OSRS Ultimate Magic Guide

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OSRS Ultimate Magic Guide

There certainly isn't a shortage of ways to defend yourself in OSRS. If you don't like swords, shields, bows, and arrows, then you're going to want to check out the magical offerings in the game. Thanks to the Magic Skill, there's a myriad of ways to dispose of every monster and PK'er in the game.

Training Magic can be quite tricky but as with most combat skills in the game, there are a lot of ways to make that easier on your end. By the end of this guide, you'll be able to get to level 99 in the most efficient and effective way possible. You'll be the best spell-slinger in Gielinor in no time.

What is OSRS Magic?

Magic is one of the core Skills in OSRS. It's also one of the three combat classes alongside Attack and Range. With Magic, you're able to use combat spells, transport magic to get around the world, and even enchant items and convert them into coins through utility spells. Although you're leveling up only one Skill, you're actually getting a lot more in return.



It's very possible to finish the game without using Magic but the Skill opens up a lot of opportunities for money making, and making a lot of the boss fights in the game become easier. Some bosses are particularly weak to magic and you'll also need this skill to defend against Magic attacks too. Magic Defense is determined by Magic and your Defence level at a 70-30% split respectively. This makes it very important for many fights.

The Skill is available for both free-to-play and paid members of OSRS. However, you're going to miss out on a lot of spells if you're not a paying member using Magic.

Getting Runes

Before training Magic, you'll first need runes. Lots of them. This is your primary means of casting spells and without runes, you can't do any magic. Luckily, there are a few methods to getting runes. Each comes with its own benefits and upsides.



  1. Rune Crafting

You can craft your own runes any time using runic altars which can be found all over the world. This is the fastest way to get runes other than buying from players or from magic shops. To craft runes, you'll need rune essence/pure essence, and either a talisman or a tiara that works with the rune altar you're going to use.

  1. Buying From A Shop

If you have the gold for it, you can buy from shops or from players as well. The problem with this method though is that it can be expensive depending on where you're buying from.

  1. Killing Monsters

Some monsters drop runes as well. This method doesn't require anything on your end, and you can do it while training your other combat skills as well. The problem is that monsters don't always drop a reliable source of runes that's enough for training.

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OSRS Spell Types

Getting to level 99 is very exciting for many reasons but perhaps the most important of which is the fact that you gain access to a myriad of cool spells in the game. On this part of the guide, we're going to detail all of the spells in the game. They're all categorized into four types which we'll explain below.

  1. Combat Spells

As the name suggests, these are magic mostly used in battle. Combat spells can be categorized into three subtypes: offensive spells for dealing damage, curse spells for disabling or debilitating opponents, and support spells which provide buffs to you and your allies.



  1. Teleport Spells

These are spells that instantly transport you to predetermined locations in the map. Gielinor is pretty large so these spells can help you save time when traveling around the world. It's perfect for training most of the skills efficiently as it cuts travel time by a huge margin. There are also some spells that can teleport you to the Wilderness to be careful.

  1. Utility Spells

These are spells used outside of combat. They can do things such as enchant items, bake pies, and more. They're pretty much like support spells but they can do other things other than buffs.

OSRS Magic Free-To-Play Training

While getting to level 99 Magic on a free account is hard and requires a lot of work, it's still very possible. If you follow this guide well, you can get to 99 on a free account in the most efficient way possible.

Level 1-17

At level one Magic, things can get pretty challenging due to the fact that you have a limited number of spells at your disposal. At this level, it's recommended that you use a staff as it's going to make it easier for you to cast spells when going into combat.



To make training easier, you'll need the following equipment:

  • Amulet of magic
  • Blue wizard robe
  • Zamorak monk bottom
  • Wizard hat

You can get to level 17 Magic by using Wind Strike on the cows around Lumbridge. What's even better is that you can also make some extra cash because of the cow hides that they drop. You can sell them so that you have more money for buying runs. However, it's better to tan the cowhides and use them so you can train your Crafting skill as well.

As you progress, you'll be able to unlock more spells that you can use such as Water Strike, Earth Strike, Fire Strike, and more. As you get higher in level, change things up by killing goblins, chickens, and others next.

Level 17-33

Once you hit level 17, it's time to use Wind Bolt. This is the most powerful spell that you can use at this level. For this, there are a couple of things that you can do to start getting to level 33.

  1. Fight Hill Giants in Edgeville Dungeon. These can drop big bones and limpwurt roots that can be used in training other Skills. Hill Giants are easy to fight since they can be killed from a safe distance.You can also fight Hobgoblins in Edgeville Dungeon if they're easier for you.


  1. You can also fight lesser demons in the Wizards' Tower. Use this method to farm runes as well since these monsters can drop them usually.
  2. Fight Al Kharid Warriors in Al Kharid. This is a rewarding but risky method since the warriors tend to appear in large groups.
  3. You can farm three level 21 skeletons in Varrock Sewers. There's a safe spot you can attack them from on one side of the water.

Level 33-99

At level 33, it's time to begin using Telekinetic Grab. This earns you gold while getting Magic XP to get you to 99. This is obviously the longest part of the journey but it's the fastest method to get there on a free account. Telekinetic Grab also opens up lots of opportunities for AFK farming. Here are a few methods to try out.

