OSRS Ultimate Ironman Challenge Guide

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OSRS Ultimate Ironman Challenge Guide

Creating an Ironman account is hard enough in OSRS already challenging on its own already but for the ultimate test in the game, you’d want to do an Ultimate Ironman run. This mode is best for those who have full extensive knowledge of the game already and for those who have beat the campaign multiple times.

Not a lot of players are able to start the challenge, let alone finish it. If you want the extra bragging rights for you and your friends, we’re going to give you an Ultimate Ironman guide. First off, let’s talk about the restrictions on this account.

Ultimate Ironman Restrictions

If you’ve played Ironman or Hardcore Ironman before, then this mode should feel very familiar. Ultimate Ironman is the ultimate test of skill so the restrictions encompass nearly all aspects of the game.

  1. Death is permanent unless you’re doing one of the activities that has a safe death. Additionally, there are a few mechanics concerning item drops and death.

    • When you die, you will drop everything except untradeables.

    • The Protect Item prayer does not work.

    • Your items will stay on the ground for one hour before disappearing; they will not be visible to other players and will just disappear after one hour.

    • Certain items will disappear on death no matter what; these are covered here.

    • If you die in an instance, you will lose everything that is dropped onto the ground.

  2. All forms of trading with players aren’t allowed. The only exceptions are with quest-related items and receiving bonds. On that end, you can take advantage of player trading to make a profit.

  3. You can only use the Grand Exchange for buying bonds. On that note, you can’t sell bonds.

  4. You can’t get any loot from targets that are hit by other players - regardless of whether it’s PVE or PVP. To loot, you must kill the monster yourself. 

  5. No XP is gained from PVP encounters. Oddly enough, you can still get Magic XP from spells while doing PVP. 

  6. Requesting help from other players via Accept Aid isn’t allowed.

  7. Entering a POH is prohibited regardless of who the player is.

  8. You can’t join group instances in the Nightmare Zone. Additionally, you can only get the scroll of redirection from chests in the zone. 

  9. Banking actions such as depositing, withdrawing, and noting items are prohibited. Banks cannot be used to unnote items.

  10. Creating new item sets at the Grand Exchange is not allowed.

  11. Resources from managing miscellania and sand from Bert cannot be obtained.

  12. Sending items to the bank for storage using methods like coal trucks, Daeyat essence, and the Dwarven Boatman is not permitted.

  13. Sending items to your Servant for storage in banks or sawmills is not allowed.

  14. The seed vault cannot be used for storage.

  15. Duplicate items cannot be stored in the POH Costume Room.

  16. Withdrawing items before depositing the entire set is not allowed.

  17. The looting bag’s mechanics do not work on PvP servers outside the Wilderness.

  18. There is no safekeeping of valuable items; all items are lost upon death.

  19. The Protect Item ability is disabled, so other Prayers should be used instead.

  20. Graves are not usable; items are dropped on the ground upon death.

  21. Items and supplies will still be placed in graves and on the floor during activities like the God Wars Dungeon or any other instance.

  22. Item retrieval services remain the same, except at Zulrah.

  23. Items can be retrieved from Zul-Gwenwynig for free, bypassing the interface required for regular accounts.

  24. If you die in the Wilderness, most items will be converted into coins for the player who killed you, reflecting the fate of all non-tradeable items.

Ultimate Ironman Questing

While there are no quest restrictions on Ultimate Ironman, you need to keep in mind that there are some quests to prioritize and some quests to avoid. Those to finish first are the ones that reward you with key items and those that unlock key areas. Those you need to avoid are the ones that are very risky.

Priority Quests For Important Unlocks

While these are quests with great unlocks, you should still be wary about doing them. Make sure to only do ones that you’re confident in doing so that you don’t put yourself at risk of dying in your run.

Skill Unlocks



Druidic Ritual

Grants access to Herblore skill, enabling the use of lamps and books of knowledge on Herblore

Rune Mysteries

Allows the use of lamps and books of knowledge to gain experience in Runecraft

Tears of Guthix

Provides weekly access to a minigame that grants experience in the player's lowest skill

Desert Treasure I

Unlocks the Ancient Magicks spellbook

A Kingdom Divided

Grants access to 24 Arceuus spells, excluding Ghostly Grasp, Inferior Demonbane, Resurrect Crops, and reanimation spells

Lunar Diplomacy

Lets you use the Lunar Spellbook. 

Dream Mentor

Expands the Lunar Spellbook with new magic. 

