OSRS Nightmare Zone Strategy Guide

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OSRS Nightmare Zone Strategy Guide

One of the best parts of OSRS are the bosses that you get to face from the beginning to the end of your journey. If you want to continue pushing yourself to your limits, then you should try to beat all of the bosses that the game has to offer. If that isn't enough, then it might be time to step into the Nightmare Zone.

When it comes to sheer difficulty, it's hard to top what the Nightmare Zone has to offer. This is basically OSRS' version of a boss rush mode and as expected, it's one of the toughest challenges in the game. Finishing it is definitely an achievement worth bragging to your friends.

What Is The Nightmare Zone in OSRS?

The Nightmare Zone is a combat-based minigame in OSRS. In it, you'll enter a dream wherein you'll have to fight bosses you've previously defeated during completed quests. The minigame is run by Dominic Onion who's a mage from Lunar Isle.


As expected from a challenge as grand as this, there are major rewards that await you for completing the Nightmare Zone. Before we talk about what those rewards are though, let's talk about how you can get to Dominic Onion and what are the requirements to start the Nightmare Zone.

How To Get To The Nightmare Zone

The easiest part of this minigame is getting to the Nightmare Zone itself. With that, you're left with a few choices.

  1. Minigames Grouping teleport:

Utilize the Minigames Grouping teleport feature, exclusively available when you meet the requirements for Nightmare Zone.

  1. Watchtower Teleport:

Cast Watchtower Teleport or use a Watchtower teleport tablet, both of which require the completion of the Watchtower quest.

  1. Teleport to House:

Cast Teleport to House or use a Teleport to house tablet if your player-owned house is located in Yanille. Alternatively, use a scroll of redirection on a Teleport to house tablet to set it to teleport you to Yanille.

  1. Fairy Ring:

Use the fairy ring code cls and walk north-west or use code ciq and traverse through Yanille. Ensure you have unlocked the corresponding fairy ring codes.

  1. Ring of Dueling:

Employ a ring of dueling to teleport directly to Castle Wars, then proceed to walk to Yanille.

  1. Spirit Tree:

Utilize the Spirit tree to teleport to Tree Gnome Village and walk from there to reach Nightmare Zone.

  1. Ardougne Cloak 1:

If you possess the Ardougne cloak 1, use it to teleport to the Ardougne Monastery, then head south towards Nightmare Zone.



The only requirement you'll need to participate in the Nightmare Zone is to finish at least 5 of the quests below.

  1. The Ascent of Arceuus
  2. Contact!
  3. The Corsair Curse
  4. The Depths of Despair
  5. Desert Treasure I
  6. Dragon Slayer I
  7. Dream Mentor
  8. Fairytale I - Growing Pains
  9. Family Crest
  10. Fight Arena
  11. The Fremennik Isles
  12. Getting Ahead
  13. The Grand Tree
  14. The Great Brain Robbery
  15. Grim Tales
  16. Haunted Mine
  17. Holy Grail
  18. Horror from the Deep
  19. In Search of the Myreque
  20. Legends' Quest
  21. Lost City
  22. Lunar Diplomacy
  23. Monkey Madness I
  24. Mountain Daughter
  25. My Arm's Big Adventure
  26. One Small Favour
  27. Recipe for Disaster
  28. Roving Elves
  29. Shadow of the Storm
  30. Shilo Village
  31. Song of the Elves
  32. Tale of the Righteous
  33. Tree Gnome Village
  34. Troll Romance
  35. Troll Stronghold
  36. Vampyre Slayer
  37. What Lies Below
  38. Witch's House

Nightmare Zone Mechanics

In the realm of the Nightmare Zone in OSRS, you can participate in the minigame by depositing coins in Dominic's coffer.

The deposits and withdrawals can only be made in multiples of 1000 coins, up to a maximum limit of 262,143,000 coins.

Once you've selected a game mode, you commit to paying any applicable fees. Dominic then prepares a dream potion on a plinth at the lobby's center. Upon consuming the potion, an optional boss customization menu appears. After confirming your choices, the fee is deducted from the coffer, and you enter the Nightmare Zone arena. If you change your mind before sipping the potion, you can cancel the dream by talking to Dominic, and no money will be deducted.

