OSRS Farming Training Guide Level 1-99

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OSRS Farming Training Guide Level 1-99

When people think about OSRS, they think about doing awesome things like slaying dragons, demons, and many other fearsome creatures. What makes the game fantastic though is the ability to make use of many resources outside weapons and magic. That's why some players spend a lot of time perfecting all skills in the game.



If you've been too busy mastering your Attack, Range, and Magic Skill and want a change of pace, you might want to try leveling Farming next. This helpful Skill is one of your pathways to becoming more self-sufficient in the land of Gielinor. Before we talk about training, let's talk about Farming itself first.

What is OSRS Farming?

Farming might not be as cool as Magic, Attack, or Range skills but it's still an essential ability in OSRS. With this skill, you can grow a variety of herbs, crops, and more. Aside from being used as food, the things you farm can also be used to create potions, items, and it can even be used for money making.

The skill becomes even more important if you have an Ironman account. Being self-sustainable is the key to success in Ironman. If you can grow your own things, you'll spend less gold on for items that you need in the game.

Training Farming is relatively easy but we know you want to get it to level 99 as soon as possible. On this guide, we'll teach you all there is to know about farming, and we'll also teach you how to get to level 99 fast.

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How to Farm in OSRS

Farming is as easy as fighting any monster in the game but of course, the mechanics are a lot different. It's not as simple as planting seeds and then letting it grow though. There are a few mechanics that you need to consider beforehand.




Apart from seeds, compost is one of the most important items you'll need for Farming in OSRS. You can get this from specific shops. Alternatively, you can put up to 15 weeds or unwanted produce on a compost bin to create it.



For a more potent form of fertilizer, you can create supercompost by combining a compost potion with regular compost. You can also add the potion to the compost bin filled with regular compost. The highest form is ultracompost. You can create this by adding volcanic ash on a supercompost bin.

The higher the level of the compost, the faster crops grow. It also decreases the chances of your crops getting diseases.

Obtaining Seeds

Of course, seeds are an essential part of farming as well. There are seeds for herbs, hops, trees, bushes, and more. Getting seeds isn't complicated. In fact, there are more than a few ways to get them.

  • Buying from other players.
  • Occasionally, a seed can taken from a vegetable from one of the non-player-owned fields.
  • Using level 10 Thieving to pickpocket farmers will sometimes yield potato seeds.
  • You can easily obtain a lot of lower level seeds by either finishing farming contracts and dropping the lower level seeds in woody areas.
  • Using level 38 Thieving to pickpocket Master Farmers (including Martin the Master Gardener) for any seeds other than fruit tree and tree seeds.
  • Purchasing from Amelia's Seed Shop in the Farming Guild or Olivia, who manages the seed shop in Draynor Village. There are only seeds for low-level farming that may be bought.
  • Taking goods with level 27 Thieving from Olivia's stall. (If you steal from her, you won't be able to buy seeds from her for a short while.)
  • Tree and fruit tree seeds are found in bird nests, which are obtained in the following ways:
  • Monster drops. Monsters with good seed drops include ogres, moss giants, aberrant spectres, and dagannoths.
  • Capturing implings. Nature implings have the best chances of giving you a seed.
  • The Temple Trekking minigame offers watermelon seeds as a reward.
  • In the underwater region of Fossil Island, seaweed spores randomly spawn.

Growth and Disease

Almost all of the things that you can plant in the game grow depending on a set time period. The only exception is poison ivy. All crops can only be harvested once they've reached maturity. The good news is that plants continue to grow even if you're online so you don't have to be there always. If you're planning to log out, you might as well plant a few crops beforehand so it grows while you're gone.

Crops can't be destroyed by other players but you'll have to watch out for diseases. These can kill of your crops. Once they're fully matured, plants can't die from a disease anymore and they'll remain on the patch until you harvest them.



Once afflicted with the disease, plants will stop growing. They can't recover from the disease on their own. You can use plant cure to treat any affected. You can buy these from shops but in most cases, there are farmers near patches that sell the item as well.

Plants are only safe from the disease when they're newly planted or when they're fully grown. They can also get sick while you're offline. Each plant in the game has varying risks to being sick.

While it's completely unavoidable, you can reduce the risks of having your plants develop diseases by doing the following:

  • Plant different flowers around your plans. Fully grown flowers can protect allotment patches from diseases.
  • Build a scarecrow near your allotment patches.
  • Complete My Arm's Big Adventure and making Friends with My Arm to unlock farming plots that can't get diseases.
  • To prevent diseases in Hosidius patches, complete the easy tiers of the Kouren and Kebos Diary.
  • Get 16,000 Glory in the Fortis Colosseum to get the Champion status. With this, there will be a patch in Civitas illa Fortis that will be immune to disease.
  • Finish the Elite Falador Diary to make the tree patch in Falador Park immune to disease.
  • Pay farmers near farming patches to watch over the crops as they grow. This method doesn't work on mushroom and belladonna patches.