King's Ransom

Unlocks the Chivalry and Piety prayers, enhancing combat abilities

Area Unlocks



Children of the Sun

Access to the region of Varlamore

Priest In Peril

Grants entry to Morytania

Bone Voyage

Opens access to Fossil Island

Throne of Miscellania

Enables the Managing Miscellania minigame


Unlocks the region of Tirannwn

Mourning's End Part I

Grants access to the elven village of Lletya

Song of the Elves

Unlocks the city of Prifddinas

Making Friends with My Arm

Opens up the icy region of Weiss

Sins of the Father

Grants access to the vampyre city of Darkmeyer

Cabin Fever

Unlocks the pirate island of Mos Le'Harmless

Transportation Unlocks



Plague City

Enables teleportation to Ardougne using tablets and spellbook

Enlightened Journey

Unlocks the balloon transport network, allowing travel to various locations

Fairytales Part 1 and start Part 2

Grants access to the fairy ring transportation system

Tree Gnome Village

Unlocks spirit tree teleports for quick travel

The Grand Tree

Enables use of the gnome glider transportation system

Ghosts Ahoy

Provides the Ectophial teleport and free passage to Port Phasmatys


Lets you use the Watchtower Teleport. The spell itself is available on spellbooks and tablets. 

A Taste of Hope

Grants access to Drakan's medallion for teleportation purposes

Eadgar's Ruse

Enables Trollheim teleport in the spellbook

Shilo Village

Helps you get to the Shilo Villages easily using their cart. 

Twilight's Promise

Lets you use the transport system to gain easy access to Quetzal

Equipment Unlocks



The Great Brain Robbery

Allows use of the barrelchest anchor

Dwarf Cannon

Unlocks the ability to use the dwarf multicannon

Dragon Slayer I

Grants the ability to wear green dragonhide body and rune platebody armor

Dragon Slayer II

Allows creation of Ava's assembler

Family Crest

Unlocks the use of steel gauntlets

Animal Magnetism

Provides access to Ava's device

The Slug Menace

Unlocks proselyte armor

Recipe for Disaster

Gives you the culinaromancer’s gloves. The more subquests you complete, the better the gloves get.

Lost City

Grants the ability to use the dragon dagger and dragon longsword

A Taste of Hope

Unlocks the Ivandis flail

Monkey Madness I

Allows use of the dragon scimitar

Monkey Madness II

Grants the ability to use the heavy ballista

The Fremennik Isles

Gives you the helm of Neitiznot which is arguably one of the best helmets in the game.

The Fremennik Exiles

Provides access to the Neitiznot faceguard

Haunted Mine

Gives you the salve amulet which can be good for healing

Beneath Cursed Sands

Grants the ability to use the Keris partisan

Quests With Item Requirements

Some quests in the game will force you to hold onto or at least get a few specific items. These quests become more difficult because of the storage restrictions on Ultimate Ironman. To give you a heads up on what those quests are, refer to this table below:




Animal Magnetism

Mithril axe

You’ll need to bring a mithril axe to forge a blessed axe. To save inventory space on materials, just buy a mithril axe from the Woodcutting Guild but you need 60 Woodcutting to get inside.

You can also get a mithril axe from tree spirits and blue dragons. However, these are fairly difficult enemies so take caution.

If you have at least 29 Thieving, you can get one from the chest on the Isle of Souls.

Desert Treasure I

Magic logs

You’ll need 12 magic logs in total for this. They’re easy to get once you have level 75 Woodcutting but an alternative source would be Windertodt.

At level 58 Hunter, you can catch nature implings who can drop magic logs. 

If you’re lucky, you can also get these as a reward from Brimstone Chests.

Dragon Slayer II


You’ll need one dragonstone for the quest. 

One source is the chests inside Rogues’ Castle but it will require a high level of Thieving at 84. 

Another source is in Prifddinas but you’ll need to finish Song of the Elves for this. Zalcano drops dragonstone as a reward or you can go crystal impling hunting as well.

The Eyes of Glouphrie

Mud rune

During the quest, you need one mud rune to create the magic glue. You can get one at the Mage Training Arena by trading pizazz points.

Fairytale I - Growing Pains

Nature talisman

In Fairytale I, enchanting the secateurs might necessitate the use of a nature talisman. The best place to find one is in the Guardians of the Rift minigame, where you can buy them for 50 Abyssal pearls.

The Hand in the Sand

White berries

You can grow these via bush patches but you’ll need to raise your Farming to 59 before being able to do this. 

Alternatively, you can head to the Lava Dragon Isle and look for berries there. Another location is near the elf tracker in Isafdar but getting access to this place means starting the Regicide quest first.

Cave crawlers can also drop these as a reward.

Mourning's End Part I

Magic logs

You’ll need one magic log here. Just use the same farming method in Desert Treasure I.

Song of the Elves

Runite bar

You’ll need one of each item to help Lady Trahearn fix her exoskeleton.