You have the liberty to exit the arena at any time by drinking one of the wake potions positioned on the north or south sides of the arena.

If you fancy spectating another player's dream, you can do so by drinking the red spectator potion outside the lobby area and entering the player's name.

Generally, quest items previously required to defeat bosses are unnecessary, except for ice gloves. Items such as magic secateurs for Tanglefoot, a rune pickaxe for Slagilith, an anti-dragon shield for Elvarg, and runes for Chronozon or the Dagannoth mother are automatically provided with a suffix (nz), denoting their disappearance upon leaving the Nightmare Zone. Magic experience from spells using (nz) runes is significantly reduced, excluding experience gained from dealt damage. Most non-combat spells cannot be cast in the arena, with exceptions like Bones to Peaches and Bones to Bananas.

The Nightmare Zone supports the use of a bonecrusher, as all bosses drop their bone variations. Additionally, specific items like leaves from Tanglefoot, Choc-ice from Karamel, and Big Bones from Dad can be obtained. Long bones and curved bones may also drop from monsters that typically yield them.

Logging out while inside the arena concludes the dream, bringing you back to the Nightmare Zone lobby.

Note For Ironmen:

For Hardcore Group Ironman, deaths are not secure in the Nightmare Zone. To prevent life loss, exit the arena by consuming one of the dream potions on the north or south side.

Logout Mechanics:

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Nightmare Zone Guide OSRS

The Nightmare Zone is undoubtedly one of the toughest challenges in the game so being prepared is important. Your strategy will vary depending on the boss you're facing. Since you've faced these bosses before, you should at least have an idea on how to deal with them. Still, there are a few things you need to consider.

Recommended Skill Levels

  • Prayer - 43
  • Hitpoints - 51
  • Attack - 60+
  • Strength - 60+
  • Defence - 60+
  • Ranged - 75+
  • Magic - 86+

General Tips

  1. Overloads and Alternatives

Overloads demand a minimum of 51 remaining Hitpoints for consumption. Overload damage occurs over time. Using a locator orb or dwarven rock cake during remaining damage can be fatal.

  1. Preference for Regular Potions

Due to the high cost (1,500 points) and sudden Hitpoints loss/gain every 5 minutes, some players opt for regular super combat or ranging potions, especially during less attentive play.

  1. Efficient Use of Absorption Potions

Absorption potions are most effective with 1 Hitpoint, achieved with a dwarven rock cake or locator orb. Maintaining 1 Hitpoint involves flicking Rapid Heal on and off at least once per minute.

  1. Training Methods

Dharok's equipment is an efficient training gear for those with over 92 Hitpoints. For others, the Obsidian armor set, berserker necklace, and Toktz-xil-ak or strength bonus equipment are better.

  1. Hitpoint Management Tips

Use the dwarven rock cake (Guzzle option) to reach 1 Hitpoint. Leaving the Nightmare Zone resets all stats to normal.

  1. Rumble Mode Strategies
  • Completing all quests reduces costs by 10,000 per run.
  • Enabling more bosses yields a higher percentage of total points per kill.
  • Some bosses are recommended to be disabled based on mechanics (e.g., Glod, Elvarg, Corrupt Lizardman).
  • Enabling all bosses from Dream Mentor, Recipe for Disaster, and Desert Treasure I maximizes points per hour.
  1. Bosses for Increased Experience:

Some bosses provide increased experience per damage dealt (e.g., Moss Guardian, Dad, Ice Troll King, Arrg).

  1. Power-ups and Strategies:

Avoid Ultimate Force power-ups unless facing bosses that cannot be damaged. Activate all other power-ups. For Power Surge, use special attack weapons like dragon claws or granite maul with an ornate handle. The Ancient mace special attack, paired with the power surge power-up, can significantly extend prayer use in the Nightmare Zone.

Strategy For Getting First Points

If you're diving into this challenge for the first time without any Nightmare Zone points for absorptions or overloads, consider the following:

Recommended Setups:

  • Melee (Prayer) Setup: Suitable for beginners with the recommended bosses.
  • Hard Endurance Mode: Kill every boss up to Elvarg for efficiency. Venturing further may be less effective.

