Madden NFL 23: Must-Read Tips for Beginners

27.09.2022 - 05:19:43
Madden NFL 23

Madden NFL 23: Must-Read Tips for Beginners

With the opening of Madden NFL 23, Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) remains the most popular mode. In this mode, complete challenges that are usually shorter than the full game to earn MUT 22 Coins and other rewards like Player Cards.

For many, Madden is a season tradition, but it is foreign to beginners. So RPGStash has some tips for you to help you enjoy Madden 23 better.

MUT is the game's microtransaction model, but it's not as offensive as other games to pay to get upgrades. MUT 23's new live pass lets you get more stability and better rewards just by playing the mode for free.

Hand out coins, XP, and some very useful player cards. Three separate Field Passes are already included in the game, giving you more ways to compete without spending a cent.

Madden's different game Modes

Madden has different game modes, they are Arcade, Competitive and Simulation, depending on which mode you are in. Let's take a look at these three different modes together.

Arcade mode, which tends to allow for more big action, more steals, and generally offers a more exciting feel for players who just want to see their stars shine.

Competitive mode, the default H2H mode, is built more around the player's skill level on the controller. In this mode, your athlete will be more reliant on you knowing how to use skill moves, how to run lines efficiently, and how to deftly pass players on the other side.

The simulation mode, whose game looks and plays more like an NFL game, relies more on the skill level of the virtual athlete itself. This mode takes into account differences in ratings between players, producing more realistic results based on these matchups. Of course, your own skills are still entirely relevant here, but not as important as the game's competitive mode.

Each mode has its own characteristics, and knowing that certain modes are prepackaged in one of these modes helps you choose the playstyle you want to use.

How does Face of the Franchise Work?

Players can choose any team in the league and can play one of five positions: QB, WR, RB, LB, or CB. On top of that, each location can have five different save files, each of which can be individually upgraded as you play.

Players can also change their build between Agile, Balanced and Strong at any time. Each has its own basic stats and playstyle. Nimble players are faster than wrestlers but more prone to turnovers. Upgrade specific skills by earning upgrade points.

How to get upgrade points in Madden 23?

Players level up their characters in Madden 23. Playing games and completing weekly events earns you Cred and Rep. Cred lets you buy stuff in Yard. At the same time, prestige is your XP, and the more prestige you earn, the faster you level up. Reach level 30, and after you've allocated all upgrade points, you'll enter the 99 clubs.

Set Realistic Goals

Some goals are beyond your control, especially on the defensive end. Players always have three options: easy, medium and hard. Each objective will earn you more reputation based on difficulty.

Choose daily activities before each game. One day will always be devoted to practice, while other days can earn you a stat boost for the next game. You can choose to do nothing, which gives you +1 stamina for the next match. In any case, most activities will build your stamina, especially those leading up to race day.

Pick your favorite team

Pick your favorite NFL team or the team whose playbook you like as your QB and move on. You'll always be a starter, so you don't have to worry about building a team or ranking high on the depth chart.

Choose Play Call

If you know your opponent's tendencies, you can set the corners to deviate from the inside, outside, over, or under the line. Not only that, but you can also disrupt the defense, which means directing forwards to push towards the center, as well as letting them spread out, move left or right, etc.

There's a lot to do in the steal phase before the defense, and if you think you know what the offense is going to do, you should plan. Assign a spy if they like to run with the QB. If they keep running down the line, it's going to crash the line. If they keep throwing to the sideline, use your DB to predict outside passes.


Becoming a pro in Madden 23 requires a lot of practice, and building the Madden Ultimate Team is probably one of the most important parts. Buying MUT 23 coins on will skip a lot of grinding time for you, RPGStash provides the highest service and safest guarantee. Happy gaming!

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