You can get a runite bar through ore smelting but only if you’re at level 85 Smithing. If you’re far from reaching this level but you have 150 Kudos, you can get one from Pete’s Ore Shop on Fossil Island. For monster drops, you can get bars from rune dragons, magpie implings, and demonic gorillas.

For the seed, the best way is via Slayer. Just do tasks for aberrant spectres, cave horrors, and nechyrael dagannoth. If you don’t want to do Slayer tasks or if your level isn’t high enough, you can get it from Hespori or in seed packs. 

Cadantine seed

Swan Song

Lava rune

Get these from Mage Training Arena. Just do a few and you can trade your pizazz points for these.

Mist rune

Tai Bwo Wannai Trio

Agility potion(4)

You need level 84 Herblore to make agility potions using toad legs and toadflax potion. 

Alternatively, you can do Dr. Jekyll’s random event. You can get the potion by exchanging it for a clean irit leaf.

Tears of Guthix

Bullseye lantern

The bullseye lantern is a requirement for the sapphire lantern part of the quest. You can get one from Death to the Dorgeshuun quest from Miltdog. If you have good Thieving, you can get one from pickpocketing the cave goblins as well.

Quests Involving Entrana

Entrana is a tricky place to get into because weapons and armor here are not allowed. However, you can still bring runes and supplies for Fletching and crafting armor. In an Ultimate Ironman run, you’ll have to store banned items before going to Entrana. It’s best to give them to a retrieval service in this case.



Lost City

There’s a tree spirit fight during this quest. If you want to make it easier, make sure to bring runes for spells or fletching supplies if you want to use Ranged. These are the two recommended fighting styles because you can safespot the boss easily.

It’s also recommended to have an extra Dramamen branch with you for the fight.

Enlightened Journey

While there are no fights during this quest, you’ll be going back and forth from Entrana to other places as well. Make sure your inventory is clear of any weapons.

Hand in the Sand

The last part of the quest forces you to go to the sand pit on Entrana. This is unskippable.

Heroes' Quest

A part of this quest will have you getting a fire feather from the Entrana firebird. The fight itself is easy as long as you have ice gloves.

Holy Grail

There’s a short trip to Entrana to talk to the High Priest at the opening segment of this mission.

Devious Minds

For this quest, you’ll need to use a large pouch to bring an orb to Entrana. Make sure that your belongings are in a deathpile prior to using the pouch to the orb. If you die without doing so, your large pouch will be lost permanently.

Desert Treasure I

Similar to Holy Grail, you’ll need to visit the High Priest in Entrana.

Recipe for Disaster

(Sir Amik Varze subquest)

You’ll need a dramen branch for this part of the quest and you can find this in Entrana. If you have one already, then the trip is unnecessary.

Monkey Madness II

There’s a short trip there at the start of the quest.

Other Item Limitations

There are some quests that will prevent you from using items in certain areas. It’s best to prepare for these beforehand.



Waterfall Quest

You can’t enter Glarial’s Tomb if you have gear, runes, loot bags and fletching items with you. You can drop all of your items off at the Tourist Information Center before entering the area.

Roving Elves

You are not allowed to enter Glarial's Tomb with any weapons, armor, runes, fletchable objects (like logs), or looting bags. However, you can use a goblin paint cannon to make the combat with the moss guardian easier.

Recruitment Drive

You need to completely empty your inventory and wear nothing as nothing may be carried inside the testing area.

The Fremennik Trials

To enter Peer’s house, you’ll have to go in without any gear and items in your inventory. 

For Thorvald the Warrior’s trial, no weapons, armor, runes, or fletchable items like logs may be carried into the battle with Koschei the deathless. You can carry a Glarial’s Tomb, smuggle a dramen staff by bringing a knife in a branch of the dramen tree, which you can then cut into a staff once you’re inside the arena.

It’s safe to die in Koschei’s fourth form. Unfortunately, any items kept at an item retrieval service will be lost if you die in his first, second, or third form.

Weight Requirements

There are only a few but some quests are either easier or impossible to complete if you don’t reach certain weight requirements. If you don’t have a Graceful outfit, then you can use this so that you can lose weight easily. Otherwise, you can store items in your looting bag. 



Temple of Ikov

There is a bridge that needs to be crossed during the quest that falls if you are heavier than -1 kg. You can find the boots of lightness nearby to aid in managing your weight.

Recipe for Disaster

(Pirate Pete subquest)

You’ll need to be 28 KG below to go to the Mogre Camp. Keep in mind that you already have 15 KG with you while using the helmet and gear needed for this quest.

Enlightened Journey

The balloon has a weight limit of 40 KG, same with any other balloon transport system in the game.

Quests With Inventory Space Requirements

There will be quests where some items are forced into your stash. The last thing you want is being forced to let go of valuables because of these quests. We won’t be diving deep into what you’ll be forced to bring for these quests but we’ll show you how many slots you’ll need to have in your stash.


