OSRS Cooking Training Guide Level 1-99

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OSRS Cooking Training Guide Level 1-99

OSRS is far from being a game that's focused on fighting other players and monsters. The best way to have an easy time in the lands of Gielinor is by being self-sufficient. One of the ways to do that is by simply improving your non-combat skills in the game. Yes - that involves mastering the important art of Cooking.


In OSRS, Cooking is a vital Skill because it lets you cook food that can otherwise provide you with amazing stat bonuses. A lot of people tend to gloss over this Skill because they don't think it does anything worth working for. In reality, though, it's important for some quests and so much more in OSRS.

What is OSRS Cooking?


In OSRS, Cooking is a skill that lets you use raw food. The food you cook can be used to replenish your health but it can also be used to boost stats temporarily. To start Cooking, you'll need the raw materials, and then a place to cook with like a range or fire.

The level of your Cooking Skill will affect the results of the action. For instance, if you have a low Cooking level and cook a high-level meal, the food will often burn and become unusable. Some cooking areas will also affect whether or not you succeed in cooking a specific dish. For instance, the cooking range in Lumbridge Castle or in the Hosidius Kitchen has a lower chance of burning food compared to other ranges.

Cooking works well with other abilities but it's most importantly compatible with Fishing. You can cook the fish you catch. It also works well with Firemaking. As long as you have an axe and a tinderbox, you can cut down a tree, and then make a fire to cook your food in.

As you increase your Cooking level, you're able to cook better and better foods. Becoming a master chef in Gielinor does come with a lot of benefits but to get there, you'll need to devote a lot of your time and effort into raising your Cooking level from level 1 to 99.

Range Locations in OSRS


  • 22 spaces - Al Kharid - Range north of bank.
  • 24 spaces - Clan Hall - Oven south of bank.
  • 25 spaces - Edgeville - Stove west of bank - there is a gate and a door that periodically shuts.
  • 29 spaces - Falador - Range east of the east bank.
  • 22 spaces + 2 extra clicks - Lumbridge Castle - Requires completion of Cook's Assistant. Cook-o-matic 100 on the ground floor of the castle. Provides a lower burn chance for certain foods (refer to the list at the top of this page).
  • 32 spaces - Juliet's house west of Varrock.
  • 118 spaces - In Bandit Camp (Wilderness)


  • 0 spaces - Myths' Guild - Requires completion of Dragon Slayer II.
  • 2 spaces - Cooks' Guild in Varrock - Requires Varrock Hard Diary or 99 Cooking to access the bank.
  • 6 spaces - Hosidius Kitchen - Requires 100% Hosidius favour. Clay oven north of bank. Provides a 5% lower burn chance.
  • 9 spaces - Nardah - Clay oven just south-east of bank.
  • 12 spaces - Fossil Island - Cooking pot north-west of the bank chest.
  • 14 spaces - Neitiznot - Requires partial completion of The Fremennik Isles to access. Clay oven north-east of bank.
  • 17 spaces - Catherby - Range in building east of bank.
  • 19 spaces - Zanaris - Requires completion of The Lost City to access. Range south of bank.
  • 18 spaces + 1 extra click - Lumbridge Castle - Requires starting Recipe for Disaster for bank access from the Culinaromancer's Chest. Cook-o-matic 100 on the ground floor of the castle. Provides a lower burn chance for certain foods (refer to the list at the top of this page).

How to Cook in OSRS?


Cooking is widely recognized as one of the fastest skills to train in RuneScape. Players have various methods to train this skill, whether by gathering raw ingredients themselves or by purchasing them from the Grand Exchange. Before the introduction of the Grand Exchange, players primarily engaged in fishing and cooking the catches.

When manually gathering raw materials, they would often cook their food items on a local campfire created through the Firemaking skill or take the materials to a range for cooking.