Normal Difficulty Option:

Playing on normal difficulty is an alternative, but it increases the time and money required to earn a sustainable amount of points. Some bosses like Ice Troll King and Jungle Demon use more attack styles, making survival trickier.

Notes for Hard Endurance Dreams:

Certain bosses require special mechanics or extra items, making them less AFK:

  • Corrupt Lizardman: Poison protection needed.
  • Elvarg: Equip an anti-dragon shield (provided).
  • Slagilith: Optional - Bring a pickaxe (provided).
  • Dagannoth mother: Only takes one type of damage in one form at a time.
  • Dad: Stuns and knocks back.
  • Tanglefoot: Equip Magic secateurs to deal damage (provided).
  • Headless Beast: Drops rock from the ceiling in melee range.
  • Glod: Disables and drains Prayer, manipulates player movement.
  • Flambeed: Equip ice gloves to deal damage.
  • Gelatinnoth Mother: Only takes one type of damage in one form at a time.
  • Karamel: Drains stats and Prayer, interrupts auto-retaliate and movement.
  • Chronozon: Can only be killed after using all four blast spells.
  • Giant Roc: Stuns and knocks back.
  • Damis: Second form drains Prayer quickly.
  • Fareed: Equip ice gloves to deal damage.
  • Kamil: Interrupts movement.
  • Barrelchest: Deals high damage, drains Prayer, Attack, and Defence, turns off protection prayers before attacking.
  • Elven traitor (Arianwyn): High damage and prayer-disabling arrows.
  • Essyllt: Long-ranged attacks, stat drain, and stuns.

For a smoother start, follow the recommended setups and be cautious with harder bosses until you've gained more experience and points.

Equipment Setup

For a more AFK-friendly approach, praying is the recommended method, and it's pretty straightforward. It's highly advised to wear Proselyte armor. Activate Protect from Melee, then simply drink Overloads and Prayer potions as needed. Use Melee to defeat quest bosses such as Bouncer, Tree Spirit, Count Draynor, Khazard Warlord, The Kendal, and/or King Roald.

Melee provides approximately 50,000 to 60,000 experience per hour, along with 200,000 to 400,000 Nightmare Zone points per hour. To maximize your experience rate, use your weapon's special attack whenever possible. Additionally, make the most of the Power Surge power-up to replenish low Prayer, utilizing the Saradomin godsword or Ancient mace if available.

  • Head:
    1. Helm of neitiznot
    2. Berserker helm
    3. Armadyl mitre
    4. Proselyte sallet
    5. Initiate sallet
  • Neck:
    1. Amulet of fury
    2. Amulet of glory
    3. Armadyl stole
  • Back:
    1. Ardougne cloak 4
    2. Fire cape
    3. Capes of accomplishments (trimmed)
    4. God capes
    5. Obsidian cape
  • Body:
    1. Proselyte hauberk
    2. Initiate hauberk
    3. Monk's robe top
  • Legs:
    1. Proselyte cuisse / Proselyte tasset
    2. Initiate cuisse
    3. Monk's robe
  • Weapon:
    1. Abyssal whip / Saradomin sword
    2. Dragon scimitar
    3. Dragon longsword
    4. Rune scimitar
  • Shield:
    1. Dragon defender
    2. Rune defender
    3. God books
    4. Elysian spirit shield / Any other blessed spirit shield
    5. Falador shield 4
  • Ammo/Spell:
    1. Holy blessing
    2. God blessing
  • Gloves:
    1. Barrows gloves
    2. Dragon gloves
    3. Regen bracelet
    4. Combat bracelet
  • Feet:
    1. Primordial boots
    2. Dragon boots
    3. Bandos boots
    4. Climbing boots
    5. Fancy boots / Fighting boots
  • Ring:
    1. Berserker ring (i)
    2. Ring of the gods (i)
    3. Warrior ring (i)
    4. Tyrannical ring (i)
    5. Explorer's ring 4
  • Special Attack:
    1. Saradomin godsword
    2. Ancient mace
    3. Dragon 2h sword
    4. Granite maul

While this set up is highly recommended, feel free to create a build that you're most comfortable with or one that you have the best access to.

Nightmare Zone Game Modes

The Nightmare Zone offers three distinctive modes: Practice, Endurance, and Rumble.

