OSRS Slayer Dungeons Guide

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OSRS Slayer Dungeons Guide

Whether you're up for a challenge or for rewards, doing Slayer Dungeons in OSRS is always going to be worth it.There are a lot of these side content in OSRS already and if you've yet to do any of them, you're definitely missing out. On this guide, we'll show you a quick overlook of the Slayer Dungeons in the game.

Catacombs of Kourend


This is a Slayer Dungeon located deep in Great Kourend. To find the main entrance, you'll have to inspect, you'll need to interact with the Statue of King Rada I in the Kourend Castle's courtyard.

The dungeon is home to many fierce monsters, including Skotizo, who serves as the main boss deep within the dungeon.

Dungeon Overview

One of the key characteristics of this Slayer dungeon is that most of the tasks given to you can be completed here.

The monsters are stronger than their regular counterparts found around Gielinor. With the exception fo the brutal dragon area, this dungeon is a multicombat zone. As that is the case, we highly recommend using high-healing methods and even prayers when fighting off against the monsters. 


While difficult, you can actually last long inside the dungeon if you utilize its feature which restores a part of your Prayer depending on the bones that you bury in it.

The effects of the bonecrusher necklace does not stack but overall, this is still a good thing because you can get prayer restoration from the item drops from the monsters. It should be noted that only bones are restored when demonic ashes are scattered. Below is a list of the bones you can bury and how much they can restore.

  • Bones - 1 Prayer point.
  • Big bones - 2 Prayer points.
  • Dragon bones - 4 Prayer points.

Walking around the dungeon is made easier thanks to a few Agility shortcuts. The highest one only needs 34 Agility so you don't need to invest much to train them.

LocationAgility LevelFunction
Southern Crevice17Shortcut between ankous and cyclops. Excellent for farming or for escaping on or the other.
Stepping Stones28Shortcut between brutal red dragon and steel dragon. Keep in mind that both of the dragons can still damage you while you're using the shortcut.
Northern Crevice34Shortcut between warped jellies and greater nechryael.

There's also a non-Agility shortcut that's located between possessed pickaxes and skeletons.

The four areas of the catacombs are accessible via teleportation from the dark altar, as well as the main entrance. To use any of these, you'll need to use an ancient shard which is located within the catacombs and from the monsters that you kill here.

How To Get To Catacombs of Kourend

The most efficient way to get to the entrance is to use Xeric's Talisman via the Xeric's Heart function. Doing this will drop you directly of King Rada's statue. If you've finished Client of Kourend, you can use the Kourend Castle Teleport spell as well.

Aside from that, you can also use a Ring of returning, which you can only use after finishing A Kingdom Divided, and setting your respawn point at Kourend Castle.

Other modes of trasnfportation consist of:

  • A portal located within the portal nexus or portal chamber of a POH that's tuned to Kourend Castle.
  • Utilizing the Kharedst's memoirs' Hosidius page.
  • fairy ring cis.

Monsters In The Catacombs Of Kourend

There are a lot of monsters in the catacombs. They can be categorized depending on the areas within the dungeon. Below is a list of all the monsters.

Demon's Run

As the name suggests, this part of the catacombs is overrun with demons. You can find the entrance to the pit west of the dense essence mine. In the northeast corner of the area are larger and tougher demons to challenge yourself with.

After using the exit, you can get there fast by running east and using the fairy ring code cis.

MonsterImageCombat levelSlayer levelSlayer XPQuantityStab DefSlash DefCrush DefMagic DefRanged Def
Abyssal demonAbyssal demon (Catacombs of Kourend)3.png1248515013202020020
Black demonBlack demon4.png178, 1841160, 1704000-100
Greater demonGreater demon6.png100, 101, 1131115, 120, 13010000-100
Greater nechryaelGreater Nechryael7.png2008021014505050050
Mutated BloodveldMutated Bloodveld8.png12350170700000
Lesser demonLesser demon9.png87, 94185, 988000-100

Dragon's Den

In the northwest region lies the Dragon's Den which is home to various types of dragons including brutal blue, red, and black dragons.

After using the exit, you can quickly access it via the "Xeric's Inferno" teleport on the Xeric's Talisman or the "jewelry of Jubilation" teleport on Kharedst's memoirs, which requires you to complete The Forsaken Tower.