Inventory space needed

Doric's Quest


Tower of Life


Temple of Ikov


Priest in Peril

17, can be done with less

Death Plateau


In Search of the Myreque

13, can be done with less

Between a Rock...


Underground Pass



Varies, 15 recommended

Mourning's End Part I

Varies, 15 recommended



Mourning's End Part II

20, as much as possible recommended

Cabin Fever

11, can be done with less

In Aid of the Myreque

18, can be done with less

The Great Brain Robbery

20, can be done with less

Legends' Quest

20, can be done with less

Sleeping Giants

20, can be done with less

OSRS Ultimate Ironman Money Making

Because of the restrictions, money making is difficult in an Ironman account, let alone an Ultimate one. While all methods are available, you still need to do ones that are most efficient. Below is a list of what you can do to start earning money.

Most Efficient


Hourly Profit

Hourly XP

Hourly Resources



Picking up ruby rings


22,000 Magic


Magic 55 , Crack the Clue III

Ruby rings respawn at 240 seconds and is very popular in the community. While it’s easy to do, you’ll have to contend with a lot of players for it. To increase profit, make sure to cast high alchemy on the rings.



300,000 Firemaking, 20,000 Woodcutting

Various logs, gems, ores, herbs, seeds, and fish

Woodcutting 50 , Firemaking 50

Wintertodt is a good training method in general but if you’re done with training the skills related to it, go for other money making methods instead.

Blackjacking (50 Thieving)


103,000 Thieving


Thieving 45 , The Feud, Rogue equipment

This is an excellent means to train Thieving but once you reach the level you’re going for, switch to another method as there are others that are more eficient.

Blackjacking (99 Thieving)


265,000 Thieving




96,000 Crafting, 40,000 Thieving


Desert Treasure I, Lunar Diplomacy

The amount of gold you get from this is affected by many factors.

Making staves out of air orbs and earth orbs yield the same results but air staves give lower experiences.

If you have the budget for it, you can buy up to five staves per world. Just go to the Magic Guild Store to get access to them.

Although a bit less profitable, using sand and seaweed take less time to do. 

If you want to do glass blowing, you’ll to have a high enough Thieving Skill level to get access to the Artefact Thieving ability.


(monster drops)


Green dragons



Melee, unclear value

320 dragon bones

Basic melee setup (Dragon defender, Berserker ring (i), A Kingdom Divided for thralls)

Only use this method if you have Piety already as it will make fightiung the dragons much easier.

If not yet unlocked, you need to at least make sure that you have great gear for the fight as the green dragons can be very difficult.

Green dragons

(minimum gear)


180 dragon bones

Hallowed Sepulchre (72-82)


63,700 Agility,

2,100 Thieving


Agility 72 , Sins of the Father


Hallowed Sepulchre (82-92)


72,900 Agility,

2,500 Thieving


Agility 82 , Sins of the Father


Hallowed Sepulchre (92-99)


88,200 Agility,

7,200 Thieving


Agility 92 , Sins of the Father


Corrupted Gauntlet


Combats, unclear values

Uncut gems, runes, crystal shards, dragon arrows

Song of the Elves

The bow of Feardhinen is an excellent weapon and is considered as one of the best for Rangers. You can do this method up until you get the bow and armor seeds.

ZMI (banked pure essence)


80,000 Runecraft

None (accounted as profit)

Raiments of the Eye, Colossal pouch, Lunar Diplomacy, Magic 71 , Sins of the Father or banked Pure essence from PvM

Don’t fight in any PvM you aren’t comfortable with while carrying rune essence for ZMI. 

If you’re choosing the Daeyalt mines, keep in mind that the rates here take into consideration the mining time. 

ZMI (1.5 Daeyalt)


120,000 Runecraft

ZMI (AFK Daeyalt)


120,000 Runecraft

Three Tick Gem Mining


110,000 Mining

23,000 banked Crafting XP

Shilo Village, charged Amulet of glory, hard Karamja Diary

Tick gem mining is a bit difficult but once mastered, it’s very profitable. You can process diamonds and then alch them to boost profits even further. 



26,000 Slayer

110,000 banked Cooking XP
72,000 banked Prayer XP
23,000 banked Crafting XP
15,000 banked Fletching XP
5,000 banked Smithing XP
72 Manta ray
Dragon darts and arrows

Dragon Slayer II, Osmumten's fang

One of the best methods for Slayer tasks. 

Processing adamantite ore


80,000 Smithing


Smithing 70 , Magic 55


Processing runite ore


104,000 Smithing


Smithing 85 , Magic 55


Low Requirements


Hourly Profit




Collecting steel platebodies




You can farm steel platebodies and staves that spawn in the Lava Maze. However, the dungeon itself is inside the Wilderness so be careful. It’s even more dangerous knowing that fact that lots of players frequent this method.

