OSRS Prospector Gear Guide

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OSRS Prospector Gear Guide

If you’re looking to get to level 99 Mining fast in OSRS, you’re going to need a lot of time, effort, and a sound strategy for training. Even with all of these in check, you still hours upon hours of endless clicking to go. One way to make the entire Mining training journey go by a lot quicker is by getting the Prospector’s Kit.

What Is OSRS Prospector Gear

This is a set of gear in OSRS that will provide a 2.5% bonus to your mining experience, there by making it effectively faster to level up the skill. It has a gold variant but this is fully cosmetic. The gold prospector gear provides the same benefits and bonuses as the regular one but it’s more expensive to get. In most cases, it’s not really worth getting the gold variant.

There are four pieces in the entire set and each has its own Mining XP boost. You can only get the full 2.5% bonus by wearing all pieces of the outfit. Oddly enough, the helmet isn’t considered as a light source despite having lights in its design.


XP Boost

Buys for (in gold nuggets)

Sells for (in gold nuggets)

Boost (% per gold nuggets)





















Set bonus



Complete set





How To Get Prospector Gear

You can only get the Prospector Gear from the Prospector Percy’s Nugget Shop located within the Motherlode Mine. Unlike most of the gear in the game, you can’t buy the kit with gold. Instead, you’ll have to pay for it using golden nuggets which you can get as a reward from washing pay-dirt.

The entire set will set you back 180 gold nuggets in total.  This can take a long time to get as it requires you to mine 6,570 pay-dirt or more. Unfortunately, this is the only way to get the Prospector Kit in the game so you really have to grind it out if you want to get it for your account.

OSRS Golden Nugget Farming

For starters, you need to get to the Motherlode Mine which is a P2P area in the Dwarven Mine. the good news is that you don’t need any quests or skill requirements to get inside to start farming Gold Nuggets.

You can start earning nuggets by sifting through sacks that come as a result of cleaning pay-dirt. You’re expected to get at least a single nugget for every 36.5 pay-dirt that you clean. There are some gold nuggets you can get from panning in an area near Prospector Percy but these can’t be used to purchase anything from her shop.

Unfortunately, there’s really no way to make this process faster. It relies heavily on your luck and determination to get enough gold nuggets for a Prospector Gear.

Is The Prospector Gear Worth Getting?

2.5% Mining XP might not seem much at a glance but it will actually accumulate over time. For many players, getting the Prospector Gear is worth it for this alone. It’s going to be a lot easier for farm from any Mining level to 99 once you have the full set on. While you can’t make the process faster, you can at least make the entire farming process more efficient for your other skills and your riches.

First, we highly suggest starting mining for the kit at level 40 mining. You should be done by around level 65 which totals in 418,030 XP in Mining and 5911 pay-dirt.. Along the way, you can also repair the water mill within the Motherlode Mine for an extra 12,000+ Smithing XP which should get you at least 2 levels.

You’ll have around 1.2m or more from completing the entire farming method. Once you’ve bought the Prospector’s Gear, you should then farm enough for a Coal Bag which will help you be more efficient at Blast Furnace. Once done, make sure to complete Family Crest for the Goldsmith Gauntlets. With the Coal Bag and the gauntlets at your inventory, head to the blast furnace and use up all of the materials you acquired from the Motherload Mine.

Just the gold ores alone can result in 59k+ Smithing XP. To gain Crafting XP, you should then turn your Gold Bars into Golden Amulets (u). This can result in 32K+ Crafting XP. Head back to the blast furnace and turn all mithril ore into mithril bars. This will provide you with over 800k Gold and over 21k Smithing XP.

By following this process, you’re able to get XP for Smithing, Mining, and Crafting, while getting hundreds of thousands of cash on top of the Prospector Kit. This can still take a considerable amount of time and effort though but at least with this method, you’re doing a lot more than just farming.

Get To 99 Smithing With The Prospector Gear

Getting the Prospector Gear isn’t essential to get to level 99 Mining but it does make the entire journey a lot faster. 2.5% Mining XP bonus accumulates to a staggering huge bonus over time. As tiring as it may be, we’re hoping that the method above will make the entire farming journey at least worth it on your end.

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