Resetting your character’s stat and skill points in D2R 2.6

15.02.2022 - 20:11:31
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Resetting your character’s stat and skill points in D2R 2.6

Resetting your character's stat and skill points in Diablo 2 Resurrected

Diablo 2 Resurrected's new Ladder Season will start within the next weeks, and will bring many Class Balance changes. Fortunately players will have the option to re-stat and re-skill their characters anytime to try out different builds. There are two methods to reset your stat and skill points.

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Akara's Den of Evil quest (Act 1 Quest 1): The Den of Evil is the first quest in act 1. To complete it, you must leave the town and find the Den of Evil cave in Blood Moor, then proceed to kill every single monster in it. Once you complete the quest, Akara will offer to Reset Stat/Skill Points as reward. The Quest can only be completed once on each difficulty (Normal, Nightmare and Hell), so you will have three resetting opportunities.

Token of Absolution: The Token of Absolution is a consumable item that resets your character's stat and skill point once you right-click on it. The item can always be used for resetting, there are no limitations on how many you can carry or consume.

How to obtain Token of Absolution: You can either acquire a Token of Absolution by trading, or by farming it's ingredients and transmuting them to a Token on your own. Obtaining it in the game is doable by crafting four items (Twisted Essence of Suffering, Charged Essence of Hatred, Burning Essence of Terror, Festering Essence of Destruction) in your Horadric Cube into a Token of Absolution.

Twisted Essence of Suffering is dropped by Andariel (Act1 Boss) and Duriel (Act2 Boss), Charged Essence of Hatred by Mephisto (Act3 Boss), Burning Essence of Terror by Diablo (Act4 Boss), and Festering Essence of Destruction by Baal (Act5 Boss) on Hell difficulty. The drop chances of these items are around 10%, so you will need to kill each of the act bosses about 10 times to craft a Token for yourself.

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