OSRS Bloodveld Guide: Everything You Need to Know

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OSRS Bloodveld Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Old School Runescape has plenty of different skills that you can master. To be a well-rounded player, one of the skills that you definitely need to focus on is Slayer. That is because Slayer enables you to kill monsters that you normally wouldn’t be able to.

Having said that, there are plenty of monsters that you can kill in the game. Actually, several Slayer Masters will occasionally assign you to kill a rather unique enemy called the Bloodveld.

If you are looking for an article that tells you everything you need to know about this monster, then you have come to the right place! This is our OSRS Ultimate Bloodveld Guide!

OSRS Bloodveld Guide: Basics

Bloodveld is a type of demon in Old School Runescape that has a rather grotesque appearance. It appears to have the body of a pig and an eye-less head with its distinctively long tongue. Despite its appearance, this thing is actually pretty easy to kill. Here are its basic stats:

  • Hitpoints (HP): 120

  • Attack: 75

  • Strength: 45

  • Defense: 30

  • Magic: 1

  • Ranged: 1

Aside from its looks, the Bloodveld is unique in the sense that it is one of the few monsters in OSRS that deals magic-based melee damage. This means that even though they attack you at close range, their damage is mitigated by your magic defense rather than physical defense like most other melee damage-based enemies in the game.

Even though they look ugly and sometimes even intimidating, the Bloodveld does not pose a threat at all. The normal version is not aggressive by nature, so you could position yourself in the best way possible to deal the most amount of damage.

Furthermore, you can attack the said demon in multiple ways. The best approach is to fight them up close and personal. In fact, it is the most cost-effective way because you only need to bring a good melee weapon with you and some good gear to go along with it and you should be fine. You can cast protection prayers as well, virtually nullifying its damage against you. We will discuss more about this later in this OSRS guide.

It is important to note that you can only deal damage to Bloodvelds if your Slayer skill is at level 50 or above. Besides that, it is recommended that you achieve the following before you attempt to kill Bloodvelds:

  • Combat level 60

  • Prayer level 43

  • Ranged level 50

If you are wondering why it’s crucial that you have your Prayer skill leveled up to 43, this is the minimum level that allows you to cast the “Protect from Melee,” which is a powerful prayer in OSRS that essentially nullifies the Bloodveld’s damage.

Now, the Bloodveld comes in several variations, but the ones that you only need to concern yourself with are the regular ones and the “mutated” versions. The former is much easier to eliminate, though the latter provides the best EXP and GP gained per hour.

Mutated Bloodveld

Speaking of which, here is the average EXP you can get per hour of fighting the Bloodveld:

  • Melee: 28,000 EXP/hr

  • Melee + Piety: 35,000 EXP/hr

  • Multicannon + Piety: 75,000/hr

As you can see, you can eliminate the Bloodveld by using the Dwarf Multicannon. However, there is only one specific spot where you can set a cannon up and that will be talked about in the next section of the guide.

Why Should You Kill Bloodvelds

So, what exactly are the reasons to kill Bloodvelds? The main reason why OSRS players kill these demons is that they provide a good amount of EXP and they are not difficult to kill, so long as you are well-prepared.

In addition, killing Bloodvelds is a great way to obtain Clue Scrolls (Hard) which, when completed, may offer you some very valuable rewards.

Although there are certainly other tasks that you can do in OSRS that offer more Gold Coins per hour, Bloodvelds are just so incredibly easy to kill. That is why it is great for maximum efficiency.

OSRS Bloodveld Locations: Where to Find It

The Bloodveld can be seen in six different locations in OSRS, such as:

  • Slayer Tower (Basement and 2nd Floor)

  • Stronghold Slayer Cave

  • Catacombs of Kourend

  • Iorwerth Dungeon

  • Meiyerditch Laboratories

  • God Wars Dungeon

If you want to know the best locations to fight the Bloodveld, you can go to the basement of the Slayer Tower for safespotting and the Catacombs of Kourend if you want better EXP and loot by eliminating the Mutated Bloodvelds.