Growth Timing

The growth timing of the crops in the game aren't that important actually but if you want to get the most out of your offline and online time in the game, knowing the growth timing is important. For a better idea of how it works, here are a few key details to consider:

  1. Discrete Growth Stages: Each crop, whether it's a tree, herb, or other plant, has a set number of discrete growth stages. These stages advance at regular intervals known as growth ticks.
  2. Frequency of Growth: This depends on the type of seed you're using. For example, some plants have relatively long growth stages, while others have shorter ones. Spirit trees, for instance, have growth stages that last 320 minutes, while hops have stages that last only 10 minutes.
  3. Shortest Growth Stage: The shortest growth stage duration is 5 minutes. This includes activities like flowers blooming, weeds growing, and tree seedlings maturing into saplings.
  4. Offset and Player Variability: This is a bit more complex than the other factors. This factor is determined by the time it takes for you to log in and it varies from player to player. You can find this by checking out a certain crop and taking note of when it grows to the next stage. Compare it with other crops.

Think as if you're growing a mahogany. It will grow to the next stage on 10:28 AM on Day 1 and the standard pattern indicates a growth tick at 10:40 AM, subtracting 12 minutes from each listed time will help you adjust for your offset.

Farming Tools

These items are necessary for Farming in OSRS. Aside from helping you with training, these can significantly make the farming process easier.

RakeUsed to eradicate weeds from a plot.
SpadeThe best tool for farming. used to remove bushes and plant roots, harvest crops, and remove dead plants.

Watering can

Gricoller's can

Used to water plants, helping to keep them disease-free throughout their whole growth cycle. Waters tree seedlings with it as well.

Gricoller's are capable of holding 1,000 uses of water as opposed to just 8.

Seed dibberUsed in a plot to plant seeds.
Gardening trowelUsed for both adding soil to plant pots and sowing tree seeds to produce saplings.


Magic secateurs

Used to trim unhealthy leaves off of plants and trees.

Most variable yields are increased when magic secateurs are worn or kept in stock.

BasketHolds five pieces of fruit at a time (strawberries, tomatoes, oranges, apples, bananas).
Empty sackHolds ten veggies at a time (onions, potatoes, and cabbages).
Empty plant potUsually left over after a sapling is planted in a fruit tree or tree patch; must be refilled before use.
Filled plant potUsed in conjunction with a trowel to sow tree seeds, which, when being moistened, yield tree seedlings that can then be placed in patches.
Plant cureTreats a sick plant (not just bushes and trees).

OSRS Farming Training

Tree runs are the best method to use as it gives you passive Farming experience. If you're not actively looking to get Farming to level 99 fast, then this is definitely one of the most efficient ways to train.

Before anything else though, let's talk about doing a few quests first.

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Level 1-38: Questing

There are a few quests that you should do for a to get to level 38. While these take longer than tree runs, doing these quests will also reward you with a few important things for Farming.

1. Recipe for Disaster - Goblin Generals Subquest


Quick Guide
  1. In the dining room of Lumbridge Castle, examine one of the goblin generals.
  2. Proceed to the Goblin Village and descend the ladder located in the northeastern building.
  3. Speak with the Goblin Cook. Talk to him again and hand him the charcoal.
  4. Converse with the Goblin Cook again.
  • Add blue, green, or purple dye to sliced oranges.
  • Add some spice to a fishing bait.
  • Pour a bucket of water on bread.
  1. Speak with the Goblin Cook again.
  2. Head to Lumbridge and hand over the slop of compromise to the generals.
2. Fairytale I - Growing Pains


Quick Guide
  1. Head to Draynor Village and speak with Martin the Master Gardener.

Reminder: Martin must not be pickpocketed so you can continue playing for another 10 minutes.

  1. Speak with five members of the Advanced Gardeners Group. They are any of the gardeners who look after your crops and are located close to farming areas. All of them are functional, except for those located on Great Kourend and Ayesha in Al Kharid.