MonsterCombat levelSlayer levelSlayer XPQuantity
Bronze dragonBronze dragon10.png14311253
Brutal black dragonBrutal black dragon11.png318773154
Brutal blue dragonBrutal blue dragon12.png27112572
Brutal red dragonBrutal red dragon13.png2891306.23
Fire giantFire giant14.png104, 1091133.5, 153.58
Iron dragonIron dragon16.png2151204.52
Steel dragonSteel dragon17.png2741262.52
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Reeking Cove

At the southwest area lies the Reeking Cove. If you want to fight undead monsters in OSRS, this is exactly where you want to be. Another unique characteristic of this place is that it's the only one where you can find deviant specters and twisted banshees.

Fairy ring code djr gets you to the exit in the most efficient way. If you're low on health and are trying to run away from the deviant specters, you'll need a nose peg or a slayer helmet to mitigate the damage.

MonsterCombat levelSlayer levelSlayer XPQuantity
CyclopsCyclops (level 76, 3)19.png56, 76175, 100 
Deviant spectreDeviant spectre20.png16960194.512
Hill GiantHill Giant (Kourend)22.png28135 
Magic axeMagic axe23.png42144 
Moss giantMoss Giant (level 84)24.png42160 
Mutated BloodveldMutated Bloodveld25.png12350170 
Possessed pickaxePossessed pickaxe26.png501N/A 
ShadeShade (Catacombs of Kourend)27.png1401115 
Twisted BansheeTwisted Banshee29.png8915100 

The Shallows

Just like the Reek Cove, the Shallows is filled with undead creatures as well. It's home to warped jellies.

The Woodcutting Guild teleport from a skills necklace, the Watson teleport and racing to the Forthos Ruin, or the Hosidius station of the Lovakengj Minecart Network are some of the rapid ways to reach the exit once it has been utilized.

MonsterCombat levelSlayer levelSlayer XPQuantity
CyclopsCyclops (level 76, 3)30.png56, 76175, 100 
DagannothDagannoth31.png74, 92170, 120 
Dust devilDust devil32.png1106513013
King Sand CrabKing Sand Crab33.png1071N/A 
Mutated BloodveldMutated Bloodveld34.png123501705
Moss giantMoss giant35.png42160 
Warped JellyWarped Jelly36.png11252140 


Skotizo is a demi-boss that can only be reached by using a dark totem to access his lair beneath the Catacombs. Parts of the totem can be obtained by killing monsters in the catacombs (ghosts not included). Utilizing the totem on the altar at the heart of the Catacombs is necessary to gain entry to the lair.

Skotizo is weak against demonbane weapons as he's a demon himself. Here's a list of recommended equipment against him, ranked most effective to least.


  1. Slayer helmet / Black mask (if on task, imbue optional)
  2. Torva full helm
  3. Neitiznot faceguard
  4. Helm of neitiznot
  5. Berserker helm / Obsidian helmet / Void melee helm (if using void)


  1. Amulet of torture
  2. Amulet of fury
  3. Amulet of glory
  4. Amulet of power
  5. Amulet of strength


  1. Infernal cape
  2. Fire cape
  3. Ardougne cloak 4
  4. Max cape / Hitpoints cape
  5. Ardougne cloak 3


  1. Masori body (f) / Torva platebody
  2. Karil's leathertop / Bandos chestplate
  3. Fighter torso
  4. Obsidian platebody / Elite void top / Void knight top (if using void)
  5. Ancient d'hide body / Blessed body / Black d'hide body


  1. Torva platelegs
  2. Bandos tassets
  3. Obsidian platelegs
  4. Elite void robe / Void knight robe (if using void)
  5. Karil's leatherskirt / Ancient chaps / Blessed chaps / Black d'hide chaps


  1. Arclight
  2. Scythe of vitur
  3. Osmumten's fang
  4. Ghrazi rapier / Blade of saeldor / Inquisitor's mace
  5. Abyssal tentacle


  1. Avernic defender
  2. Dragon defender
  3. Rune defender
  4. Adamant defender / Dragonfire shield
  5. Mithril defender


  1. Rada's blessing 4
  2. Peaceful blessing / God blessing
  3. Rada's blessing 3 / Rada's blessing 2
  4. N/A


  1. Ferocious gloves
  2. Barrows gloves
  3. Void knight gloves (if using void)
  4. Dragon gloves / Regen bracelet
  5. Rune gloves / Combat bracelet