For those who are new to OSRS, “safespotting” is a term that refers to attacking monsters without giving them a chance to attack you. What usually happens during safespotting is luring the monster with a ranged weapon and then running towards a particular spot where they cannot reach you.

That said, the safe spot for fighting Bloodvelds in the Slayer Tower basement is in the northwest corner, where you will find a broken table and some shelves. Again, use your preferred ranged weapon, lure them to that spot, and then continue shooting it until it is dead.

Bloodveld Safe Spot in Slayer Tower Basement

You can also go safespotting Bloodvelds in the Catacombs of Kourend. There are three possible areas where you can find these demons – the western side, the southeastern side, and the northeastern side. The spot you should be heading to is the northeastern part of the area.

Bloodveld Spots in Catacombs of Kourend

Once you have arrived there, do the same thing that you’ve done in the Slayer Tower (basement). Start by luring a Bloodveld with a ranged weapon and then head up to the slope where it cannot attack you. This is also known as the AFK method of killing Bloodvelds in OSRS.

Safespot to Kill Bloodvelds in Catacombs of Kourend

The other locations where you can find the Bloodveld are not bad at all. The Stronghold Slayer Cave is much easier to access, especially if you use the Slayer Ring to teleport there. What’s more, you can do safespotting here because the walls are thin enough that you can attack it, though not big enough for it to fit in and reach you.

Bloodveld Location (Stronghold Slayer Cave)

If you want another place to fight the Mutated Bloodvelds, the Iorwerth Dungeon in Prifddinas is definitely something that you can consider. Just head east and you should be able to find them in no time! Do take note that you can only access this dungeon if you have completed the Song of the Elves quest.

Bloodveld Location (Iorwerth Dungeon)

As mentioned earlier, you can set up a Dwarf Multicannon so that you can eliminate the Bloodvelds in an effective (yet costly) manner. The Meiyerditch Laboratories is the only location in Old School Runescape where this is possible. If you are using RuneLite, you could get the aptly named cannon plugin, which highlights the best spots you can put up your multicannon.

Take note that you have to have the Sins of the Father completed in order to gain access to the Meiyerditch Laboratories.

Cannon Spot for Bloodvelds in Meiyerditch Laboratories

Lastly, you can head to the God Wars Dungeon, where you can find a good amount of Bloodvelds roaming around in certain areas. There is a safe spot located in the northeast section. You can use a ranged setup for this one, though you’ll want to equip a Zamorak item, as well as a Saradomin item here to prevent other nearby enemies from attacking you.

Bloodveld Location (God Wars Dungeon)

God Wars Dungeon Safe Spot (Northeast Corner)

OSRS Guide: Recommended Gear

In this section, we will provide you with the best possible gear you can equip when slaying Bloodvelds. The items you will find here are considered best-in-slot, though there are some viable options you can take if you do not have access to these pieces of gear just yet.

Anyway, since killing them at close range is best both in terms of ease and cost-effectiveness, we will start by going over the items you need for the melee build.

Melee Build

  • Slayer Helmet

  • Fire Cape

  • Karil's Leathertop

  • Black D'Hide Chaps

  • Weapons:

    • Arclight

    • Abyssal Whip

    • Ghrazi Rapier

  • Avernic Defender

  • Amulet of Torture

  • Ferocious Gloves 

  • Primordial Boots

  • Berserker Ring

  • Proselyte Armor (for prayer)

The Slayer Helmet is the best-in-slot helmet you can wear for the melee build. This thing grants you the effects of several items, including the face mask, spiny helmet, nose peg, and earmuffs. But more importantly, the Slayer Helmet gives you a 16.67% boost in melee damage, which is the highest you can get in this equipment slot.

Slayer Helmet

Considered by many as the second-best melee cape in OSRS, the Fire Cape provides you with a good strength bonus and protection against melee and magic damage. This can be obtained by completing the TzHaar Fight Cave with you emerging as the victor.

