OSRS Farming Guide

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OSRS Farming Guide

What Is Farming ?

Farming is a skill in which the players can plant various plants and harvest them after a while, all over Old School Runescape.

Why Should You Train Farming ?

There are a few reasons why you might want to train your farming.

 First of all, farming can be a great way to make money passively. There are herbs, bushes and trees which you can plant and get guaranteed profit every time they fully grow. As your farming level increases, you will have access to more plants which you can plant to make more money.

Secondly, you can plant and farm a lot of herblore ingredients, this is crucial for those that want to play this game as any kind of Ironman.

Thirdly there are a lot of important quests that require a certain farming level to complete. Those quests are as follows:

  • Forgettable Tale… - Farming Level 17 (boostable)
  • The Garden of Death - Farming Level 20
  • Garden of Tranquility - Farming Level 25
  • My Arm’s Big Adventure - Farming Level 29 (boostable)
  • Enlightened Journey - Farming Level 30 (boostable)
  • Rum Deal - Farming Level 40 (boostable)
  • Grim Tales - Farming Level 45 (boostable)
  • Fairytale II, Cure a Queen - Farming Level 49 (boostable)
  • Song of the Elves - Farming Level 70

To get a quest cape you will need at least level 70 Farming.

Lastly, if you are looking to complete all the achievement diaries in the game you are required to have at least level 91 Farming.

1 - 99 Farming Guide

Before you set on your journey to get 99 farming, you will need some tools:

  • Rake
  • Spade
  • Seed dibber
  • Gardening trowel
  • Secateurs
  • Watering can
  • Best compost you can get your hands on
  • An axe or gp to remove fully grown trees from the patch.

Magic Secateurs

This item is a reward from the quest “Fairytale 1 - Growing Pains”. When worn it increases your chances of getting more crop yield when you harvest your fully grown plants. It must be in your hands for this effect to take place, if it’s in your inventory it will only act as a regular secateurs.

Bottomless Compost Bucket

This item is a reward from the boss Hespori but it can be bought from the grand exchange as well. It can store 10,000 uses of a single type of compost within it, so it’s extremely useful to make your inventory less clogged.

Herb Sack

Another item to help your inventory stay clean during a farming run. You can get this item for 750 slayer points from any slayer master or you can buy it for 250 Tithe farm points. When the sack is opened any herb you harvest will directly go inside the sack.

Farmer’s Outfit

Farmer’s outfit is recommended for players that want to have the best xp rates while training farming. This outfit provides an xp bonus for every piece worn. It can be obtained from the Tithe farm shop for a total of 400 points.

  • Strawhat - 0.4% XP bonus
  • Jacket - 0.8% XP bonus
  • Boro trousers - 0.6% XP bonus
  • Boots - 0.2% XP bonus
  • Set bonus - 0.5% XP bonus

Wearing the complete set provides 2.5% XP bonus.

Seed Box

This is another item that can be purchased from the Tithe farm for 250 points. You can store 6 different types of seeds in it to save some inventory space. Do note that you have to remove the seeds from the box to use them.

Amulet Of Nature

This item is used for monitoring the state of a single farming patch. Simply use it on an empty patch to bind it to the patch. It will then notify you of the state of your patch.

Disease Free Patches

There are 3 disease-free herb patches on Old School Runescape. One is in Hosidius which unlocks with 50% Hosidius favour. The other two unlock after completing the quest “My Arm’s Big Adventure” and “Making Friends with My Arm”. Patches are located in Trollheim and Weiss respectively. These patches are really useful for planting high tier seeds to make money as you are guaranteed money without any diseases.

