OSRS Tombs of Amascut Strategy Guide

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OSRS Tombs of Amascut Strategy Guide

There's never a shortage of challenges to do in OSRS. Whether you're a casual player or someone who wants to do all that the game has to offer, then you'd definitely want to check out the Tomb of Amascut. This is definitely one of the toughest challenges that the game has to offer right now.



A lot of players call it TOA so for the purpose of this guide, we'll do that as well. On this guide, you'll see a complete walkthrough and strategy on what to do for the tomb. Before anything else though, let's first talk about what the Tombs of Amascut really is.




The Tombs of Amascut, better known as ToA within the OSRS community, is one of the most popular Raids in the game. The raid puts you and up to 8 players against a series of bosses and challenges, which lead up to a fight against Ellidini's Warden. Like with other raids in the game, ToA is high-level and requires a lot of cooperation between players.

Of course, finishing the Raid nets you a variety of rewards including Osmumten's Fang which is considered as one of the best melee weapons in the game. The community considers ToA and the Chambers of Xeric as two of the hardest Raids in the game right now.

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Unlock OSRS ToA



To unlock the Tombs of Amascut raid, you simply have to beat the Beneath Cursed Sands quest. This might sound easy enough but it's the fourth in the Desert Series of quest so just getting to it is very lengthy. If you're already at Beneath Cursed Sands, here's a quick guide to follow.

Quest Quick Guide
Entranced Menaphites
  1. To begin the quest, go to Sophanem and speak with Jamila.
  2. Go through the message she sends you.
  3. Travel to the campsite, which is situated straight north of the small mining site near the cliffs and east of Sophanem.
  • o get there faster, take the Sophanem gate on the southeast.
  • If you have level 62 Agility, you can access the Necropolis again by using fairy ring code akp after initially entering it.
  1. Speak with Maisa. Use the Jaltevas teleport option on your Pharoah's sceptre to commune with the obelisk just north of the Necropolis mine to enable teleportation back here.
  2. Examine the Jaltevas Pyramid's blocked entrance.
  3. Speak with Menaphite Guard or a citizen.
  4. Take on the Head Menaphite Guard. He will deal damage to you equal to one-third of your hitpoint total if you use Protect from Melee. It is still possible to boost prayers like piety.
  5. Speak with Maisa.
The Ruins of Ullek
  1. Talk to Maisa when you return to her camp.
  2. You may find a tinderbox in the camping supplies near the tent if you need one. On the north side of the campsite is a spade.
  3. Head south from the campsite, then east along the cliffs, and finally north to a set of steps leading up to the Ullek Ruins.
  4. To light the furnace, marked on the minimap, use the coal and tinderbox.
  5. Look into the well to find a tablet made of stone. Go through it. It's a good idea to replenish your waterskins at the well too.
  6. Go back down the steps and proceed to the ritual pillar at the southernmost point. Prepare it by digging ahead of it.
  7. Use the passcode "1118513" to unlock the chest.
  8. Make a scarab emblem by going back to the furnace with the iron bar and scarab mold.
  9. Proceed to the pillar further north and place the emblem inside.
  10. With its pincers pointing upward, rotate the scarab on the emblem so it faces down.
  11. Descend the staircase and kill the pair of Scarab Mage.

Reminder: You will exit the cave if you log out.

  1. Go down the stairs again.
  2. Run west to the intersection, south, and east to the lever, dodging the projectiles.
  3. After pulling the lever at the end, sprint back as quickly as you can to the intersection, then take the east and north paths.

Caution: It will take about a minute for the lever to reset.

  1. Pull the other lever at the other end. If it works, the traps will become inoperable.
  2. Proceed through the door located to the west of the intersection.
Riddle of the Tomb
  1. Examine the southwest plaque to obtain 4 emblems.
  2. Examine and read the northwest plaque.
  3. Each player has a different answer to the puzzle. To answer this puzzle, go to the table below.
  • "To the one that arrived first, he offered (item 1)" - Put the emblem for the first item in the center-south urn.
  • "The one that was offered (item 2) came from just south…" - Put the emblem for item number 2 in the urn that is furthest to the south.
  • "(God 1) arrived just before (god 2)..." - Put the god 1 emblem in the urn that is furthest north and the god 2 emblem in the urn that is closest to the center.
  1. Proceed to the next area by pulling the lever to the southwest.
  2. Talk to the Spirit.
  3. Go to the back of the room and retrieve the rusty key from the urn.
The Champion of Scarabas
  1. Get ready for the upcoming boss battle, which is best taken on with a ranged weapon. If needed, restock right away. Always remember to open the door or bring the rusty key.
  2. Open the door (you'll only need to unlock it once) and go back to the room where you faced the Scarab Mages.
  3. Beat the Scarabas Champion. When it is close to you, it will use magic or melee attack. It is advised to use Protect from Magic and avoid coming into direct contact with the boss. It will employ one of 3 special attacks following multiple normal attacks.
  • Shadow Burst - After projecting a shadow beneath itself, the Champion will release a burst of shadow magic. This can deal more than 40 damage many times (less if it hits farther away from the Champion) and reaches 4 tiles. Since you cannot freeze the Champion, it is advisable to avoid being in close proximity to him during the fight.
  • Shadow Rift - Within the arena, the Champion will call forth a Shadow Rift. The rift should be destroyed as soon as possible because it has 20 hitpoints and will detonate when it reaches 35 or above.
  • Shadow Flames - A swarm of poisonous scarabs will appear as soon as the Champion yells, "We are children of the shadows!" The swarm has 5 hitpoints and leaves behind dark fire that burns underfoot. Killing the swarm quickly is advised since, if left untreated, the fire will persist and make moving difficult.
  1. Speak with the High Priest of Scarabas.

