Realm of the Mad God Tips and Tricks

17.04.2022 - 23:13:12
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Realm of the Mad God Tips and Tricks

Realm of the Mad God Guide

Welcome to our Realm of the Mad God guide. We start with the basics.

RotMG Tips & Tricks

  • Download the Steam client for Realm of the Mad God You'll find the game runs smoother than in browser.
  • Assign Nexus hotkey to "F" or other key close to movement keys. This will help you get out of danger faster.
  • Use 'Toggle Centering of Player' function to see further when you are at edge of screen.
  • If you joined a train, stay there. Larger train = better chance to survive. 
  • Don't play the hero. Heroes die. Play smart and survive.
  • Be prepared to die. It's gonna happen and that's the end of your character.
  • Know your Gods. Every god require different tactics.
  • When you see a blue-potion bag dropped from a monster you killed, do not rush for it. This bag can be only seen by you and it is soulbound. Nobody can pickup this bag but you so there is no rush. Take your time and play it safe. When the coast is clear, then you go for the bag.

Guide Overview

We have split the remainer of the guide into 3 parts for easier navigation and reading. Click on each guide below and read on.

Stats Guide
Leveling Guide
Maxing Guide

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