OSRS Twilight’s Promise Walkthrough

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OSRS Twilight’s Promise Walkthrough

Civitas illas Fortis is one of the best-looking cities in OSRS. If you want to get to this area, you'll first have to complete Twilight's Promise which serves as an introduction to it. Before starting the quest, here's what you'll need to prepare.

Quest Requirements And Recommendations



Quest Completion:
  • Children of the Sun
Items Required:
  • Two combat types or a poisoned weapon

The fight will pit you against 8 cultists and a Knight of Valamore at level 81. If you're not proficient in two of the three combat types, poisoned weapons are okay but this will make the fight longer. Make sure to have a combat level of 40 as well.

Recommended Items:
  • Stamina Potions
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Go to Civitas illa Fortis and head to the entrance to the Sunrise Palace. There, you will find Ennius and Furia Tullus. Talk to either one of them. After that, one of them will tell you to go to the city's temple as Prince Itzla is expecting you. You can find the temple south-east of the bazaar. Look for the two No dungeon icons on the world map to locate it.

You will find Metztli, the Teokan of Ranul, once you're at the temple. Let her know that you're meeting the prince as she tells you that you saved the life of Servius. Then, Metzli will tell you she is talking to Servius in the temple's crypt. Head downstairs.



Proceed north by going through the gate and talk to the prince in the center of the open area. He will then re-introduce you to Servius, Ralos' Teokan, and will remind you that someone is plotting to kill him. He will also tell you that, given the strict policies on traveling outside the kingdom before the treaty in Varrock, the culprit could be a member of the delegation that visited. That said, Prince Itzla suspects that one of the Knights of Varlamore, who went with Servius, is impossible. Thus, he will suggest that you talk to the Tullus twins.



After speaking with Prince Itzla, go back to the Sunrise Palace. There, you can find the Tullus twins in the palace grounds. Talk to them. They will give you the locations of the six knights who traveled with Servius. The twins will also give you a Varlamore crest, which proves that you are helping them. After that, you need to find the knights. Note that you don't need to return them to the palace in any particular order.

  1. Arrun and Claudia

Find Arrun and Claudia. You can locate them in the bazaar. They will agree to go back to the palace after catching a thief, for whom they planted an amulet at one of the stalls as bait. They will instruct you to search through the pockets of the bazaar-goers until you find the thief who took the amulet.

Find the citizen with the second-to-the-lightest blue robe and steal the amulet from him. Go back to the knights and return the amulet. At this point, they will agree to head back to the palace.

  1. Nel

Go to the south-western part of the Fortis Cothon and find Nel. She will need your assistance so she can return to the palace faster. To do this, you will need to find a crate full of weapons. Finish talking to her until she mentions where you can locate the crate. Then, proceed to the north-east corner of the cothon.

You need to find the crate that's directly adjacent with two barrels with fish in them. It's close to a bench. Search it and then you will find out the name of the smuggling ship, the Fortis Spark. Then, go back to Nel. Tell her about what you found out and she will agree to return to the palace.

  1. Mezan

Bring combat equipment of two different styles or a poisoned weapon. Then, go to the Colosseum. Head north to the training area and you will find Mezan. Speak to him and he will mention that his training partner hasn't shown up. He will only leave if you spar with him since his partner isn't there. For this fight, you will need any two combat styles. You can also use a poisoned weapon to finish Mezan off. Note that skillers, as well as other limited account builds can use poison dynamite to poison Mezan and run in circles until he dies. You can also use dynamite for true damage and then recoil him down to 0. His max hit is 8. This means that if you do this method, you will have to be ready with enough food. Beat Mezan to have him return to the castle.

  1. Velam and Azali

Head north of the Outer Fortis General Store so you can find Velam and Azali at Atlazora's Rest. Azali will need to sober up. Thus, you need to go to the fountain, found east of the bar. Doing so will trigger a short cutscene. Azali will stop following you once in a while. So, you need to talk to her again as you head to the fountain. After that, go back to the bar and talk to Velam. Once you finish the conversation, return to the palace.

Once you manage to make the knights return to the palace, go back and talk to the twins once again to see which of the knights stayed in the Kualti Headquarters prior to visiting Varrock, west of the palace. Go to the headquarters and proceed to the flights of stairs to get to their bedrooms.



After that, search one of the chests that you can find in the south-eastern room. Doing so will help you find an incriminating letter. Read it and go back to the twins again and speak to them. Doing this will trigger a cutscene revealing Velam will be killed by Ennius as the former claims innocence. The twins will then ask you to deliver the news to the prince at the Teomat.

Go outside the palace and ask Regulus Cento about getting to the Teomat. He will let you know that Prince Itzla has given you a personal quetzal to fly around Varlamore and gives you some quetzal feed for Remu. An interface for the Quetzal Transport System will open after you feed Renu. After that, go to the Teomat. You do not need to finish the quest. Even if you don't finish the quest, you can still access the already-unlocked quetzal locations anytime.

Proceed to the Teomat and talk to Prince Itzla in the room with the altar icon. Tell him what you found out about Velam's betrayal. He will be surprised. Also, tell him that you think Velam's murder is too convenient and that Ennius had killed him too quickly. He will then agree to keep an eye on the twins. Then, he will share what he knows about the Twilight Emissaries, a religious cult that's obsessed with the "Final Dawn" or the end of the world.

Head slightly north to the library and talk to Metztli to know more about the Final Dawn. She will mention Ximena, a belief that originated with the Old Ones. Aside from that, he will mention the Final Dawn being an interpretation of it. The difference in belief, however, is that it is believed that the end of the world will not come to an end. Rather, it needs to be "made". As you finish up the conversation, eight-level 34 cultists will attack you and you need to defeat them. If needed, you may just let the guards finish them off.

After defeating eight of them, a cutscene will play revealing a gravely wounded Servius in spite of the fact that none of the cultists ever made it inside. Metzli will then disappear and Servius is quickly brought back to the capital. Prince Itzla will then let you know that he will just contact you once he finishes plotting the next steps.

Is Twilight's Promise Worth Doing?

After finishing the quest, you'll receive the following rewards:

  • 1 Quest Point
  • 3,000 Thieving XP

These aren't much but if you're looking to maximize your skills and complete the game, these are more then enough reasons to do Twilight's Promise.

The biggest reward however is getting access to Civitas illa Fortis. The city itself holds many quests and rewards. You'll have quick access to it with a teleport spell and the Quetzal Transport System after finishing the quest.

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