  1. Head to the crafting guild and look for the hobgoblins behind the cow field. You can attack them and then start using Telekinetic Grab to get the limpwurt roots and nature runes that they drop.
  2. You can try grabbing Nature Runes in the Wilderness. However, due to the dangerous nature of the Wilderness, make sure not to bring anything that you can't afford to lose while training.
  3. In the Demonic Ruins, you can also kill Greater demons from a safe spot near the Nature Rune spawn. Again, this is a part of the Wilderness so don't take anything too valuable.


OSRS Pay-to-Play Magic Training

Like with everything else that is in Old School Runescape, being a member is a lot better when it comes to training your Magic. Since magic is a comprehensive skill, this guide will first go over all the different training methods in different spell books one by one. After that there will be a section for the fastest methods, afk methods and money making methods to 99 magic. If you are looking for the best route to 99 scroll down to "Fastest Magic Training Methods to 99".

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Early Quests Levels

If you don't want to manually train early levels of magic you can complete Witch's Potion and Imp Catcher to immediately get 10 magic. After completing these you can move on to completing these quests in the order provided, to get straight to 34 magic.

  • Fairytale 1 - Growing Pains
  • The Grand Tree
  • Lumbridge Guide subquest of Recipe for Disaster
  • Watchtower

Standard Spellbook


Enchanting Bolts

Enchanting bolts is one of the fastest ways to train your magic on the regular spell book. There are many bolts that a player can enchant, if you are doing this method you should always use the highest tier bolt that you can enchant (except for red topaz ). Enchanting bolts usually costs you money, however this solely depends on the grand exchange prices. Every now and then you can catch profitable bolt margins. If you are doing this method normally it takes 3 ticks for your character to enchant one set of bolts, however you can increase this rate by holding down the space bar and rapidly clicking on the spell. This sounds easy but actually it requires perfectly timed clicks.



When done correctly it will massively increase your exp rates. Bolts you can enchant are as follows: ( Exp rates assumes you are 1 ticking the spell )

  • Opal - Magic Level 4 - Exp/Hour 49k
  • Sapphire - Magic Level 7 - Exp/Hour 93k
  • Pearl - Magic Level 24 - Exp/Hour 159k
  • Emerald - Magic Level 27 - Exp/Hour 203k
  • Red Topaz - Magic Level 29 - Exp/Hour 181k
  • Ruby - Magic Level 49 - Exp/Hour 324k
  • Diamond - Magic Level 57 - Exp/Hour 368k
  • Dragonstone - Magic Level 68 - Exp/Hour 429k
  • Onyx - Magic Level 87 - Exp/Hour 533k

If you are thinking about using this method, stock up on bolts that you want to use beforehand, since there is a buying limit on all of them and you will be burning through them super fast.

Enchanting Jewellery



This is a pretty slow but afk method, you can also speed this method up by manually clicking on each jewellery. You should always use the highest tier of jewellery you can, to maximise your exp gains. This method will not cost you any money as it will most of the time break even or depending on the prices can even make you money.

Combat Spells / Splashing

Another really popular method to train your magic is via casting combat spells. There are 3 ways to use this method:

  1. First way is to equip the best magic gear you have available to you and go to either rock crabs, sand crabs or ammonite crabs. You can turn on your auto retaliate to afk 10 minutes at a time to train your magic.
  2. Second way is to equip armour that will give you -65 magic accuracy bonus. By doing this you are guaranteed to splash your spell. After this turn on your auto retaliate and attack any low level creature that won't be able to deal any damage to you. Like rats in Lumbridge. This will only give you the casting exp but it's fully afkable. You only need to interact once every 20 minutes.
  3. Third way to do this has a high slayer requirement of 87. Equip the best magic gear you can get your hands on and head to the kraken cave. Go into the kraken room and attack the main body of the kraken. Since the kraken is underwater it will not take any damage and will not attack you, however you will get the full exp of casting a spell and hitting the monster.


High Level Alchemy / Teleporting / Splashing

At level 55 you unlock the most popular spell in the game which is high level alchemy. High level alchemy transforms items into coins and there are three reasons as to why it's really good for training your magic. First of all it's free exp, by alching the right items you will break even or make profit. Secondly it's afk, the only thing you have to do is to place the item that you are going to alch on the same spot as the high level alchemy spell after that you can either spam click your mouse or assign a mouse key on your keyboard and spam that. Third and the most important reason is that you can combine this spell with other things. Here are few combinations that you can do to really increase your overall gains in runescape:

  1. High Alch / Agility

You can high alch while running from one obstacle to the next.

  1. High Alch / Combat

You can high alch in between each of your attacks.

  1. High Alch / Splashing

You can high alch and splash on a monster. Since you are already manually clicking don't use combat spells for this. Instead use any "curse" spell. ( weaken, curse, enfeeble, stun… etc ) The ideal one is stun alching which requires level 80 magic. You can stun alch on the demon in the wizards tower or on the Zamorak mage imprisoned in the varrock castle.

  1. High Alch / Teleport

You can high alch and teleport. You can use any teleport available to you, however teleporting to camelot is the cheapest option. To do this properly you need your f keys setup to immediately switch back to your mage spell book to teleport after a high level alchemy.



To figure out which items to alch consult here.

Teleport Spamming

You can spam click the same teleport to train your magic. Camelot teleport is the cheapest out of all teleports however if you are going to do this it's recommended to mix it with high level alchemy.