  • Practice - In this mode, you get the chance to go head-to-head with bosses you've defeated before in the Nightmare Zone. It's a one-on-one battle, and it continues until either you or the boss meets their end. However, keep in mind that this practice won't earn you any experience or Nightmare Zone points, and the kills won't count towards your Slayer assignments. Still, you do get drops, like dragon bones from Elvarg, when you defeat the boss.
  • Endurance - If you're up for a challenge, there's Endurance mode. It's a series of one-on-one fights against every boss you've unlocked, coming at you in waves. The battle goes on until either you fall or you conquer all the unlocked bosses. You earn points for each boss defeated, and the 'Points Awarded' section in the bosses table breaks it down. Finish all bosses in normal endurance mode, and you'll have a total of 216,634 points. Opt for the hard endurance mode, and you'll bag a total of 794,770 points.
  • Rumble - For those looking to face multiple bosses at once, there's Rumble mode. Whether you're flying solo or in a group of up to 5 players, you'll be thrown into the mix with multiple bosses randomly, and duplicates are fair game. Solo players will face a max of 4 bosses simultaneously. If you're in a group, the more players you have, the more bosses can join the party. Points are up for grabs with every boss takedown, and the cycle keeps going until you decide to call it quits or meet your match.

In a standard rumble, all bosses you've unlocked are in the mix. But if you're up for a challenge and willing to pay a bit extra, there's the customisable rumble. You can toggle any unlocked boss on or off, though keep in mind that turning bosses off reduces the points you get for each kill.

Starting a rumble involves a chat with Dominic. If you're teaming up, make sure everyone's got enough coins in the coffer. Only bosses unlocked by all players in the group are fair game. Don't worry if your group has different quest completions; it won't affect the points you earn.

To kick off a rumble, have a chat with Dominic, invite your buddies if you're going as a group, and down the Dream potion. Group members will then decide whether to join the shared dream or opt out.

In a hard rumble, you can rack up a maximum of 1,048,575 points.

Each mode further diversifies into 'Normal' and 'Hard' difficulty levels, providing a range of challenges for participants.

  • Normal Difficulty - In the 'Normal' difficulty setting, all quest bosses within the Nightmare Zone retain the same statistics they possess in their respective quests. Additionally, certain mechanics integral to these bosses' encounters are also preserved, adding an element of authenticity to the challenges players face.
  • Hard Difficulty - Stepping up the challenge, the 'Hard' difficulty level in the Nightmare Zone introduces heightened difficulty for quest bosses. In this mode, bosses receive increases in Hitpoints, Attack, Strength, Magic, and Ranged levels where applicable. However, their Defence and defensive bonuses remain unaltered, except for a few exceptions. Some bosses, like the Ice Troll King and Jungle Demon, may either restrict their attacks to Melee or lose specific special fight mechanics.

Furthermore, 'Hard' difficulty introduces additional layers of complexity. Certain bosses gain extra mechanics, intensifying the challenges players must navigate. For instance, The Untouchable reflects 20% of any damage dealt, making encounters more demanding and strategic.

The diverse difficulty levels in Nightmare Zone cater to players of varying skill levels, allowing them to choose the level of challenge that suits their capabilities and preferences.

Nightmare Zone Bosses

All of the bosses you'll have to face in the Nightmare Zone are listed in the table below. The more quests from the list above you'll finish, the more of these bosses you'll have to face.

