OSRS Cooking Training Guide Level 1-99

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OSRS Cooking Training Guide Level 1-99

OSRS is far from being a game that's focused on fighting other players and monsters. The best way to have an easy time in the lands of Gielinor is by being self-sufficient. One of the ways to do that is by simply improving your non-combat skills in the game. Yes - that involves mastering the important art of Cooking.



In OSRS, Cooking is a vital Skill because it lets you cook food that can otherwise provide you with amazing stat bonuses. A lot of people tend to gloss over this Skill because they don't think it does anything worth working for. In reality, though, it's important for some quests and so much more in OSRS.

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What is OSRS Cooking?

In OSRS, Cooking is a skill that lets you use raw food. The food you cook can be used to replenish your health but it can also be used to boost stats temporarily. To start Cooking, you'll need the raw materials, and then a place to cook with like a range or fire.

The level of your Cooking Skill will affect the results of the action. For instance, if you have a low Cooking level and cook a high-level meal, the food will often burn and become unusable. Some cooking areas will also affect whether or not you succeed in cooking a specific dish. For instance, the cooking range in Lumbridge Castle or in the Hosidius Kitchen has a lower chance of burning food compared to other ranges.

Cooking works well with other abilities but it's most importantly compatible with Fishing. You can cook the fish you catch. It also works well with Firemaking. As long as you have an axe and a tinderbox, you can cut down a tree, and then make a fire to cook your food in.

As you increase your Cooking level, you're able to cook better and better foods. Becoming a master chef in Gielinor does come with a lot of benefits but to get there, you'll need to devote a lot of your time and effort into raising your Cooking level from level 1 to 99.

Range Locations in OSRS

Free-to-play22 spacesAl KharidRange located north of the bank.
 24 spacesClan HallOven located south of the bank.
 25 spacesEdgevilleStove located west of the bank, with a gate and door that periodically closes.
 29 spacesFaladorRange located east of the eastern bank.
 22 spaces + 2 clicksLumbridge CastleYou'll need to finish Cook's Assistant before being able to use this. There's a cook-o-matic 100 on the ground floor which lowers failure for certain food.
 32 spacesJuliet's House (west of Varrock) 
 118 spacesBandit Camp (Wilderness) 
Pay-to-play0 spacesMyths' GuildYou should finish Dragon Slayer II before accessing this.
 2 spacesCooks' Guild (Varrock)Needs Varrock Hard Diary or 99 Cooking before you can access this.
 6 spacesHosidius KitchenMust have 100% Hosidius favour. There's a clay oven nearby which a lower burn chance.
 9 spacesNardahClay oven located south-east of the bank.
 12 spacesFossil IslandCooking pot located north-west of the bank chest.
 14 spacesNeitiznotYou'll need partial completion of The Fremennik Isles for this. Clay oven located north-east of the bank.
 17 spacesCatherbyRange located in the building east of the bank.
 19 spacesZanarisYou'll need to complete The Lost City. Range located south of the bank.
 18 spaces + 1 clickLumbridge CastleYou'll need to finish Recipe for Disaster before being able to use this. There's a cook-o-matic 100 on the ground floor which lowers failure for certain food.

How to Cook in OSRS?

Cooking is widely recognized as one of the fastest skills to train in RuneScape. Players have various methods to train this skill, whether by gathering raw ingredients themselves or by purchasing them from the Grand Exchange.

There was a time when the exchange wasn't around yet and players mostly fished to train their cooking skills. Although manually catching ingredients now is still preferred as it helps you level other skills too.

To cook, you'll need a few important items:

  • Fish (raw lobster, raw trout, etc.)
  • Flour (held in a pot)
  • Water (Held in a bucket, bowl, vial or jug)
  • Milk (held in a bucket)
  • Meat (raw meat, raw rat meat, raw bear meat, raw yak meat, raw chicken)
  • Vegetables (cabbages, grain, onions, potatoes)
  • Fruits (cooking apples, grapes, bananas, redberries, tomatoes)
  • Cheese
  • Bowl
  • Bucket
  • Cake tin
  • Jug
  • Pie dish
  • Pot
  • Knife

Here's some important information about cooking in RuneScape:

Types of Cooking Surfaces

1. Ranges: Ranges provide a lower burn rate and are clearly marked on the map with a cooking pan icon. These are the most common and efficient cooking surfaces.