Reminder: You can return to the entrance to retrieve your belongings from a grave if you die during the battle.

Cure Me Pox

Required Items:

Recommended Items: Means to fight desert heat, teleports to Sophanem and Nardah

  1. Talk to Maisa or Zahur at the building just south of the fountain when you get to Nardah.
  2. Get uncooked meat or raw beef from the Nardah General Store if you don't have one yet.
  3. Go west until you get to the River Elid and an island covered in lilies.
  4. Try to make it to the stepping stones and toss the meat to the crocodile.
  5. Get the lily of the Elid.
  6. Go to Zahur.
  7. Adjust each heat setting until the total temperature reaches the designated level to warm up her chemistry equipment.
  8. The middle and right-hand bars should be expanded to their fullest capacities. Next, lower the right-hand bar to halfway. The center bar should be lowered to finish the puzzle.
  9. Spek with Zahur to obtain the cure crate, then deliver it to the Sophanem High Priest.
  10. Equip yourself with melee weapons in preparation for a battle against the level 351 boss before heading to the Necropolis.
Fight with the Menaphite Akh
  1. Proceed to the necropolis and speak with Maisa; it's just at the route bend, south of Sophanem's southeast entrance.
  2. Defeat the Menaphite Akh at the end of the cutscene. In addition to performing melee attacks, the Menaphite Akh occasionally employs special attacks.
  • She will launch a lightning bolt strike in her direction when she twitches. If avoided, this attack has 70+ damage potential. To avoid this, be ready to walk next or behind her.
  • She will also call forth a Menaphite Shadow, which uses magic or ranged attacks, during the battle. Attack it swiftly by running, but keep an eye out for lightning attacks. You will need to strike the real Akh or risk taking a lot of damage if the shadow is not eliminated quickly.
  1. Once you go back to Sophanem, speak with the High Priest or Maisa.

Reminder: To resume the fight if you decide to leave, talk to Osman outside Maisa's camp. You can come back there to retrieve your belongings after you die in the battle.

How To Get To TOA?



Once you've finished Beneath Cursed Sands, the tombs are ready to be challenged. There are a few ways to get to the area so we're listing the below from most to least efficient,

  1. Pharoah's Scepter - Using this item on the obelisk that's north of the Necropolis mine will grant you direct access to ToA.
  2. Fairy Ring Code akp - If you use this method, there's going to be a shortcut blocking the way which will require level 62 Agility.
  3. Magic Carpet - There's a magic carpet ride from Shantay Pass that will get you to Pollnivneach. From there, use the carpet south of the area to get to Sophanem. From there, walk southeast to get to ToA. This costs 400 coins but if you've finished Rogue Trader, it will only cost 200.
  4. Construction Cape/Pollnivneach Teleport - When using either of these, head south from where you land and then use the carpet to Sophanem.
  5. Nardah - Teleport to Nardah and get to the raid by going southwest.

The best way to do it would be with the 1 and 2 methods. The rest are still plausible methods but they can take considerably longer which isn't practical if you're going to farm the raid.

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TOA Mechanics

The flow of ToA is fairly simple. A party of up to 8 players will need to go through four paths inside the dungeon. Each of the paths will consists of a few challenges and puzzles, and a boss fight. You and your team and go through the paths in any order but having a route can make the raid easiest and it can cut your clear time as well.

If you don't tinker with any of the raid's mechanics, you and your team will have no limits when it comes to how many times you die. There are a few invocations that will limit the death count to a certain number. If the team reaches this limit, they'll have to restart from the path that they died in but all finished paths up until that point will be retained.



If the entire team falls and there are no more attempts left, all unprotected items will be lost but you can still retrieve them from the lobby once you return. You can get these items for a fee.

Logging out of the raid will also cause all unprotected items to drop. It's recommended to bring a teleport or at least try to die instead of logging out so that your items don't drop. This rule is more difficult for Hardcore Ironmen as they should only leave via a teleport.

Another thing worth noting is the party size. The second and third members of the team will increase the base health of the bosses by 90% each. The fourth member and the beyond will increase the bosses' life by 60% each. That considered, it's still best to take on the raid with a group despite the higher health pool as you can make up for it by dealing massive damage.

TOA Bosses

The four paths in ToA are based on one of Tumeken's avatars: Apmeken, Cronsid, Scabaras, and Het. You'll have to beat each of these bosses before challenging the last one at the end of the dungeon.

Akkha, the Guardian of Het.


Ba-Ba, the Guardian of Apmeken.
Kephri, the Guardian of Scabaras.
Zebak, the Guardian of Crondis.
Tumeken's Warden, the final boss.
Elidinis' Warden, also the final boss.

Invocations And Raid Level

ToA has a unique system called Invocations. This basically puts in place a few modifications to the Raid to increase its difficulty. You have the choice to add whichever invocations that you like. Some Raids alter the stats of the enemies inside while there are those that can limit the timer on how long you need to beat ToA. There are a variety of invocations in ToA and choosing the right ones can increase your chances of winning.

Aside from making the raid more challenging, Invocations can also make ToA more rewarded. This means that you'll have the chance to increase the possibility of getting the best rewards in the game.

All details about the current Invocations can be seen in the game using the raid party interface.

InvocationDetailsRaid lvl modifierCategory

Try Again

You have 10 attempts to finish the raid.

If your team wipes during the challenge, the attempt is considered unsuccessful; however, if your team wipes right before the task is over, it won't be considered a failure.