If you want to do it at a lower level, just farm steel platelegs in the Eastern Ruins instead. While they are much cheaper, you’re also much safer here because it’s a lower leveled area. The best place to sell the steel legs are in the Armoured Legs Bazaar.

This isn’t a good method for ultimate ironmen but the steel platelegs are relatively good early on.

Cutting gems at a gem shop


Crafting 20 , Crafting 27 recommended to cut emeralds


This is one of the safer methods to farm money right now because it doesn’t require you to go into the Wilderness or other areas. You just have to focus on cutting gems at a shop. As gems resupply very slowly, this isn’t a good long-term method.

Fletching willow shortbows


Fletching 35+ , Woodcutting 30+ , Crafting 10


For this method, you simply have to make the highest level of bow that’s available to you. The three Skills required here are fairly easy to level up so the requirements are relatively steep.

Stealing from H.A.M. Store rooms


Thieving 20 , food, completed at least half of Death to the Dorgeshuun


You don’t need to finish Death to the Dorgeshuun to get access to the store rooms.

Once you get inside, make sure to pickpocket the guards in the area. They often drop keys that allow you to open chests with jewelry. You can sell the items directly or you can high alch it first to make them more profitable.

Stealing silk


Thieving 20


This method is realtively simple as you only need to steel silk from the Ardougne markets. Steal from them and sell it back to the owner of the stall after 20 minutes.

Selling cats for death runes


Gertrude's Cat quest, easy Ardougne diary, 9 fish.


This process is a bit complex but overall it’s easy once you get the hang of it. Basically, you need to catch kittens and help them grow into cats by giving them 9 fish and waiting for them to fully grow. You can then sell the cats for 200 death runes.

The death runes can be sold for 40,000 coins.

As you have a 3-hour waiting period for the cats, you can do other training methods while doing this.

Agility Pyramid


Agility 30 (Agility 70+ recommended)


Once you get access to the Agility Pyramid, you can use it for money making. However, we suggest going through it at level 70 and above to minimize failures.

This is one of the best methods to raise money early in the game so you might want to raise your Agility as soon as possible.

Selling runes from Guardians of the Rift to Ali Morrisane


Runecraft 27 , completion of Temple of the Eye and Rogue Trader


The Guardians of the Rift is a highly popular method for farming catalytic runes. You can start creating runes at level 27 and sell them to Ali Morrisane's rune shop for currency. These runes are also useful for teleportation and early game magic training but for the purpose of money making, just sell them. 

The game rewards you with nature, chaos, law, and blood runes, which can be sold for a significant profit. You can expect about 30,000 Runecraft XP and 60,000 coins per hour. This will increase as you make higher-tier runes. Remember to complete the Enter the Abyss and Temple of the Eye quests to achieve the required Runecraft level.

Giants' Foundry


Sleeping Giants, Smithing 15 up to iron, Smithing 30 up to steel


You can train Smithing while doing this but once you reach your target level, move on to other methods instead.

The amount of gold you earn here is dependent on the types of bars that you use. It’s often best to focus on making claws since they cost the least to make and they sell higher than what you spend on them.

With the rings of dueling, head to Al Kharid and get 7 of each bronze or iron steel platelegs or plateskirts. You can add more if your inventory has enough space.

High alching rune arrows from Last Man Standing


Magic 55 , Runecraft 44 recommended, staff of fire.


Last Man Standing PvP has no requirements or death risk. For three points, you can buy 300 rune arrows from Justine's shop and high-alch each for 240 coins. Teleport to the Ferox Enclave, kill one player, then hide until three players remain. Finish in second or third place to earn three to four points per game.

Alching 300 rune arrows nets you 12,000 gold if you buy nature runes, or 72,000 gold if you runecraft the runes. This can result in 144,000 coins per hour with 6 LMS points and 600 nature runes, providing good profit and magic experience while multitasking.

High Requirements


Hourly Profit




Pickpocketing Knights of Ardougne


Thieving 55 (95+ strongly recommended)

Completion of the medium tasks of the Ardougne Diary

Full rogue equipment


As blackjacking is more difficult compared to pickpocketing the Knights, it’s often best to just stick with this method. This can earn you over 270,000 coins per hour.

Crafting blood runes


Runecraft 77 and Agility 73


Each blood rune can be sold for 200 coins and making them is easy. With a solid plan to make this work, you can get over 300,000 gold coins and 38,000 Runecraft XP to boot.

Blast mining and smithing runite


Mining 75 , Smithing 89

Coal for smelting the bars


Blast mining serves as an excellent way to train mining and to earn money from it as well. While the requirements are a bit steep, the effort is worth it.