2. Open Fire: These are found within NPC camps and they offer very limited useability as you can only cook meats, stews, and fishes on them.



3. Iron Spits: You can cook Hunter-related meats here like rabbit, beast meat, and others.

Cooking Process

Cooking is relatively easy as you simple need to bring your raw ingredients on a range or campfire. Keep in mind that not all raw ingredients can be cooked in both types of cooking area.

The process is made relatively easy with an interface that lets you put in as many of the same ingredients you want into the cooking area.

Burn rates are affected by a number of factors including where you're cooking at. Finish the Cook's Assistant quest as soon as you can so that you gain access to the Lumbridge Castle range. Aside from having a bank nearby, this range offers lower burn rates so you avoid wasting food.


OSRS Cook's Guild



The Cook's Guild can be found west of Varrock and is only accessible once you hit level 32. There's a lot of things to be explored here. Before getting inside, make sure to wear at least one of the following:

  • A chef's hat or golden chef's hat
  • Cooking cape or Cooking hood
  • Max cape or Max hood
  • Varrock armour 3 or 4 (reward from completing the hard or elite Varrock Diary)

Each floor contains a few things that will benefit your Cooking Skill.

1st Floor

You can learn everything about the Cook's Guild from Head Chef here. If you have 99 Cooking, you can get the Cooking Cape of Accomplishment from him and it costs 99,000.

There's a pie shop on this floor and it's run by Romily Weaklax. You can get regular tasks from him which sees you making pies. Also, if you're out of water, there's a sink in the first floor. There's also a flour bin where you can store grains at.

2nd Floor

You can cook with the two ranges on the 2nd floor. If you want to make things like butter, cheese, and cream, you can use a churn on this floor but it's only accessible to members.

3rd Floor

In the third floor, you can make flour using the hopper. Just put some grain in and pull the nearby lever. There's huge table on this floor where you can get a free supply of apples, jugs, and pots so keep that in mind.

OSRS Cooking Training Level 1-99

Cooking training is relatively easy but it does take a lot of work because of the raw material requirements that you need to meet. For now, let's talk about training your Cooking skill with this F2P training routine.

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F2P OSRS Cooking Training

Getting to 99 on a free account is easy but as expected, it can take a relatively long period due to the limited sources available to cook with. This method allows you to level up your Fishing Skill alongside your Cooking Skill so it's going to be nice hitting two birds with one stone.

Without further ado, here's the most optimized path to level 99 cooking.

Level 1: Shrimp

These are some of the first recipes you can cook in the game. Aside from having no requirement, shrimps are very abundant in various areas in the game. Cooking raw shrimp can net you a total of 30 Cooking XP. You can either eat or sell cooked shrimp. We suggest just selling them though as the heal they give is very minimal.

You can catch shrimp on Tutorial island so you can begin farming them the moment you start the game. Cook shrimp up until you reach level 20. You'll also earn Fishing XP while doing this.



Level 20: Trout

At level 20 Cooking and Fishing, head to either the Barbrian Village or Lumbridge. Start catching trout and cook it. Each cooked trout will give you 70 XP. In some worlds, players who are training their Fishing skill might give away free trout and salmon. You can take these for quick Cooking XP but you'll need to level up your Fishing Skill anyway so you should just do it manually.

Level 30: Tuna



At level 30 cooking, you'll have to switch things up by cooking tuna next. Head to Musa Point in Karamja. You'll need to harpoon tuna to catch them and for this, you'll need level 35 Fishing.

This method might take awhile has harpooning takes longer than fishing. If you want to speed things up, head to populated worlds where there are powerfishers leveling up Fishing and just take tuna from them if they allow it.

If you're having a hard time looking for a cooking location, chop down trees by the dock and use a tinderbox to create your own fire source.

Level 40: Lobsters

You don't have to stray far to catch lobster as they're also located in Musa Point. If you caught tuna all on your own, you should be level 40 Fishing already. Cooking lobster gives you 120 XP. The process and the speed of this method remains relatively the same as with tuna cooking,

Level 45/50: Swordfish

Again, this can be caught in Musa Point. However, you'll need level 50 Fishing to catch them but if you've been manually getting your lobsters and tuna, this shouldn't be a problem. Catching speed is way slower than the previous two fished but this still gives you the best Cooking XP at this point.

