break.

Lastly you will be able to light up to 9 logs per action.


If you are looking to bolt through the early game and still want to reap some benefits towards the late game this is the relic for you. Being able to pickpocket NPCs without failing is amazing, especially when combined with the rogues outfit to quadruple the loot. Unlocking Kandarin is almost a must with this relic as a lot of the pickpocketable NPCs reside in that area. Towards the late game you can pickpocket Tzhaars, elves and vampires. Tzhaars do not give coin pouches so you can pickpocket them AFK for a full 25 minutes! This will sort out your coin situation for almost everything.

We also all know that agility sucks even with all the experience boost that we receive during Leagues so being able to passively get to 99 or even 50 million Agility experience is quite nice. Hunter and Firemaking buffs are just side benefits that can come in handy, they are nice to have but not that big of deal compared to the Thieving and Agility buffs. However these buffs must also not be underestimated as they will help you get millions of experience really quick.


AFK pickpocketing is great but trust me you will be getting to 50M Thieving experience really quickly with this and after that it becomes kind of useless.

Sages greaves is a great item that you can use throughout your entire playthrough to get 50M Agility experience but you will be giving away the benefits that you might receive from your boots slot. As this item is a boot, you won't be able to equip other boots if you want to gain agility experience. As we talked before the hunter and the firemaking experience that you can get from this relic is nice but that is as far as it gets.

Rating: S

Best Relic Combinations: More than relics make sure to plan your route ahead and look through the entire list of pickpocketable NPCS. Kandarin and Morytania are the two best regions with this relic.

Tier 2

Fairy's Flight


This relic gives you an item that can teleport you to every tool leprechaun, spirit tree and fairy ring. Power of this relic depends on the areas the player chooses.


Fairy ring and spirit tree teleports are one thing but being able to teleport to every tool leprechaun is quite the other. This relic basically unlocks really niche teleports for you to get around quickly. This relic especially shines if you unlock areas such as Kandarin that has a lot of farming patches thus a lot of teleports. In most scenarios this relic outshines Globetrotter by a huge margin.



The only disadvantage this relic has is purely because of the player's choice of areas. If you are picking areas such as Wilderness, that do not have farming patches or have minimal farming patches, then this relic becomes kind of useless.

Rating: S

Best Relic Combinations: Treasure seeker.



When picked, this relic provides the player with an amulet. This amulet allows you to teleport to almost every location that you can teleport to by using an ornate jewellery box and spellbook teleports.


Being able to teleport to every location that a spell book or an enchanted piece of jewellery might have is a huge unlock, especially in the early game. This will eliminate all your problems of getting around your zones.This relic becomes really useful depending on your zone selections. For example if you have picked Morytania but not Zeah, you can't normally teleport to barrows but with this relic you can do that, which makes your barrows runs extremely easy.



Depending on your area picks most of the teleports that get unlocked through this relic can be crafted or used via magic, so this relic falls off during the late game depending on your areas of choice. This relic also does not provide any unique teleports compared to the Fairy's Flight.

Rating: B

Best Relic Combinations: Treasure Seeker.

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Tier 3

Banker's Note


Banker's note grants a unique power to the player. By unlocking this you will receive a note in your inventory which can note or un-note items whenever you want. So basically you can carry any stack of items with you anywhere.


There are few amazing advantages that you can achieve by picking this relic. First of all your skilling becomes much easier, as you can just note your items and un-note them. You don't have to bank while mining, woodcutting, fishing, runecrafting, smithing, crafting, cooking…etc (fastest runecrafting experience in the game.). Secondly you can just carry an infinite amount of combat supplies with you to anywhere you want and yes this includes raids and the inferno.


This relic has a weak early game compared to the Fire Sale, you also need to have the items to use the bank note. So depending on your route this League, this might prove challenging. Some advantages of this relic falls off towards the late-game as everyone gets access to the no-cooldown memory crystal which can teleport you back to the last location you saved. So they can just use a bank and teleport back during almost any activity.

Rating: A

Best Relic Combination: Any combat relic, Production prodigy


Fire Sale

This relic allows you to basically have infinite money! All the coin shops in the game are free to you, and you can choose to buy items from these shops in noted form.