Starting at level 43 you can start casting the spell "Superheat". This allows you to smelt any ore into a bar using magic. The best ore to use for this spell is iron since it does not require coal to be turned into an iron bar.

Lunar SpellBook



Lunar spellbook is unlocked after the completion of Lunar Diplomacy, to get full access to the spells in the book you will also need to complete the quest Dream Mentor. If you are looking to train your magic without getting into combat, Lunar Spellbook is the way to go.




At level 68 you can start casting humidify. Equip a steam battlestaff to save fire and water runes. Grab an inventory of clay and cast humidify. This method will not yield much exp but will be very profitable.

Profit per cast: 950 gp

Hunter Kit



At level 71 and with the completion of the Dream Mentor quest you will be able to cast the hunter kit spell. To do so, have a staff of earth equipped. This will not yield much exp but will be profitable.

Exp/Hour: 52k

Profit per cast: 432 gp

Superglass Make



At level 77 magic you can start casting this spell. Use a smoke battlestaff and giant seaweed for the most efficient inventory. In your inventory have 3 giant seaweeds and 18 buckets of sand for each cast.

Exp/Hour: 46k

Profit Per Cast: 1026 gp

Tan Leather



Starting at level 78 you can buy dragon hides from grand exchange and cast tan leather to tan them. This also requires you to complete the hard Fremennik Diary. Equip a staff of fire to do this. This spell tans up to 5 hides per cast. Profit varies depending on the G.E prices and the leather you use.

Exp/Hour: 97k

Profit per cast: 900 gp

String Jewellery



At level 80 magic you can start casting string jewellery. Equip a mud battlestaff and fill your inventory with the jewellery you want to string.

Exp/Hour: 150k

Profit Per Cast: 410 gp ( varies )

Plank Make



At level 86 magic you can start casting plank make. Equip a staff of earth and fill your inventory with mahogany logs to cast the spell. Once clicked the spell automatically keeps making planks which makes this method fairly afk. However if you want to fasten this method you can by manually clicking it.

Exp/Hour: 166k

Profit Per Cast: 413 gp

Ancient Magicks

Unlike the lunar spell book, the ancient spell book is fully focused on combat and houses the best magic training method in the game. To unlock this spellbook you will need to complete the quest "Desert Treasure".


Bursting / Barraging

With ancient spellbook you unlock aoe spells and with them comes the greatest way to train your magic. To do this method you will need to have at least Monkey Madness 1 completed and to do it in the best way possible you will need to at least start Monkey Madness 2 and complete it up to the point where you enter MM2 tunnels.

For Money Madness 1 tunnels:

  1. Bring your greegree, 2 or 3 antidotes++, 2 emergency food ( you can negate damages with rapid heal ), an imbued heart if you have one, rune pouch with your runes to cast the spell, fill the rest of your inventory with prayer potions.
  2. For your equipment, you can either use your best magic gear or your best prayer gear and equip a salve amulet (Ei).
  3. In the tunnels find a spot with 5 skeletal zombies, put on protect melee and start killing them. ( stay under a rock while doing this to avoid getting damaged )
  4. Skeleton monkeys spawn from the bones, so to maximise your EXP you can pick up the bones and spread them out to 6 different tiles next to where you are killing them.
  5. Every 10 minutes get out of the aggro zone to reset their aggro timer to afk.


For Monkey Madness 2 tunnels:

  1. Bring a light source, an imbued heart, rune pouch, 1 prayer potion and 2 -3 emergency food. ( the monkeys in this tunnel drop prayer potions so you can stay in the tunnels as much as you like )
  2. Equip your best magic gear
  3. To maximise your gains you can gain or hire 2 other accounts to stack the monkeys for you, however this is not necessary to do.
  4. Every 10 minutes get out of the aggro zone to reset their aggro timer to afk.


To stack any npc in the game you have to run back and forth 3 tiles, in a L shape. This is usually done near a wall to stack all the mobs on 1 tile.


There are some tasks in slayer that are really good to burst or barrage. It won't be as afk as killing the monkeys but you will be much more accurate with your spells by having an imbued slayer helm. The slayer tasks that you can barrage are:

  • Dust Devils
  • Greater Nechryaels
  • Warped Jellies
  • Smoke Devils
  • Abyssal Demons

Most of these monsters are not automatically agroed to you, to aggro them quickly bring a stack of cheapest darts you can buy and attack them one by one. After agroing all of the monsters stack them up on a corner to kill them with your spells.

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Fastest Magic Training Methods to 99

  1. Levels 1 - 4: Wind strike any mob in the game.
  2. Levels 4 - 7: 1-Tick enchant opal bolts. Check the "Enchanting Bolts" section of this guide for more information.
  3. Levels 7 - 24: 1-Tick enchant sapphire bolts.
  4. Levels 24 - 27: 1-Tick enchant pearl bolts.
  5. Levels 27 - 49: 1-Tick enchant emerald bolts.
  6. Levels 49 - 57: 1-Tick enchant ruby bolts.
  7. Levels 57 - 68: 1-Tick enchant diamond bolts.
  8. Levels 68 - 70: 1-Tick enchant dragonstone bolts

Important Note: 1-Tick enchanting has the best exp rates throughout all levels, however it stops being sustainable as it costs a lot of money, all the bolts also have a low buy limit and it's hard to 1 tick enchant for hours and hours. You can continue enchanting if you please. From level 68 - 87 dragonstone and from 87 - 99 onyx bolts. I will provide an alternative method for getting 70 magic.