You can cook swordfish at level 45 but at that level, you're likely to fail at your attempts. This is going to be impractical and you could end up wasting your time. It's much better to just cook it once you're at a high level.

Level 55 and onwards: Anchovy Pizza

From level 55 onwards, it's time to start making anchovy pizza. First off, you'll need to stock up on plain pizza first. For this, you'll need a flour and water to create the pizza base. Add tomato and then cheese on it to create an uncooked pizza. Lastly, cook this at a range to create a plain pizza. The Warrior Guild Food Shop sells plain pizza if you don't want to make it on your own.

From there, you'll simply have to combine the plain pizza with anchovies. You can catch these from Al Kharid and Draynor.



P2P OSRS Cooking Training

The process for levelling Cooking in free accounts is a lot easier. You'll be spending considerably less amount of time in training your Cooking Skill. On the other hand, there are fewer opportunities to start training your Fishing Skill along with Cooking too so bear that in mind.

Levels 1-30: Poison Karambwan

The easiest way to get to leve 30 from scratch is by doing the 1-tick trick for cooking raw karambwan into poison karambwan.

While it's the fastest method out there, it's also more costly. Getting to level 30 should take you around 10 minutes or less but this comes at the expense of 171,000 gold.

Levels 1-99: Cooking Fish

Like in F2P Cooking training, you can also start cooking fish to get to 30. This method takes longer as you'll have to catch the fish first. You can buy them from stores but it's better to just catch them so that you can train Fishing at the same time.

Below is a table explaining the XP rates of fish in OSRS.

LevelsFishXP eachXP totalSuccessfully cooked fishRaw fish (approx.)Price uncookedPrice cookedProfit/Successfully cooked fishProfit/XP (approx.)
1-5Sardine403881025 Raw sardine6225−37-3.25
5-10Herring507661640 Raw herring13149−82-5.57
10-15Mackerel601,2572153 Raw mackerel770-0.17
15-20Trout702,0593075 Raw trout557520-0.89
20-25Pike803,37243108 Raw pike556914-0.86
25-30Salmon905,52162155 Raw salmon6011252-0.42
91-99Manta ray]216.37,131,60032,9801,8262,3739,056,1400.9691-99

Levels 30-99: Cooked Karambwan

From level 30 onwards, you'll have to move onto cooking Karambwan. Before that though, you're required to finish Tai Bwo Wannai Trio. To start this quest, talk to Timfakru in Tai Bwo Wannai.



You can significantly make the process faster with 1-tick cooking. However, mastering this will take a bit of practice and it's more click-intensive as compared to just cooking fish. To start, hold down 2 and then rapidly use raw karambwan on your fire source.

The best place to do this will be nearby banks. We recommend doing this in the Rogues' Den or at the inner part of Mor Ul Rek.

Best Spots For Cooking Levelling

To better optimize your time, it's also best to look for spots in Gielinor that's best when it comes to Cooking training. Ideally, you'd want cooking places that are near banks or anywhere that you can fish so that you can train without having to move too much. Here are the best spots for leveling in OSRS.

Grand Exchange

The greatest places to level up your Cooking skills can be found at the Grand Exchange in Varrock. There aren't many banks in Gielinor where you may build a bonfire directly next to the bank clerk. With these small but useful tips, you can cook fire-safe food-especially fish-much more quickly than in other free-to-play games (F2P).

  1. First, make sure you have a minimum of 26 pieces of raw fish. Also, grab the fish that you can prepare to your level right now. Along with some logs, you should have a trusty tinderbox. Make sure to allow one log for every 26 fish you plan to cook.
  2. Visit the Grand Exchange, which is situated in the city of Varrock.
  3. This strategy works best with the banks on the east side of the Grand Exchange. It all comes down to cooking at the fastest possible speed.
  4. To conduct your banking business, you should be standing one tile away from the bank clerk. Create a cozy fire by using your tinderbox on the logs. You can even use the fires of the other players that you see nearby.
  5. Use the raw fish on the flames to cook it to perfection while the fire is crackling. This is the quickest method for cooking food over an open fire because of its near proximity to the bank clerk.
  6. Continue doing this again. For easy access to your bank and inventory, make sure the bank clerk is always one tile away.

Upon completion, you will have developed into an experienced cook and earned additional Firemaking experience from those burning logs. This is an excellent option if you're an F2P gamer who wants to improve their Cooking skill because it's efficient and cost-effective.