This relic outshines anything in the early game. Being able to buy whatever you want when you have no money at all is absolutely insane. With this relic you have access to infinite runes for magic, infinite gems for crafting, infinite construction supplies, infinite food and infinite smithing supplies. You can also just mass buy chaos runes and sell them to the Tzhaar shop to get infinite tokkuls. These tokkuls are really useful since you can buy onyxes, weapons, armours, gems and ores with them and there are tasks for equipping each weapon, equipping the full set of obsidian and buying a onyx.


Well compared to the bankers note, you will be losing on some experience rates on certain activities. You also can't bring infinite supplies to hard activities but that doesn't really matter if you play the game well and don't need supplies to begin with. One big disadvantage is that money becomes irrelevant in most scenarios when you reach late game or if you unlock Wilderness. The only exception to this is construction as its supplies cost a lot of money. Overall this relic gives a huge speed boost in the early game and falls off during the mid and late game.

Rating: S

Best Relic Combinations: Any combat relic, Production Prodigy

Tier 4

Combat relics are mostly personal preference combined with area picks but there are still power differences between them. If you want to get a more detailed look on combat relics and which areas compliment them the best check out our combat relic guide here.

Archer's Embrace


This is the Ranged combat relic, which boosts your ranged accuracy and damage by a huge margin.


Ranged relic has the best DPS out of all the combat relics. Kills almost every boss with ease.


Has a bad early game, getting the items and ammunition you need to unlock your full potential takes a while. Both of your essential items are very late-game oriented. One being the Zaryte crossbow, the other Twisted bow.

Rating: S

Best Relic Combinations: Banker's note (for zaryte crossbow combo), Weapon master.

Brawler's Resolve


Melee relic that greatly boosts your melee damage and accuracy.


There are a lot of different builds and combos you can do with this relic. You can go a full tank route, special attack route or a berserk route. With the 50% defence bonus you can take more risks and do crazier stuff. Being able to train 3 different stats (attack,strength, defence) in a fast paced manner is quite nice given there are a lot of tasks for levelling up your combat level and getting experience. Unlike the ranged relic this relic is good in all stages of the game.


Melee is the weakest combat style out of them. Most high-end bosses will require either magic or ranged to kill. Meleeing certain bosses and creatures will put you at disadvantage. Lacks area of effect attacks.

Rating: A+

Best Relic Combinations: Ruinous powers (if not going for piety), Soul stealer (for full tank build), Berserker (for high damage), Weapon master (for special attack build), Bankers note (is the best if going for weapon master)

Superior Sorcerer


Magic relic that greatly boosts your magic damage and accuracy.


This relic is great overall, by unlocking the Desert you gain access to the ancient spells very early on. Blood spells will carry you in the early game, allowing you to kill things without wasting any resources. You also have access to the AOE spells which greatly speeds up your magic training and multi-combat slayer tasks. Has an amazing late game with the Tumuken's shadow. Berserker works perfectly with this relic as you can cast 3-4 spells on a monster before the first one hits, so berserk triggers on all of those attacks instead of just the first one.


Locks up your area selections quite a bit as you almost have to pick Desert and Kandarin to get the best upgrades the game has to offer. Not much variety so it can get boring.

Rating: S

Best Relic Combinations: Fire sale, Berserker

Tier 5



This relic allows you to receive and cancel tasks via your slayer helmet or ring. You will also be getting more superior spawns and more loot from them. Superiors will also reward you with slayer points.


This relic speeds up your Slayer training quite a bit as superiors yield ridiculous amounts of slayer experience. You will have more chances at those eternal gems and imbued hearts so, more points for you. Also the superiors spawned with this relic yields a lot of herblore ingredients and herb seeds, so they will also sort out your farming and herblore training.


Becomes useless after capping out your experience. Late game offers a lot of ways to gather seeds. Does not yield any League points after getting the eternal gem and the imbued heart. Not every monster has a superior variant so be careful of which regions you go for.

Rating: B+

Best Relic Combinations: Berserker

Infernal Gathering


This is a relic that is almost made specifically for the Endless Harvest relic. With this relic you will be getting the trailblazer axe, pickaxe and harpoon. Using these to do their respective activities will automatically process the raw material. These tools will also speed up their respective gathering activities.


Allows you to train multiple skills at once without wasting time. Allows faster training for their respective gathering skills.


Not worth going for unless you have the endless harvest relic.

Rating: C+

Best Relic Combinations: Endless harvest

Treasure Seeker


This relic will greatly boost your chances of receiving clue scrolls. Each clue will have the minimum number of steps required to complete it. Each clue will yield the highest reward rolls. You will also have a chance to receive additional clue caskets when opening one.