NameCombat level (hard)Hitpoints (hard)Defence level (hard)Attack stylePoints (normal)Points (hard)Quest
Trapped Soul30 (101)30 (100)20Melee1832,301The Ascent of Arceuus
Count Draynor34 (177)35 (210)30Melee2247,135Vampyre Slayer
Corsair Traitor35 (103)55 (160)30 (80)Magic2442,301The Corsair Curse
Sand Snake36 (154)60 (180)20Melee2445,294The Depths of Despair
Corrupt Lizardman46 (152)50 (150)38Melee, Ranged4275,294Tale of the Righteous
King Roald47 (188)75 (150)30Melee4488,056What Lies Below
Witch's experiment19, 30, 42, 53 (47, 77, 90, 103)21, 31, 41, 51 (63, 93, 102, 113)19, 29, 39, 49Melee5702,301Witch's House
The Kendal70 (210)50 (150)60Melee99810,127Mountain Daughter
Me79 (201)45 (135)74Melee1,2639,207Lunar Diplomacy
Headless Beast82 (233)100 (320)42Melee1,36512,429Getting Ahead
Elvarg83 (214)80 (240)70Melee, Dragonfire1,38510,357Dragon Slayer I
Moss Guardian84 (182)120 (240)60Melee attack that sometimes hits with Magic instead1,4267,595Roving Elves
Slagilith92 (202)60 (150)75Melee1,7119,207One Small Favour
Nazastarool91, 68, 93 (176, 153, 181)100, 75, 110 (154, 180, 176)80, 58, 80Melee1,7527,365Shilo Village
Treus Dayth95 (194)100 (240)100Melee1,8348,516Haunted Mine
Skeleton Hellhound97 (198)55 (132)100Melee1,9158,976In Search of the Myreque
Dagannoth mother100 (201)120 (240)81Melee, Ranged2,0389,207Horror from the Deep
Agrith-Naar100 (196)95 (209)82Melee, Magic2,0388,746Shadow of the Storm
Tree spirit101 (199)85 (187)80Melee2,0788,976Lost City
Dad101 (201)120 (240)50Melee2,0789,207Troll Stronghold
Tanglefoot111 (199)102 (204)91Melee2,5068,976Fairytale I - Growing Pains
Khazard warlord112 (192)169 (256)80Melee2,5478,286Tree Gnome Village
Arrg171 (210)150 (255)40Normal: Ranged
Hard: Melee, Ranged
2,58810,127Troll Romance
Black Knight Titan120 (210)141 (255)91Melee2,93410,127Holy Grail
Ice Troll King122 (213)150 (255)80Normal: Melee, Ranged, Magic
Hard: Melee
3,01610,357The Fremennik Isles
Bouncer137 (244)116 (232)120Melee3,81113,580Fight Arena
Glod138 (276)160 (255)110Melee3,87217,493Grim Tales
Evil Chicken159 (286)120 (240)126Magic5,13518,644Recipe for Disaster - Sir Amik Varze
Agrith-Na-Na146 (235)200 (255)82Melee, Magic4,34112,659Recipe for Disaster - Final battle
Flambeed149 (238)210 (255)75Melee, Magic in Melee range only4,52412,889Recipe for Disaster - Final battle
Karamel136 (186)240 (255)100Magic3,7507,825Recipe for Disaster - Final battle
Dessourt121 (217)140 (255)99Magic, Ranged2,97510,818Recipe for Disaster - Final battle
Gelatinnoth Mother130 (201)240 (240)81Ranged, Magic3,4449,207Recipe for Disaster - Final battle
Culinaromancer75 (209)140 (255)10Magic1,1419,897Recipe for Disaster - Final battle
Chronozon170 (297)60 (120)173Melee5,89020,255Family Crest
Black demon172 (292)165 (255)152Melee6,01219,564The Grand Tree
Giant Roc172 (257)200 (255)100Ranged6,01215,191My Arm's Big Adventure
Dessous139 (217)200 (255)99Magic, Ranged3,93310,818Desert Treasure I
Damis103, 174 (200, 272)90, 200 (198, 255)90, 160Melee6,15516,802Desert Treasure I
Fareed227 (299)130 (255)135Melee, Magic in Melee range only5,66520,485Desert Treasure I
Kamil154 (273)130 (255)135Magic4,83017,032Desert Treasure I
Nezikchened187 (295)150 (150)167Magic7,11220,025Legends' Quest
Barrelchest210 (380)134 (255)140Melee7,35733,145The Great Brain Robbery
Giant scarab191 (316)130 (255)169Melee, Ranged7,41822,787Contact!
Jungle Demon195 (327)170 (255)170Normal: Melee, Magic
Hard: Melee
7,74424,398Monkey Madness I
Elven traitor182 (368)300 (300)102Ranged6,74631,073Song of the Elves
Essyllt236 (395)320 (320)104Melee, Magic, Ranged22,66271,814Song of the Elves
The Untouchable274 (440)90 (180)434Melee15,28544,423Dream Mentor
The Everlasting223 (365)230 (255)120Melee10,12930,613Dream Mentor
The Inadequacy343 (600)180 (255)240Melee, Ranged23,96782,863Dream Mentor
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Nightmare Zone Rewards