  1. Alternative Levels 55 - 70: If you don't want to enchant bolts, you can high alch and teleport or any other method that I have provided in the "High Level Alchemy / Teleporting / Splashing" section of this guide.
  2. Levels 70 - 94: At level 70, you will start ice bursting monkeys, in monkey madness tunnels. Either one of the tunnels is good, however you will get much higher exp rates in the MM2 tunnels. For more details check the "Bursting / Barraging" section of this guide. ( You can also start barraging alongside bursting at level 85, using the imbued heart and the preserve prayer. )
  3. Levels 94 - 99: At level 99 you should switch to using ice barrage instead of ice burst. For more details check the "Bursting / Barraging" section of this guide.

Profitable Magic Training to 99

This part is for people that want to mix up their magic training or for people that don't have that much spare gp to spend on magic training.

  1. Levels 1 - 7: Cast wind strike on any mob you see in the game.
  2. Levels 7 - 27: Starting at level 7 you can start making rings of recoil, which will actually make you profit. This method will profit you 70 - 100k
  3. Levels 27 - 43: At level 27 you will be able to cast level 2 enchant so you are going to be turning emerald rings into rings of duelling. This method will profit you around 100k.
  4. Levels 43 - 55: If you want to keep making money you can continue creating rings of dueling, however by spending some money you can get to level 55 much quicker. You can use superheat spell on iron ore to create iron bars. This will cost you around 200k gp to get to level 55. Alternatively you can teleport to camelot starting at level 45 to get to level 55, the cost is approximately the same.
  5. Levels 55 - 99: From here on out you can use high level alchemy if you choose so. You can buy items that will break even or items that will make you a profit, from grand exchange and alch them. It's highly recommended that you multitask while using high level alchemy, for more information check the "High Level Alchemy / Teleporting / Splashing" section of this guide.
  6. Levels 55 - 57: High alch items that will profit you or break even the cost of the runes.
  7. Levels 57 - 68: You can enchant diamond jewellery starting at this level. Turn diamond amulets into amulets of power to get to level 70 magic. This will either break even or make you a little bit of profit.
  8. Levels 68 - 78: From level 68 to 78 you will be enchanting dragonstone jewellery. To maximise your profits check the G.E prices for each of the items and choose the one with the highest profit margin.
  9. Levels 78 - 86: For this method you will need to complete the "Lunar diplomacy" and the "hard Fremennik Diary". Switch to your Lunar spellbook and cast tan leather until you reach level 86. To maximise your profits check the G.E prices for the best leather to tan.

Alternatively, if you don't want to complete the "hard Fremennik Diary", you can cast spin flax starting at level 76.

  1. Levels 86 - 99: Starting at level 86 and with the completion of "Lunar Diplomacy" and "Dream Mentor", you can start casting the plank make spell. Usually the mahogany planks will bring in the most profit, but check the prices before starting this method just in case.

AFK Magic Training to 99

  1. Levels 1 - 99: Splashing is the most afkable method that exists in the game. To splash, equip armor that will give you -65 magic bonus. Pick a monster that will not deal any damage to you and attack it with your auto-retaliate on. You can afk up to 20 minutes at a time. The spells you use is up to you, however fire spells are usually preferred. Here is the list of the spells, their exp/h and cost for a regular elemental staff.
  • Level 13 Fire Strike- EXP/H: 13,800 - Cost/H: 14,400
  • Level 35 Fire Bolt - EXP/H: 27,000 - Cost/H: 122k
  • Level 59 Fire Blast - EXP/H: 41,400 - Cost/H: 235k
  • Level 75 Fire Wave - EXP/H: 51,000 - Cost/H: 288k
  • Level 95 Fire Surger - EXP/H: 60,600 - Cost/H: 314k

There is one way to make this method faster which is to use a Harmonised Nightmare staff. This staff makes your casting speed faster by reducing the cast time by 1 tick. With this staff the exp rates looks like this:

  • Level 13 Fire Strike- EXP/H: 17,250
  • Level 35 Fire Bolt - EXP/H: 33,750
  • Level 59 Fire Blast - EXP/H: 51,750
  • Level 75 Fire Wave - EXP/H: 63,750
  • Level 95 Fire Surger - EXP/H: 75,750

Hope you found this guide useful and if you don't want to take any route provided in this guide. You can make your own route using the methods provided.

Quests That Reward Magic XP

Training Magic can be particularly boring. If you love the quests and the stories that OSRS has to offer, then you might want to do quests that reward you with Magic XP and more. Here are the quests that you need to do for training purposes.