This relic is the relic to go for if you want fast points. There are individual tasks for each clue tier and also tasks for filling collection log slots. This relic will also provide you with some early game upgrades.


If you don't have a route that takes advantage of the other two relics in this tier, there is not much of a disadvantage.

Rating: S

Best Relic Combinations: Globetrotter, Fairy's Flight

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Tier 6



With this relic, each time you gain experience, you will also gain an additional experience equal to the 10% of your total level.


Great for going for 50M experience in every skill. Can create different pathways to gain points and level up.


By far the worst relic out of the 3 in this category. Forcing the player to train every skill up to a certain point. Experience rates are already pretty high so kind of useless, given its competitors in this tier.

Rating: C

Best Relic Combinations: Endless harvest & Infernal gathering

Farmer's Fortune


This relic will allow you to save 20% of every seed or sapling that you use. Everything you plant will instantly grow and you will be able to instantly harvest it. Your harvest will yield triple the normal resources.


Best relic in this tier for points. Super easy to use from very early on. Allows you to train herblore with ease.


Requires seeds to be able to fully utilise this relic.

Rating: S

Best Relic Combinations: Trickster, Bloodthirsty


Ruinous Powers

Gives you a completely new and improved prayer book that does not exist in the main game.


Allows you to create different routes for your build. For example: you can play a melee build without Kandarin or you can play Ranged route without Kourend. Prayers in this book are superior to the normal one.


Prayers in this book have no defensive bonuses. The prayers you would want to be using will be at higher levels and the highest tier prayer in this book requires level 92 prayer. This relic will not help you gain any points.

Rating: A

Best Relic Combinations: Any combat relic

Tier 7



With this relic, you become the dharok's armour set. You will deal more damage the lower your health is but more importantly you will always deal your maximum damage on a creature that has full health.


The best relic to pick for some builds and especially for mages. Aside from being able to increase your power passively, being able to one hit all slayer creatures or all boss minions is a great benefit.


Can be hard to utilise if you are not that familiar with the game as it brings the risk of dying.

Rating: S

Best Relic Combinations: Superior Sorcerer, Brawler's Resolve, Undying Retribution

Soul Stealer


Increases your minimum hit by 10% of your maximum hit. Grants a 50% chance to heal and restore your prayer by 10% of the damage dealt. This effect does not work with AOE attacks.


Great for beginners, allows you to greatly negate food and potion usage.


This relic has the worst damage output out of them. If you know the game well it is practically useless. Will not go well with bankers note. Drastically goes down in value in the late game.

Rating: C

Best Relic Combinations: Brawler's Resolve


Weapon Master

This relic will make your special attacks hit 100% of the time and their minimum damage is increased from 0 to 20% of your max hit. Your special attack energy will be restored by 30% every 30 seconds, this becomes 15 seconds with lightbearer. You can sacrifice 25 health to perform additional special attacks.


Amazing with a melee or ranged build. Allows for a lot of fast kills on bosses. Has the best DPS overall in the entire game with the Ranged relic.


Only works with specific builds.

Rating: S

Best Relic Combinations: Brawler's Resolve, Archer's Embrace, Undying Retribution

Tier 8



A pretty unique relic. Allows you to summon a guardian thrall which can use all combat styles and will help the player in any given combat situation. It can also cast AOE spells.


Great for solo play. Help speed up any kills that you do on any creature.


None, unless you have better synergies with the other two relics in this tier.

Rating: S

Best Relic Combinations: Everything



Gives you the Sage's axe, which when used will one shot any creature that has 20% or lower health (except creatures with protect ranged).


This is a great item if you are going to kill bosses that have a lot of health, like 500+raids in TOA. Also great for skipping boss phases and usually the last phase is the hardest phase. This axe also grants you a ton of ranged experience which will eventually help you get 50M ranged experience passively.


Does not work on creatures that have full protection against ranged attacks.

Rating: S

Best Relic Combinations: Everything

Undying Retribution


This relic is a pretty cool one. With this relic when you die you come back to life and deal 200% your prayer level as damage to everything around you (50% in PVP). After this triggers there is a 3 minute cooldown before you can use it again.


Amazing for learning new PVM content in the game allowing you to cheat death.



Rating: S

Best Relic Combinations: Everything but especially Berserk.

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