OSRS Calvar-ion Guide

09.02.2023 - 14:41:34
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OSRS Calvar-ion Guide

What is Calvar'ion ?

Calvar'ion is the weaker version of Vet'ion. It is a boss that resides in the wilderness, in a singles-plus area. 

Why Should You Kill Calvar'ion ?

Calvar'ion is a great and easy way to make a lot of money in a short span of time, there are three reasons for this:

First of all, this boss is a recent addition to the game and it has 2 new unique drops alongside its "ring of the gods" drop. Which are all worth over 10M. Secondly even if you don't get a unique, its base drop table is really profitable and will make you a lot of consistent gp per hour.

Secondly, the mechanics of the boss are pretty easy and after 2 - 3 kills, you will be completely fine killing the boss and will take little to no damage.

Thirdly, the boss has access to the secondary supply roll table. Which will provide you with food and potions so you can have longer trips without banking and always have food to eat.

Lastly, even though the boss is in the wilderness it's in a relatively safe area near Ferox enclave at level 21 wilderness. It is also a singles-plus combat area, so it's super easy to escape your pursuers which I will get into. You can also bring your untradables since you are really close to level 20 wilderness but just in case of an unexpected event, it is recommended to still use a trouver parchment to lock them.

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Calvar'ion Guide

Calvar'ion resides in a tomb north of Ferox Enclave in level 21 wilderness. Entering the tomb requires a small fee just like revenant caves. If you die inside the tomb you will lose that fee and will have to pay again. Calvar'ion can also be assigned as a slayer task either as "Vet'ion" or "skeletons".


Keep in mind that these stats are recommendations and if you are confident and good at the game you can kill this boss with much lower stats, however if you have the stats that are recommended you will have a much easier time.

  • 60+ Attack (for Viggora's Chainmace)
  • 85+ Strength
  • 70+ Defence (for Piety)
  • 70+ Prayer (for Piety)
  • 94+ Magic (to escape pkers easily)

Calvar'ion is very resistant to magic and ranged attacks but is really weak to crush attacks. So you will need a good crush weapon and strength/prayer boosting armour. Here is an exemplary setup, you can downgrade or upgrade any item you wish but do keep in mind that this is wilderness and you shouldn't bring any item that you don't want to lose.

  • Helmet of Neitiznot/Dwarven helmet
  • Salve amulet (e)
  • Proselyte hauberk
  • Proselyte tasset
  • Viggora's chainmace/Ursine chainmace
  • Avernic defender/Dragon defender
  • Any blessing
  • Dragon boots
  • Barrows gloves
  • Berserker ring (i)/Tyrannical ring (i)

For your inventory bring a nice combination of saradomin brews, super restores and regular food. Don't forget to bring a divine super combat potion and a stamina potion. Bring your 1 click teleport, (something like a royal seed pod) and your looting bag.

Killing Calvar'ion

Calvar'ion has 4 different mechanics in total:

  1. Lightning Attack: Calvar'ion does not do regular attacks instead it attacks with raining lightning all over the boss room. This attack cannot be prayed against and to avoid taking damage you must stay at least 2 tiles away from the tile the lightning is landing on. If you are on the tile the lightning is landing at you will take full damage if you are one tile away you will take little damage.
  2. Guard Dogs: Lowering Calvar'ions below half will result in him becoming invulnerable and spawning 2 guard dogs if there are more players in the room he will spawn one extra for each player. You must kill the guard dogs to be able to keep damaging Calvar'ion. Simply pray protect from melee and kill both dogs. This will happen twice throughout the fight one for each phase. Note that calvar'ion will keep attacking you during this phase and you must keep moving to avoid the lightning attacks.
  3. Shield Bash: Occasionally the boss will do a shield bash attack aimed towards your character. The tiles that are being targeted will be shown with a shadow appearing on the tiles. You must avoid this attack as it will make your character unable to attack for a few seconds. Simply run away from the marked tiles to avoid this attack. Also you can't run inside the boss during this attack as that will count as a hit.
  4. Phase Change: When you kill the first form of the boss, he will go into an animation to change into his second form during this animation he will send lightning attacks all around him so you must stay away from him to avoid this attack.
Quick Rundown
  1. Go into the room and turn on your offensive melee prayer and drink your divine combat potion then hit the boss.
  2. Run away from every lightning attack at least 2 tiles. These attacks will happen every 4 ticks so you must change tiles after each attack. Avoid shield bashes as well.
  3. When the guard dogs appear, use protection from melee and kill them while continuing to avoid the bosses attacks.
  4. When you finish killing the first form, run away from the boss to avoid its phase change attack and continue killing him. Repeat this process.
Escaping Pkers

First way and the one you should always try to do is just teleporting out as soon as you see a pker enter the cave. There will be a slight delay between his animation of entering the cave and him attacking you so you can use that time frame to teleport out pretty easily. One way to make this even easier is to turn on player indicators on runelite and check the "highlight others" option. This makes it very easy to spot players when you are focused on another task.

If you didn't manage to do that and got teleport blocked however, the best way to escape would be to walk out and freeze the pker then run behind any obstacle like a tree. For this method you should at least bring a 3 way mage switch, otherwise it would be very difficult to catch a freeze. Go outside the cave, freeze them and run around an obstacle, don't run too far away as your freeze will automatically disappear if you are too far away from your target. Alternatively you can stand on the same tile as the pker after freezing them but they might have a mithril seed so running around an obstacle is a better way to do it. Luckily there are a lot of trees and other objects around the cave. If you are frozen first, wait until it ends and focus on survival. When it ends, freeze them and run around an obstacle since you will have a few seconds of freeze immunity.

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