  1. Primordial boots
  2. Dragon boots / Spiked manacles
  3. Guardian boots / Granite boots
  4. Rune boots / Climbing boots
  5. Adamant boots


  1. Ultor ring
  2. Bellator ring
  3. Berserker ring (i)
  4. Brimstone ring
  5. Ring of suffering (i)

Special attack:

  1. Bandos godsword
  2. Voidwaker
  3. Dragon warhammer
  4. Dragon claws

Skotizo Rewards

Adamantite ore75 (noted)1/14.2975,000
Battlestaff25 (noted)1/14.29198,425
Blood rune4501/14.29109,800
Blighted ancient ice sack1-101/11.5664-6,640
Blighted anglerfish1-21/7.671,036-2,072
Blighted entangle sack1-101/5.75112-1,120
Blighted karambwan1-21/11.5580-1,160
Blighted manta ray1-21/7.67874-1,748
Blighted super restore(4)1-31/33.174,758-14,274
Clue scroll (elite)11/5Not sold
Clue scroll (hard)1AlwaysNot sold
Dark claw11/25Not sold
Dark totem11/128Not sold
Dark totem base11/42.67Not sold
Dark totem middle11/42.67Not sold
Dark totem top11/42.67Not sold
Death rune5001/14.2987,000
Grimy snapdragon20 (noted)1/14.29143,260
Grimy torstol20 (noted)1/14.2969,480
Infernal ashes1Always4,632
Mahogany plank150 (noted)1/14.29322,050
Onyx bolt tips401/14.29341,240
Raw anglerfish60 (noted)1/14.2993,120
Rune platebody3 (noted)1/14.29114,888
Rune platelegs3 (noted)1/14.29113,049
Rune plateskirt3 (noted)1/14.29113,412
Runite bar20 (noted)1/14.29246,120
Shield left half11/10064,933
Skotos11/65Not sold
Soul rune4501/14.29137,700
Uncut dragonstone10 (noted)1/111.1134,750
Uncut onyx11/1,0002,888,350

Chasm of Fire

The Chasm of Fire is basically like hell itself. It's fiery and hot and filled with demons. You can only kill the enemies here on a slayer task too.


How To Get To Chasm Of Fire

The dungeon is located northwest of Shayzien and you can get to it using a variety of methods:

  • The fairy ring code djr will bring you directly south-east of the Chasm if you have previously been to Great Kourend.
  • You can use Kharedst's memoirs to teleport to the Graveyard of Heroes via reminiscing "History and Hearsay". This requires the completion of Tale of the Righteous.
  • Using battlefront teleport will bring you directly north-west of the chasm.
  • Utilizing a skills necklace will teleport you to the farming guild. Then, run south. It is recommended to use a form of antipoisin because of lizardmen on the way.


As the monster in the Chasm of Fire are all demons, it would be in your best interest to bring demonbane weapons. Below are the monsters you can face here.

MonsterImageCombat levelSlayer levelSlayer XPQuantity
Lesser demonLesser demon38.png821799
Greater demonGreater demon39.png9218717
Black demonBlack demon40.png172115717

Dorgesh-Kaan South Dungeon

This Slayer Dungeon is located south of Dorgesh-Kaan. You'll need to complete the Death to the Dorgeshuun quest first before doing this one. One of the unique mechanics of the dungeon is that it's constantly dark. As such, you'll need to have a light source with you at all times when exploring here.

You can get to the dungeon using fairy ring code ajq for easy access to the entrance.


The monsters here are intended for low-level Slayers. They include:

  • Molanisk (39 Slayer)
  • Cave bug (7 Slayer)
  • Big frog
  • Giant frog
  • Cave crawler (10 Slayer)
  • Cave slime (17 Slayer)
  • Rockslug (20 Slayer)

Fremennik Slayer Dungeon


This dungeon is also called as the Rellekka Slayer Caves. The cave is large and will become filled with higher-leveled monsters the deeper you go into it.

How To Get To Fremennik Slayer Dungeon

You can get to the dungeon by heading southeast from Rellekka. The good news is there are more efficient ways to get to it as well.