In the attempts category, there can only be a single current invocation.

PersistenceYou have 5 attempts to finish the raid.+10Attempts
Softcore RunYou have 3 attempts to finish the raid.15Attempts
Hardcore RunYou have 1 attempt to finish the raid.+25ttempts
Walk for It

The raid takes 40 minutes for you to finish, including the breaks for each path.

The raid level will drop by 20 if it is unsuccessful.

(The timer starts when you enter the first path and stops when the Warden runs out of health during the last stage of the battle.)

In the Time Limit category, there can only be a single invocation.

+10Time Limit
Jog for It

The raid has 35 minutes for you to finish.

In the event of failure, the raid level will drop by 30.

+15Time Limit
Run for It

You have 30 minutes to complete the raid.

The level of the raid will drop by 40 if it is unsuccessful.

+20Time Limit
Sprint for It

You have 25 minutes to finish the raid.

The level of raid will drop by 50 if it is unsuccessful.

+25Time Limit
Need Some Help?

There will be at least 1 supply of each item in the 66% reduction in the number of goods that the Helpful Spirit offers.

Despite the name, there is no guarantee that the reduction will happen. For example, there is still a probability of a reduction (1 salt + 1 adrenaline), but it is still possible to receive an unaffected Power option (2 salt + 1 adrenaline).

The category of Helpful Spirit allows for the activation of only 1 invocation.

+15Helpful Spirit
Need Less Help?The number of items available from the Helpful Spirit will be lowered to 33%, and there will only be 1 supply of each kind.+25Helpful Spirit
No Help NeededThe number of items the Helpful Spirit offers will be lowered to 10% and there will only be 1 supply of each kind.+40Helpful Spirit
Walk the Path

When a path is finished during the raid, it will level up additional paths.

The enemy's hitpoints and damage will be altered by +8% on the first path level, and then by +5% on each subsequent level, for a total of 6 levels. Additionally, each path's boss mechanics are altered every 2 path levels, with a cap at 4 path levels:

  • Akkha: His Memory Blast attack gains one more iteration every 2 levels.
  • Ba-Ba: Her energy blasts from open sarcophagi will have a greater strike range, and her rockfall attack will fall much faster.
  • Kephri: She'll launch auto-attacks more quickly. In addition, when her shield is healing, 3 scarab swarms may spawn on either side of the room.
  • Zebak: He will auto-attack more quickly, especially when he is furious. Moreover, the Todal Waves' gap will close by one tile every 2 levels.

Once you enter the raid, all paths will level up.

The Path Level category allows for a single active invocation.

+15Path Level
PathfinderAs soon as you enter the raid, all paths will level up twice.+40Path Level
PathmasterOnce you enter the raid, every path will level up thrice.+50Path Level
Quiet PrayersDuring the raid, prayers for protection will be 10% less effective.+20Prayer
Deadly Prayers20% of the damage done drains prayer.+20Prayer
On a Diet

You are no longer allowed to consume food during the raid but you can still use health-restoring potions like Saradomin brews.

If this invocation is active, you will also no longer be able to purchase silk dressings or honey locusts.

DehydrationYou can no longer drink health-restoring potions.+30Restoration
Overly Draining

Every special attack uses 100% of its special attack energy.

Liquid adrenaline can momentarily cut the price by 50% if you drink it.

Lively LarvaeDuring Kephri's Mass Incubation attack, 4 instead of 2 dark brown eggs will be launched.+5Kephri
More OverlordsWhen Kephri's shield heals, another scarab is summoned. First calls forth a Scarab Soldier, second calls forth a Scarab Spitting.+15Kephri
Blowing Mud

Kephri's Dung Strike attack now targets two players instead of just one.

In solo encounters, this invocation is ineffective.

Medic!Kephri will call forth swarms of scarabs when her shield is not healing. Swarms like this move 50% more slowly.+15Kephri
Aerial Assault

Kephri's auto-attack will deal more damage and have a greater attack range, measuring 3x3 tiles instead of just one.

This invocation also affects Kephri's Phantom in the third stage of the battle with Elidinis' Warden, as well as the Bomber Scarabs that emerge during the shield-healing phase.

Not Just a Head
  • On rare occasions, Zebak will deal all players a kind of Blood Blitz that has one of two effects:
    • Blood Blitz will launch an assault as usual, doing 8-11 damage and healing about ~66% of that total independent of your defense bonuses. The damage is amplified and will splash onto clumped players.
    • Calls for a Blood Cloud that will chase you. When it spawns, it will take damage, but if it comes into contact with you, it will heal and deal quick, light damage.
Arterial Spray

Zebak's blood magic will be more healing and have a wider range.

This incantation cannot be activated until Not Just a Head is enabled.

Blood Thinners

This summons 3 Blood Clouds instead of one.

This incantation cannot be activated until Not Just a Head is enabled.

Upset StomachThe jugs' water will be reduced from 5x5 to 3x3, and Zebak's acid pools will have their spread expanded from 3x3 to 5x5.+15Zebak
Double TroubleAkkha will simultaneously launch 2 special attacks.+20Akkha
Keep BackIn addition to his magic and ranged attacks, Akkha will also employ melee, which lands right before the projectile attack without any animation.+10Akkha
Stay Vigilant

Akkha does not switch between assault and protection prayers at predetermined intervals. Rather, she switches at random.

The third phase of the battle with Elidinis' Warden also applies to Akkha's Phantom while using this invocation.