To do this, make sure that you have at least 330 dynamite with you. The best way to get them without spending money is by doing runs at Chambers of Xeric.

You can then use the blast furnace to smelt any ore you get from blast mining. If you don’t have enough coal, you can buy them from Miscellania or the Blast Furnace.

Crafting amethyst javelin heads


Mining 92 , Crafting 87


The first way to earn gold from here is by mining amethyst and then casting High Alch on amethyst javelin heads. The profitability of this method will depend on your mining level. This method is pretty click intensive but it’s also a good way to earn money.

To make this more viable, make sure to finish the Varrock Elite Diary first. This helps you find amethyst a lot easier.

Killing rune dragons


High combat level , Dragon Slayer II completed


This method is highly profitable but also very risky considering that rune dragons are strong. Make sure to have the dragon hunter lance with you to make the fight a lot easier.

Tips Inventory Management On Ultimate Ironman

One of the main reasons why Ultimate Ironman is so hard is the lack of bank space. That only means that you’ll need to be wary of the items you’ll pick up as you have a very limited amount of storage for your account. As that is the case in Ultimate Ironman accounts, there are a few things you can do to manage your inventory better.

  1. Level Up Construction Early

As much as possible, make sure to level up Construction to 42 as early as you can. It offers a lot of amazing storage options that would make your UItimate Ironman journey a little bit easier. You can store lots of items inside your player-owned house including the Graceful set, Void set, and more.

  1. Noting/Unnoting Items

To make it clear, noting items isn’t allowed in an Ultimate Ironman run. However, there’s a work around to it using a few items.

  • You can not ANY item that can be grown using your Farming Skill. Some items include herbs, watermelons, pineapples, papayas, and strawberries. You can do it with the help of the Leprechaun tool. You can also note unfinished herb potions but to do this, you’ll need to finish the Desert Hard Diary first. Each unf potion will require 200 gold. Otherwise, all other items that you want to have noted need to be noted as they go into your inventory.

Unnoting is easier than noting. All you need to do is to use a noted item on a bank booth or with any of the banker NPCs. Items can be unnoted at no cost. When you do this, all of the noted items on your inventory will be unnoted and placed there as long as you have the space for it. 

Other than the bankers, you can unnote items from Phials who’s next to the Rimmington General Store. He charges 5 gold per item which is relatively cheap. 

What’s good about him is that there’s a house portal near from where he is so unnoting is more convenient set aside from the 5 Gold. He also offers an “unnote X” option which doesn’t appear in any other bank.

Tip: If you need to unnote two items, but have four inventory spaces, you can remove worn items to fill up the space.

  1. Get The Looting Bag

This is one of the most important items to get in an Ultimate Ironman run. You can get this from beating low-level mobs inside the Wilderness. The best and least risky option is the Thugs in Edgeville Dungeon. The drop rates are pretty low but since these enemies are relatively weak, you can easily farm them.

While the looting bag can only store noted items, it’s still going to be an important part of your journey. It’s not something that you have to get straight away as early Ultimate Ironman runs tend to focus on moneymaking and questing.

To get items from the bag, you must commit suicide to get the items inside. You’ll have to get another looting bag though as this process will break the one that you currently have.

  1. Don’t Get Killed By Zulrah

One of the biggest misconceptions in an Ultimate Ironman Run is that you can store your items by getting killed by Zulrah. While she does hold your items for you, you will lose them. She’s still very useful as you can use her for a full inventory wipe for skilling or for when you’re going to do activities where you shouldn’t have any items. 

We highly recommend not using Zulrah for “storing” items as you can end up permanently losing all of them when you disconnect from the game or even die. 

  1. Use Emote Clue Storage

There are emote clue storage containers that you can build when at the emote locations. There’s a storage container for each of the difficulty level of the clues meaning that there are 5 of them in total. 

This is a late-game form of extra storage as most of the ones in the early game are either impossible to access or their locations are risky to get to. There are lots of items you can store in these. Here’s a list, along with their locations.


