Ultimate OSRS Obby Builds

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Ultimate OSRS Obby Builds

Looking to create the perfect obby built in OSRS? Whether it's for PvP or if you simply want a melee-reliant build, you should always have a go-to obby build. There are a few out there and creating them requires doing a few set tasks first. Before anything, let's talk about what obby builds are and what makes them so special.

What Are OSRS Obby Builds?

Obby refers to the iconic weapon, Tzhaar-ket-om which is most commonly called as the obsidian mauler or the obby maul by the community. Obby builds are mainly set up in a way that the Strength is high, mostly up to 99, while the other combat stats are low. For instance, an obby build could have the following setup:

  • Strength 99
  • Attack 1
  • Magic 1
  • Ranged 1
  • Defense 50

The purpose of this is to make sure that the combat level is as low as possible despite the player being able to deal heavy damage. In PvP, this is a dangerous build because the matchmaking will put you up against players that have low defense.With the current state of the game, every warhammer will now have a Strength requirement. Before 2021, it only had an attack requirement. This is a good thing though as builds like these are going to be even more viable for all players.

Before we talk about the best obby builds in OSRS, let's first talk about the most important part of the build - getting the obsidian maul.

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How To Get OSRS Obby Maul


Getting the obby maul is rather tricky but it's actually not that difficult. These are rare drops from TzHaar-Ket inside Mor ul Rek. If you want to heal yourself and aren't in an Ironman run, you can head back to the Fight Caves and have your character die there. Once they come back, they'll be back with full health. This saves you healing items and runes.

To safe spot TzHaar-Kets, stand behind a sulphur vent inside Mor ul Rek and focus on using Ranged or Magic attacks. Aside from the obby maul, these monsters can also drop uncut gems, an obsidian shield and obsidian cape.

There are 149 and 221 versions of the monsters. The drop rate remains the same for both so just focus on fighting the weaker version to farm the weapon easily.

Quests To Do First

Before we go on an create some of the obby builds, let's first talk about tackling a few important quests that you should do. These quests will unlock some items that you can use to supplement various other builds. It's going to be easy to mix and match once you do these quests.

Apart from the quest rewards, these will also give you some XP rewards for Strength. Just keep in mind that you might generally want to avoid quests that reward other combat skills to prevent yourself from leveling them up.

Horror from the DeepFinishing this will unlock both the Unholy Book and the Book of War. These are typically used as the off-hand weapons for most obbies.
Death to DorgeshuunThis is important as it unlocks the bone dagger's special attack. You'll be using it most of the time for PvP and even in PvM. The special attack lowers your target's Defence depending on your total hit.
Bone VoyageFinishing this will let you access Fossil Island. You can fight crabs and sulliusceps in the area which are both good monsters for AFK combat training. There are also lots of places inside that will let you do Skilling methods.
Dragon Slayer IFinishing this will give you access to the Anti-dragon shield, as well as anti fire weapons. These are all required for PvP combats since most players using ranged use Dragon Bolts. If you don't want to increase your Defense stat any further, don't finish the quest
Mountain DaughterThis quest will give you access to the bearhead which is often considered the best in slot headgear for obbies. You don't have to finish the quest though. The helmet itself is pretty easy to get and even if you do lose it, you can still get it quite easily.
Dwarf CannonGives access to the dwarf multicannon which is one of the most useful ranged weapons in the game. You'll be using this mostly for Slayer training.
One Small FavorYou'll get two 10k XP lamps for finishing this quest. You can use it on any skill you like but we highly suggest using it on Slayer. You can also get Guthix Rests for this which are very helpful when it comes to PvP combat.
Recipe for DisasterA lot of people rely on the combat bracelet for their obby builds but since they have a higher requirement and are harder to unlock, do Recipe for Disaster first. This will give you the mithril gloves which is a great low level alternative.