Fire Cape

Now, you might be wondering why you will use Karil’s Leathertop for the body armor as opposed to other equipment that offers more protection from melee damage. Well, the reason is that Karil’s Leathertop gives you substantial protection against magic damage, which is what the Bloodveld can do.

Karil’s Leathertop

Additionally, the Black D’Hide Chaps are worn for the same reason as Karil’s Leathertop. This leg armor gives you a good amount of defense against magic damage. Take note that you have to have your Ranged skill at level 70 to wear this, though the good news is that it does not have a Defense level requirement.

Black D’Hide Chaps

For the weapons, there are a few that you can use in your fight against the Bloodvelds. First of all, the Abyssal Whip is the cheapest among the three. But make no mistake, this thing can do a decent amount of damage and has a relatively fast attack speed to make up for its lack of power.

Abyssal Whip

A possible drop from the Theatre of Blood, the Ghrazi Rapier is deemed by the OSRS community as one of the best melee weapons in the game in terms of sheer power. In fact, it gives the highest strength bonus in the game, making your attacks against the Bloodvelds so much more painful.

Ghrazi Rapier

While the Ghrazi Rapier is already amazing, ultimately, you will equip the Arclight as your final weapon against the Bloodvelds. The reason? Well, if you have been paying attention, Bloodvelds are classified as demons. Because of that, using the Arclight against them will grant you a 70% boost to damage and accuracy.

As if that’s not enough to convince you to use Arclight, this weapon also retains Darklight’s special attack, Weaken. When activated, you spend 50% of your special attack energy in order to lower the enemy’s Attack, Defense, and Strength by 10%.


The Avernic Defender is the BiS defender item you can use in your battle against the Bloodvelds. This provides you with a good amount of strength and melee bonuses to make quick work of the demons.

Avernic Defender

Because this is a melee build, there is no better pair of gloves than the Ferocious Gloves. These are the best in slot gloves when it comes to providing you with a good bonus to strength, though this is not recommended if you are using any other attack style. The Ferocious Gloves can be dropped by defeating the Alchemical Hydra.

Ferocious Gloves

If you want to deal the most amount of melee damage, you have to use items that increase your strength in some capacity. Another piece of gear that does just that is the Primordial Boots. These boots grant a five-point increase in strength and a good amount of defense against melee attacks.

Primordial Boots

The Amulet of Torture is an incredible amulet for pure offense. It gives you a 10-point boost in strength, as well as a 15-point boost in damage when attacking with stab, slash, or crush-type weapons. Keep in mind that the Amulet of Torture does not give you any defensive bonuses of any kind, so you’ll have to make up for that elsewhere.

One of the only rings in Old School Runescape that grants a strength bonus is the Berserker Ring. If you are interested in getting your hands on one, you could eliminate Dagannoth Rex in the Waterbirth Island Dungeon.

Now, if you want to maximize Piety and Protect from Melee, you can wear a couple of pieces of Proselyte Armour to gain a good amount of Prayer bonus. You could equip the Proselyte Hauberk and Proselyte Cuisse so that you can still wear the Slayer Helmet. Anyway, the Proselyte Armour can be purchased from Sir Tiffy Cashien in Falador Park after completing The Slug Menace Quest.

Proselyte Armour

Ranged Build

  • Slayer Helmet

  • Ava's Assembler

  • Toxic Blowpipe (use Adamant Darts)

  • Armadyl Chestplate

  • Barrows Gloves

  • Armadyl Chainskirt

  • Pegasian Boots

  • Necklace of Anguish

  • Archers Ring

Using a ranged build when fighting Bloodvelds can only mean one thing – you want to go AFK training. That said, the Slayer Helmet is the only piece of gear that you retain from the melee build; everything else is different for the simple fact that they contain bonuses to your Ranged skill.

Anyway, Ava’s Assembler can be worn in the cape slot. This is one of the only items in OSRS that grants a bonus in Ranged strength, making your projectiles hit harder than ever before.