Feeling Special?
  • The Detonate attack by Akkha will go off in multiple directions. This does not apply to solo encounters.
  • You will only have 2 ticks to traverse between safe quadrants when using the Memory Blast attack.
  • An extra orb will appear in front of you as a result of the Trailing Orbs attack.
Mind the Gap!Unless you're standing at the northern or southern edges of the room, you will fall into the pit and die when Ba-Ba knocks you back to the bottom at 66% and 33% health.+10Ba-Ba
Gotta Have FaithThe amount of additional damage dealt by energy blasts from open sarcophagi in Ba-Ba's room is determined by your remaining prayer points.+10Ba-Ba
Jungle JapesWhen Ba-Ba's baboons die, they will leave a banana peel on the ground. You will be stunned for 3 seconds and incur minor damage when you step on them.+5Ba-Ba
Shaking Things UpBa-Ba's slam attack will do damage in the following directions: from a 3x3 (+1 tile to the north, west, east, and south) to a 5x5 (+1 tile to the north, west, east, and south).+10Ba-Ba
BoulderdashRolling rocks from Ba-Ba spawn twice as quickly.+10Ba-Ba
Ancient HasteThe Wardens will charge more quickly in the first stages of the Wardens' fight.+10The Wardens
AccelerationThe obelisk charges faster and the Wardens attack faster during the second phase of Wardens' fight.+10The Wardens
PenetrationThe obelisk will cause extra damage to successful strikes and momentarily disable overhead prayers during the second phase of the Wardens' fight.+10The Wardens
Overclocked1 tick is added to the slam attack during the last phase of the Wardens' fight.+10The Wardens
Overclocked 2

It takes 2 extra ticks to execute the slam attack at the last stage of the Wawrdens' fight.

This invocation cannot be activated unless Overclocked is active.

+10The Wardens

The following are used in the last stages of the Wardens' fight:

  • The slam attack is performed 3 ticks quicker.
  • The amount of time to undo the Energy Siphons is decreased.
  • Instead of switching places, the slam attack picks up where the Warden left off before launching Energy Siphons.
  • Enrage phase:
    • Red lightning strikes more quickly
    • Tiles are torn more quickly
    • Phantom bosses do more damage quickly

This invocation cannot be activated until Overclocked 2 is active.

+50The Wardens
Blazing Tombs I

An additional challenge for the most adept in their League relics. Minimum Raid level 300 is required.

Raid level is raised by 200.

+200Trailblazer Reloaded League
Blazing Tombs II

An additional challenge for the most adept in their League relics. Minimum Raid level 300 is required.

Raid level is raised by 200.

+200Trailblazer Reloaded League
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Consumable Items

The tombs gives you access to a variety of helpful items from the Helpful Spirit. If you're able to complete two paths, you can get the items. Then you'll receive even more items after completing two more paths.

What you get will depend on a few Invocations but at the base level, you can get at least one supply of a certain item. Some Invocations increase or decrease the supply you get.

Honey locustStacks within the inventory. Heals 20 hit points (with the ability to overheal) and replenishes prayer points equivalent to a prayer potion dosage. Unless the On a Diet invocation is enabled, automatically administered during wipes.
AmbrosiaContains 2 doses. Provides a full recovery of hitpoints, run energy, prayer points, and antidote++. Cannot be used if the invocation for Dehydration is enabled.
Blessed crystal scarab

Has 2 uses. Restores 8 Prayer points 9 times, every 4 ticks, or 2.4 seconds.

This takes 40 ticks, or 24 seconds, to restore a total of 72 Prayer points.

Liquid adrenalineContains 2 doses. For the next 150 seconds, the cost of a special attack is half.
NectarContains 4 doses. Heals Magic, Attack, Strength, Defense, and Hitpoints (with overhealing potential). Cannot be used if the invocation for Dehydration is enabled.
Silk dressing

Has 2 uses. Heals 5 Hitpoints 20 times in 5 ticks (3 seconds).

Over the duration of 100 ticks, or 60 seconds, this results in a total restoration of 100 points. If the On a Diet invocation is enabled, nothing is given.

Smelling salts

Has 2 uses. 25% more run energy is restored, and attack, strength, defense, ranged, and magic are all increased.

For 8 minutes, the combat boost is renewed every 15 seconds.

Tears of elidinisAs 4 doses. Restores prayer points and combat stats, and has 3x3 effect on party members.

Dying Within TOA

Without any Invocations, you and your raid party can die an infinite amount of times while inside the Raid. With certain invocations, death limits are placed within the raid party. If the party runs out of chances, they'll have to restart the room they're currently in regardless of the progress. However, any previously finished section will remain finished.

If the team dies with no more attempts left, everyone will lose their unprotected items which can be reclaimed for a fee. Dying again without reclaiming the items first will cause the items to be gone forever.

If there are death limits within the game, disconnections or logging out is considered a death.

TOA Best Builds

This part of the section will focus on how you can beat ToA. Let's talk about the best setups for this fight first.

As each of the boss fights inside ToA has different weaknesses, it's best to bring switch setups for the fight. These three below are the best selections for Melee, Magic, and Ranged combat.