Reminder: Here's an idea on how to have a fast conversation with farmers:

  • Head west and speak with Elstan at the Herb/Flower/Allotment patch.
  • Purchase a spade and secateurs at the farm shop if you don't have one yet.
  • Head south and have a conversation with Frizzy Skernip.
  • Teleport to Gnome Stronghold with GE Spirit Tree, then head east to speak with Bolongo.
  • Head southwest and stop in the tree patch to speak with Prissy Scilla.
  • Run east to the park and speak with Heskel near the tree patch after teleporting to Falador. (The Falador teleport option in Ring of Wealth transports you there immediately).
  1. Talk to Martin when you get back to the Draynor Village market.

Trouble in Zanaris

Required Items: Dramen staff or Lunar staff, and one free inventory space.

  1. Head to Zanaris and, armed with your dramen staff or Lunar staff, enter the small shack in Lumbridge Swamp to the south of Lumbridge Castle. Should you require the spade, proceed to enter the shack without the staff equipped and retrieve it.
  2. Proceed to the throne room and have a conversation with the Fairy Godfather.
  3. Get the symptoms list by running north of the bank and speaking with Fairy Nuff.
  4. Go to the top floor of the Dark Wizards' Tower, directly north of the Makeover mage, and speak with Zandar Horfyre.

Getting the Magic Secateurs

Required Items: 3 assigned items, secateurs, Ghostspeak amulet, Draynor skull or spade.

Recommended Items: Salve graveyard teleport, a filled druid pouch.

  1. Give the Draynor skull to Malignius Mortifier, the necromancer northwest of Port Sarim's rune shop, to obtain the list of 3 necessary items.
  • Purchase a spade and secateurs at the farm shop northeast if you don't have one yet.
  • If you don't have the Draynor skull yet, go to Draynor Manor and dig on the grave inside the fence, north of the building, with a spade to obtain it.
  1. Grab the 3 randomly picked items. To view your list of things to gather, check the quest diary.

Reminder: If you have to gather any items that ghasts might decay or convert into rotten food, bring a filled druid bag with you.

  1. Use the Shades of Mort'ton minigame to teleport to the Nature Grotto in Mort Myre Swamp. From there, head west and follow the meandering path north across the bridge. Once there, put on your Ghostspeak amulet and speak with the Nature Spirit inside to obtain the Magic secateurs.

Battle the Tanglefoot

Required Items: Dramen staff, magic secateurs, food, and armor.

  1. Take your magic secateurs to Zanaris and get ready for the Tanglefoot fight.
  2. Take a shortcut through the opening in the western wall to reach the Cosmic Altar, situated south of the wheat fields.
  3. Grab your magic secateurs, dash to the tunnel's end, and fight Tanglefoot. If you have the level to do so, turn on Protect from Melee. You can also try luring the Tanglefoot to flinch by drawing it around the mushrooms to the east.
  4. Get the Queen's secateurs.
  5. Speak with the Fairy Godfather.
3. Forgettable Tale


Quick Guide

Required Items: 3 beers

  1. Just west of the bank in Keldagrim, speak with Commander Veldaban. A cutscene will then start. Take note that your avatar will go east throughout the cutscene if you click the east side of the bridge right away.
  2. Purchase 3 drinks at the pub located south of the drunken dwarf's home if you don't have them yet.
  3. Talk to the drunken dwarf in the heart of East Keldagrim (bar south, kebab shop northeast).
  4. Speak with him once more and offer him a beer.

Getting the seeds

Required Items: A random item, beer, Dwarven stout.

  1. If you talk to the rowdy dwarf outside the East Keldagrim pub, he'll ask for a random object. Get it and deliver it to him. You can use the free minecart transit northwest in the GE if you purchase it at the Grand Exchange.
  2. Proceed to the tunnel beneath White Wolf Mountain. (Optional: To access the White Wolf Mountain tunnel, get a ticket from Keldagrim Cart Conductor for 100 coins). Use the minecart track on the south).
  3. Converse with Khorvak at the bar beneath White Wolf Mountain.
  4. Present Khorvak with a dwarven stout. You can obtain one from the pub's table if you aren't carrying a dwarven stout.
  5. Optionally, you can teleport to the Blast Furnace minigame or return to Keldagrim by purchasing a Keldagrim ticket from the Cart Conductor beneath White Wolf Mountain for 100 coins (or 50 if you use the Ring of Charos).
  6. Speak with Gauss in the bar on the western side of Keldagrim, south of the bank. Raise a beer to him.

Planting the crops

Required Items: rake, Kelda seeds, seed dibber.

  1. Proceed to the Kelda Hops Patch situated southeast of the bank. Speak with Rind The Gardener to avoid getting a notification telling you to get permission before applying the patch.
  2. Use the rake located south of the patch to plant the kelda seeds.
  3. They cannot perish; they will grow in 15 to 20 minutes. When it's ready, you'll receive a notification through chat.
  4. Get the kelda hops.