To cook, you'll need a few important items:

  • Fish (raw lobster, raw trout, etc.)
  • Flour (held in a pot)
  • Water (Held in a bucket, bowl, vial or jug)
  • Milk (held in a bucket)
  • Meat (raw meat, raw rat meat, raw bear meat, raw yak meat, raw chicken)
  • Vegetables (cabbages, grain, onions, potatoes)
  • Fruits (cooking apples, grapes, bananas, redberries, tomatoes)
  • Cheese
  • Bowl
  • Bucket
  • Cake tin
  • Jug
  • Pie dish
  • Pot
  • Knife

Here's some important information about cooking in RuneScape:

Types of Cooking Surfaces

    1. Ranges: Ranges provide a lower burn rate and are clearly marked on the map with a cooking pan icon. These are the most common and efficient cooking surfaces.
    2. Open Fire: Only meat, fish, and stew can be cooked on an open fire, usually found in NPC camps.
    3. Iron Spits: Foods related to the Hunter skill, like raw beast meat, raw chompy, and rabbit, must be cooked on an iron spit.

Cooking Process

      • To cook something, players need to "use" their raw food item on a range or campfire.
      • If players have more than one food item of the same kind in their inventory, a picture of the food item will appear in the dialogue box, and they can select how many they want to cook.
      • Left-clicking on a range will automatically bring up the cooking interface, allowing players to cook all of the same food items they have.

Maximizing Cooking Efficiency

      • After completing the Cook's Assistant quest, players can cook on the Lumbridge Castle range, which offers a lower burn rate. There's also a bank located directly upstairs for convenient access.
      • Members can use the permanent fire at the Rogues' Den for cooking, which is right next to a banker.
      • After completing the fight caves, you can access Mor-Ul-Rek's bank which has a sulphur vent next to it. You can use that to cook your food without moving.
      • You can use the range next to the bank at Myths guild after completing the Dragon Slayer 2 quest.
      • You can use the Hosidius Kitchen after getting 100% Hosidius favour. This kitchen offers a unique %5 increase to your cooking chance and this chance becomes 10% with the elite Kourend & Kebos Diary.

Cost-Efficient Cooking

      • If players are looking to save money while training their cooking skill, they can kill cows to gather raw meat and cook it on a range or fire.
      • After reaching a decent level at cooking you can start cooking karambwans which will profit you. 1 ticking karambwans is also the fastest method of gaining cooking experience.

OSRS Cook's Guild

Once you reach level 32 in Cooking, you can enter the Cook's Guild which is a three-story windmill west of Varrock. Aside from the level requirement, you also need to wear one of the following.

      • A chef's hat or golden chef's hat
      • Cooking cape or Cooking hood
      • Max cape or Max hood
      • Varrock armour 3 or 4 (reward from completing the hard or elite Varrock Diary)

Here's what each floor of the guild offers:

1st Floor

      • On the first floor, players can meet the Head Chef who provides information about the guild.
      • Players with a Cooking level of 99 can purchase the Cooking Cape of Accomplishment from the Head Chef for 99,000 coins.
      • Romily Weaklax runs a Pie Shop on this floor and offers tasks to supply a requested number and type of pies for payment.
      • There is a sink on this floor for water source and a flour bin next to the sink that can hold up to 30 ground grains, which can be used to fill up to 30 empty pots to create pots of flour.
      • A chocolate bar spawn can be found on the northern table.
      • Additionally, there is a bank and a range on this floor, accessible to members who have completed the hard Varrock diary or have 99 Cooking. The range remains accessible to members who have unlocked it even after they lose their membership, but the bank does not.

2nd Floor

      • The second floor contains two ranges and tables with pie dishes, cake tins, bowls, and two cooking apple spawns.
      • There's a churn along the eastern wall that members can use to make cream, butter, and cheese.
      • This floor is popular among players for making apple pies, as the guild has all the necessary ingredients and facilities for this task.

