OSRS Spindel Guide

09.02.2023 - 14:48:29
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OSRS Spindel Guide

What Is Spindel?

Spindel is a new boss that resides in the Wilderness. It's the weaker variant of the boss Venenatis.

Why Should You Kill Spindel?

Spindel as of the update is a great way to make a lot of money. First of all, the base drops of the boss are pretty decent and will make you 1 - 2M per hour regardless of uniques. There are also 5 unique items that this boss can drop, two of which are newly added and worth quite the fortune. Secondly the boss resides in level 21 wilderness which allows you to teleport away with 1 click. Which makes killing the boss much safer.

The boss also resides in a singles-plus area which makes it so that you can only be attacked by 1 player and can't get pjed. This effect also makes it easier for you to escape player killers.

Thirdly the boss has access to the secondary supply roll table. Which will provide you with food and potions so you can have longer trips without banking and always have food to eat.

Lastly, the boss is really easy to kill and does not have a steep learning curve. You will be able to kill the boss perfectly fine after 1 attempt.

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Spindel Guide

Spindel resides in a cave north of Ferox Enclave in level 29 wilderness. Entering the cave requires a small fee just like revenant caves. If you die inside the cave you will lose that fee and will have to pay again. Spindel can also be assigned as a slayer task either as “Venenatis” or “spiders”. One major difference this boss has from Venenatis is that it can't poison the players.


Spindel could be killed with very low stats but if you are looking to make a lot of money per hour and kill the boss as efficiently having higher stats will help. There are two ways of killing spindel first one is the ranged way and the following stats are recommended for efficiency:

  • 90+ Ranged
  • 74+ Prayer
  • 70+ Defence

Second is the melee way and the following stats are recommended for efficiency:

  • 90+ Strength
  • 80+ Attack
  • 70+ Defence
  • 70+ Prayer

Spindel is very resistant to magic attacks, very weak to melee, crush attacks and semi-weak to ranged attacks. So you will need either a range weapon or a melee crush weapon alongside their appropriate armour to kill it. Here is an exemplary setup, you can downgrade or upgrade any item you wish but do keep in mind that this is wilderness and you shouldn't bring any item that you don't want to lose.

Ranged Setup
  • Any god d'hide coif/Slayer helmet (i) (if on slayer task)
  • Black d'hide body
  • Black d'hide legs
  • Craw's bow/Webweaver bow
  • Any blessing
  • Necklace of anguish/Dragonbone necklace/Amulet of glory
  • Ava's device
  • Barrows gloves
  • God d'hide boots/Snakeskin boots
  • Archers ring (i)/Ring of the gods (i)/Ring of wealth
Melee Setup
  • Helmet of Neitiznot/Dwarven helmet/Slayer Helmet (if on slayer task)
  • Amulet of bloodfury/Dragonbone necklace/Amulet of glory
  • Proselyte hauberk
  • Proselyte tasset
  • Viggora's chainmace/Ursine chainmace
  • Avernic defender/Dragon defender
  • Any blessing
  • Dragon boots
  • Barrows gloves
  • Berserker ring (i)/Tyrannical ring (i)

For your inventory bring a nice combination of saradomin brews, super restores and regular food. Don't forget to bring a divine ranging or super combat potion and a stamina potion. Bring your 1 click teleport, (something like a royal seed pod) and bring around 50 adamant darts.

Killing Spindel

Spindel has a rotation which it follows and has 2 special moves alongside its regular attacks:

  • Rotations: This is the most important part, Spindel has a rotation of attacks that it goes through in order. Each rotation has 4 attacks. Spindel will always do a melee attack if you are near it and it will always do a ranged or a magic attack (It will do a ranged attack on rotations 1 & 2 and magic attacks in 3 & 4.) if you are standing away from it. You do not have to count attacks except for the third rotation as after every 4 attacks the boss will move which indicates it has gone through a rotation. Rotations are as follows:
  1. Spindel will attack with melee or ranged depending on where you are. If you are close, it's melee if you are far away it's ranged. So depending on your combat style of choice, pray accordingly. It will spawn 2 spiderlings with his first attack. These spiderlings have 5 health and do not deal much damage but they drain your prayer with each hit. To deal with these, equip your darts and hit them one time. Spindel will do a total of 4 attacks alongside this and move.
  2. Second rotation has nothing special in it; it will just do 4 attacks and move again.
  3. This rotation is the most important one. If you are standing away from the boss it will start doing magic attacks instead of range attacks so pray accordingly. Alongside its third attack, Spindel will shoot a web towards your player character which will create a big webbed surface underneath you. Standing on this surface will deal 3 damage each tick and drain your run energy and prayer points. This can become very annoying if the web is in the middle of the room since the boss moves after every 4 attacks. To avoid this mechanic after the bosses' 2nd attack pray mage and run away to a side of the room to make the web cover as little area as possible.
  4. Last rotation doesn't have anything special in it. Boss will do 4 attacks of either magic or melee depending on where you stand and move.
  5. After these 4 rotations it will reset starting from 1 again.
Quick Rundown
  1. Enter the cave and pray either melee or ranged (depending on what you are using as explained above) and attack the boss.
  2. Equip your darts to kill the spiderlings that spawn.
  3. Wait for Spindel to move 2 times and count its attacks, after the 3rd attack run to a corner or a side of the room to avoid its webbed attack. If you are a melee user remember to use protection from magic as you are running away.
  4. It will reset after the 4th rotation so repeat everything again. If you are close to killing it you can leave the newly spawned spiderlings alive and just kill the boss.
Escaping Pkers

First way and the one you should always try to do is just teleporting out as soon as you see a pker enter the cave. There will be a slight delay between his animation of entering the cave and him attacking you so you can use that time frame to teleport out pretty easily. One way to make this even easier is to turn on player indicators on runelite and check the “highlight others” option. This makes it very easy to spot players when you are focused on another task.

If you didn't manage to do that and got teleport blocked however, the best way to escape would be to walk out and freeze the pker then run behind any obstacle like a tree. For this method you should at least bring a 3 way mage switch, otherwise it would be very difficult to catch a freeze. Go outside the cave, freeze them and run around an obstacle, don't run too far away as your freeze will automatically disappear if you are too far away from your target. Alternatively you can stand on the same tile as the pker after freezing them but they might have a mithril seed so running around an obstacle is a better way to do it. Luckily there are a lot of trees and other objects around the cave. If you are frozen first, wait until it ends and focus on survival. When it ends, freeze them and run around an obstacle since you will have a few seconds of freeze immunity.

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