Required Items: 2 buckets of water, 2 barley malts, empty beer glass, kelda hops, and ale yeast or a pot, and 25 coins.

  1. Go to East Kaldarim pub and go upstairs.
  2. Purchase ale yeast from Blandebir for 25 coins if you forgot to bring any. There is an empty pot spawn that you can find near the vat.
  3. Fill the vat with the following additions in order:
  • 2 buckets of water
  • 2 barley malts
  • Kelda hops
  • Ale yeast
  1. Hold off for another 15 to 20 minutes for the notification.
  2. Use an empty beer glass on the barrel and turn the valve.
  3. Talk about the Red Axe in the drunken dwarf's house, which is northeast of the Kebab store.

Exploring the closed tunnel

  1. Go to south-eastern Keldagrim and speak with the cart conductor. You can only question one of them about the tunnel that is closed up.
  2. At The Giant Dwarf, upstairs in either the east or west marketplace (Palace), speak with the director of the mining company you joined. Proceed from director to director if you are unsure of the company you joined. It's just you who has the time to talk to someone.
  3. Go back to the minecarts and take a ride on the southernmost one (you don't need a ticket, but you do need to free both hands).

Room 1

  1. Look inside the box.
  2. Make use of the dwarven machinery.
  3. Click OK after configuring the path.
  4. Get aboard the cart and fill the box with more stones.
  5. Go back to the starting place with the cart, then enter the next path.
  6. Gather the stones and come back.
  7. To go to next room, enter the third path.

Room 2

  1. Pay attention to the discussion, make your way out of the way, and depart.

Room 3

  1. Follow the same steps as in the first puzzle to finish it.

Room 4

  1. Proceed to the next room after looking through the boxes and bookcases and reading three documents on the Red Axe.

Room 5

  1. Solve the puzzle in the same way that you did the others.

Room 6

  1. Watch the cutscene.

Finishing Up

  1. If you haven't already, have a kebab from the kebab shop and a pint from the tavern in East Keldagrim.
  2. Speak with Commander Veldaban (to the west of the bank).
  3. While dining on your kebab and drinking your beer, you should be in the bar on Keldagrim's eastern edge.
4. The Garden of Death


Quick Guide
  1. Look for Kasonde's journal in the tent to begin the quest.
  2. Go through the journal.
  3. Look through the camping gear for secateurs.
  4. Climb down the adjacent hole.
  5. To find the first stone tablet, look for the one with the number "1" on it.
  6. To obtain the word translation scroll, read the stone tablet and take note of the message.
  7. Click "Attempt Translation" after reading the word translations scroll. Enter Island, Water, Time, Vessel, North, and hit Enter for each word.
  8. Get out of the hole by climbing up the rope.
  9. Take Boaty to Lake Molch, then choose Molch Island. (Use the Fairy Ring to go West and DJR.)
  10. Go through Molch Island's hole.
  11. Check the vines for any dirty note.
  12. Using your secateurs, cut the vines and push through them.
  13. To obtain the second stone tablet, look for the stone table with the number "1".
  14. Enter the following terms on the word translations scroll after reading the stone tablet: West, Poison, Body, Food, Earth.
  15. Get out of the hole by climbing up the rope.
  16. Proceed to Xeric's Shrine.
  • Hop on to Boaty and select Molch.
  • To reach the altar, go west and then slightly south.
  1. Go through the opening at Xeric's Shrine.
  2. To find the third stone tablet, look for the one with the number "1".
  3. Enter the following words on the word translations scroll after reading the stone tablet: Make, Yes, No, Move, Arrive, East, South.
  4. Enter the following words on the word translations scroll after reading the stone tablet: Make, Yes, No, Move, Arrive, East, South.
  5. Proceed to the Morra Ruins. Go through the opening there.
  6. To find the last stone tablet, look for the one marked "1".
  7. Enter the following terms on the word translations scroll after reading the stone tablet: Few, Big, Sun, Moon, Life, Death, Mind, Home, Air, and Fire.
  8. After reading the stone tablet once more, read the cautionary note.
6. The Garden of Tranquility


Quick Guide
  1. At the garden east of Varrock Palace, speak with Ellamaria.
  • After conversing with Ellamaria, you have the option to store your compost early in the two vacant plant pots to the north in order to save inventory slots.
  1. To get the trolley, speak with Ellamaria once again.
  2. Speak with the Wise Old Man in Draynor Village, which is located north of the charos ring bank.
  3. Quiz answers:
  • Show them a range of colors so that they can come to a compromise.
  • Take his generous gift even though you have no need for it.
  • It's absolutely, unquestionably the most interesting thing I've ever done!
  • Put on the silly helmet and jump into the cannon.
  • You of course Pkmaster0036, no one could ever challenge your greatness!
  • Ask me nicely and I might consider it.
  • No, especially not that wise old man, who doesn't look at all suspicious.

