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Osrs Prayer Guide - Rpgstash

What is Prayer:

Prayer is a combat skill which is trained normally by burying bones, and gaining temporary bonuses. These bonuses being active drain your prayer level until you are out of points, which then you are not able to use prayers anymore. When you do run out of prayer, you will need to recharge it at one of many alters, or use alternative methods to get your prayer points back. 


Benefits of Prayer:

Prayer is extremely important for progressing throughout Runescape. In addition to the percentage increase to stat prayers, you have many other useful and beneficial prayers. Protection from magic, Missiles, and Melee of the three most important prayers in the game, often making difficult, challenging, and hard hitting bosses become completely unable to hit the player. 

There are also other unique or utility prayers such as Redemption which will heal the player using all prayer points if they are reduced below 10% hp. 


Prayer Potions:

These potions are able to restore prayer. They are massively important items as you will be able to sustain your prayer level for much longer when you are a far distance away from an altar. This is incredibly useful at bossing, slayer, or training combat skills in areas such as the Nightmare Zone. Increasing your prayer level will also provide more restoration with the use of prayer pots. 


Unlocking Prayer:

There are five locked prayers. These five have to be unlocked by doing specific content.


Chivalry  / Piety: 

Effect: Increases Attack, Strength, and Defense by a percentage. 

Level: 60 / 70  Prayer

Unlocked: Doing King’s Ransom Quest.



Effect: Halves the time that it takes to drain stats. Useful to increase duration of boosted stats. 

Level: 55 Prayer

Unlocked: Raids 1 (Chamber of Xeric): Torn Prayer Scroll, Purchasable on Grand Exchange.



Effect: Increases Range Accuracy, Ranged Damage, and Defense.

Level: 74 Prayer

Unlocked: Raids 1 (Chamber of Xeric): Torn Prayer Scroll, Purchasable on Grand Exchange.



Effect: Increases Magic Accuracy, Magic Defense, and Defense.

Level: 77 Prayer

Unlocked: Raids 1 (Chamber of Xeric): Torn Prayer Scroll, Purchasable on Grand Exchange.

Methods of Training:


Chaos Altar

The Chaos Altar is one of the most common ways to train prayer due to the high Exp rates as well as it being cheaper then other methods. The Chaos Altar is in level 30 Wilderness where other players can attack you. This poses many dangers in losing your bones to players who are looking to collect your money. Though this is dangerous, it does give 700% effective experience. The Chaos altar gives you 350% exp in comparison to burying a bone as well as 50% chance not to use the bone. You do have potential to lose bones due to PKers, but even the next best method is only 350% effective, though you can use your bones much faster. Consider the use of the Chaos Altar over other methods if you want to train prayer very quickly, but still on a budget. The method is based on your access to deep wilderness teleports. If you do not have access to teleporting, you can run from Farrox Enclave. You can kill yourself on the wine which will damage you if you try to pick it up. Teleport back with a ring of dueling, restore your stats and run energy, and repeat. Other methods include using a burning amulet to the Lava Maze, Forgotten Cemetery teleport on the Arceuus spellbook, or the Ghorrock Teleport on the Ancient spellbook.

Gilded Altar:

The Gilded Altar is a similar training method to the Chaos Altar with 350% exp bonus per bone.Though the Gilded Altar does not give 50% chance to save the bone, it is in a safe area. Gilded Altars are within Player owned Houses. If you do not have a high construction level, don’t worry, as you can use other players' houses and join a large pool of people on world 330. Note that Ironmen can not use a Gilded Altar unless they have access to the construction level and built it within their own home. The best method is to go to Rimmington with gold and noted bones in your inventory. After finding a house which has a Gilded Altar, bury the bones on the Altar and leave the house. In the general store next to the house portal, you will find a man named Philes. Philes will un-note your bones for 5gold per bone. You can repeat this as many times as you would like.


Ectofuntus : Really only a Hardcore Ironman method of getting prayer exp. It uses bones, but is slower than other methods. Hardcore Ironmen are not suggested to go into the Wilderness, and Gilded Altar is not accessible by lower level Ironmen. It involves getting buckets of slime, grinding the bones, and sacrificing the bone meal to the ectofuntus. This gives 400% experience per bone and Ecto-Tokens which can be used to charge the Bone Crusher. It is highly suggested to finish the Ghost Ahoy quest due to getting the ability to teleport to the Ectofuntus.You can still do the method, it just becomes much slower as it removes almost all travel time. 


Ensouled Heads:

Ensouled heads are a cheaper, but also slower method to getting prayer Exp. You can passively gain head by killing creatures which drop Ensouled heads, or you can buy them from other players. You will also need a corresponding magic level to cast a spell on the Arceuus spellbook. You will also need 100% favor with Arceuus to gain access to the spellbook. Once casting the spell, you will need to kill a weaker version of the monster, which you will receive prayer exp when the monster dies. Be aware, certain monsters require specific defenses, such as dragons WILL need protection from dragon fire. This method is a cheaper method, gives magic, combat, as well as prayer Exp. 


Pest Control / Soul Wars: 

Pest Control / Soul Wars are minigames in which you can spend reward points on Prayer Exp. Pest Control is a PvM minigame whereas Soul Wars is a PvP minigame. These methods are the best way for Ultimate Ironmen to get Prayer Exp. Though you will only get roughly 25k Exp per hour, it is completely free and you can also get Exp in other combat skills. At the moment there is a potential update to give more Pest Control points to players who have finished the Easy/Medium/Hard Combat diaries. If this is implemented, this method can become twice as good while remaining completely free. 



Bone Crushes and the Ash Sanctifier are two items which you can get which will bury bones / ashes automatically. This will give free experience to many monsters who drop bones which players would not normally bury. This can be great passive Exp during other skills such as training combat stats, Hunter, and Slayer. You can get the Bone Crusher by completing the medium  Morytania achievement diary. The Bone Crusher will give you 50% of the Exp burying the bone would yield. With the Elite Morytania diary, you will get 100% Exp. You will need to charge the Bone Crusher with Ecto Tokens. This is obtained through the Ectofuntus. One Ecto Token will allow the Bone Crusher to bury twenty five bones of any kind. The Ash Sanctifier is obtained through the Hard Kourend and Kebos diary. It is charged with a death rune gaining ten charges. This item will bury any ashes by demonic creatures the player has killed. Good Slayer tasks to use an Ashe Sanctifier would be Abyssal Demons, HellHounds, or Aberrant Specters.

Quests for Prayer Exp:

Rag and Bone Man 1: 500 Exp

Making History: 1k Exp

Recruitment Drive: 1k Exp

The Restless Ghost: 1125 Exp

Priest in Peril: 1406 Exp

Mountain Daughter: 2k Exp

Ghost Ahoy: 2.4k Exp

Another Slice of Ham: 3k Exp

Rag and Bone man 2: 5k Exp

The Great Brain Robbery: 6k Exp

Rum Deal: 7k Exp

Spirits of the Elid: 8k Exp

Swan Song: 10k Exp

Holy Grail: 11k Exp

Hopespear’s Will Miniquest: 38750 Exp


Total Exp gained by quests: 98,181 Exp


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