Falador PVP bank

In the F2P version of Old School RuneScape, this place is the nearest bank to a cooking range. However, it's a cooking sanctuary rather than just another place to cook. You've found gold if you're on a PVP planet.

This undiscovered gem is safely tucked away inside the White Knights' Castle in the center of Falador.

When cooking here, you'll never run out of that precious run energy, even if your level 1 Agility skill is a little low. This means you won't require energy potions to stay alert, making this location quite quick.

The rules in PVP worlds can become quite complex. There is a bank located inside the White Knights' Castle, but there's a catch: nothing of value should be taken outside of that safe area. The world can be cruel at times, and other players may try to harm you with a variety of strategies, such as Snare.

Thankfully, it won't be a catastrophe if you do not have good luck when cooking. If all goes wrong, you'll waste some time returning to your cooking station and the food in one inventory. Looking at the bigger picture, it's really just a small annoyance.

There are no fishing sites nearby, so keep that in mind as you hone your cooking abilities in this spot. Thus, before you start your training, make sure you have an ample supply of raw fish.

Draynor Village

The inclusion of a persistent fire in front of the Friendly Forester has established a new bar for speed, and the Forestry update has made Draynor Village one of the top locations in the game.

As one of the fastest fires in F2P, this one is here to stay. It just takes one click to get to and from the fire or the bank, as the Friendly Forester is only 17 tiles away.

A range is conveniently located inside Draynor Manor, not too far from this fiery hotspot, if you'd want additional cooking alternatives. For all your gastronomic explorations, this is the place to go.

Ned's modest residence is the perfect place to go if you're craving a cozier meal. His home's fireplace is available for your use. A warning, though: this fireplace mimics the burn rate of a regular fire, not a range. It might not be the ideal option for things that need a range's touch, even though it works great for cooking meats, fish, or seafood.

Lumbridge bank

The logs next to the Lumbridge castle bank rooftop are a great place to quickly cook. You can take out a tinderbox and 27 fish at once to improve efficiency. There, you can cook your fish by lighting one of the two logs on the western side of the roof and switching it out as needed. This method is quick, but since you won't have to transport your own logs from the bank, you can conserve inventory space. Compared to the traditional approach of starting your own fire, this clever trick lets you cook one more fish.

An additional reward is waiting for you if you have finished the Cook's Assistant quest. Locate the unique range in the kitchen by going to the first level of Lumbridge Castle. You can access it once you've finished Cook's Assistant. If you want to improve your cooking skills, this is an excellent option because cooking here has a far lesser possibility of burning your food than using a regular range or fire.

Al Kharid bank

This bank is your second-best option (that isn't in a PVP world) in the F2P version. It's great that there aren't any annoying doors or obstructions that slow you down and waste time. This simplifies the cooking procedure. But it's important to remember that this is where your Agility level matters. Depending on your Agility, you may notice that when training here, you gradually lose run energy. This can cause you to cook at a slower rate and have to walk rather than sprint.

There are also some basic small net and bait fishing locations nearby. Thus, it's a convenient choice if, following you want to fish.

Edgeville bank

There's a range at Doris' house, right by the bank. Although Doris is a members-only NPC and her house will be unoccupied in an F2P setting, it's a convenient place to cook. There will, however, be a lot of fires blazing around because this place is well a popular destination for Firemaking training. If you want to speed up your cooking runs, this abundance of fires can be helpful.

Note that there is an automatic door that opens and closes on occasion in the house where the range is located. Thus, when cooking here, be ready for the occasional door hiccup while cooking.

Varrock east bank

A convenient cooking range is located just southwest of the eastern Varrock bank. This place is a great option for your cooking requirements. You will be able to cook quickly because the house is empty and the bank is conveniently located.

Varrock west bank

Two nifty cooking ranges can be found outside Varrock's western borders. The first is located on Juliet's main floor, and the second one is located in Gertrude's home. But be aware that Barbarian Village, the nearest fishing area, is quite a trek from this location. It's best to have your raw food ready at the bank so you can maximize your cooking runs here.

The fact that this cooking place is very close to the Grand Exchange is one of its main advantages for traders. You can also easily access the west bank of Varrock, which makes cooking much easier.