Gathering seeds

  1. Take any necessary precautions to ensure the survival of your crops.
  2. Always carry the following items: gardening trowel, watering can, secateurs, rake, seed dibber, and ring of charos(a). Leprechauns by the patches is a utility that you can use.
  3. Wear the ring of charos(a).

Reminder: You must wear the Ring of Charos and converse with the farmers prior to sowing the crops. There can be no advance planting of crops. You will have to plant and cultivate the necessary crops again if you do not wear the Ring of Charos. It will be considered as though you planted the crops prior to chatting with them.

Elsan north of Port Sarim

Required Item: A marigold seed.

  1. Speak with Elstan.
  2. Plant marigolds in the patch (Using ultracompost is highly recommended).
  3. Give them to Elstan for the delphinium seeds once they have sprouted.

Lyra north-west of Port Phasmatys

Required Items: 3 to 6 onion seeds.

  1. Speak with Lyra.
  2. Plant onions (both patches lower the probability of failure).
  3. Speak with Lyra about the orchid seeds once it has grown.

Kragen north of Ardougne

Required Items: 3 to 6 cabbage seeds.

  1. Speak with Kragen.
  2. Plant cabbages (having both patches minimizes the risk of failure).
  3. Speak with Kragen about the snowdrop seeds once they've grown.

Dantaera in Catherby

Required Items: Secateurs, gardening trowel, a filled watering can, a filled plant pot.

  1. Go to the Catherby farming patch and speak with Dantaera.
  2. Go to Edgeville Monastery's neighbor, Ice Mountain.
  3. When cutting the White Tree in the northern section of the Ice Mountain, use secateurs.
  4. Place the White tree shoot into the plant pot and give it some water.

Brother Althric at the Edgeville monastery

Required Items: A fishing rong, ring of charos(a).

  1. Go to the Edgeville monastery and speak with Brother Althric.
  2. Drag the charos(a) ring down the well and dash to Edgeville.
  3. Return to the monastery and select 4 seeds from the roses-white, pink, and red.
  4. It can take a few tries to retrieve your ring using a fishing rod, and if you break it, you must go back to Fenkenstrain's Castle. Optionally, you can refill your watering can from the sink in the house west of the well.

Bernald behind the Burthorpe pub

Required Items: A hammer, a rune or pure essence, 2 plant cures, a pestle and mortar, ring of charos(a).

  1. Wearing a charos ring, converse with Bernald (in the fenced-in area next to the pub).
  2. Apply one plant remedy to the vines.
  3. Speak to Bernald once more.
  4. Speak with Alain by the Taverley tree patch (who is not equipped with the Ring of Charos).
  5. Use a hammer to break up the rune or pure essence, then use a pestle and mortar to crush the pieces.
  6. Use this on the vines together with the other plant cure.
  7. Get the vine seeds by speaking with Bernald.

Returning to planter crops

  1. Head back north of Port Sarim to Elstan. Hand Elstan the marigolds you have picked.
  2. Head back to Lyra, which is northwest of Port Phasmatys. Harvesting the onions is not necessary.
  3. Head back north of Ardougne to Kragen. It is not necessary to harvest the cabbages.
  4. If the crops have not yet been planted, you might return to these procedures. By the time you get to this stage, your plants should be 80-90% grown, depending on whatever growth tick you planted on.

Varrock Castle

Required Items: A seed dibber, 2 buckets of compost, a rake, a spade and ring of charos(a), all acquired seeds.

  1. Pour compost into each of the two large stone pots. Note that this is not the appropriate place to use the Bottomless Compost Bucket.
  2. Fill the east container with yellow orchids and the west pot with pink orchids.
  3. Plant every seed you've acquired in the palace garden in the designated spots.
  • In the center patch, plant the White tree.
  • The growth of the White tree is slow. If you plant the tree right before a growth cycle, you can shorten the amount of time you have to wait.
  1. If you haven't already, speak with Ellamaria about the trolley.

Lumbridge Castle

  1. Just beyond the Lumbridge castle gates, there is a statue of a king that you can use the trolley on. Contact Ellamaria to obtain a replacement cart if you misplace yours or log out at any time.
  2. Place the trolley on the northern plinth in the garden after giving it a strong shove east across the bridge.

Falador Square

  1. On the statue, use the trolley.
  2. View the cutscene.
  3. Place the trolley on the garden's southern plinth after pushing it through the gate to the north.