Aside from the challenge, we know that you're after the rewards in the Nightmare Zone as well. There are drops from each of the bosses but what's more enticing are the rewards you can buy from the chest near Dominic Onion. You can use the points you earn to purchase specific rewards seen below.

sold at
GE priceGP per point
Bucket of sand200270.14
Compost potion(4)500010.00
Air rune2540.16
Water rune2540.16
Earth rune2540.16
Fire rune2540.16
Rune essence6090.15
Pure essence7020.03
Herb box950013,132.661.38
Vial of water14530.02
Scroll of redirection775N/AN/A


In Nightmare Zone, you can imbue certain items with reward points, adding bonuses and marking them with an (i). Uncharging these items removes bonuses and refunds 80% of the initial reward points spent. Note, after claiming rewards for Hard Combat Achievements, the 80% is based on the current imbuing cost.

For optimal "free" points, uncharge all items before claiming rewards. After claiming, the 50% cost reduction applies. Reimbue all items, netting a gain of 2,347,500 points (30% of original spent). Invest in Herb boxes for 247 boxes, valued at 3,243,766.09. It's a strategic way to maximize gains in the Nightmare Zone.

ItemImbued BonusesPoints required
Black mask (imbued)[a]
  • 15% bonus to Magic and Ranged accuracy and damage on Slayer tasks.

  • +0 Magic and Ranged attack bonuses instead of negative bonuses.

Slayer helmet (imbued)
  • 15% bonus to Magic and Ranged accuracy and damage on Slayer tasks.

  • +3 Magic and Ranged attack bonuses instead of negative bonuses.

  • +10 Magic defence bonus instead of a negative bonus.

Salve amulet (imbued)
  • 15% bonus to Magic accuracy and damage against undead monsters.

  • 1/6 (16.67%) bonus to Ranged accuracy and damage against undead monsters.

Salve amulet (e) (imbued)20% bonus to Magic and Ranged accuracy and damage against undead monsters.800,000
Ring of suffering (imbued)Doubles equipment bonuses.725,000
Ring of the gods (imbued)Doubles the Prayer bonus and gives the effect of the holy wrench when equipped.650,000[b]
Berserker ring (imbued)Doubles equipment bonuses.650,000
Warrior ring (imbued)Doubles equipment bonuses.650,000
Archers ring (imbued)Doubles equipment bonuses.650,000
Seers ring (imbued)Doubles equipment bonuses.650,000
Tyrannical ring (imbued)Doubles equipment bonuses.650,000
Treasonous ring (imbued)Doubles equipment bonuses.650,000
Granite ring (imbued)Doubles equipment bonuses.500,000


Engaging in the Nightmare Zone offers unique benefits, particularly with special potions designed exclusively for the minigame.

These special potions, available only within the Nightmare Zone, are sold by the dose and automatically stored in nearby barrels. Each barrel can hold up to 255 doses of each potion. Players can freely withdraw the desired number of doses of each potion before entering a dream.

Empty vials are not required for this process. In the unfortunate event of death within a dream, any unused potions remain intact and are not lost.

All Nightmare Zone potions, excluding overloads due to their damage-dealing nature, can be consumed at an incredibly rapid pace.

The speed of drinking these potions does not introduce any delay in performing hits.

Similar to consuming combo foods, players can swiftly drink 28 doses of absorption potion, matching the speed of cleaning an inventory of herbs. This can be achieved by clicking on each potion individually.

This efficient method of potion consumption can also be applied to food or other potions, seamlessly without causing delays in executing hits.

ItemPoints per doseEffective cost
Super ranging (1)250345.60
Super magic potion (1)250345.60
Overload (1)1,5002,073.58
Absorption (1)1,0001,382.38

Ready To Take On The Nightmare Zone?

The Nightmare Zone is every bit as difficult as you think it is but with the right preparation, you can get through even the hard difficulty with ease. All you need is the right gear and understanding of each of the boss' weaknesses and you'll be good to take on this challenge.

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