SlotItem (most effective → least effective)
HeadTorva full helm, Neitiznot faceguard, Serpentine helm, Helm of neitiznot
NeckAmulet of torture, Amulet of blood fury, Amulet of fury, Amulet of glory
BackInfernal cape, Fire cape, Mythical cape, Ardougne cloak 4
BodyTorva platebody, Mixed hide top, Bandos chestplate, Fighter torso
LegsTorva platelegs, Bandos tassets / Mixed hide legs, Blessed chaps
WeaponOsmumten's fang, Ghrazi rapier, Zamorakian hasta, Abyssal dagger
ShieldAvernic defender, Dragon defender, Unholy book, Dragonfire shield
HandsFerocious gloves, Barrows gloves, Regen bracelet
BootsPrimordial boots / Eternal boots, Dragon boots / Echo boots, Guardian boots, Boots of brimstone
RingLightbearer / Ultor ring, Berserker ring (i), Berserker ring, Ring of suffering (ri)
Special attackVoidwaker and Bandos godsword, Dragon claws, Dragon dagger, Elder maul
SlotItem (most effective → least effective)
HeadMasori mask (f), Masori mask, Crystal helm, Neitiznot faceguard
NeckNecklace of anguish, Amulet of blood fury, Amulet of fury, Amulet of glory
BackDizana's quiver, Ava's assembler, Ava's accumulator / Fire cape
BodyMasori body (f), Masori body, Mixed hide top / Crystal body, Blessed body / Karil's leathertop
LegsMasori chaps (f), Masori chaps, Mixed hide legs / Crystal legs, Blessed chaps / Karil's leatherskirt
WeaponTwisted bow, Zaryte crossbow / Bow of faerdhinen, Armadyl crossbow, Toxic blowpipe / Dragon hunter crossbow / Dragon crossbow
ShieldTwisted buckler, Dragonfire ward, Odium ward, Unholy book
Ammo/SpellDragon arrows, Ruby dragon bolts (e) / Rada's blessing 4, Ruby bolts (e), Diamond bolts (e)
HandsZaryte vambraces, Barrows gloves, Regen bracelet
RingVenator ring / Lightbearer, Brimstone ring, Ring of suffering (ri), Archers ring (i)
Special attackZaryte crossbow, Toxic blowpipe
SlotItem (most effective → least effective)
HeadAncestral hat, Virtus mask, Ahrim's hood / Blue moon helm, Neitiznot faceguard
NeckOccult necklace, Amulet of blood fury, Amulet of fury, Amulet of glory
BackImbued god cape, Fire cape
BodyAncestral robe top, Virtus robe top, Ahrim's robetop / Blue moon chestplate, Bloodbark body
LegsAncestral robe bottom, Virtus robe bottom, Ahrim's robeskirt / Blue moon tassets, Bloodbark legs
WeaponTumeken's shadow, Sanguinesti staff, Trident of the swamp, Trident of the seas
ShieldElidinis' ward (f), Elidinis' ward, Arcane spirit shield, Malediction ward
HandsTormented bracelet, Barrows gloves, Regen bracelet
BootsEternal boots
RingMagus ring / Lightbearer, Brimstone ring, Seers ring (i), Ring of suffering (ri)

ToA Walkthrough

This section will take you through each of the fights. Keep in mind that you can do this in any order that you want to.

Path of Crondis

In the Path of Crondis, your goal is to make the Palm of Resourcefulness fully grow by giving it 200 units of water per player. There will be water containers around the map which you can use to get water from waterfalls around the path.


There will be a few hurdles in your way such as statues that launch spikes and toxic gas cloud. Aside from lowering your Defense, Agility, and Prayer Points, the gas cloud also reduces the water you currently have by 50% meaning, you'll have to make additional trips. You can run or do tile-skipping to avoid the traps. It's worth noting that the traps follow a set pattern so you can plan around then accordingly.

The amount of water falls in the area will change depending on how big the team is. Once you get enough water, you can either wait for it resource point to spawn more water, or you can move to a different one as well.



There will be one red crocodile for every two players that will spawn occasionally. They will usually go to water resources. However, they'll also go towards players that are currently carrying water with them. They can deal 18 damage and reduce you water by 50% as well.

If you're doing the raid alone, then there should only be one crocodile. You can outpace the crocodile by going to the northeast and then northwest waterfalls first.

Zebak Fight

After filling up the Palm of Resourcefulness, you'll have to fight against Zebak. This is by far the easiest boss in ToA which is why it's suggested you take it out first.



Zebak has the highest melee hit of all the bosses and it causes bleed as well. However, since most of his attacks are blockable, it's fairly easy. He attacks using all styles and only Magic and Ranged can be blocked. What makes him a walk in the park is that his attacks can deal damage right before they hit so you can flick it easily. With the right setup, Zebak's Defense can be lowered to 50.

Zebaks uses his special attacks once his HP drops to 85%, 70%, 55% and 40%. When he uses Tidal Waves, you can easily avoid getting damaged by using rock safespots within the map or the two waterfalls in the south. If there are poison pools, you can destroy the jugs nearby to clear them out.

His other attack is called Great Roar. He will summon blood clouds or perform Blood Barrage. In groups, it's best to spread out once he begins to use this attack. The clouds will follow one player so spreading out can mitigate the damage for everyone else.



Zebak can also activate Upset Stomach. If this is active, you can push jars to paths 2 and 4 which can create safe spaces for the attacks.

Zebak becomes faster and more aggressive at 25% health. There's not much to do about this rather than to prepare and be just as aggressive to end the fight quickly.

Path of Scabaras



For this path, you'll walk through two branches where you'll have to solve 5 puzzles. The challenging part here isn't the puzzles, but the scarabs that will emerge from the two rooms. If you get near enough, they'll start chasing you down. They can attack with Ranged attacks but you can use Protect from Missiles to minimize the damage that they deal.



The puzzles need to be finished before you can fight Kephri. If you're doing the raid solo, you only need to solve one side of the puzzle to proceed.

Kephri Fight



Kephri is another easy fight inside ToA but she does require a bit more cooperation between the raid party. She deals damage mostly by using fireballs which can be telegraphed with a warning before hand. You can simply move away from targeted tiles to avoid getting damage. If there's no space to move, you can cast Protect from Magic to lessen the damage.