Other requirements
Witch's Potion325--
Imp Catcher875--
Fairytale I - Growing Pains1,000--
Spirits of the Elid1,00033Thieving - 37 , Ranged - 37 , Mining - 37
The Giant Dwarf1,50033Thieving - 14 , Crafting - 12, Firemaking - 16
The Grand Tree2,150-Agility - 25
Recipe for Disaster
(Lumbridge Guide subquest)
2,500-Cooking - 40
Horror from the Deep4,662-Agility - 35
The Path of Glouphrie5,000-Strength - 60 , Slayer - 56 , Thieving - 56 , Ranged - 47 , Agility - 45
King's Ransom5,00045Defense - 65
Lunar Diplomacy5,00065Crafting - 61 , Defense - 40 , Firemaking - 49 , Herblore - 5 , Mining - 60 , Woodcutting 55
Enakhra's Lament7,00039Crafting - 50 , Firemaking - 45 , Prayer - 43 , Mining - 45
Dream Mentor10,00065Agility - 32 (boostable), Attacking - 85 , Crafting - 61 , Defense - 40 , Firemaking - 49 , Herblore - 5 , Mining - 60 , Woodcutting - 55
The Eyes of Glouphrie12,00046Construction - 5 , Woodcutting - 45
Swan Song15,00066Quest Point - 100 , Cooking - 62 , Fishing - 62 , Smithing - 45 , Firemaking - 42 , Crafting - 40
Watchtower15,25015Thieving - 15 , Agility - 25 , Herblore - 14 , Smithing - 40
Desert Treasure I20,00050Thieving - 53 , Firemaking - 50 , Slayer - 10

OSRS Spellbooks And List of Spells

You'll need a spellbook to use all of the spells in the game. There are four spell books and you

can only cast magic from the spellbook you're currently using. To streamline things, we're going to show you the spells for each of the spellbooks instead of categorizing them per spell type.

Standard Spellbook

This is the spellbook that's available to all players from the get-go. It's also the only spellbook that free-to-play players have access to. While the spells are pretty simple, all players, even those who are paying will need to start off using the standard spellbook.

Combat Spells

SpellLevelXPMax hitBoosted max hitSlayer max hitMembership Required?
Wind Strike15.5222No
Water Strike57.5466No
Earth Strike99.5689No
Fire Strike1311.581617No
Wind Bolt1713.591618No
Water Bolt2316.5102023No
Earth Bolt2919.5111920No
Fire Bolt3522.5122832No
Crumble Undead3924.5152124No
Wind Blast4125.5131820No
Water Blast4728.5142225No
Iban Blast5030253235Yes
Magic Dart5030153944Yes
Earth Blast5331.5152124No
Fire Blast5934.5163335No
Saradomin Strike6035204248Yes
Flames of Zamorak6035204248Yes
Claws of Guthix6035204248Yes
Wind Wave6236172426Yes
Water Wave6537.5182832Yes
Earth Wave7040192731Yes
Fire Wave7542.5204046Yes
Wind Surge8144.5213033Yes
Water Surge8546.5223639Yes
Earth Surge9048.2233236Yes
Fire Surge9550.5244955Yes
Confuse313NoReduces the target's Attack by 5%.
Weaken1121NoReduces the target's Strength by 5%.
Curse1929NoReduces the target's Defense by 5%.
Bind2030NoPrevents the target from moving for 4.8 seconds.
Snare5060NoPrevents the target from moving for 9.6 seconds.
Vulnerability6676YesReduces the target's Defense by 10%.
Enfeeble7383YesReduces the target's Strength by 10%.
Entangle7989YesPrevents the target from moving for 14.4 seconds.
Stun8090YesReduces the target's Attack by 10%.
Tele Block8580NoPrevents the target from teleporting for five minutes (half if they are using Protect from Magic).
SpellLevelXPMembership Required?Effect
Charge80180YesEmpowers God spells for the Mage Arena.

Teleport Spells

SpellLevelXPMembership Required?Effects
Lumbridge Home TeleportN/A0NoWill transport you to Lumbridge. It can only be used once every 30 minutes and can be interrupted by combat.
Varrock Teleport2535NoTeleports the caster to the market square in Varrock.
Lumbridge Teleport3141NoTeleports the caster to the courtyard of Lumbridge Castle.
Falador Teleport3747NoTeleports the caster to the center of Falador.
Teleport to House4030YesTeleports the caster to their player-owned house. This spell's destination can either be the exit portal inside the house itself, or outside the entrance portal.
Camelot Teleport4555.5YesTeleports the caster to the gates of Camelot.
Ardougne Teleport5161YesMust have completed Plague City. Teleports the caster to the market square in East Ardougne.
Watchtower Teleport5868YesMust have completed Watchtower Quest. Teleports the caster to the top of the Watchtower outside of Yanille.
Trollheim Teleport6168YesMust have completed Eadgar's Ruse. Teleports the caster to the top of Trollheim.
Ape Atoll Teleport6474YesMust have completed the Freeing King Awowogei sub-quest of Recipe for Disaster. Teleports the caster to a safe area in the Temple of Marimbo.
Kourend Castle Teleport6982YesRequires reading the book transportation incantations. Teleports the caster to the Kourend Castle courtyard.
Teleother Lumbridge7484YesTeleports another player, who must have Accept Aid on, to the courtyard of Lumbridge Castle.
Teleother Falador8292YesTeleports another player, who must have Accept Aid on, to the center of Falador.
Teleport to Target8545YesWill transport you to their assigned target in the Daimon's Crater. Can only be cast on Bounty Hunter worlds.
Teleother Camelot90100YesTeleports another player, who must have Accept Aid on, to the gates of Camelot.