Barbarian Village fishing spotsYou can pick up salmon and trout that other players have dropped, or you can catch your own. Take advantage of the permanent fire that is readily provided at the fishing areas to cook these fish. It's an easy and quick approach to get your catch ready.
Corsair Cove Resource AreaYou must first finish Dragon Slayer I to access this area. There should be a permanent campfire in Corsair Cove if you head to the south area. When Altarkiz and Lord Marshal Brogan are in the area, you'll know you're in the correct place. All it takes to make fires is to set your tree logs on fire. The Corsair Curse quest must be finished before you can bank the meal you cook because it is the nearest bank to the location.
Musa Point spot

A popular location for gaining Cooking experience, the Musa fishing area is a hive of activity if you're a free player looking to catch swordfish, lobsters, and tuna.

First, fire must be started, which can be done by hand by chopping logs at Musa Point's entrance and lighting them using tinderboxes. Alternatively, the flames may be blazing before you get there due to other players.

Even if the cooked fish might not sell for much money at the general store, the cooking experience is highly valuable. Players frequently choose to use Port Sarim's bank deposit box to deposit their freshly cooked fish rather than selling them off. In this way, they can either save these cooked treats as a source of food or sell them to other explorers later on.

Entering a densely populated world is a wise decision if you are looking to maximize your experience rates. The secret is to take hold of the raw fish that's lying around and turn it into delicious dishes. You can either use them to quickly replenish energy on your cooking adventures or trade them to other players (which is a great strategy).

There are many activities and options for cooking at the Musa fishing spot. Thus, you're guaranteed to find your place here whether you're joining the ranks of fire-makers, food sharers, or cooking enthusiasts.

Mor ul rek sulphur vent

To learn how to cook at the sulfur vent in Mor Ul Rek:

  1. In the Kebos Lowlands, make sure you have access to Mor Ul Rek and have a minimum of 72 Cooking level.
  2. Find the sulfur vent in Mor Ul Rek; it releases smells that resemble brimstone.
  3. When working with the brimstone roots near the sulfur vent, use a knife, chisel, or blade. This will produce essence of brimstone.
  4. To cook the brimstone roots, use the brimstone essence on the sulfur vent. In addition to giving experience in cooking, this action gives you the opportunity to win Brimstone keys.
  5. Keep collecting and cooking brimstone roots, and store any brimstone keys you find.
  6. The Brimstone Chest, which is located in the center of Mor Ul Rek, can be unlocked using Brimstone keys, and inside are a variety of useful goods that you can get, such as rune and dragon tools.
  7. You can level up your Cooking skill and possibly earn some nice rewards from brimstone keys by training at the sulfur vent in Mor Ul Rek.
Myths guild range

To become a trained Cook in the Myths' Guild culinary line:

Make sure you have access to the Myths' Guild; to do so, you must finish the "Dragon Slayer II" quest and have 200 Quest Points. Bring any raw fish you wish to prepare, like karambwan, anglerfish, or sharks. Head toward the kitchen area in the Myths' Guild's eastern section. Cook your raw food on the range. Because the Myths' Guild range burns less quickly, it's a great spot to prepare meals at a higher degree.

Cook the meal of your choice until it reaches your target cooking level or training objective.

Since there isn't a bank close by in the guild, you might want to use the ornate rejuvenation pool or the Castle Wars bank to replenish your supply of raw food as needed.

Hosidius house of cooking

The best location to train Cooking in OSRS is the Hosidius House of Cooking, which is situated in Hosidius.

Make sure you have access to the kitchen at Hosidius home; it just takes a little home favor. Bring the ingredients you wish to cook raw. Potatoes, onions, and fish are common choices. Walk a little distance from the main square to the cooking area of Hosidius House.

Cook the raw food of your choice on the range. Because of its reduced burn rate, the Hosidius House range is an excellent location for Cooking training. Cook the meal of your choice until it reaches your target cooking level or training objective.

Training can be done more effectively because Hosidius House has a bank conveniently located nearby. Restocking raw food is simple, and you may store cooked food for later use.

Because of its lower burn rates, the Hosidius House of Cooking is a great place to train Cooking, especially for low- to mid-level food items.