She can cast a shield on herself that can lessen the damage you deal. While the shield is active, she can use Dung Strike which sees a group of scarabs target a single player. Getting hit by this will stun you for 2 seconds, while there will be dung piles around the map that can prevent movement.

She can also use Mass Incubation. With this attack, Kephri will scatter eggs in the arena. You'll have to destroy these as fast as you can because they'll eventually hatch into Agile Scarabs.



Kephri's shield will eventually run out. When this happens, she'll call on scarabs to restore her shield's charge. When this happens, make sure to have the party attack the swarms instead of Kephri so that her shield remains down. The scarabs come in various forms including:

  • Bomber Scarabs - Can mimic Kephri's auto-attack
  • Arcane Scarab - will explode on impact
  • Spitting Scarab - uses Ranged attacks to deal poisong
  • Soldier Scarabs - attacks with melee and will restore Kephri's Shield.

The scarabs will spawn in a clockwise pattern. The best way to take them out would be by using Ranged attacks and fast weapons.

Kephri moves on to her fourth phase once you clear her shield. She'll attack all players on the field with Dung Strike. You can deal damage to her fully at this phase. Just keep the same patterns from before even during this phase.

Swarms will be more active if the Medic! Invocation is active and when this is the case, make sure to have the party use Ranged weapons to kill the scarabs easily.

Path of Het



In the Path of Het, you'll need to break the seal at the center of the dungeon. This seal will have a health of 130 in solo raids but it will become larger the more players are in the raid. There aren't any Invocations that can increase the level of the seal.

To break the seal, there are pickaxes scattered around the exit and entrance of the area. They're held by a statue. They only carry bronze pickaxes but you can carry higher-tier pickaxes with you. These can help you destroy the seal much faster.



Breaking the seal isn't as easy as simply hitting it with the pickaxe. You'll actually need to use mirrors which will then redirect energy beams from a source to a shielded status. The mirrors can be picked up, rotated, and pushed around the map but there are also some fixed mirrors.

If you're doing the raid with a group, some of the mirrors will be dirty and will need cleaning. There will also be stone barriers that you'll need the pickaxes to destroy.

You also need to worry about Orbs of Darkness that will move around the map. These can deal damage if you get hit by them.

The challenge itself is relatively easy once you know what to do. Once inside the area, stand on top of the marked tiles and then click the seal right before one of the statues use their beam of light. Now, the light beam will hit the shielded statue afterwhich, you'll have 9 seconds to hit the obelisk with the pickaxe before it bcomes sealed. At maximum efficiency, raid parties can hit the statue around eight times per cycle.

The damage you deal on the seal will depend on the pickaxe and your current mining level. If you're planning on using boosts to increase damage, make sure that they're visible as these are the only once that will work. This is by far the hardest puzzle in all of the four paths but the risks in doing them isn't as big as others. Due to the nature of how the puzzle works, it might take you longer to beat it.

Akkha Fight

Akkha is considered as the toughest of the bosses outside of the last boss in ToA. If you're doing the tombs on your own, then expect an even bigger of a challenge.



He is aggressive from the get-go. He will attack the first player who enters the room. Akkha's aggressiveness is dependent on two factors: who's the nearest player and who has the best defence bonuses. With that in mind, you can have one player use a tank setup to take up most of the damage that Akkha deals. Akkha can use all attack types as well. There are four quadrants in the map which are associated with an element type. You can use these as a guide to know which element Akkha is currently using.

You can use spells, Prayers and other abilities to reduce his Defense to a minimum of 70. Considering that this is a battle of attrition, we highly recommend getting it down as much as you can. Akkha can regenerate his health faster than the other bosses. Keeping his Defense up will make the fight much longer.



While using melee attacks, have the target player move around the map counterclockwise or clockwise, following the quadrants. Doing this will allow players to freely hit Akkha while he's busy targeting the single player. Just be prepared as if he gets to close to someone else, he might switch targets quickly.

If you get his health down to 80%, Akkha becomes invulnerable. You'll need to kill his shadows if you to start damaging him again.

He will use a few special attacks. One is Detonate. In this attack, he will mark players who will then take damage over time. There's Memory Blast which will force players to move to safe quadrants to avoid getting damaged. Last is Trailing Orbs which will move alongside players while dealing damage.

Akkha will eventually enter into an enraged phase where he'll begin restoring health automatically. He will also become more resistant to Ranged and magic attacks. While enraged, make sure to watch out for orbs that will deal damage once they hit you.

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Path of Apmeken

This is one of the most challenging paths on ToA. Once inside, you'll see a large room that has pillars on each side, vents on the corners, and crates that should contain hammers and potions.



The first thing to do would be to grab the items from the crate. Now, before anything else, it's worth noting that it matters who's going inside first. The player who first enters will be given Apmeken's Sight. He'll be the one to give instructions to the other players. This player should be a good communicator as without them, progressing through the path will be near impossible.

If you're a player with Apmeken's Sight, make sure to constantly check your chat box. This is where the problems that need to be fixed will appear. These are categorized into simple messages.

  • Roof Supports: For this, you'll need to have your teammates repair the roof. You can press P on the chat as a signal.
  • Floor Vents: Someone needs to stand on the vents and then use the potion on it. For this, press V on the chat.
  • Corruption: This happens when the members of the party start to glow red. Have them gather on a single tile and use the potion to fix the problem. Press DD for this signal.


Failing to fix the problems a few times will result in massive damage to players inside the room. The amount of damage taken will depend on how much failed actions happened. Additionally, if the team tries to fix the pillar when it doesn't require repairs will also cause damage.