STASH type


Items stored


Silvarea mine, northeast of Varrock

Bronze platelegs, Steel pickaxe, Steel med helm


Near the Sawmill operator outside the Lumber Yard

Hardleather body, Leather chaps, Bronze axe


Next to the large urn outside the Exam Centre

White apron, Green boots, Leather gloves


Inside Aubury's Rune Shop

Air tiara, Staff of water


Near the entrance to Varrock Palace courtyard

Black axe, Coif, Ruby ring


Varrock Palace library, southeast corner

Green robe top, Ham robe, Iron warhammer


Near the entrance to the Grand Exchange

Pink skirt, Pink robe top, Body tiara


Inside Mubariz's ticket office

Iron chainbody, Leather chaps, Coif


Al Kharid mine

Desert shirt, Leather gloves, Leather boots


Outside the shack leading to Zanaris in Lumbridge Swamp

Bronze dagger, Iron full helm, Gold ring


On the bridge to the Wizards' Tower

Iron med helm, Emerald ring, White apron


Draynor Village market, next to a bench

Studded chaps, Iron kiteshield, Steel longsword


Inside the wheat field southwest of the Lumbridge mill

Blue robe top, Turquoise robe bottoms, Oak shortbow


Crossroads north of Draynor Village

Iron chainbody, Sapphire ring, Longbow


Draynor Manor, south of the fountain

Iron platebody, Studded chaps, Bronze full helm


Near the Monks of Entrana in Port Sarim

Coif, Steel plateskirt, Sapphire necklace


Mudskipper Point, southwest of the fairy ring

Black cape, Leather chaps, Steel mace


Centre of Rimmington mine

Gold necklace, Gold ring, Bronze spear


Crossroads north of Rimmington

Green hat, Cream robe top, Leather chaps


Entrance to Falador Party Room

Steel full helm, Steel platebody, Iron plateskirt


Outside Herquin's Gems store in Falador

Mithril pickaxe, Black platebody, Iron kiteshield


Stone circle in Taverley, by the southernmost dolmen

Blue wizard hat, Bronze 2h sword, Ham boots


Crossroads south of Sinclair Mansion

Leather cowl, Iron scimitar, Blue wizard robe


Beehive west of Catherby, southeast corner

Desert shirt, Green robe bottoms, Steel axe


West of Keep Le Faye entrance

Coif, Iron platebody, Leather gloves


East of Legends' Guild gates

Iron platelegs, Emerald amulet, Oak longbow


Entrance to the Fishing Guild

Emerald ring, Sapphire amulet, Bronze chainbody


Top floor of East Ardougne's mill

Blue robe top, Ham robe, Tiara


Ardougne Zoo, near Parroty Pete

Studded body, Bronze platelegs, Staff


STASH type


Items stored


Centre of Canifis

Green robe top, Mithril platelegs, Iron 2h sword


Mausoleum west of Fenkenstrain's Castle

Mithril plateskirt, Maple longbow


Digsite, south of the eastern winch

Green hat, Snakeskin boots, Iron pickaxe


East of the bridge to Barbarian Village

Purple gloves, Steel kiteshield, Mithril full helm


Outside Edgeville General Store

Brown apron, Leather boots, Leather gloves


Outside the entrance to Draynor Village jail

Adamant sword, Sapphire amulet, Adamant plateskirt


Lumbridge Swamp Caves, by the western cave exit

Staff of air, Bronze full helm, Amulet of power


Centre of the Barbarian Agility Course

Steel platebody, Maple shortbow, Team-1 cape


Top of platform in the Gnome Stronghold Agility Course

Steel kiteshield, Green d'hide chaps, Ring of forging


Ogre enclosure in the Combat Training Camp

Green d'hide body, Green d'hide chaps, Steel sq shield


Outside Yanille bank, near the Wizards' Guild entrance

Brown apron, Adamant med helm, Snakeskin chaps



Mithril chainbody, Green d'hide chaps, Ruby amulet


Castle Wars bank

Ruby amulet, Mithril scimitar, Team-1 cape


Shantay Pass

Bruise blue snelm (pointed), Staff of air, Bronze sq shield


Inside Hickton's Archery Emporium in Catherby

Blue boots, Hardleather body, Silver sickle


Outside Harry's Fishing Shop in Catherby

Adamant sq shield, Bone dagger, Mithril platebody


Outside Catherby bank

Maple longbow, Green d'hide chaps, Iron med helm


Outside Seers' Village Courthouse

Adamant halberd, Mystic robe bottom (blue), Diamond ring


North of Tai Bwo Wannai

Green d'hide chaps, Ring of dueling, Mithril med helm


TzHaar-Hur-Tel's Equipment Store in Mor Ul Rek

Steel longsword, Blue d'hide body, Mystic gloves (blue)