Karamja lobster/swordfish fishing spotSwordfish and lobster are mid-tier fish that must be caught with a harpoon and at least level 50 in Fishing. Due to its strict criteria, the Karamja fishing area is frequently disregarded for Cooking training; yet, non-members can still benefit much from this fantastic training opportunity. Swordfish is extremely useful because it's one of the best healing items available to players for free.
Rogues den

Since it offers the opportunity to burn food-a handy perk if you wish to train both Cooking and Thieving at the same time-training Cooking in the Rogues' Den is a common way to strengthen this capability. Follow these steps to train Cooking:

  1. Visit Martin Thwait's grocery store located in the Rogue's Den.
  2. Purchase uncooked food products from him, such as salmon and trout.
  3. For fish preparation, you can also get a knife and an iron spit.
  4. Make your way to the firepit in the Rogue's Den.
  5. To cook your raw fish, place it on the fire.
  6. There's a chance that cooking food in the Rogues' Den will result in it burning, which is advantageous if you wish to train both Thieving and Cooking. While cooking, you can steal wine from the Den's wine stall.
  7. Once you have a few fish cooked, take your cooked meal to the Rogues' Den bank nearby and repeat the process
  8. To get maximum training efficiency, keep cooking, banking, and optionally thieving from the wine stall.
  9. When you advance, keep an eye on your Cooking level and switch to higher-level foods (such as swordfish and lobster).
Cook's GuildIt should come as no surprise that one of the greatest places to receive cooking instruction is the Cook's Guild. You can find practically everything in the area to train Cooking, including raw material merchants and ranges.
Catherby rangesThis is undoubtedly one of the best places if you're a P2P player who wants to train simultaneous cooking and fishing skills
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Best Food To Cook

As you can see from the table above, there are lots of food items in OSRS but of course, not all of them are worth your time and effort. Making food requires lots of resources so it's best to know which ones are actually worth making. Here are 10 OSRS food items that you should keep in your inventory at all times.

1. Tuna

One of the best food to have in the game is tuna. In fact, lots of players keep this in their inventory for most fights and raids. Although it has no special effects like other food items in the game, it does heal you for 10 Hitpoints which is more than most food that you can find in the game.



One of the reasons why it's such a popular choice is that it's easy to get. For this, you'll need level 30 Cooking and level 35 Fishing. You can freely fish for tuna in many parts of the map. Simply cook this over a fire source and you've got a solid source of healing.

2. Swordfish

Swordfish is a basically a higher level of tuna that you can get once you've progressed further into the game. It requires level 45 Cooking and level 50 Fishing. You can eat this food in one bite and it will heal 14 Hitpoints. Once your level is high enough, you should immediately upgrade to cooking swordfish.



Although it doesn't provide any bonuses when eaten, it's still one of the best food items out there as it has the best healing rate out of all of them. It's also one of the best foods to cook for training in cooking.

3. Pineapple Pizza

Pineapple pizza is eaten completely after two bites. Each bite will heal 11 Hitpoints and also gives +4 Ranged so it's perfect for those who love fighting from afar.



As good as it is in terms of healing and bonuses, the problem with pineapple pizza is that it actually requires a few ingredients. Those being raw anchovies, tomatoes, cheese, and pineapple. All items can be acquired from either monsters or by growing them on the farm. As there are plenty of ingredients to get, lots of players opt for other food items instead. To cook pineapple pizza, you'll need level 35 Cooking.

4. Potato With Cheese

Potato with cheese requires very cheap items which make it very easy and inexpensive to make. It doesn't have extra bonuses when eaten but it does heal you for 16 Hitpoints in one bite.


As the name implies, this food will only require potato and cheese to make. Both items are cheap and available from most vendors in the game. Due to its high healing, potato with cheese is very popular with players. If you don't want to go out of your way to buy the ingredients for it, you can buy potato with cheese from Lidio inside the Warrior's Guild.

5. Curry

Cooking curry will require level 60 Cooking which is relatively high but it's actually okay considering what good a good item this is. Aside from giving you a bit of healing, curry also provides bonuses to Attack and Strength, making it perfect for those who are training their melee combat skills. It's also good for fights where you need to deal extra damage.

Aside from level 60 Cooking, you'll also need raw chicken, potato, onion, and curry leaf to cook this. While it's a good food item overall, the amount of ingredients needed for makes it less desirable for players. Still, with the attack and strength bonuses that this provides, lots of players are actually willing to work for it.

6. Shrimp

You don't have access to a ton of food options early on in your journey so you'll have to make ends meet with what you've got. If you're just starting out, then one of the best food items you can survive with is shrimp. Shrimps are very easy to get and you can cook this food from the get-go.