3rd Floor

      • The third floor features a hopper where players can put grain to make flour by operating the nearby lever. However, if the flour bin on the first floor is full, no more flour can be ground until the bin is partially emptied.
      • Tables on this floor contain spawns of grapes, pots, cooking apples, and jugs.
      • This floor is mainly used for grinding flour and is also favored by wine makers, as it has spawns for all the necessary items to make wine.
      • The Cooks' Guild provides a comprehensive environment for cooking-related activities, making it a hub for both beginner and advanced chefs in the game.

OSRS Cooking Training Level 1-99

Cooking training is relatively easy but it does take a lot of work because of the raw material requirements that you need to meet. For now, let's talk about training your Cooking skill with this F2P training routine.

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F2P OSRS Cooking Training

Getting to 99 on a free account is easy but as expected, it can take a relatively long period due to the limited sources available to cook with. This method allows you to level up your Fishing Skill alongside your Cooking Skill so it's going to be nice hitting two birds with one stone.

Without further ado, here's the most optimized path to level 99 cooking.

Level 1: Shrimp

      • Shrimp can be caught without any requirements.
      • They yield 30 experience per successful cooking.
      • You can catch shrimp in Draynor.
      • Cooked shrimps can be used as food or sold for a little profit in the Grand Exchange.

Level 20: Trout

      • Trout can be caught at Barbarian Village or Lumbridge with level 20 Fishing.
      • Each cooked trout gives 70 experience.
      • Consider power-cooking by grabbing dropped raw trout from other powerfishers.
      • On populated worlds in Barbarian Village, you may find players giving away free raw trout and salmon.

Level 30: Tuna

      • Catch tuna at Musa Point in Karamja by harpooning at level 35 Fishing.
      • Tuna yields 100 experience each successful cook.
      • The catching speed is slow, but you can take dropped raw tunas from powerfishers to cook.
      • Select a busy world, as there's no permanent cooking location, and bring an axe and tinderbox to use on the trees by the dock.

Level 40: Lobsters

      • Lobsters can be caught at Musa Point in Karamja at level 40 Fishing.
      • Each lobster cooked yields 120 experience.
      • The catching speed is comparable to harpooning.
      • There are rarely any lobster drops from powerfishers, so fishing them yourself is more efficient.

Level 45/50: Swordfish

      • Swordfish can be caught at Musa Point in Karamja once you reach level 50 Fishing.
      • Swordfish yields 140 experience each when cooked.
      • Swordfish catching speed is the slowest among all free-to-play fish.
      • While you can cook swordfish starting at level 45, a higher Cooking level is recommended for more successful cooking attempts, as they are relatively low at lower Cooking levels.

Level 55 and onwards: Anchovy Pizza

      • Make anchovy pizza by adding anchovies to plain pizza; it's always a success.
      • Raw anchovies can be fished south of Lumbridge, in Al Kharid, and in Draynor.
      • Anchovy pizza provides a different cooking experience and a tasty option for players.

P2P OSRS Cooking Training

The process for leveling Cooking on members accounts is a lot easier. You'll be spending considerably less time in training your Cooking Skill. On the other hand, there are fewer opportunities to start training your Fishing Skill along with Cooking too so bear that in mind.


Levels 1–30: Poison Karambwan

From levels 1 to 30, the fastest experience is gained by 1-tick cooking raw karambwan into poison karambwan.

You can cook poison karambwan without tick delay by rapidly using raw karambwan on a fire or range.

This method is fast but costs money, and reaching level 30 takes less than ten minutes.

It's recommended to buy at least 500 raw karambwan due to the high burn rate at lower levels.

Assuming you use all 500 raw karambwan to reach level 30, it will result in a loss of −171,000.

If you're not using tick manipulation, it's more cost-effective to cook other fish (see below) for similar experience rates.

Levels 1–30: Cooking Fish

      • Alternatively, you can cook various fish for early experience. This method is slower but more cost-effective and less click-intensive.
      • The number of fish needed for each level range is provided in the table below.
      • It's recommended to buy about 2.5 times more raw fish than the successfully cooked fish required due to the high burn rate at lower levels.

Below is a table explaining the XP rates of fish in OSRS.