Finishing Up

  1. Hold off until each plot reaches its full size, which should take 10 to 15 minutes.
  2. Speak with Ellamaria once they've fully grown.
  3. Speak with King Roald. Make sure you have the ring of charos (a) equipped; otherwise, he won't follow you.
  4. Watch the cutscene.
  5. (Optional) To finish a Varrock medium assignment, gather some fruit from the white tree (it will take a few minutes to produce fruit).
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7. Enlightened Journey


Quick Guide

Required Items: 1 ball of wool, 3 papyrus, 1 full stack of potatoes, and 1 unlit candle.

Reminder: To enter Entrana, you must bank your weapons and armor.

  1. Visit Entrana and talk to the monks on the second-to-northest dock in Port Sarim.
  2. Speak with Auguste 3 times on Entrana, north of the Herblore store.
  3. Use the wool ball and papyrus together.
  4. Work on the balloon structure using the unlit candle.
  5. Speak with Auguste once more.
  6. With the two papyrus and a sack of potatoes in your inventory, have another conversation with Auguste.

The big balloon

Required Items: 10 silk, tinderbox, 8 sandbags, yellow and red dye, a bowl, 10 logs, and 12 willow branches.

Reminder: Make it certain that you have at least 2 inventory slots available or you can't continue.

  1. After passing Auguste, head slightly south and stuff the sacks full of sand.
  2. A yellow dye, a red dye, 10 silk, a bowl, and 8 sandbags should be given to Auguste.
  3. There is a bowl that spawns on the second floor of the house east of Auguste.
  4. Bring a dozen branches of willow. You can buy them at the Grand Exchange, or use secateurs to prune the growing sapling that Auguste gave you, or any other willow tree you've grown. Wait to remove the stump or chop down the tree until all of the branches are in place.
  5. Make use of the branches on the surrounding platform's balloon frame.
  6. Get a tinderbox and 10 normal logs.
  7. Speak with Auguste.

In flight

Reminder: In the unlikely event that you crash during the balloon ride, talk to Auguste on Entrana and bring 10 extra logs so you can try again.

Screen 1

  1. Release a sandbag.
  2. Set a log on fire.
  3. Relax 9 times.
  4. Grab the red rope.
  5. Relax 2 times.
  6. Grab the brown rope.
  7. Relax 5 times.

Screen 2

  1. Set a log on fire.
  2. Relax.
  3. Set another log on fire.
  4. Relax 10 times.
  5. Set another log on fire.
  6. Relax 5 times.

Screen 3

  1. Relax 7 times.
  2. Grab the rope.
  3. Grab the brown rope.
  4. Relax 3 times.
  5. Set a log on fire.
  6. Relax 4 times.
  7. Grab the brown rope.

Finishing up

  1. Speak with Auguste.
8. My Arm's Big Adventure


Quick Guide

The Adventurer

Required Items: 12 coins or climbing boots.

  1. Proceed towards the south and descend into the kitchen of the Troll Stronghold (you can use the fairycode AJR to enter from the back through the secret door where you rescued the prisoners, or you can use a slayer ring to enter the mountain by the secret entrance, or you can use the Trollheim teleport to go west).
  2. Talk to Burntmeat.
  3. Head east of Burntmeat and speak with My Arm.

Getting the goutweed

Required Items: 3 buckets of Ugthanki dung, 7 buckets of supercompost, a spade, empty bucket, climbing boots, at least 1 inventory slot available.

  1. Get to the Death Plateau using either minigame teleport to Burthorpe or games necklace. On the trip there and on the plateau itself, there will be thrower trolls; stay safe from ranged attacks.
  2. To remove the goutweedy lump, use a bucket on the cooking pot in the center of the plateau with 1 free inventory space.
  3. Speak with My Arm once you get back to the Troll Stronghold.
  4. Speak with him once more once he takes you to a new location.
  5. Talk with him again after you've finished reading the book he handed you.
  6. On the soil area, apply three buckets of Ugthanki dung and seven buckets of supercompost.
  7. Speak with My Arm.
  8. Converse with Captain Barnaby.

Getting the tubers

Required Items: If you already have 60% favor in Tai Bwo Wannai, you won't need anything. If not, you'll need at least 60 coins or a machete, which you can buy from the store located north-west of the village.

Reminder: You will lose the 60% here, so if you intend to finish the Karamja medium task diary, you might want to think about obtaining 100% favor beforehand.

