OSRS Passive Income Guide

04.02.2023 - 06:25:40
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OSRS Passive Income Guide

This guide contains passive money making methods in Old School Runescape. The easiest and quickest way to get OSRS Gold is by buying it at an online store, but if you want to farm yourself, here are your opportunities:


Kingdom of Miscellania: After completing the quests “Throne of Miscellania” and “Royal Trouble” you can start investing money in your kingdom and have workers collect resources for you. Before investing though, you must increase your approval rating to 100%. This can be done by helping your workers on the island. Your approval rating will go down by 1% everyday so it is recommended to go to your kingdom once a week and rake some weeds to get it back to 100%. You should also collect your resources once a month and refill the coffers of your kingdom. Before selecting the resources you want your workers to collect, it is a good idea to check this link to maximise your profits: https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Managing_Miscellania

Herb Runs: Planting herb seeds is always profitable with one exception which is your plant dying. For this method you should be using ultracomposts which can be bought from the grand exchange and magic secateurs which can be obtained from the quest Fairytale Part 1. There are also some disease-free herb patches in the game which always guarantees profit. One is on top of Troll Stronghold, unlocked after completing the quest My Arm’s Big Adventure, the second one is in Weiss, unlocked after completing the quest Making Friends with My Arm and the final one is in Hosidius, unlocked after getting 50% Hosidius favour. Planted herbs fully grow after 80 minutes.

Willow Trees: At level 30 farming, you unlock the ability to plant willow trees. Willow trees are the only trees in the game which can generate branches which is a required item for medium Falador diary and the quest Enlightened Journey. Which makes them constantly on demand. After you check the health of a willow tree, it starts generating branches every 5 minutes. The maximum branches a tree can have is 7, so every 35 minutes you can grab your secateurs and harvest them for profit.

Farming Runs: Aside from herbs you can do regular crops to earn money as well. These aren’t as profitable as herbs but they can still add up! The most suitable candidate for this is planting snape grasses, since they are used in creating prayer potions.

Planting Cactus: From level 55 farming onwards you can plant cactus seeds. After they are fully grown you can harvest them to get cactus spines. After harvesting, it takes around 25 minutes for another spine to grow until all of them are available again. You can re harvest them every 1 - 2 hours.

Planting Potato Cactus: At level 64 farming you unlock the ability to plant potato cactuses. Just like regular cactus, their fruit regenerates every 25 minutes.

White Berries: At level 59 farming you can start planting white berries on bush patches. After harvesting, a single berry grows every 20 minutes. You can harvest them every hour or so.

Palm Trees: Just like willow trees, these trees are another great way to make some money. Plant palm trees in every patch you have available to you. After they are fully grown, check their health and collect your coconuts. After collecting all the coconuts, a coconut will grow every 45 minutes for a maximum of 6, so every 4,5 hours you can go back to your trees and collect free profit!

Making Compost: Throughout the farming patches on OSRS, there are compost bins which you can fill up to get compost. Creating supercompost is the most profitable one as of now so fill your compost bins with watermelons and wait 90 minutes. After waiting you can collect your supercompost with buckets to make some profit.

Buying Battlestaves: This method involves buying items from a shop everyday and selling them back to grand exchange. In the Zaff’s staff shop, you can buy battlestaffs for 7k each which then you can sell to grand exchange for an instant profit. Without any diaries you can buy 5 battlestaves, with easy you can buy 15, with medium you can buy 30, with hard you can buy 60 and with elite you can buy 120, so it’s recommended to have at least the hard diary completed for more profit. You can buy that amount every 24 hours (when the server time resets).

Collecting Pure Essence: After completing the Ardougne diary, you will have the ability to collect free pure essence from the Wizard Cromperty. With medium diary completed you can claim 100, with hard completed you can claim 150 and with elite completed you can claim 250. You can collect your essence every 24 hours when the server time resets.

Buckets of Sand: This method requires the completion of the quest “Hand in the Sand”. After the quest you can collect 84 buckets of sand from the npc called Bert. This can be done every 24 hours when the server time resets and if you have the elite Ardougne diary completed you can toggle automatic delivery. Which will deliver the buckets of sand to your bank automatically every day upon logging into the game.

Birdhouse Runs: Bird house runs are another great way to make some decent money while getting passive hunter experience. You will be getting all types of bird nests from this minigame so you can sell those plus any seed that you get. If you are looking for a complete birdhouse run guide click here.

Explorer’s Ring: After completing the Lumbridge & Draynor diary you will gain access to explorer’s ring 4 which has a high level alchemy option. This option does not use any nature runes and you can use it 30 times per day. Check grand exchange prices to find the best alchable item and enjoy your free gp.

Bow String: After completing the Kandarin diary you can exchange flax for bowstrings every 24 hours. With easy diary you can exchange 30, with medium 60, with hard 120 and with elite 250. Flaxes are dirt cheap on the grand exchange which makes you easy, instant money.

Ogre Arrows: After completing Western Provinces Diary you can claim arrows from the npc Rantz. With the completion of easy diaries you can claim 25, with medium you can claim 50, with hard you can claim 100 and with elite you can claim 150 free ogre arrows everyday.

Free Runes: After completing the Wilderness Diary you can claim free runes from the npc called Lundail. With the completion of easy diaries you can claim 10, with medium you can claim 20, with hard you can claim 30 and with elite you can claim 50 free random runes everyday.

Herb Boxes: If you have nightmare zone points, you can buy 15 herb boxes everyday from the nightmare zone reward chest. Each box has an estimated worth of 10.5K and costs 9500 nightmare zone points. The herbs from the boxes are automatically sent to your bank, so you can stack them up and open them at the same time if you please. This is a great method since the nightmare zone is an afk minigame.

Dynamite: After completing the Kourend & Kebos Diary, you can claim free dynamites everyday from an npc called Thirus. With the completion of medium diaries you can claim 20, with hard you can claim 40 and with elite you can claim 80 free dynamite everyday.

Fletching Cape: If you have 99 fletching you can get yourself a fletching cape. You can search the cape for a bronze crossbow and mithril grapple 3 times everyday.


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