Herb Bonuses

There are some passive bonuses in the game that increases your yields and experience from herb patches those are:

  • After completing the medium Falador diary, you will have 10% increased experience using the patch south of Falador.
  • Kandarin diary will provide extra yield for you, from the patch north of Catherby. For medium diary you will receive 5%, for hard 10% and for elite 15%.
  • Unlocking and using the second tier of the farming guild with hard Kourend & Kebos diary will give you a 5% extra yield.
  • You will receive 5% extra yield using the patch in Hosidius after completing the hard Kourend & Kebos diary.
  • You will receive 10% extra yield on herb patches when wielding Magic secateurs.
  • Wearing a farming cape will increase your yield by 5%.


Farm Runs

Farm run is where the player travels to every farming location that they can use and uses those patches. There are a lot of patches for different plants in the game and you should plan out your optimal farming route which is dependent on what your account has unlocked. From this link you can find out about all the farming patches in the game:



Farming Methods

Unlike other skills, farming isn’t an active skill which is why you can pick and choose from any method that I will list down below and train farming your way. Remember that you can pay the farmers to look after your crops so you don’t have to worry about them getting diseased. Also you can always choose to plant the highest tier crops for the highest amount of experience.

  1. Levels 1 - 38 Questing: Early levels of farming can become tedious just like any other skill. If you do not want to train the early levels and skip them you must complete the following quests:
  • Recipe for Disaster, Goblin generals subquest
  • Fairytale I, Growing pains
  • Forgettable Tale…
  • The Garden of Death
  • Garden of Tranquility
  • Enlightened Journey
  • My Arm’s Big Adventure
  1. 2.              Levels 1 - 15 Bagged Plants: This is the only method in the game that gives constant farming experience. However it is not recommended after level 15 as it consumes large amounts of cash for very little experience. You can plant these bagged plants in your POH and remove them and repeat for continuous experience.
  2. 3.              Levels 1 - 13 Sulphurous Fertiliser: These can be made after achieving  5% Hosidius favour, each granting 2 experience points in farming. Getting 100% favour with this method gets you straight to 13 farming. This is a good method to do as it also unlocks patches and farming guild.
  3. 4.              Levels 1 - 15 Sorceress’s Garden: This is a niche way of training your farming but it is not recommended as it can be tedious and slow. You can steal sq’irk fruits from the sorceress’s garden which gives farming experience.
  4. 5.              Levels 1 - 15 Making Super/Ultra Compost: Another way to gain farming experience for early levels is to create compost. This method is cheap and easy to do. Put a bunch of pineapples or watermelons into the compost bin and close the bin to make the compost. After the process is done you can collect it with buckets giving you farming experience.
  5. 6.              Levels 1 - 15 Farming Allotments: Finally you can train your farming regularly,  by planting and harvesting crops to each of the crop locations.
  6. 7.               Levels 15 - 99 Tree Runs: The most effective way to train your farming is by planting trees. They yield the best experience drops. There are 4 tree types:
  • Regular
  • Fruit tree
  • Special trees (calquat, celastrus, crystal, redwood)
  • Hardwood

Because of the growth cycles realistically you can do only 1 tree run per day. Always try to plant the best trees available to you for the highest amount of experience.

  • Levels 15 - 27: Oak Trees
  • Levels 27 - 35: Oak/Willow trees + Apple trees
  • Levels 35 - 55: Willow/Maple trees + Banana/Pineapple trees + Teak Trees
  • Levels 55 - 72: Maple/Yew trees + Pineapple/Papaya trees + Mahogany trees
  • Levels 72 - 90: Yew/Magic trees + Palm/Dragonfruit trees + Mahogany trees + Calquat trees + Celastrus trees
  • Levels 90 - 99: Magic trees + Palm/Dragonfruit trees + Mahogany trees + Calquat trees + Celastrus trees + Redwood trees
  1. 8.              Levels 1 - 99 Farm Runs: This can be done alongside tree runs, like explained before, plant your best seeds in all the empty patches and harvest them for experience.

Levels 74 - 99 Tithe Farm: Tithe farm is a minigame that will constantly give you farming experience. If you want to get to 99 farming as quickly as possible you can do tithe farm in between your farming runs. This is also where you can buy your farmers outfit, seed box and gricoller’s can.


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