Ava’s Assembler

Your weapon of choice for the ranged build is the Toxic Blowpipe with the Adamant Darts as your ammunition. This weapon allows you to inflict venom on the Bloodvelds, causing them to take deadly poison damage over time. The Toxic Blowpipe also has a special attack that increases your damage by 50% and accuracy by 100%. This effect uses half of your special attack energy, but it is well worth it.

Toxic Blowpipe

The Armadyl Chestplate is one of the best in terms of providing you with a substantial increase in Ranged damage. Not only that but this armor can significantly decrease the ranged damage you receive. It might not be useful in your battle against the Bloodvelds, but it can certainly be helpful when fighting monsters that attack you from a distance.

Armadyl D’Hide Body

Acquired by completing the Recipe for Disaster quest, the Barrows Gloves offer a good boost to your Ranged attack bonus. As an added incentive, buying the Barrows Gloves allows you to complete one objective in the Lumbridge & Draynor Diary (Hard).

Barrows Gloves

A complimentary piece to the Armadyl Chestplate, the Armadyl Chainskirt is amazing for what it can offer you. When equipped, the Armadyl Chainskirt gives you a huge 20-point increase in your Ranged attack bonus.

Armadyl Chainskirt

Right now, the Pegasian Boots grant the highest ranged attack bonus (+12) in their respective slot. This can be created by getting a pair of Ranger Boots and using the Pegasian Crystal on them.

Pegasian Boots

Grab yourself a Zenyte Necklace and use the Lvl-7 Enchant spell on it. Doing so turns the item into the Necklace of Anguish. This is akin to the Amulet of Torture in the melee build, albeit it grants a Ranged attack bonus instead of an increase in melee damage. It does not offer any defensive bonuses, however, so you have to address that with your other pieces of gear.

To top it all off, since this is for the ranged build, equipping the Archers Ring is a no-brainer. This provides you with a slight boost in Ranged attack bonus, which can add up when you factor in the other items on this list. This can be obtained by defeating the Dagannoth Supreme in the Waterbirth Island Dungeon.

OSRS Bloodveld Loot Tables

Weapons and Armor




Rune Med Helm

1 in 128


Mithril Chainbody

1 in 128


Mithril Sq Shield

1 in 128


Black Boots

1 in 128


Steel Scimitar

1 in 64


Steel Full Helm

1 in 32


Steel Axe

1 in 32






Fire Rune (60 pcs)

1 in 16


Blood Rune (30 pcs)

1 in 128






Grimy Lantadyme

1 in 5,461


Grimy Dwarf Seed

1 in 5,461


Grimy Cantadine

1 in 4,096


Grimy Kwuarm

1 in 3,277


Grimy Avantoe

1 in 2,731


Grimy Irit Leaf

1 in 2,048


Grimy Ranarr Weed

1 in 1,490


Grimy Harralander

1 in 1,170


Grimy Tarromin

1 in 910


Grimy Marrentill

1 in 683


Grimy Guam Leaf

1 in 512


Tertiary Items (Regular Bloodveld)




Clue Scroll (Elite)



Reward Casket (Elite)



Looting Bag

1 in 3


Ensouled Bloodveld Head

1 in 35


Ecumenical Key

1 in 40


Brimstone Key

1 in 137


Clue Scroll (Hard)

1 in 128


Larran’s Key

1 in 82

Wilderness Only

Slayer’s Enchantment

1 in 213

Wilderness Only

Tertiary Items (Insatiable Bloodveld)




Clue Scroll (Hard)

1 in 26


Mist Battlestaff

1 in 256


Dust Battlestaff

1 in 256


Eternal Gem

1 in 896


Imbued Heart

1 in 896


OSRS Bloodveld Tips

The Bloodvelds are incredibly easy to deal with, though that does not mean that you cannot improve your killing efficiency even further. Here are some handy tips when fighting against Bloodvelds in OSRS:

Complete the Kourend & Kebos Diary

Whether you are planning to complete Bloodveld Slayer tasks or just farming them in general, completing the Kourend & Kebos Diary can help you in more ways than one.