Shrimp only requires level 1 for both Cooking and Fishing. Then you'll just need a fire source and you're already set. A single serving of shrimp heals about 3 Hitpoints which might seem look compared to other things on this best food list but at the early stages of the game, it's already a sizeable amount of healing.

7. Lobster

Lobster is another easy to make and easy to catch food in the game. For cooking, you'll need level 40 and for fishing, you'll need level 40 as well. You can cook it directly on any fire source so you shouldn't have trouble stocking up on these. These are some of the best healing food at the current level.



A single lobster can be eaten in one bite and it immediately heals 12 Hitpoints. It's pretty similar to the shrimp, tuna, swordfish, and shrimp in terms of purpose but it's geared towards those who are still at the mid-game section of their OSRS journey. As lobsters are easy to catch and available in many areas, it's relatively easy to stock up on them.

8. Baked Potato

This is a good alternative to shrimps if you currently don't have the means to fish or if you're far from any fishing spots. All you need to make a baked potato is a potato. However, these can only be cooked in ranges and not just any fires.



Baked potato heals 4 Hitpoints once used but if you combine it with butter, you can created buttered potato which can boost its healing up to 14 Hitpoints.

What's great about baked potato is that you can add toppings to it to create other food that heals more. Other recipes that need baked potato include chilli potato, egg potato, tuna potato, potato with cheese, and mushroom and onion potato. Some players earn money by selling baked potatoes to other players because it's so in demand.

There are many other popular food items in OSRS. Here's a list of other recipes that you might want to consider making.





Cooked chicken3Cooking 1You can obtain raw chicken by killing chickens.No
Cooked meat3Cooking 1You can get raw meat by killing cows or giant rats.No
Sardine4Cooking 1 Fishing 5Can be caught by bait fishing.No
Bread5Cooking 1Can be taken from the Hosidius Farmers' Market, East Ardougne, Keldagrim, and Kourend Castle.No
Herring5Cooking 5 Fishing 10Obtained by bait fishing.No
Trout7Cooking 15 Fishing 20Obtained by fly fishing.No
Pike8Cooking 20 Fishing 25Obtained by bait fishing.No
Cooked wild kebbit4 + 4

Cooking 23

Hunting 23

Obtained via hunter. Only the most recent secondary heal will take place if another piece of meat is consumed before the effect takes place.Yes
Peach8Magic 60

Made with a tablet or magic spell called Bones to Peaches.

Replenishable food source in the event that bones are accessible.

Salmon9Cooking 25 Fishing 30Obtained by fly fishing.No
Redberry pie5 × 2Cooking 10Heals 5 Hitpoints per bite.No
Jug of wine11Cooking 35Attack is momentarily reduced by 2 points and leaves a jug behind upon consumption.No
Stew11Cooking 25An empty bowl stays in the inventory after it is consumed.No
Cooked larupia6 + 5Cooking 31 Hunter 31Can be obtained via hunter. The benefit only lasts for the most recent secondary heal if another meat is consumed before it does.Yes
Cake4 × 3Cooking 40

Each bite yields 4 Hitpoints (3 bites total).

Can be taken from the Hosidius Farmers' Market, East Ardougne, Keldagrim, and Kourend Castle.

Meat pie6 × 2Cooking 20Heals 6 Hitpoints per bite (2 bites total). There will be a pie dish left over when it is eaten.No
Cooked barb-tailed kebbit7 + 5Cooking 32 Hunter 33Obtained via hunter. The benefit only lasts for the most recent secondary heal if another meat is consumed before it does.Yes
Bass13Cooking 43 Fishing 46Can be obtained via big net fishing.Yes
Plain pizza7 × 2Cooking 35Heals 7 Hitpoints with each bite (up to 2 bites).No
Potato with butter14Cooking 39Made by spreading butter on a baked potato.Yes
Apple pie7 × 2Cooking 30

Made by placing a cooking apple within a pie shell, then cooking the uncooked apple pie.

Heals 7 Hitpoints with each bite (up to 2 bites). There will be a pie dish when it is eaten.

Cooked graahk8 + 6Cooking 41 Hunter 41Obtained via hunter. Only the most recent secondary heal will take place if a second meat is consumed prior to the effect happening.Yes
Chocolate cake5 × 3Cooking 50

Created by dusting cake with chocolate.

Heals 5 Hitpoints with each bite (up to 3 bites).