LevelsFishXP eachXP totalSuccessfully cooked fishRaw fish (approx.)Price uncookedPrice cookedProfit/Successfully cooked fishProfit/XP (approx.)
1-5Sardine403881025 Raw sardine6225−37-3.25
5-10Herring507661640 Raw herring13149−82-5.57
10-15Mackerel601,2572153 Raw mackerel770-0.17
15-20Trout702,0593075 Raw trout557520-0.89
20-25Pike803,37243108 Raw pike556914-0.86
25-30Salmon905,52162155 Raw salmon6011252-0.42

Levels 30–99: Cooked Karambwan

      • You must complete the quest Tai Bwo Wannai Trio to cook karambwan successfully.
      • For the fastest Cooking experience, 1-tick cooking karambwan is recommended, which requires precise clicks and can be challenging to maintain for long periods.
      • You can cook karambwan without tick delay by holding down 2 and rapidly using raw karambwan on a fire or range.
      • There are specific locations with nearby banks that offer the fastest experience rates for 1-ticking karambwan. These include Rogues' Den, Myths' Guild, and the inner part of Mor Ul Rek.
      • Without tick manipulation, the Hosidius kitchen is the best option up to level 96 due to its lower burn rate, while Rogues' Den offers faster cooking but requires precise 1-ticking.
      • Completing the elite Kourend & Kebos Diary at level 79 is recommended for further decreased burn rates.
      • At level 96, using one of the cooking locations right next to a bank becomes faster than the Hosidius kitchen.

The table below shows experience rates for both 1-tick cooking and non-1-tick cooking methods, assuming different locations and burn rates.

Best Spots For Cooking Levelling

To better optimize your time, it's also best to look for spots in Gielinor that's best when it comes to Cooking training. Ideally, you'd want cooking places that are near banks or anywhere that you can fish so that you can train without having to move too much. Here are the best spots for leveling in OSRS.