  1. Meet My Arm east of the general store at Tai Bwo Wannai. Speak with him.
  2. Speak with Murcaily next to the hardwood forest. Make sure that you have a minimum of one empty inventory space.
  • Log out and back in again if you are unable to locate Murcaily.
  • You can't begin the quest if you don't have 60% favor, so increase it to at least 60% and speak with him once again.
  1. You will take the boat back to Ardougne, where you can reach the bank, after you chat with My Arm during the cutscene.

Teaching a troll to farm

Required Items: 17 coins or a rake, hardy gout tubers, seed dibber, plat cure, spade, climbing roots, supercompost or ultracompost, and food.

  1. Get ready for a battle at level 75 and another at level 172.
  2. Use the ladder in the west room on the higher level, where the Troll Generals are, to return to the roof of the Troll Stronghold.

Reminder: You can pick up a spade from the Tool leprechaun if you don't have one yet.

  1. Speak with My Arm.
  2. Hand over the tools needed for farming to My Arm in this order:
  • Rake
  • Supercompost/Ultracompost (optional)
  • Hardy gout tubers
  • Seed dibber
  • Plant cure
  1. Speak with My Arm.
  2. Fight the two monsters

Reminder: You can move back and forth between tiles to avoid the Giant Roc's attacks, but you cannot avoid its stun attack.

The end

  1. Speak with My Arm.
  2. Hand him a spade (you can make the leprechaun reappear by going back down and up the ladder if you don't have one).
  3. Head back to Burntmeat in the kitchen.
  4. Go to the roof and speak with My Arm.

Doing all seven quests will reward you with 32,500 XP among other things. The best reward is that you'll be able to skip a significant amount of low-level Farming which is honestly a drag.

Level 38-99: Tree Runs

Doing tree runs is the best method to getting to 99 Farming. This involves planting high-tier saplings, letting them grow, and then checking their health to gain XP. Once done, you'll have to have pay a farmer to remove the tree, after which, you simply have to plant a new one.

Due to the way growth timing works in the game, you can only do at least 1 or 2 tree runs per day. Despite this, you're still getting the most amount of XP. The method itself is pretty passive and it's something you can do before logging out of the game. By our estimate, you can take up to 3-4 months to get to 99, if you stay consistent.

Recommended Tree Run Set Up

If you want to maximize your Farming XP growth as much as possible, follow our recommended tree run set up.

  1. Head to Falador Park and look for the tree patch. Check the health, have the tree removed, and replant it. You're going to do these steps for all the following trees.
  2. Next, go to Taverley and look for the tree patch there.
  3. Next, go to Lumbridge and leave the city via the western exit. There's a tree patch in the northern area.
  4. Go to Varrock, run north and then north east for the tree patch.
  5. Use your Slayer Ring to go to the Stronghold Cave and there should be a tree patch nearby.
  6. From Stronghold Cavem head northeast until you get to the Spirit Tree for the next tree patch.
  7. With the Spirit Tree teleport, head to the Tree Gnome village. Go southwest and look for the fence where you can squeeze through. Talk to Elkoy and have him direct you to the next tree patch.
  8. Teleport to Catehrby and head east. There should be a tree patch near the fishing spots.
  9. Go to Brimhaven with a house teleport. Look for the fruit tree patch here.
  10. Use the Digsite pendant or the Digstire teleport. Head to the barge from where you are and use quick travel to get to Fossil Island. There should be a few hardwood tree patches north of there.

Just follow this route at least once or twice a day to get Farming XP.

Tree Chart


Farming Level



Growth time


Total cost


15Acorn1 basket of tomatoes3hr20m (5x40 min)14467.3481.3−562-1.17
30Willow1 basket of apples4hr00m (6x40 min)251,456.51,481.5−892-0.60
45Maple1 basket of Oranges5hr20m (8x40 min)453,403.43,448.4−8,238-2.39
60Yew10 cactus spines6hr40m (10x40 min)817,069.97,150.9−35,680-4.99
75Magic25 coconuts8hr00m (12x40 min)145.513,768.313,913.8−122,110-8.78
Fruit Trees

Farming Level



Growth time


Total cost


    PlantCheckHarvestingTotalNo harvestHarvestNo harvestHarvest
27Apple9 sweetcorns16hr (6x160 min)221,199.5511,272.5−816−444-0.67-0.35
33Banana4 baskets of apples16hr (6x160 min)281,750.5631,841.5−2,777−2,225-1.56-1.21
39Orange3 baskets of strawberries16hr (6x160 min)35.52,470.2812,586.7−2,041−1,447-0.81-0.56
42Curry5 baskets of bananas16hr (6x160 min)402,906.9903,036.9−4,443−4,383-1.51-1.44
51Pineapple10 watermelons16hr (6x160 min)574,605.71294,791.7−4601,742-0.100.36
57Papaya10 pineapples16hr (6x160 min)726,146.41626,380.4−4,3235,817-0.700.91
68Palm tree15 papaya fruit16hr (6x160 min)110.510,150.124910,509.6−46,360−31,906-4.52-3.04
81Dragonfruit15 Coconut16hr (6x160 min)14017,33535017,825−200,963−194,783-11.50-10.93
Hardwood Tree