Utility Spells

Alchemy Spells
SpellLevelXPMembership Required?Effect
Bones to Bananas1525NoConverts all normal bones in the inventory into bananas.
Low Level Alchemy2131NoGives coins equal to
of the item the spell was cast on.
Superheat Item4353NoSmelts ore into bars without the need of a furnace. Iron ore's success rate is 100% when used with this spell.
High Level Alchemy5565NoGives coins equal to
⌊0.6×Value⌋ of the item the spell was cast on.
Bones to Peaches6065YesConverts all normal bones in the inventory into peaches. Must be unlocked at the Mage Training Arena.
Enchantment Spells
SpellLevelXPMembership Required?Effect
Lvl-1 Enchant717.5NoEnchants jewelry made from sapphire and opal.
Lvl-2 Enchant2737NoEnchants jewelry made from emerald and jade.
Lvl-3 Enchant4959NoEnchants jewelry made from ruby and red topaz.
Charge Water Orb5656YesEnchants an unpowered orb into a water orb when cast at the Obelisk of Water.
Lvl-4 Enchant5767NoEnchants jewelry made from diamond.
Charge Earth Orb6070YesEnchants an unpowered orb into an earth orb when cast at the Obelisk of Earth.
Charge Fire Orb6373YesEnchants an unpowered orb into a fire orb when cast at the Obelisk of Fire.
Charge Air Orb6676YesEnchants an unpowered orb into an air orb when cast at the Obelisk of Air.
Lvl-5 Enchant6878YesEnchants jewelry made from dragonstone.
Lvl-6 Enchant8797YesEnchants jewelry made from onyx.
Lvl-7 Enchant93110YesEnchants jewelry made from zenyte.
Enchant Crossbow Bolt
SpellLevelXPMembership Required?Effect
Enchant Crossbow Bolt (Opal)49YesEnchants opal bolts into opal bolts (e), 10 at a time.
Enchant Crossbow Bolt (Sapphire)717.5YesEnchants sapphire bolts into sapphire bolts (e), 10 at a time.
Enchant Crossbow Bolt (Jade)1419YesEnchants jade bolts into jade bolts (e), 10 at a time.
Enchant Crossbow Bolt (Pearl)2429YesEnchants pearl bolts into pearl bolts (e).
Enchant Crossbow Bolt (Emerald)2737YesEnchants emerald bolts into emerald bolts (e), 10 at a time.
Enchant Crossbow Bolt (Red Topaz)2933YesEnchants topaz bolts into topaz bolts (e), 10 at a time.
Enchant Crossbow Bolt (Ruby)4959YesEnchants ruby bolts into ruby bolts (e), 10 at a time.
Enchant Crossbow Bolt (Diamond)5767YesEnchants diamond bolts into diamond bolts (e), 10 at a time.
Enchant Crossbow Bolt (Dragonstone)6878YesEnchants dragonstone bolts into dragonstone bolts (e), 10 at a time.
Enchant Crossbow Bolt (Onyx)8797YesEnchants onyx bolts into onyx bolts (e), 10 at a time.
Other Spells
SpellLevelXPMembership Required?Effect
Telekinetic Grab3343NoRemotely takes an item laying on the ground or on a table. Can be cast through barriers such as fences and jail cell bars, but not through solid objects like doors or walls.

Arceuus Spellbook

This spellbook is often referred to as the necromancy spellbook. Using this can give you access to up to 60% favor with Arceuus in Great Kourend. It has a variety of spells at your disposal and is versatile in spell selection too. This spellbook is mostly notable for its reanimation spells which can be used for Prayer training. Here are the spells in this book.

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Combat Spells

Grasp spells

These are special spells that deal damage and then can also stop the target from moving for a period of time. Helpful against bosses and PvP.

SpellLevelXPBase max hitBoosted max hitSlayer max hitBind
Bind time
Ghostly Grasp3522.512171910%1.2
Skeletal Grasp563317242725%1.8
Undead Grasp7946.524343950%2.4
Demonbane Spells

These are powerful spells that can deal a ton of damage with a 20% accuracy bonus. The catch is that they can only be used against demonic creatures which makes them powerful against certain bosses in the game.

SpellLevelXPBase max hitBoosted max hitSlayer max hit
Inferior Demonbane4427162831
Superior Demonbane6236234145
Dark Demonbane8243.5305360
Corruption Spells

These are spells that give a chance to influx corruption on your next successful hit. Creatures or players infected with corruption lose a specific amount of Prayer points once afflicted.

Prayer drain
Lesser Corruption647550%6
Greater Corruption859550%12
Resurrection Spells

To use Resurrection spells, you'll need the book of the dead as well which you can get after completing A Kingdom Divided. Using these spells will require Prayer points too. Upon using it, you can summon a Thrall which will fight by your side.

points cost
attack style
max hit
Resurrect Lesser Ghost38552Magic1
Resurrect Lesser Skeleton38552Ranged1
Resurrect Lesser Zombie38552Melee1
Resurrect Superior Ghost57704Magic2
Resurrect Superior Skeleton57704Ranged2
Resurrect Superior Zombie57704Melee2
Resurrect Greater Ghost76886Magic3
Resurrect Greater Skeleton76886Ranged3
Resurrect Greater Zombie76886Melee3
Other Spells
Dark Lure5060Lures monsters to attack players, and stops them from retreating. Can also be cast on implings.
Mark of Darkness5970Gives various offensive buffs to the caster that last for a set amount of time.
Ward of Arceuus7383Gives various defensive buffs to the caster that last for a set amount of time.