West of the Shayzien combat ring

Adamant platebody, Adamant full helm, Adamant platelegs


Ground floor of Arceuus House Library, center east

Blue d'hide vamb, Adamant boots, Adamant dagger


STASH type


Items stored


Chaos Temple in the Wilderness

Rune platelegs, Iron platebody, Blue d'hide vamb


Inside Fishing Guild bank

Elemental shield, Blue d'hide chaps, Rune warhammer


Top floor of the Lighthouse

Blue d'hide body, Blue d'hide vamb


Outside the cat-doored pyramid in Sophanem

Ring of life, Amulet of glory (uncharged), Adamant 2h sword


Bandit Duty Free shop in the Wilderness

Adamant sq shield, Blue d'hide vamb, Rune pickaxe


West side of the banana plantation in Musa Point

Diamond ring, Amulet of power


Outside Jokul's tent in the Mountain Camp

Rune full helm, Blue d'hide chaps, Fire battlestaff


Near Captain Bleemadge on the top of White Wolf Mountain

Mithril platelegs, Ring of life, Rune axe


Inside Shilo Village bank

Mystic hat (blue), Bone spear, Rune platebody


Exam Centre, near the archaeological expert

Mystic fire staff, Diamond bracelet, Rune boots


North-east corner of the Kharazi Jungle

Rune shield (h1), Zamorak stole


South of the bridge on the Wilderness Volcano

White headband, Saradomin crozier


By the dungeon entrance in Jiggig

Rune spear, Rune platelegs, Rune helm (h1)


Stairs at the beginning of the Agility Pyramid course

Mystic robe top (blue), Rune shield (h1)


Centre of Hosidius mess, near Ewesey

Rune halberd, Rune platebody, Amulet of strength


STASH type


Items stored


Inside West Ardougne's church

Dragon spear, Red d'hide chaps


Central Fremennik Isles mine

Rune boots, Proselyte hauberk, Dragonstone ring


By the entrance to the Lava Maze Dungeon

Black d'hide chaps, Spotted cape, Rolling pin


Ladder inside the Shadow Dungeon

Rune crossbow, Climbing boots, Zamorak mitre


Warriors' Guild bank

Black salamander


Southeast corner of Edgeville Monastery, ground floor

Book of balance


Southeast corner of the Fishing Platform

Barrows gloves, Dragon med helm, Amulet of glory


Room with gargoyles in the Slayer Tower's top floor

Seercull, Combat bracelet, Helm of neitiznot


Top of Trollheim

Lava battlestaff, Black d'hide vamb, Mind shield


Fountain of Heroes under the Heroes' Guild

Splitbark legs, Dragon boots, Rune longsword


Entrance of the Ancient Cavern

Granite shield, Splitbark body, Rune helm (h1)


Trollweiss flowers after sledding down Trollweiss Mountain

Blue d'hide vamb, Dragon spear, Rune plateskirt


Shayzien House command tent

Mystic robe bottom (blue), Rune kiteshield, Bob's black shirt


Outside the Legends' Guild building

Cape of legends, Dragon battleaxe, Amulet of glory


Behind the Ardougne Gem Stall

Castle wars bracelet, Dragonstone amulet, Ring of forging


Outside the Fight Arena Bar

Pirate bandana (brown), Dragon necklace, Magic longbow


STASH type


Items stored


Southeast corner of Lava Dragon Isle by the big egg

Dragon med helm, Toktz-ket-xil, Rune platebody, Brine sabre, Amulet of glory


West of the pier in Zul-Andra, next to a tree

Dragon 2h sword, Bandos boots, Obsidian cape


Barrows chest

Any set of Barrows equipment


Southwest corner in Iban's Temple/Well of Voyage

Iban's staff, Mystic robe top (dark), Mystic robe bottom (dark)


Northern wall of Castle Drakan, by the sickle marking

Red boater, Splitbark body, Dragon sq shield


7th room in Pyramid Plunder

Pharaoh's sceptre, Menaphite purple hat, Menaphite purple top, Menaphite purple robe


West of the soul altar

Dragon pickaxe, Helm of neitiznot, Rune boots


Warriors' Guild bank

Dragon battleaxe, Dragon defender, Slayer helmet


North side of the Entrana church

Black d'hide body, Black d'hide chaps, Black d'hide vamb


TzHaar-Hur-Lek's Ore and Gem Store in Mor Ul Rek

Fire cape, Toktz-xil-ul


Northwest tent in the Elf Camp

Crystal bow


Outside Mudknuckle's house in Goblin Village

Bandos platebody, Bandos cloak, Bandos godsword


Centre of the Catacombs of Kourend

Arclight, Amulet of the damned


Southeast corner of the King Black Dragon Lair

Black d'hide body, Black d'hide vamb, Black dragon mask


Southeast corner of Zamorak's Fortress

Zamorak full helm, Shadow sword


Entrance to Queen Ellamaria's garden in Varrock Palace

Zamorak godsword


Outside the Magic axe hut in level 55 Wilderness

Flared trousers


Top of the Watchtower in Yanille

Bull roarer, Dragon plateskirt, Climbing boots, Dragon chainbody


Northeast corner of the death altar

Death tiara, Cape of legends, Ring of wealth


Behind Miss Schism in Draynor Village

Abyssal whip, Cape of legends, Spined chaps


Western side of the Enchanted Valley

Dragon axe

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