Keep in mind that the members who aren't calling out fixes will have to fight enemies throughout the entire phase. Players are required to defeat all enemies for the first 2 waves. For waves 3 to 9, these will start if only two baboons are remaining on the field. Due to the nature of this path, it's very important for players to remain as attentive as possible. Finishing the path as soon as possible is highly recommended as the enemies can deal a ton of damage.

Once the fighting party reaches the fifth wave, it's recommended for everyone to switch to Ranged gear.

If you think you're taking too much damage during the fight, you can use prayers to lessen the damage. However, make sure to switch it up depending on the baboons that are present. It's important for each members of the raid party to target a specific baboon so that they can get that enemy's attention. Having each members fight their own enemies is more practical to avoid having some of the players take on multiple targets at once.

Ba-Ba Fight



Ba-Ba is another tough opponent to face but for many players, Akkha is still the hardest of all the fights. You can lower her Defense to 60 which is highly recommended. Ba-Ba isn't as durable as Akkha but she can deal more damage than him so ending the fight quickly is important.



The first player who enters the fight will be targeted by Ba-Ba immediately. After that, she will begin attacking players with the lowest health. This is a good thing as you can manipulate Ba-Ba into attacking the tank of the team. Ba-Ba has 4 primary attacks.

  1. Shockwave: Ba-Ba slams the ground, causing an AoE attack indicated by a shadow. Damage scales based on proximity to the center.
  2. Rockfall: Boulders fall, creating debris piles. Ba-Ba hurls large boulders at players, damaging them. Debris, sarcophagi, or baboons can mitigate damage.
  3. Baboon's Discharge: Ba-Ba summons baboons that attack players and may target sarcophagi, dealing damage. The damage increases if Gotta Have Faith is enabled.
  4. Rolling Stones: Ba-Ba knocks players back and throws boulders. Players must destroy cracked boulders with ranged attacks. Baboons and rubble in the way are instantly killed/destroyed.

In group encounters, coordinate movements and attacks to avoid undesired mechanics. Synchronize actions to let Ba-Ba focus on a designated player, preventing panic and minimizing the risk of death. Be strategic in handling the mechanics, and consider using the "red-X" option to conserve supplies in higher-level raids.

The Wardens

After finishing all of the paths, you can then head to the lower levels to fight the final bosses. These are Tumeken's Warden and Elidinis' Warden. To begin the battle, you'll need to talk to Osmumten or Amascut. Before that though, make sure that you have liquid adrenaline with you so you can easily spam special attacks while inside. The upcoming fights are really difficult.

Phase 1

Once the battle begins, you'll see an obelisk emiting an orb. These are intended to charge the wardens throughout the fight. You can prevent it from happening by standing in front of the beams that hit the bosses. Doing this will reduce their energy gain but it will also cause damage to the player standing in the beam. Make sure that the ones who do these are the tanks.

You can then scramble the Warden's attack patterns by blocking only one side of the beams. You can effectively choose which warden to fight next by blocking the beams from them. To make destroying the obelisk easier, lowers its Defense to 60 first.

Make sure to keep at least 25% of your special energy for the next phase of the fight. In group encounters, start with Tumeken's Warden; in solo encounters, start with Elidinis' Warden unless Aerial Assault is active.



When a Warden is charged, they unleash Charged Shot or UFOs. For Charged Shot, in group encounters, stand apart for Elidinis' and together for Tumeken's; in solo encounters, tank or accept the damage. UFOs can be avoided by standing at the arena edge or blocking energy paths to offset timings.

Wardens alternate between UFOs and Charged Shot until the phase ends. In solo encounters, block the flow to Tumeken's orb or tank Elidinis' orbs for Redemption. When the obelisk's health reaches zero, the more disrupted Warden is destroyed, and the other engages.

In group encounters without Aerial Assault, fight Tumeken's Warden to handle typeless boulders instead of Elidinis' chaotic fireballs.

Phase 2

Regardless of the Warden powering up, the second phase remains nearly identical. The Warden will always have protection prayers active against two attack styles so expect him to be durable throughout the fight. Tumeken's Warden initially prays against magic, while Elidinis' Warden prays against ranged.

During this phase, the Warden has an active shield similar to The Nightmare's totems. Your accuracy is 100%, but damage depends on your accuracy bonuses. Maximizing accuracy, especially with the twisted bow and Tumeken's shadow, is recommended for increased damage. Avoid standing near the central tiles and edges to prevent unnecessary damage from the Windmill Beam and Converging Beam attacks. Also, avoid the tiles next to the obelisk to prevent zapping.

Attack the Warden until it's thrown off balance, ejecting the core from its body. The Warden attacks with all styles, including a red skull for magic and a normal skull for ranged. Reduce damage by avoiding impact and pray melee when in melee distance. Elidinis' Warden stops short, while Tumeken's Warden closes the gap.



The Warden's special attacks include Divine Projectile, disabling prayers and launching a scimitar, arrow, or spell. Imprisonment encases the player in stone. The obelisk simultaneously performs Converging Beam, Windmill Beam, and Lightning Skull attacks. Avoid these attacks to prevent damage and prayer disablement.

Eventually, the Warden's core will be out in the open. Damaging it in this state will help you take out a huge chunk of their health. It's at this phase where you and your team needs to go all out when it comes to attacks. The lower the Warden's health is, the quicker this phase will be.

To two-cycle the phase on lower levels, maximize strength bonus, use liquid adrenaline, and employ a combination of special attacks and strong two-handed weapons. The Warden reclaims its core after some time, changing overhead prayers. Death Charge works against the core, and once destroyed, the Warden's body collapses. The Warden uses the last of its power to restore the destroyed Warden from the first phase, triggering the final phase.