Grand ExchangeThe Grand Exchange in Varrock has got you covered when it comes to the best spots for Cooking leveling. It's one of the few banks in the world of Gielinor where you can set up campfires right next to the bank clerk. This handy little trick allows you to cook food that's suitable for fire cooking, especially fish, faster than anywhere else in free-to-play (F2P).
  1. Get Your Supplies Ready: First, make sure you've got at least 26 pieces of raw fish. Basically make sure to get whatever fish you can cook at your current level. You should also have a trusty tinderbox, and some logs that can be set ablaze. You'll need one log for every 26 fish you intend to cook, so plan accordingly.
  2. Grand Exchange Gastronomy: Head over to the Grand Exchange, located in the bustling city of Varrock. This is where your culinary journey begins.
  3. Choose Your Bank Clerk: You'll want to use the banks on the east side of the Grand Exchange for this method. It's all about optimizing your cooking speed.
  4. Fire It Up: Stand one tile away from the bank clerk, just close enough to conduct your banking business. Now, use your tinderbox on the logs to light a cozy fire. If you spot other players' fires nearby, you can use those too.
  5. Cook to Perfection: With the fire crackling away, use your raw fish on the flames to cook them to perfection. The close proximity to the bank clerk makes this the fastest way to cook food over an open fire.
  6. Bon Appétit: Keep repeating the process. Make sure you're always one tile away from the bank clerk for quick access to your bank and inventory.
By the end, you'll have gained some bonus Firemaking experience from those burning logs, all while becoming a seasoned cook. This method is not only efficient but also cost-effective, making it a great choice for F2P players looking to level up their Cooking skill.
Falador PVP bankThis location, right here, stands as the closest bank to a cooking range in the free-to-play (F2P) realm of Old School RuneScape (OSRS). But it's not just another cooking spot; it's a cooking haven. If you're on a PVP world, you've struck gold.
You'll discover this hidden treasure nestled in the heart of Falador, securely ensconced within the White Knights' Castle. But it's not just any spot for cooking; it's a haven, especially when you're on PVP worlds.
Even if your Agility skill is a modest level 1, you'll never run out of that valuable run energy while cooking here. That means you won't need energy potions to keep you on your toes so this spot is pretty speedy.
On PVP worlds, the rules can get rather complex. While you do have a bank right within the White Knights' Castle, there's a catch – don't venture out of that safe zone with anything valuable. The world can be a harsh place, and other players can employ various tactics, including Snare, to target you.
Fortunately, if you happen to meet an unfortunate fate while cooking, it's not a disaster. At worst, you'll lose a bit of time getting back to your cooking station and the contents of a single inventory of food. It's a minor inconvenience when you consider the bigger picture.
As you perfect your cooking skills in this safe haven, be mindful that there aren't any fishing spots nearby. So, ensure you're well-stocked on raw fish before you embark on your training session.
Draynor VillageThanks to the Forestry update, Draynor Village has become one of the best spots in F2P OSRS. The addition of a persistent fire in front of the Friendly Forester has set a new standard for speed.
This persistent fire takes the crown as one of the fastest fires in F2P. Situated just 17 tiles away from the Friendly Forester, it's a mere one-click journey to and from the fire or the bank.
For more cooking options, you have the convenience of a range inside Draynor Manor, not too far from this blazing hotspot. It's your go-to spot for all your culinary adventures.
If you're in the mood for a more homey cooking experience, look no further than Ned's humble abode. The fireplace in his house is at your service. But a word of caution: this fireplace matches the burn rate of a regular fire, not a range. So, while it's perfect for cooking up meats, fish, or seafood, it may not be your best choice for items that require a range's touch.
Lumbridge bankIf you're looking for a speedy cooking spot in Old School RuneScape, head over to the logs near the Lumbridge castle bank rooftop. You can maximize your efficiency by taking out 27 fish and a tinderbox at once. Light one of the two logs located on the western side of the roof, switching between them as needed, and cook your fish right there. Not only is it quick, but it also helps you save an inventory space since you won't need to carry your own logs from the bank. This nifty trick allows you to cook one additional fish compared to the conventional method of lighting your own fire.
For those who have completed the Cook's Assistant quest, there's an added bonus waiting for you. Head to the first floor of Lumbridge castle and find the special range in the kitchen. It's accessible after finishing Cook's Assistant. Cooking here has a significantly lower chance of burning your food compared to using a regular range or fire, making it a great option for those looking to boost their cooking experience.
Al Kharid bankIn the realm of F2P worlds, this particular bank is your second-closest bet to a range (that's not in a PVP world). What's great is that there are no pesky doors or obstacles that could slow you down, streamlining the cooking process and helping you save precious time. However, it's worth noting that your Agility level comes into play here. Depending on your Agility, you might find yourself gradually losing run energy while training in this location, which can lead to a slower pace of cooking, eventually forcing you to walk instead of sprint.