Teleport Spells

Arceuus Home Teleport10Will transport you to the Dark Altar.
Arceuus Library Teleport69Teleports you north of the Arceuus Library.
Draynor Manor Teleport1716Will transport you to Draynor Manor.
Battlefront Teleport2319Will transport you to the Ancient Grave, just beyond the Battlefront.
Mind Altar Teleport2822Will transport you to the Mind Altar whose entrance is near the Wilderness.
Respawn Teleport3427Will transport you to their current respawn point.
Salve Graveyard Teleport4030Will transport you to the ghoul area by the entrance to Mort Myre Swamp. Must have completed Priest in Peril.
Fenkenstrain's Castle Teleport4850Will transport you to Fenkenstrain's Castle. Must have completed Priest in Peril.
West Ardougne Teleport6168Will transport you to the West Ardougne graveyard. Must have completed Biohazard.
Harmony Island Teleport6574Will transport you to Harmony Island. Must have completed The Great Brain Robbery.
Cemetery Teleport7182Will transport you to The Forgotten Cemetery in the Wilderness.
Barrows Teleport8390Will transport you to the Barrows. Must have completed Priest in Peril.
Ape Atoll Teleport90100Will transport you to the Ape Atoll Dungeon. Must have completed Monkey Madness I.

Utility Spells

Reanimation Spells

These are spells that can resurrect certain creatures but that's as long as their heads still contain their souls. If you kill reanimated creatures, you can get Arceuus favor for each of the creatures based on their toughness. However, you can only get XP for casting the spell. You get Prayer XP for killing the creature though.

Basic Reanimation1632
Adept Reanimation4180
Expert Reanimation72138
Master Reanimation90170
Offering Spells

These help you convert three sets of remains to gain Prayer points. It grants three times the normal experience when burying or scattering remains.

SpellLevelXPRemains converted
Demonic Offering84175Ashes
Sinister Offering92180Bones
Other Spells
Shadow Veil4758Grants a 15% chance (36.25% if wearing the dodgy necklace) to avoid being stunned and damaged while pickpocketing NPCs for a set amount of time.
Vile Vigor6676Converts remaining prayer points into run energy at a 1:1 ratio.
Degrime7083Cleans all grimy herbs in the player's inventory that the player has the Herblore level to clean.
Resurrect Crops7890Gives a chance for a dead farming patch to be brought back to life. If the spell fails, the patch is cleared out.
Death Charge8090Restores 15% of the player's special attack energy upon killing a monster.

Ancient Magics

This is a spellbook that you can unlock upon finishing Desert Treasure I. Ancient Magicks primarily focuses on combat spells. Some of which are the most powerful combat spells in the game.

Combat Spells

Smoke Rush5030Poisons target starting at 2 damage.
Shadow Rush5231Reduces target's Attack level by 10%.
Blood Rush5633Heals the caster for 25% of the damage inflicted on the target.
Ice Rush5834Freeze the target for 5 seconds.
Smoke Burst6236Hits a 3x3 area around a target. Poisons targets starting at 2 damage.
Shadow Burst6437Hits a 3x3 area around a target. Reduces targets' Attack levels by 10% each.
Blood Burst6839Hits a 3x3 area around a target. Heals the caster for 25% of the damage inflicted on the targets.
Ice Burst7040Hits a 3x3 area around a target. Freezes targets for 10 seconds.
Smoke Blitz7442Poisons target starting at 4 damage.
Shadow Blitz7643Reduces target's Attack level by 15%.
Blood Blitz8045Heals the caster for 25% of the damage inflicted on the target.
Ice Blitz8246Freezes the target for 15 seconds.
Smoke Barrage8648Hits a 3x3 area around a target. Poisons targets starting at 4 damage.
Shadow Barrage8849Hits a 3x3 area around a target. Reduces targets' Attack levels by 15%.
Blood Barrage9251Hits a 3x3 area around a target. Heals the caster for 25% of the damage inflicted on the targets.
Ice Barrage9452Hits a 3x3 area around a target. Freezes targets for 20 seconds.

Teleport Spells

Edgeville Home Teleport00Will transport you to Edgeville, near the well.Players can only cast this spell once every 30 minutes.
Paddewwa Teleport5464Will transport you inside the entrance of Edgeville Dungeon.
Senntisten Teleport6070Will transport you to the Digsite, between the south gate and the Exam Centre.
Kharyrll Teleport6676Will transport you to Canifis, inside the Hair of the Dog tavern.
Lassar Teleport7282Will transport you to the top of Ice Mountain, towards the south side of the snowy area.
Dareeyak Teleport7888Will transport you to the western ruins in the Wilderness.
Carrallanger Teleport8494Will transport you to the Graveyard of Shadows in the Wilderness.
Teleport to Target8545Will transport you to their assigned target in the Daimon's Crater. Can only be cast on Bounty Hunter worlds.
Annakarl Teleport90100Will transport you to the Demonic Ruins in the Wilderness.
Ghorrock Teleport96106Will transport you to the Frozen Waste Plateau in the Wilderness.

Lunar Spellbook

This is a spellbook that you can get once you complete the quest, Lunar Diplomacy. Lunar Spellbook gives you access to a wealth of utility skills primarily and it uses astral runes mostly.

