OSRS Hespori Guide

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OSRS Hespori Guide

You can train Farming and some of your combat skills at the same time in OSRS. This might seem like an unlikely pair of Skills to master but if you know what you're doing, it's more than possible. The way to do this is by fighting Hespori in OSRS. This unique boss might look elegant and friendly but it's definitely no pushover.

Who Is Hespori?


Unlike most boss fights in the game, you can only get a chance to fight the Hespori by first planting a Hespori seed in a specific location on the Farming Guild's west wing. Before you can do that though, you'll need to have level 65 Farmining which luckily, is boostable. Once planted, you'll have to wait 22-32 hours before the Hespori grows.

Where To Get Hespori Seeds?

You can get a Hespori randomly in a few ways:

  • By checking the health of fully-grown plants like bushes, trees, and cactus.
  • From the last harvest of herbs, allotments, flowers, cacti, mushrooms, and giant seaweed.
  • From doing farming contracts.

The worst but most rewarding way to get the seeds is by doing farming contracts. We say worst because this takes a lot of time but you do get a variety of rewards from completing the contracts. We suggest just doing daily farming runs instead. Not only does this give you a lot of items for selling, you can also increase your Farming level significantly with this process. Here's a complete table for the best seeds to use to get a Hespori Seed, listed from highest to lowest chance.




Base chance

(1 in n)

35Hardwood treeTeak seedTeak tree10
55Hardwood treeMahogany seedMahogany tree10
83Spirit treeSpirit seedSpirit tree10
90Redwood treeRedwood tree seedRedwood tree10
72CalquatCalquat tree seedCalquat tree12
55CactusCactus seedCactus14
23SeaweedSeaweed sporeGiant seaweed15
53MushroomMushroom sporeMushrooms15
63BelladonnaBelladonna seedNightshade16
27Fruit treeApple tree seedApple tree18
33Fruit treeBanana tree seedBanana tree18
39Fruit treeOrange tree seedOrange tree18
42Fruit treeCurry tree seedCurry tree18
51Fruit treePineapple seedPineapple tree18
57Fruit treePapaya tree seedPapaya tree18
68Fruit treePalm tree seedPalm tree18
74Crystal treeCrystal acornCrystal tree18
75TreeMagic seedMagic tree18
81Fruit treeDragonfruit tree seedDragonfruit tree18
85Celastrus treeCelastrus seedCelastrus tree18
60TreeYew seedYew tree22
45TreeMaple seedMaple tree28
30TreeWillow seedWillow tree32
15TreeAcornOak tree44
48BushJangerberry seedJangerberries56
59BushWhite berry seedWhite berries56
70BushPoison ivy seedPoison ivy berries56
36BushDwellberry seedDwellberries64
22BushCadava berry seedCadava berries74
10BushRedberry seedRedberries89
28HopsWildblood seedWildblood hops112
21HopsKrandorian seedKrandorian hops128
16HopsYanillian seedYanillian hops149
8HopsAsgarnian seedAsgarnian hops179
13HopsJute seedJute fibre179
9HerbGuam seedGrimy guam196
14HerbMarrentill seedGrimy marrentill196
19HerbTarromin seedGrimy tarromin196
26HerbHarralander seedGrimy harralander196
29HerbGout tuberGoutweed196
32HerbRanarr seedGrimy ranarr196
38HerbToadflax seedGrimy toadflax196
44HerbIrit seedGrimy irit196
50HerbAvantoe seedGrimy avantoe196
56HerbKwuarm seedGrimy kwuarm196
62HerbSnapdragon seedGrimy snapdragon196
67HerbCadantine seedGrimy cadantine196
73HerbLantadyme seedGrimy lantadyme196
79HerbDwarf weed seedGrimy dwarf weed196
85HerbTorstol seedGrimy torstol196
3HopsBarley seedBarley244
4HopsHammerstone seedHammerstone hops244
47AllotmentWatermelon seedWatermelon321
64CactusPotato cactus seedPotato cactus321
61AllotmentSnape grass seedSnape grass347
31AllotmentStrawberry seedStrawberry374
20AllotmentSweetcorn seedSweetcorn449
26FlowerLimpwurt seedLimpwurt root449
1AllotmentPotato seedPotato562
2FlowerMarigold seedMarigolds562
5AllotmentOnion seedOnion562
7AllotmentCabbage seedCabbage562
11FlowerRosemary seedRosemary562
12AllotmentTomato seedTomato562
24FlowerNasturtium seedNasturtiums562
25FlowerWoad seedWoad leaf562
58FlowerWhite lily seedWhite lily562
36VineGrape seedGrapes770
34Tithe FarN/AN/A14,988
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Hespori (A Night At The Theatre)

Aside from the traditional method, you can also fight Hespori as the penultimate fight during the A Night At The Theatre quest. This is a medium-length quest and the Hespori fight is at the very end of it. Before doing the quest, make sure to prepare these things beforehand.