Farming Level



Growth time


Total cost


35Teak15 Limpwurt roots74hr40m (7x640 min)357,2907,325−4,605-0.63
55Mahogany25 Yanillian hops85hr20m (8x640 min)6315,72015,783−32,842-2.08
Special Tree Table

Farming Level



Growth time


Total cost


72Calquat8 poison ivy berries21hr20m (8x160 min)129.512,09629112,516.5−632-0.05
74Crystal acornN/A8hr00m (6x80 min)12613,240N/A13,366−197,588-14.78
85Celastrus8 Potato cactus13h20m (5x160 min)20414,13070.514,404.5−3,825-0.26
90Redwood6 Dragonfruit106h40m (10x640 min)23022,450N/A22,680−34,686-1.53

Money-Making Using Farming in OSRS

Once you've reached level 99, there are a lot of things you can do with the Farming Skill. Of course, you're probably here because you want to get rich with Farming. There are a few methods to earn money using Farming.

Growing Magic Saplings

This is one of the easiest ways to make money with saplings which can net you around 569,000 every 10 minutes.. Follow these steps.

  1. Acquire magic seeds from the Grand Exchange. For maximum efficiency, just stock up on magic seeds first before proceeding to the next step. You can only buy a limited amount of these so you can save time by stocking up.
  2. To start planting the seeds, use a magic seed on a filled plant pot with a gardening trowel in your inventory. This process will create a seedling.
  3. When all the plant pots are filled with magic seeds and turned into seedlings, cast the Humidify spell to water them. Doing this method makes them turn into saplings in 5 minutes.
  4. Just repeat steps 1 to 3 which can result in around 1,700 per hour.
  5. You can manually water the saplings with watering cans but this will take more time. However, you won't need runes to cast Humidify at least.
  6. Stock up on as many saplings as you can before selling them on the Grand Exchange.

It's essential to keep in mind that growing magic saplings or other seeds for profit may have relatively small margins, and the Grand Exchange tax can eat into your profits. Therefore, consider using various seeds and overnight trading to optimize your profits.

You can also do the same for palm saplings. While the yield is smaller, the requirement level for farming them is much lower.

Check out our Ultimate Money Making Guide

Farming Various Herbs

  • Potential Profit: 88,000-259,000/6 mins.

Farming herbs is a profitable way to spend a few minutes at a time in OSRS. Here's a guide on how to do it effectively:


Magic secateurs (recommended for a 10% boost to crop yield).

Herb seeds (as high as your current Farming level permits you.

Runes for teleportation.


  1. Start your herb run at any herb patch. Make sure you have any additional supplies needed, and withdraw them from the tool leprechaun at each patch.
  2. Use a teleportation method to move between herb patches quickly.
  3. At each herb patch, check the health of the crop, harvest the grimy ranarr weed, and replant the seed.
  4. If you have access to the Lunar Spellbook from Lunar Diplomacy, you can use the Fertile Soil spell (83 Magic) instead of Ultracompost. This will increase the profit per patch to 28,001 coins. It's a viable option if you prefer using the Lunar Spellbook.

To increase your profits further, consider the following:

  • Attune an Amulet of Nature to one of your herb patches to check the growth status.
  • Use the Geomancy spell to monitor the health of your patches.
  • Plant Anima plants like Iasor, Kronos, or Attas (76 Farming required) to reduce disease rates, decrease crop growth time, or increase yield, respectively.
  • If you've completed Dream Mentor and have 83 Magic (or can boost to it), you can use Fertile Soil. This spell can save you some inventory space and make the process more efficient. However, it's more expensive than Ultracompost. Using Fertile Soil can be more profitable if it helps reduce your overall run time.

After planting in each patch, move on to the next one. You can choose the order in which you visit the patches based on your preferences and the teleportation methods you have available.

You can do this for various herbs depending on your level.

Start A Bountiful Harvest

Farming might not be as cool as the Attack, Range, or Magic Skill tree in OSRS but that doesn't make it any less important. In fact, this might just be one of the most important Skills out there as it can make you rich in the lands of Gielinor pretty quickly. Hopefully, this guide makes that training journey a lot easier.

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