  • Use slayer ring to teleport near the cave exit.
  • Use fairy ring code ajr.
  • Make way from Relleka and proceed south-east past the Golden Apple Tree.
  • Utilize the eagle transport system to get to the north of the cave.
  • Travel south from the entrance to the underground city of Keldagrim.
  • If your house is in Rellekka, you can simply use Teleport to House.
  • Teleport to Camelot, where you can drive north on the main road and turn left at the first fork to reach Rellekka. South-west of the cave is a log balance that requires 48 Agility to pass.
  • Complete Horror from the Deep quest up to the point where the bridge is repaired. Then, teleport to Barbarian Outpost by using games necklace, jump the stones over to the lighthouse and run towards east.
  • Complete The Fremennik Trials quest and you may use the enchanted lyre to get to Relekka via teleport. From there, run towards east. Note that you will need a raw shark offering at the mysterious altar.
  • Complete Fremennik Diary and you may teleport to Relekka using the Fremennik sea boots. Then, run towards east from there.
  • You may use the music cape teleport and walk north towards the bridge. Then, proceed all the way to the east.



The layout of the dungeon is relatively simple. It's divided into several chambers that get harder as you go deeper. There are two Agility shortcuts as well but for first timers, we recommend going through the chambers in their natural order.

  • First chamber - Has eight cave crawlers. You will need level 10 Slayer to kill them. This also has an Agility shortcut which you can use to enter pyrefied area.
  • Second chamber - Has seven rockslugs. You will need level 20 Slayer and a brine sabre or a bag of salt to kill them.
  • Third chamber - Has seven cockatrice that drops medium clue scrolls. You will need level 25 Slayer, as well as a mirror shield or your stats will be reduced.
  • Fourth chamber - Has 13 pyrfiends which you can slay at level 30 Slayer. You need to wear dragonhide or high magic defense armor as they attack with a magic-based melee attack. Just like cocktrice, they drop medium clue scrolls. If you're using magic ranged, you can find a safespot on the west, near the rocks.
  • Fifth chamber - Has eight basilisks. You will need level 40 Slayer and a mirror shield to kill them. If you will go to the north of agility shortcut, against the south-east wall, you will find a safespot. If you are level 62 Agility, you can use the agility shortcut to enter turoth chamber.
  • Sixth chamber - Has ten jellies. You will need 52 Slayer to kill them. For pyrefiends, you will need to wear a dragon hide as their attack is magic-based melee. All the monsters in this chamber can drop hard clue scrolls.
  • Seventh chamber - Has 12 turoths. You will need level 55 Slayer to kill them. Note that they are impervious to all attacks that aren't delivered by magic darts, broad narrows, broad bolts, or weapons with leaf blades. You also need level 62 AGility to access the Agility shortcut. This will return you to the basilisk chamber. You can use the east wall's rocks and the passage leading to the Kurask Chamber as safe spots.
  • Eighth chamber - Has five kurask. You will need 70 Slayer to kill them. These monsters are impervious to all harm that isn't delivered by leaf-bladed weapons, broad arrows, broad bolts, or the Magic Dart spell, just like turoths are.
MonsterSlayer Req.Combat LvlKill Requirement#
Cave crawler1023-8
Rockslug2029Bag of salt or brine Sabre7
Cockatrice2537Mirror shield7
Basilisk4061Mirror shield8
Turoth5583Leaf-bladed weapons, broad arrows, broad bolts or Magic Dart12
Kurask70106Leaf-bladed weapons, broad arrows, broad bolts or Magic Dart5
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Iowerth Dungeon


You can get to this Slayer dungeon from the southwester part of Iorwerth. Unfortunately, the requirements to even get inside the dungeon are steep as you have to beat the Song of the Elves quest.


  • 6 Moss giants - level 84
  • 14 Kurask - level 106
  • 13 Iowerth Warrior - level 108
  • 19 Waterfiend - level 115
  • 12 Mutated Bloodveld - level 123
  • 10 Dark beast - level 182
  • 16 Greater Nechryael - level 200


There are two shortcuts in the dungeon that lead directly to dark monsters and between the bloodvelds and nechryaels.

Agility 78Tight gap (north)1
Agility 84Tight gap (south)1.5

Kalphite Cave

This is a relatively easy Slayer dungeon located east of Shantay Pass. One of the unique characteristics of the dungeon is that it houses kalphites, which are exclusive to this area.


How To Get To Kalphite Cave

There are several methods to reach the Kalphite Cave. Below are ways how to get there.