Additionally, in the vicinity, you'll find basic small net/bait fishing spots. So, if you're in the mood for some fishing after your cooking endeavors, it's a convenient option right at your doorstep
Edgeville bankRight by the bank, you'll find a range located in Doris's house. It's a handy spot for cooking, but do keep in mind that Doris is a members-only NPC, so her house will be empty in a Free-to-Play (F2P) setting. However, this location is renowned for being a popular spot to train Firemaking, which has a pleasant side effect - there will be plenty of fires blazing around. This abundance of fires can come in handy if you're looking to speed up your cooking runs.
One thing to note is that the house containing the range has a door that occasionally closes automatically. So, be prepared for the occasional door hiccup while cooking at this spot.
Varrock east bankYou'll find a convenient cooking range just southwest of the eastern Varrock bank. This location is an excellent choice for your cooking needs. The house is empty, and the bank is incredibly close, which means your cooking trips will be lightning-fast.
Varrock west bankJust outside the western walls of Varrock, you'll discover two nifty cooking ranges. The first one can be found on the main level of Juliet's house, while the alternate option is in Gertrude's house. However, it's worth noting that the closest fishing area, Barbarian Village, is quite a trek from this cooking spot. To make the most of your cooking runs here, it's advisable to have your raw food prepared in advance at the bank.
One of the key perks of this cooking location is its relatively short distance to the Grand Exchange, making it a handy choice for traders. Additionally, you have easy access to Varrock's west bank, further streamlining your cooking process.
Barbarian Village fishing spotsYou can catch trout and salmon or pick up trout and salmon dropped by fellow players. To cook these fish, make use of the permanent fire conveniently located right at the fishing spots. It's a swift and efficient way to prepare your catch in OSRS.
Corsair Cove Resource AreaThis area requires the completion of Dragon Slayer I first. Head to the south area in Corsair Cove and you should see a permanent campfire. You'll know you're at the right place when you see Lord Marshal Brogan and Altarkiz nearby. You can provide fires simply by burning the logs you have from trees. If you want to bank the food that you cook, make sure to have completed the Corsair Curse quest first as this is the closest bank to the area.
Musa Point spotThe Musa fishing spot is a bustling hub for free players seeking to reel in tuna, lobsters, and swordfish, and it's a prime hotspot for amassing Cooking experience.
The process starts with making fire, which can be done manually by cutting logs at the entrance to Musa Point and then igniting them with a tinderbox. Alternatively, other industrious players might have the flames roaring before you arrive.
While the cooked fish might not fetch a high price at the general store, they hold great value in terms of Cooking experience. Rather than selling them off, savvy players often opt to bank their freshly cooked catches using the bank deposit box in Port Sarim. This way, they can later sell these cooked delicacies to fellow adventurers or keep them as a reliable source of sustenance.
For those looking to supercharge their experience rates, logging into a highly populated world is a smart move. Here's the trick: grab the raw fish scattered on the ground and transform them into succulent dishes. You can either trade them generously to fellow players (an excellent approach) or consume them as a quick energy boost during your cooking escapades.
The Musa fishing spot is teeming with activity and opportunities for Cooking experience. So, whether you're joining the ranks of fire-makers, cooking enthusiasts, or food sharers, you're sure to find your niche here
Mor-Ul-Rek sulphur ventTo train Cooking at the sulfur vent in Mor Ul Rek:
  1. To access this place you first need to obtain a fire cape by completing the Fight Caves.
  2. The sulphur vent in question is near the bank chest in Mor-Ul-Rek.
  3. You do not have to move to cook in this spot so it is a great alternative to the Myths' Guild.
  4. Great spot for 1-ticking karambwans.
Myths' guild rangeTo train Cooking in the Myths' Guild kitchen range:
Ensure you have access to the Myths' Guild, which requires 200 Quest Points and the completion of the "Dragon Slayer II" quest. Bring the raw food you want to cook, such as sharks, anglerfish, or karambwans. To find the range go up stairs in the Guild, you can see the range near the bank.
It is a range so you will have a higher cooking chance. Great for 1-tick cooking.
Hosidius house of cookingThe Hosidius House of Cooking, located in Hosidius, is an ideal place to train Cooking in OSRS.
You can use the Hosidius Kitchen after getting 100% Hosidius favour. This kitchen offers a unique %5 increase to your cooking chance and this chance becomes 10% with the elite Kourend & Kebos Diary.
At level 96, using one of the cooking locations right next to a bank becomes faster than the Hosidius kitchen.
Rogues' denRogues' den is a great spot to start training your cooking. You can access it without any requirements and there is an everlasting fire 2 tiles away from a bank.
Cook's GuildIt shouldn't be surprising that the Cook's Guild is one of the best spots for training Cooking. The area gives you access to almost everything you need to train Cooking.
Catherby rangesIf you're looking to fish and cook at the same time, this is easily one of the best spots for training both Skills as a P2P player.

Become The Best Chef in Gielinor

The Cooking Skill in OSRS is arguably one of the best ones to master because of how self-sufficient you become with it. The journey towards cooking and cooking till you get to level 99 is long but the rewards you get at the end of the day are definitely going to be worth it.

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