Combat Spells

Monster Examine6661Displays information about the monster the spell is casted on, such as its combat stats, defensive bonuses, and whether it can be killed as part of a Slayer task.
Cure Other6865Cures a targeted player that is poisoned. The targeted player must have Accept Aid turned on.
Cure Me7169Cures the caster of poison as though they had taken an antipoison.
Cure Group7474Cures all players of poison within a 3x3 square area of the caster (including standing on the caster's square). Players need to have Accept Aid turned on in order to benefit from this spell.
Stat Spy7576Cast on other players to see their combat stats as well as non-combat stats. It also shows their current stats, i.e. their current hit points and prayer points.
Dream7982Puts the caster into a dream-like state where hitpoints recharge at three times the normal rate (1 hitpoint every 20 seconds). The caster will stay in this state until they move or reach full health.
Stat Restore Potion Share8184Casting this on a stat restore potion causes the caster to administer 1 dose to each player in a 5x5 square area (including standing on the caster's square) if they have Accept Aid turned on.
Boost Potion Share8488Casting this on almost any potion causes the caster to administer 1 dose to each player in a 5x5 square area (including standing on the caster's square) if they have Accept Aid turned on.
Energy Transfer91100Transfers to the targeted player 100% of the caster's special attack energy and some of their run energy. Cannot be cast unless the caster has a full special attack energy bar. Players must have Accept Aid turned on to benefit from this spell.
Heal Other92101Transfers 75% of the caster's current Hitpoints to the targeted player. The targeted player must have Accept Aid turned on to be healed by this spell.
Vengeance Other93108The targeted player will be under the effect of the Vengeance spell. The targeted player must have Accept Aid turned on to receive this benefit.
Vengeance94112The next damaging attack that hits the caster will also hit the opponent dealing the damage for up to 75% of the original damage dealt.
Heal Group95124Transfers 75% of the caster's current Hit Points among injured players who are within a 3x3 square area of the caster (including standing on the caster's square). Players must have Accept Aid turned on to benefit from this spell.

Teleport Spells

Lunar Home Teleport0NoneTeleports next to the bank of Lunar Isle free of charge.
Moonclan Teleport6966Will transport you just outside the gates of Lunar Isle.
Tele Group Moonclan7067Will transport you along with anyone within a 3x3 square area near the bank in the Moonclan town.
Ourania Teleport7169Teleports the caster to the red salamanders outside of the Ourania Cave.
Waterbirth Teleport7271Will transport you beside Jarvald's ship on Waterbirth Island, right by the snape grass spawns.
Tele Group Waterbirth7372Will transport you along with anyone within a 3x3 square area beside Jarvald's ship on Waterbirth Island.
Barbarian Teleport7576Will transport you next to the Barbarian Outpost.
Tele Group Barbarian7677Will transport you along with anyone within a 3x3 square area next to the Barbarian Outpost.
Khazard Teleport7880Will transport you to Port Khazard.
Tele Group Khazard7981Will transport you along with anyone within a 3x3 square area to Port Khazard.
Fishing Guild Teleport8589Will transport you outside the door of the Fishing Guild.
Teleport to Target8545Will transport you to their assigned target in the Daimon's Crater. Can only be cast on Bounty Hunter worlds.
Tele Group Fishing Guild8690Will transport you along with anyone within a 3x3 square area outside the door to the Fishing Guild.
Catherby Teleport8792Will transport you near the bank in Catherby.
Tele Group Catherby8893Will transport you along with anyone within a 3x3 square area near the bank in Catherby.
Ice Plateau Teleport8996Will transport you to the members' half of the Ice Plateau in level 53 Wilderness.
Tele Group Ice Plateau9099Will transport you along with anyone within a 3x3 square area to the members' half of the Ice Plateau.

Utility Spells

Bake Pie6560Automatically bakes all uncooked pies in the player's inventory, one after another, without risk of burning.
Geomancy6560Allows the player to view the status of every single farmable patch in the game, excluding ones used during quests.
Cure Plant6660Cures a diseased Farming patch.
NPC Contact6763Allows players to telepathically speak to a set of non-player characters as if they were next to them.
Humidify*6865Fills all the vessels in the player's inventory with water. The spell can also water all seedlings in the player's inventory.
Hunter Kit*7170Gives the player a hunter kit containing various tools used in training Hunter.
Spin Flax7675Instantly spins up to five flax into bowstrings in the player's inventory.
Superglass Make7778Turns all buckets of sand and soda ash, seaweed, or swamp weed into molten glass instantly and without the need for a furnace.
Tan Leather7881Tans up to five hides in the player's inventory, without the usual cost associated with tanners. Requires completion of the Hard Fremennik Diary.
String Jewelry8083Unstrung amulets in the player's inventory immediately become strung (one per spell).
Magic Imbue8286Enables the player to create combination runes without needing to use opposing talismans for 12.6 seconds.
Fertile Soil8387This spell treats the targeted Farming patch with supercompost, or ultra compost if players have read the ash covered tome and have two volcanic ash in their inventory.
Plank Make*8690Turns one log into a plank. The spell charges a decreased fee for making each plank in comparison to sawmill operators.
Recharge Dragonstone8997.5Recharges all enchanted dragonstone jewelry (excluding ring of wealth). Requires completion of the Hard Fremennik Diary.
Spellbook Swap96130Lets players switch to another spellbook for one spell cast.

Become The Strongest Wizard in OSRS

The Magic Skill in OSRS opens up a lot of opportunities for players. Be it in combat, or in leveling up your other skills, it's certainly worth investing in in OSRS. Once you're done leveling up this Skill, you'll be surprised at how easy the game will be for you in the future battles to come.

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