  • Use a desert amulet 4. It will teleport you directly to the cave.
  • Use an achievement diary cape. It will teleport you to the Shantay Pass.
  • Use an amulet of glory. This will only teleport you to Al Kharid so you have to run south from there.
  • Use fairy ring code biq. Doing so teleports you to Kalphite Lair. From there, run north-east.
  • If your house is in Pollnivneach, you can simply teleport to your house. Then, take a magic carpet to get to Shantay Pass.
  • Run south from Emir's Arena.
  • Run south to the bridge after teleporting to Wagle's Eyrie using a necklace of passage. Then, run north-west.


MonsterImageCombat levelSlayer levelSlayer XPQuantity
Kalphite WorkerKalphite Worker46.png2814018
Kalphite SoldierKalphite Soldier47.png8519020
Kalphite GuardianKalphite Guardian48.png14111705

Karuulm Slayer Dungeon


There are four methods to reach Karuulm Slayer Dungeon. Below are the ways you can get there.

  • You can use fairy ring code cir. Then, take a short walk north to get to the mountain.
  • Use the skills necklace to teleport. It will take you south-west of the mountain.
  • Use the skills necklace. It will take you south-east of the mountain.
  • Unlock Rada's blessings 3 (or higher) by completing the Kourend & Kebos Hard Diary. This will teleport you directly to the dungeon.


Lower Level

MonsterImageCombat levelSlayer levelSlayer XPQuantity
Alchemical HydraAlchemical Hydra (serpentine)49.png4269513201 (slayer only)
HydraHydra50.png194953229 (normal), 8 (slayer only)
WyrmWyrm51.png9962133.39 (normal), 7 (slayer only)

Middle Level

MonsterImageCombat levelSlayer levelSlayer XPQuantity
DrakeDrake52.png19284268.57 (normal), 7 (slayer only)
Greater demonGreater demon53.png921879
Sulphur LizardSulphur Lizard54.png50445013

Upper Level

MonsterImageCombat levelSlayer levelSlayer XPQuantity
Fire giantFire giant56.png86111113

Kraken Cove


This dungeon is located southwest from the Piscatori Fishing Colony. It houses the mighty Kraken which you can take on for some great rewards.

How To Get To Kraken Cove

There are three ways you can get to the cove:

  • Use the fairy ring code akq. It will bring you east of the cove.
  • Use a Piscatoris teleport scroll and run south-west.
  • Teleport to the Piscatoris Fishing Colony using the Western banner 3 or 4. Then, run south-west.


MonsterImageCombat levelSlayer levelSlayer XPQuantity
Cave krakenCave kraken58.png1278712525

Lizardman Caves


If you head straight northwest starting from the Lizardman Settlement in the Kebos Lowlands, you'll eventually come across the Lizardman Caves.

How To Get To Lizardman Caves

There are several ways to reach the Lizardman Caves. Here are the methods you can do to get there.

  • Complete the tale of the Righteous so you can use Karedst's Memoirs/book of the dead to teleport to the Graveyard of Heroes. Form there, run west.
  • Teleport to Lookout using Xeric's talisman then running west.
  • Use the fairy ring code bls to get to the south of the entrance.
  • Use the fairy ring code djr to go near the Chasm of Fire. From there, head south to the Shayziens' Wall and then go west.
  • Use fairy ring code cis to go north of the Arceuus Library. If you have unlocked the Lovakengj Minecart Network, you can use it to go to Mount Quidamortem station. Then, use the Mountain Guide to head west and reach the shayziens' Wall.
  • If you have unlocked the Xeric's Honor teleport, you can teleport directly to Mount Quidamortem. You can also travel witht eh Mountain guide east of the teleport location. I will transport you east of the caves.

Lumbridge Swamp Caves


This dungeon is located deep beneath the Lumbridge Swamp Caves. To gain access to the dungeon, you'll need to beat the following first:

  • Tears of Guthix and minigame
  • The Lost Tribe
  • Another Slice of H.A.M.
  • Wanted/Solus Dellagar
  • Death to the Dorgeshuun

There are a few ways to get inside the cave and all of them are viable. First, you should try the entrance from the swamp near the candle seller. For this entrance, you'll only need a rope to go down the caves.

For the other entrance, you can start from Lumbridge castle cellar, then head south. You'll need a pickaxe for this method and you must start The Lost Tribe as well. If you're doing the Tears of Guthix minigame, you'll eventually come across a cave that branches off into the Lumbridge Swamp Caves.