Accomplishing the Hard Diary rewards you with the Ash Sanctifier. This item causes Vile Ashes dropped by the Bloodvelds to be scattered immediately after their death, granting you half of the Prayer EXP without the hassle of scattering the ashes yourself.

In addition, completing the Elite Diary not only grants you full Prayer EXP when scattering ashes through the Ash Sanctifier, but it also allows you to gain 20 Slayer Points when accomplishing Slayer tasks from Konar quo Maten (as opposed to just 18).

Anyway, we are going to let you in on a little secret. After completing the Kourend & Kebos Diary, set your respawn to Kourend before heading to the Catacombs of Kourend to fight the Bloodvelds.

If you are using the melee build, wear the Proselyte Armour to gain a huge Prayer bonus. Once you are out of prayers, simply have the Bloodvelds kill you, and you should spawn right back to the dungeon entrance. This saves you a lot of time when heading back to your original spot.

Use the Runelite Cannon Plugin

To gain the most amount of EXP possible, you have to kill Bloodvelds using the Dwarf Multicannon. You can only do this in the Meiyerditch Laboratories, though. 

Anyway, if you are new to OSRS, you might not know exactly where you should place the multicannon for maximum benefit. If that is the case, be sure to use the RuneLite plugin aptly named “Cannon.” This plugin shows a cannonball icon on the ground, denoting the best place to set up your Dwarf Multicannon.

Cannon Spot for Bloodvelds (with RuneLite plugin)

Get ‘Bigger and Badder’ Upgrade

While the regular and mutated variants of the said demon are okay in terms of EXP gain, their “insatiable” counterparts are much better in every way.

The Insatiable Bloodveld and Insatiable Mutated Bloodveld can only spawn if you get the Bigger and Badder upgrade from any Slayer Master in the game. This costs 150 Slayer Points, though getting it is a must if you want to maximize farming Bloodvelds in OSRS.

After getting the said upgrade, the insatiable versions will have a chance to spawn after killing the regular and Mutated Bloodvelds.

Insatiable Bloodveld

Stock Up on Combat Potions

If you are going to go up close and personal with these demons, make sure to bring a healthy supply of Divine Super Combat Potions with you.

For the uninitiated, these are consumables that provide you with a temporary boost in attack, defense, and strength. 

The Divine Super Combat Potions are made by using Crystal Dusts on Super Combat Potions. This can only be done if your Herblore skill is at level 97.

Don’t Be Afraid to Do ‘Safespotting’

While we recommend that you slay Bloodvelds using a melee build, it certainly does not hurt when you go for the ranged build instead, especially if you are planning on killing them semi-AFK.

As a refresher, safespotting is a term in OSRS that refers to killing monsters from a distance without them attacking you. This is done by using terrain to your advantage. Simply fire a single shot from your ranged weapon, lure the Bloodveld to a safe spot, and stay there until they are dead. 

Doing this should give you about 5 to 10 seconds of AFK time before you need to head out and lure another one.

Keep in mind that you cannot burst down Bloodvelds because they do not stack on top of each other.


Bloodvelds are an incredible way to gain huge amounts of EXP in OSRS. They are relatively easy to kill and it only requires you to be at Slayer level 50 in order to deal damage to them.

We recommend that you slay them with a melee build, though using ranged attacks is not bad at all, especially if you want to use the Dwarf Multicannon.

You can find them in several different locations, including the Slayer Tower, Stronghold Slayer Cave, Catacombs of Kourend, and the Meiyerditch Laboratories, among others.

Despite fighting you at close range, the Bloodveld is one of the only monsters in the game that deal magic damage rather than physical damage. Because of this, you want to beef up your defenses against the said damage type.

All in all, hunting Bloodvelds is a great way to gain EXP and GP per hour in Old School Runescape!

We hope that you have found our OSRS Bloodveld Guide useful. Be sure to bookmark this page for future reference.

With that said, good luck with your adventures in Old School Runescape!

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