You can steal a third of a slice from the Hosidius Farmers' Market, East Ardougne, Keldagrim, and Kourend Castle.

Tangled toad's legs15Cooking 40 Yes
Chocolate bomb15Cooking 42 Yes
Meat pizza8 × 2Cooking 45

Created by putting cooked chicken or beef atop a plain pizza.

Heals 8 Hitpoints with each bite (up to 2 bites).


Cooking 62

Fishing 62

Can be captured using small net fishing at the Piscatoris Fishing Colony after completing the Swan Song.Yes
Cooked kyatt9 + 8Cooking 51 Hunter 55Can be obtained via hunter. Only the most recent secondary heal will take place if a second meat is consumed prior to the effect happening.Yes
Anchovy pizza9 × 2Cooking 55

Can be made by topping a plain pizza with anchovies.

Heals 9 Hitpoints with each bite (up to 2 bites).

Cooked karambwan18Cooking 30 Fishing 65

To properly fish and cook it, you need a karambwan vessel and to finish the Tai Bwo Wannai Trio.

Enables combo eating by being consumed in the same bite as another meal.

Attack delay is shorter than with most other foods (2 ticks as opposed to 3).

Cooked pyre fox11 + 8

Cooking 58

Hunter 57

Obtained via hunter. Only the most recent secondary heal will take place if a second meat is consumed prior to the effect happening.Yes
Guthix rest5 × 4Herblore 18

Partial completion of One Small Favor is required to consume or make it.

Boosts 5 Hitpoints above maximum. Reduces poison/venom damage by 1 and restores 5% of run energy.

Since it is a potion created using the Herblore skill, it is not regarded as food.

Won't lengthen the delay until after your subsequent attack.


Cooking 80

Fishing 76

Obtained using a harpoon or exchanged for minnows.Yes
Sea turtle21

Cooking 82

Fishing 79

can be obtained by drift net fishing, Tempoross, and the Fishing Trawler minigame.

Notable drops from the Brimstone chest, Larran's big chest, and Larran's small chest.

Cooked sunlight antelope12 + 9

Cooking 68

Hunter 72

Obtained via hunter. Only the most recent secondary heal will take place if a second meat is consumed prior to the effect happening.Yes
Summer pie11 × 2Cooking 95

Heals 11 Hitpoints with each bite (up to 2 bites).

Increases Agility by 5 and replenishes 10% of running energy. There will be a pie dish when it is eaten.

Wild pie11 × 2Cooking 85

Heals 11 Hitpoints with each bite (up to 2 bites).

Increases Ranged by 4 and Slayer by 5. There will be a pie dish when it is eaten.

Manta ray22

Cooking 91

Fishing 81

Can be captured by drift net fishing, Tempoross, and the minigame Fishing Trawler.

Drops from the Tombs of Amascut, Vorkath, and Zulrah.

Tuna potato22Cooking 68Made by combining tuna and corn with butter on a potato.Yes
Dark crab22

Cooking 90

Fishing 85

Can be captured by putting dark fishing bait in a lobster pot.

Exclusively available for fishing in the Rescue Area and the Wilderness.

Anglerfish3 to 22

Cooking 84

Fishing 82

Can be captured with a fishing rod loaded with sandworms.

Healing is based on your current Hitpoint standing.

Boosts hitpoints above the maximum by the amount of healing it provides.

Cooked dashing kebbit13 + 10Cooking 82Hunter 69Restores energy for 10 runs. Can be obtained via hunter. Only the most recent secondary heal will take place if a second meat is consumed prior to the effect happening.Yes
Cooked moonlight antelope14 + 12

Cooking 92

Hunter 91

Treats 1 poison. Can be captured via hunter. Only the most recent secondary heal will take place if a second meat is consumed prior to the effect happening.Yes
Basket of strawberries(1 to 6) × 5Farming 31

Has 5 strawberries in it, and each one restores 1-6 Hitpoints (1-6% of HP).

Strawberry spawns without requirements at Shayziens' Wall in Great Kourend.

Saradomin brew(3 to 16) × 4Herblore 81

Each drink provides healing for ?????????*15100+2 and can increase health above the maximum value in 4 drinks.

It is usually used with super restore potions because it lowers offensive stats.

Since it is a potion created using the Herblore skill, it is not considered food.

Will not lengthen the delay until your next attack.

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