Lumbridge Swamp Caves Mechanics

In these caves, you can fish for giant frog spawn. To catch them, you will need level 33 Fishing

An open light source can ignite dangerous swam gas. This could cause an explosion that deals 12 damage. Worst, this can put out your light source as well. If you're in the cave without a light source, you'll be given a warning message before you start to take damage.

You can find wall beasts throughout the cave, usually in the small passageways. Just halt one square behind the wall's opening and go past them to avoid them.


  • Wall beast (level 49) - Requires level 35 Slayer. You will also need a spiny helmet to protect yourself from attacks.
  • Cave crawler (level 23) - Requires level 10 Slayer. It is recommended to bring antipoison potions as these can poison you.
  • Cave goblin (level 3) - These goblins live underground.
  • Cave slime (level 23) - Requires level 17 Slayer.
  • Cave bug (level 6) - Requires level 7 Slayer.
  • Rockslug (level 29) - Requires level 20 Slayer and bags of salt to be killed.
  • Giant frog (level 99) - Non-aggressive yet the toughest monitors in the caves.
  • Big frog (level 24) - Smaller and weaker versions of giant frogs.



This is the latest Slayer dungeon to be added to OSRS. This is a prison underneath Cam Torum, one of the new regions that you can explore in Varlarmore. This Slayer Dungeon puts you up against the dangerous Moons of Perool that you'll need to heavily prepare for.

Getting There

The northernmost point of Cam Torum is where Neypotzli's entrance is located. You can reach it using the following methods:

  • Teleport using calcified moth.
  • You need to build the landing site. Then, take the Quetzal Transport System to the Cam Torum's entrance and run north once inside.
  • Run along the west side of the mountain after arriving at the Teomat via the Quetzal Transport System. If you have level 47 Agility, you can just run southeast to reach the agility shortcut, cross the bridge to the west, and enter the city.



The dungeon is comprised of many areas with the central area being the Antechamber. The Antechamber gives you access to three other areas which in turn, will lead to a fight against one of the Perilous Moons.

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Smoke Devil Dungeon


How To Get To Smoke Devil Dungeon

There are two ways you can access the dungeon:

  • Use the fairy ring code bkp. This will bring you to the dungeon's southwest area.
  • Teleport to Castle wars using a ring of dueling. Then, run towards south-west.


MonsterImageCombat levelSlayer levelSlayer XPQuantity
Smoke devilSmoke devil66.png1609318536
Thermonuclear smoke devilThermonuclear smoke devil67.png301932401

Stronghold Slayer Cave


How To Get To Stronghold Slayer Cave

If you go to Nieve, in the Gnome Stronghold, you will find the Stronghold Slayer Cave's entrance. It's southwest of the Spirit Tree. To get there, here are some of the methods you can do:

  • Teleport directly to the entrance using a Slayer ring.
  • Take the gnome glider to Ta Quir Priw to reach the Grand Tree. from there, run southwest.
  • Run south-west after getting to the Gnome Stronghold using the spirit tree.
  • Run north-east after teleporting to Outpost using the necklace of passage.
  • Run south-west after teleporting to the Grand Tree using the royal seed pod.


MonsterImageCombat levelSlayer levelSlayer XPQuantity
Aberrant spectreAberrant spectre69.png96609013
AnkouAnkou70.png75, 82, 86160, 65, 708
Fire giantFire giant72.png86111112

Wyvern Cave


How To Get To The Wyvern Cave

You'll eventually come across this Slayer Dungeon on your journey around Fossil Island. There are a few ways to get to the Wyvern Cave as well.

  • If you're going for the task-only cave, you can use the Digsite pendant for this. After you've teleported, use the Magic Mushtree to get to Mushroom Meadow which is north of the trapdoor.
  • For the regular cave, go to Fossil island via the barge. Head past the bank and then southeast to get to the cave.


MonsterImageCombat levelSlayer levelSlayer XPQuantity
(Regular cave)
(Task only cave)
Spitting WyvernSpitting Wyvern75.png1396620544
Taloned WyvernTaloned Wyvern76.png1476620544
Long-tailed WyvernLong-tailed Wyvern77.png1526620544
Ancient WyvernAncient Wyvern78.png2108231523

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