Quest Requirements
  • A Taste of Hope
  • Darkness of Hallowvale
  • In Aid of the Myreque
  • In Search of the Myreque
  • Nature Spirit
  • Priest in Peril
  • The Restless Ghost
Item Requirements
  • A saw but if you have a crystal saw, that will do.
  • Ghostspeak amulet or Morytania legs 2
  • Any axe except blessed axe
  • Ivandis flail/blisterwood flail
  • Combat level 95
  • Stamina or Energy Potions
  • Drakan's medallion
  • Anti-venom or 2 doses of antipoison to cure venom.
  • Combat equipment that can negate and deal venom or poison
  • Access to fairy rings BIP to get to Nature Grotto
  • A way to protect food while in the Mort Myre Swamp such as Druid pouch or Fire of Dehumidification

Once you have all of these prepared, you'll have to talk to the Mysterious Stranger located in Ver Sinhaza, south-east of Meiyerditch to start the quest.

Recommended Setup

If you're planning to fight Hespori, here's the recommended setup. Each are ranked most to least recommended.


  • Helm of Neitiznot
  • Neitiznot faceguard
  • Serpentine helm


  • Fighter Torso
  • Bandos Chestplate


  • Rune/Dragon Plateskirt
  • Bandos Tassets


  • Dragon Boots
  • Primordial Boots


  • Any Blessing
  • Rada's Blessing 4


  • Mid: Fire Cape
  • High: Infernal Cape


  • Amulet Glory or Fury
  • Amulet of Torture


  • Berserker Ring (i)
  • Ultor Ring


  • Barrows Gloves
  • Ferocious Gloves


  • Dragon Scimitar
  • Abyssal Whip or Tentacle Whip
  • Osmumten's Fang or Blade of Saeldor


  • Anti-poison, Super Anti-poison, or Antidote++
  • Book of the Dead
  • Divine Super Combat, Super Combat or Super Attack, Super Strength, and Super Defence potions
  • Food
  • One-click teleport
  • Prayer pot
  • Special weapons: Dragon Dagger, Bandos Godsword, Dragon Claws, or Crystal Halberd.

Hespori Strategy Guide

The fight with the Hespori is relatively easy once you've gotten its attack patterns memorized. It uses fourprimary attacks:

  • Basic ranged attack: This is Hespori's primary means of attack and it its twice, each dealing 8 Hitpoints.If you use Protect from Missiles, the damage is reduced to 2.
  • Basic magic attack: Deals 14 damage but when reduced because of Protect from magic, it goes down to 3.
  • Special attack: Every 50 seconds, Hespori immobilizes you before attacking. You'll now this is happening when roots appear at your legs and the message: "Hespori entangles you in some vines!" appears. To avoid it, click to a new tile again and again. Eventually the vines will break away. If you don't break free within 6 seconds, you'll take 40 damage.
  • Flower buds: Hespori will be surrounded by four buds during the fight. They open once Hespori reaches 66% and 33% of his health, and as well as the start of the fight. The boss cannot be damaged as long as the flowers are open so make sure to kill this first.

Before entering the room, make sure to drink your combat potions and activate Protect from Magic. If you have a ranged weapon like a blowpipe, use this to start the fight.

Summon your thrall and focus on the flowers first. Once the flowers are dealt with, attack Hespori with your special weapon. Once his health drops to 66%, attack the flowers again. If your thrall isn't available anymore, swap to a ranged weapon to kill the flowers.

Hespori Drop Table

The Hespori drops all sorts of rewards. It can also be harvested for seeds. If you have a full Farmer's outfit, you can get 12,915 Farming XP. Below is a drop table for the rewards.

Attas seed1-21/3Not sold
Bottomless compost bucket11/351,005,808
Cactus seed4-141/40180-630
Cadantine seed2-51/26.6717,248-43,120
Celastrus seed11/4084,788
Dragonfruit tree seed11/40193,190
Dwarf weed seed2-51/26.671,432-3,580
Iasor seed1-21/3Not sold
Irit seed2-81/26.67142-568
Kwuarm seed2-51/26.675,986-14,965
Lantadyme seed2-51/26.67718-1,795
Limpwurt seed6-141/4030-70
Magic seed11/8081,256
Mahogany seed1-31/26.671,190-3,570
Maple seed2-41/2018,896-37,792
Papaya tree seed1-31/26.67421-1,263
Palm tree seed1-31/26.6719,010-57,030
Pineapple seed3-61/26.6727-54
Poison ivy seed8-161/4088-176
Potato cactus seed4-141/4012-42
Ranarr seed1-21/4026,882-53,764
Redwood tree seed11/8024,968
Snapdragon seed11/4036,002
Snape grass seed6-161/4038,502-102,672
Spirit seed11/80Not sold
Tangleroot11/5,375-1/4,525Not sold
Teak seed2-51/2078-195
Toadflax seed2-51/26.672,074-5,185
Torstol seed11/406,490
Watermelon seed10-201/4050-100
White lily seed8-181/1629,064-65,394
Whiteberry seed10-161/4020-32
Wildblood seed10-201/4090-180
Willow seed2-51/26.67180-450
Yew seed11/4031,060/td>

Take On Hespori

The Hespori is a fun fight thanks to its mechanics. Once you master the fight with this guide, you'll be killing the Hespori and start Farming and Combat training quickly.

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