Path of Exile Sulphite Farming Guide

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Path of Exile Sulphite Farming Guide

Delve is a core mechanic in Path of Exile where you enter the Azurite Mine dungeon and go deeper into the Subterranean Chart. You will follow a carriage called the "Crawler" but this thing only moves if you have one particular resource: Sulphite.

If you want to learn everything there is to know about Sulphite, do read further. Our comprehensive guide provides you with the information you need – from how to farm Sulphite and the best ways to maximize farming efficiency.


Delve Crawler

What is Sulphite?

Voltaxic Sulphite, or simply just Sulphite, is a special resource in Path of Exile that is used primarily as fuel for the Crawler. It is depicted as a golden vein that you can interact with in various zones and maps. Doing so gives you a random amount of the said resource.

When you go to the Mine Encampment from your hideout, you will see an interactable object on the ground called the "Subterranean Chart." This chart provides you with an overview of the nodes that you can visit inside the Azurite Mine dungeon.


Subterranean Chart

Each node has a specific Sulphite cost. How much of this resource you need to spend depends on a number of factors, such as current depth, the length of the delve, and whether it is a boss node or not. Because Delve is an "infinite" dungeon, you will need more and more Sulphite as you go to the lower levels.

That said, when you have selected a node from the Subterranean Chart, you enter an instanced area where you will find the Crawler ready to go when you are. This special carriage will provide lighting anywhere it goes. Once it arrives at its destination, you will then be able to interact with the Subterranean Chart again, allowing you to plot a new course. This is basically the gist of the Delve mechanic. Select a node, follow the Crawler wherever it goes, and then select another node, rinse and repeat.

How to Farm Sulphite

Before you can actually farm Sulphite, you must enter "The Mines" in Act 4. At some point, you will come across Niko, Master of the Depths. After encountering him, you will start seeing Voltaxic Sulphite Veins at random.


Voltaxic Sulphite Vein

Although you can come across multiple Sulphite Veins throughout the main campaign in PoE, most of your Sulphite farming happens on maps. That is why if you want to farm the said resource efficiently, you must set up your Atlas Skill Tree properly.

How to Effectively Farm Sulphite

Now that you know what Sulphite is and how to farm it, it is time to learn how you can acquire this resource effectively to maximize your time and profit. Here are some useful tips:

Run High-tier Corrupted Maps

The amount of Sulphite you can gain from Voltaxic Sulphite Veins depends on a number of factors. For one, the higher the tier of maps you are running, the more Sulphite you are going to get. Additionally, improving your map's item quantity increases the amount of Sulphite you can acquire per vein.

For the reasons mentioned above, you must run high-tier corrupted maps, particularly if your build is capable of completing them without a hitch. If you can farm T14 or even T16 red maps, then that would be even better!

Now, to improve the item quantity of your map, you have the Cartographer's Chisels for that. Use an Orb of Scouring to turn it into a white map before you use the Chisels. This is so that it only takes you several of them to max out the map's quality.

After that, use an Orb of Alchemy or Orb of Binding to turn the map into a rare (yellow) map. But, it doesn't stop there! You should use a Vaal Orb as well. This "corrupts" a map, which may result in higher item quantity and item rarity for better results.

Take the Right Atlas Passives

The Atlas Skill Tree contains passive nodes that affect your maps in more ways than one. Hence, taking Delve-specific nodes makes sense, especially those that improve Sulphite Gain. Here are the best ones you should take in chronological order:

  • Mad Devotion
    • This is the closest notable passive from the starting point, thus is vital to take it early on
    • This increases the chance that you get a Niko Mission upon the completion of a map. If you have just finished the campaign and you are still starting out mapping, this notable passive is a godsend
    • Make sure to also get the small passive nodes connecting to it because it increases the Sulphite you get from Voltaxic Sulphite Veins and Chests by 3%
  • Guarded Hoards
    • Taking this node is a must because it grants you a small chance of obtaining double the Sulphite from veins and chests. Although it is a measly 5%, running high-tier corrupted maps has an influence on its effect, making it feel like it's working most of the time
  • Mining Byproducts
    • Mining Byproducts grants you a small chance of obtaining an equal amount of Azurite from Sulphite Veins and Chests
    • Azurite is a form of currency that you can spend on Niko to trade for chaotic resonators
    • Azurite is also used as a resource to purchase upgrades from the Voltaxic Generator, located at the entrance to the Azurite Mine. You can go here by selecting the "Mine Encampment" from the waypoint in your hideout
    • Although Mining Byproducts is a notable Atlas passive that does not increase the quantity of Sulphite you gain from interacting with veins or chests, the small nodes connecting to it do
  • Sulphite Infusion
    • Taken much later into the Atlas Skill Tree, this notable passive is something worth striving for because it grants you 500 additional Voltaxic Sulphite upon completion of a red map
  • Packed with Energy
    • This notable Atlas passive is situated directly adjacent to Guarded Hoards. While you can technically take this early on, it is not mandatory since it only provides you with certain buffs, such as:
      • +1% to all Elemental Resistances
      • 35% Increased Damage
      • 15% Increased Movement Speed
      • Note: These effects only take effect when interacting with Voltaxic Sulphite Veins or Chests in maps
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Utilize Niko Missions

Remember the passive node, Mad Devotion, from the Atlas Skill Tree? When you complete a map, there is a chance that you get an additional Niko Mission. This mission is an option that you can take on your Map Device.

When interacting with your Map Device, you will be presented with "Master Missions." Choosing one will force the content associated with that master to appear on the map.

Normally, Niko shows up randomly on your maps. However, you can force him to appear by taking the appropriate master mission from the Map Device. It is important to note that Niko Missions are finite, which means that you will run out of these if you use them more than you can recoup.


Niko Missions from Map Device

Use Scarabs

If you do not have any Niko Missions left on your Map Device, don't fret. You can still force Sulphite Veins and Niko to appear on your maps by using the aptly named Sulphite Scarab.

Now, there are four tiers of Scarabs in Path of Exile: Rusted, Polished, Gilded, and Winged. The most cost-effective option is using Polished Sulphite Scarabs because they guarantee that each Sulphite Vein provides 40% more yield.

As you progress through the game and gain more PoE currency, you can start buying tons of Gilded Sulphite Scarab instead. This gives 60% more Sulphite per vein.

Increase Your Capacity

There is a limit to how many Sulphite you can carry at a time. Although you can only hold a small amount when you're still starting out, you can buy the appropriate upgrade from the Voltaxic Generator.


Sulphite Capacity

To upgrade your Sulphite Capacity, you should have enough Azurite. It is a blue-colored mineral that you can farm inside the Azurite Mines. To maximize your Delve-specific resources, you must strike a balance between how you spend your Sulphite (by going into the Azurite Mines) and Azurite (by purchasing the upgrade to Sulphite Capacity).

Of course, your Sulphite Capacity is not the only thing you should be concerned with. You must think about when to purchase the other upgrades as well. As you go into the lower depths, the Crawler's light radius and your resistance to the Darkness debug need to be improved. Otherwise, you will not stand a chance against the much harsher conditions in the deeper levels of the Azurite Mines.

The best approach here is to buy a couple of Sulphite Capacity upgrades to increase the amount of the said resource you can carry at a time. Then, delve into the Azurite Mines to obtain enough Azurite to buy upgrades for the other two (light radius being the first, followed by Darkness resistance).


Voltaxic Generator Upgrades

Utilize a Fast Mapping Build

As they say, time is money. If you want to get tons of Sulphite in just a short amount of time, it is a good idea to use a build that can zoom through maps with ease. Some recommendations include Lightning Arrow Deadeye, Flicker Strike Slayer, and Tornado Shot Deadeye, to name a few.

When you complete maps in less than two minutes, you'll always maximize the effect of the "Sulphite Infusion" node from the Atlas Skill Tree. Furthermore, a fast mapping build ensures that you reach the Voltaxic Sulphite Veins as soon as possible.

Now, the tips that are outlined in this guide will surely help you get the most Sulphite per map. However, alternating between farming Sulphite and Azurite takes a lot of time. If you want to get a hold of some pretty useful items from the Delve mechanic, like the Aul's Uprising unique amulet, you can head over to our PoE store at RPGStash.

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