Phase 3

As you face the restored Warden, it abandons protection prayers and combat attacks, opting for ground-raising and slamming, dealing typeless damage. Its Defense can be minimized to 120 from 150. Stand strategically during side attacks and slam sequences, adjusting to the speed influenced by Overclocked, Overclocked 2, and/or Insanity.

Equip your melee weapon when the Warden hits 80%, 60%, 40%, and 20% health, activating protection prayers. It then launches Energy Siphons, red skull-shaped, onto the arena. Destroy siphons promptly to avoid a damaging shockwave. Solo and group encounters have different siphon layouts, and their health varies with team size.



To avoid siphon explosions, stand four or five tiles east or west of the center tile and run towards the center when the skulls explode. Disable siphons promptly to converge and explode on the Warden, resetting the slam sequence unless Insanity is active. Solo deaths alter future layouts. Consider "skull skipping" cautiously, as leaving two skulls alive causes an instant blast death.

Some of the previous bosses in ToA will appear once the Warden drops to a certain health. Handle each phantom strategically, considering their unique attacks. Enrage phase triggers below 5% health, emitting bolts of energy across all walkable tiles. Tumeken's Warden heals, Defense increases, and it emits bolts instead of slamming.

In the enrage phase, a dark phantom tears tiles, limiting movement. Without Tumeken's shadow, use Defense-draining specials to enhance hit chances. Ambrosia use is advised for this phase; avoid brews due to stat penalties. Once defeated, the phantom consumes the Warden, leaving a teleport crystal to Osmumten's burial chamber for claiming rewards.

TOA Rewards

After the fight with the Wardens, you can head to the treasure room. This is where you'll get your rewards for beating ToA.

The rewards for ToA function similarly to the Theatre of Blood in which you and all players have a chance for a unique drop which is only rolled once the raid ends. Players who get one of the Raid's unique items will see Osmumten's sarcophagus glow purple instead of white. Keep in mind that you can only get one unique item per raid but getting one isn't always guaranteed.


These are obviously the best items to gun for during the raid. Osmumten's Fang and Tumeken's Shadow are two excellent weapons. Osmumten's Fang is regarded as the best melee weapon in the game, while Tumeken's Shadow is considered as the second best Magic weapon next to the Sanguinesti Staff.

Mages are also going to benefit a lot from Elidinis' Ward as it's considered as the best off-hand weapon for them.

Masori's set is currently the best set gear for Rangers. It provides the best Ranged bonuses out of all the sets out there.

ToA provides great rewards for all players out there so going through the dungeon again and again is definitely worth it.

Osmumten's fang11/3.42916,207,165
Elidinis' ward11/85,550,092
Masori mask11/129,064,306
Masori body11/1257,187,219
Masori chaps11/1238,504,013
Tumeken's shadow (uncharged)11/241,415,451,244

Common Rewards

Cache of runes13 × 1/27Not sold
Coins1,126-51,2853 × 1/271,126-51,285
Death rune57-2,5643 × 1/276,840-307,680
Soul rune28-1,2823 × 1/274,928-225,632
Gold ore (noted)12-5693 × 1/271,848-87,626
Dragon dart tip11-5123 × 1/2714,278-664,576
Mahogany logs6-284 (noted)3 × 1/273,066-145,124
Sapphire (noted)5-2563 × 1/271,130-57,856
Emerald (noted)4-2053 × 1/271,660-85,075
Gold bar (noted)4-2053 × 1/27476-24,395
Potato cactus4-205 (noted)3 × 1/27144-7,380
Raw shark4-205 (noted)3 × 1/272,516-128,945
Ruby (noted)3-1703 × 1/272,475-140,250
Diamond (noted)2-1283 × 1/273,258-208,512
Raw manta ray2-113 (noted)3 × 1/273,806-215,039
Cactus spine1-85 (noted)3 × 1/271,830-155,550
Dragonstone1-85 (noted)3 × 1/2711,145-947,325
Battlestaff1-46 (noted)3 × 1/278,007-368,322
Coconut milk1-46 (noted)3 × 1/27165-7,590
Lily of the sands1-46 (noted)3 × 1/272,094-96,324
Toadflax seed1-363 × 1/27693-24,948
Ranarr seed1-283 × 1/2726,183-733,124
Torstol seed1-233 × 1/277,107-163,461
Snapdragon seed1-233 × 1/2735,910-825,930
Dragon med helm1-12 (noted3 × 1/2757,988-695,856
Magic seed1-73 × 1/2767,370-471,590
Blood essence1-63 × 1/2759,504-357,024

Tertiary Rewards

Thread of Elidinis11/10-1/3.33; 1/50Not sold
Eye of the Corruptor11/180Not sold
Jewel of the Sun11/180Not sold
Breach of the Scarab11/180Not sold<
Clue scroll (elite)1VariesNot sold
Tumeken's guardian1VariesNot sold

Challenge Rewards

Cursed phalanx1AlwaysNot sold
Masori crafting kit1AlwaysNot sold
Menaphite ornament kit1AlwaysNot sold
Remnant of Akkha1AlwaysNot sold
Remnant of Ba-Ba1AlwaysNot sold
Remnant of Kephri1AlwaysNot sold
Remnant of Zebak1AlwaysNot sold
Ancient remnant1AlwaysNot sold

Challenge TOA Now

The Tombs of Amascut requires a lot of team work and preparation. Hopefully, this guide has given you all that you need to proceed with the challenge.

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