Best OSRS Obby Builds

SlotGear PieceBonuses
HeadZamorak halo+3 Prayer
CapeFire cape+1 Stab, +1 Slash, +1 Crush, +1 Magic, +1 Range, +2 Prayer, +4 Strengt
NecklaceBerserker necklace+8 Strength
AmmunitionUnholy blessing+1 Prayer
WeaponObsidian maul+85 Crush, +0 Stab, +0 Slash, +0 Magic, +0 Range, +2 Strength
BodyVarrock armor 1+4 Stab, +3 Slash, +3 Crush, +3 Magic, +3 Range
LegsFremennik kilt+6 Stab, +8 Slash, +7 Crush, +4 Magic, +5 Range, +1 Strength
FeetSpiked manacles+4 Stab, +4 Slash, +4 Crush, +2 Strength
HandsRegen bracelet+7 Stab, +7 Slash, +7 Crush, +3 Magic, +6 Range, +7 Strength, +2 Prayer
RingBerserker ring (i)+8 Stab, +8 Slash, +8 Crush, +8 Magic, +8 Range, +4 Strength
SlotGear PieceBonuses
HeadBearhead+3 Stab, +3 Slash, +3 Crush, +6 Range
CapeFire cape+1 Stab, +1 Slash, +1 Crush, +1 Magic, +1 Range, +2 Prayer, +4 Strength
NecklaceAmulet of glory+10 Stab, +10 Slash, +10 Crush, +3 Magic, +10 Range, +6 Strength, +3 Prayer
WeaponBone dagger / Obsidian maulBone Dagger: +25 Stab, -2 Slash, -1 Crush, +1 Strength / Obsidian Maul: +85 Crush, +0 Stab, +0 Slash, +2 Strength
BodyVarrock armor 1+4 Stab, +3 Slash, +3 Crush, +3 Magic, +3 Range
ShieldUnholy book+8 Stab, +8 Slash, +8 Crush, +8 Magic, +0 Range, +5 Prayer
LegsRed d'hide chaps+0 Stab, +0 Slash, +2 Crush, +8 Magic, +11 Range
HandsMithril gloves+6 Stab, +6 Slash, +6 Crush, +6 Magic, +6 Range, +6 Strength
RingRing of recoilReflects 10% of damage taken
FeetIron boots+2 Stab, +1 Slash, +0 Crush, +1 Strength
SlotGear PieceBonuses
HeadCrab helmet+0 Stab, +0 Slash, +0 Crush, +10 Magic, +10 Range
CapeFire cape+1 Stab, +1 Slash, +1 Crush, +1 Magic, +1 Range, +2 Prayer, +4 Strength
NecklaceAmulet of glory+10 Stab, +10 Slash, +10 Crush, +3 Magic, +10 Range, +6 Strength, +3 Prayer
WeaponBone dagger / Obsidian maulBone Dagger: +25 Stab, -2 Slash, -1 Crush, +1 Strength / Obsidian Maul: +85 Crush, +0 Stab, +0 Slash, +2 Strength
BodyCamo top+0 Stab, +0 Slash, +0 Crush, +0 Magic, +0 Range
ShieldUnholy book+8 Stab, +8 Slash, +8 Crush, +8 Magic, +0 Range, +5 Prayer
LegsOrnate legs+0 Stab, +0 Slash, +0 Crush, +0 Magic, +0 Range
HandsMithril gloves+6 Stab, +6 Slash, +6 Crush, +6 Magic, +6 Range, +6 Strength
RingRing of recoilReflects 10% of damage taken
FeetBunny feet+0 Stab, +0 Slash, +0 Crush, +0 Magic, +0 Range

Obby Mauler Training

Training Pures is already tough as it is but for obbies, it's even tougher because you'll have to avoid leveling nearly all of your combat stats. As you have low Attack, there's a very good chance that most of your attacks will miss most of the time. A lot of patience is required for training obbies,

For training, the best weapons to use are the goblin paint cannon, dragon warhammer, swift blade, obby maul, ham joint, and the slayer's staff. If you already have it, make sure to bring the unholy book and equip it at your off-hand slot. This is going to help you have better accuracy considering that you have low Attack.

In most cases, players actually use the Slayer's staff because it's cheaper than most other weapons listed above. Aside from that, it also has high DPS, decent attack speed, and low chance for overkill. Using these against tough enemies like crabs often result in the most optimized training possible.

To equip the Slayer's staff, you'll need 50 Magic and 55 Slayer. The requirements might be steep but it's well worth it if you want to max out your obby as soon as possible.

Then again, training Strength should be your focus first. For this, you can do without the Slayer's staff and just use the other weapons instead. Most players use the dragon warhammer or the ham joint.

For the most optimal training for Strength, fight these enemies in order:

  • Chickens while you're at level 1-10 Strength
  • Men while you're at level 10-25 Strength
  • Monks while you're at level 25-40 Strength
  • From level 40 onwards, you'll want to fight crabs. Any crabs will do but the most recommended are the rock, sand, and ammonite crabs.

In some cases, players try to lower their HP to further minimize their combat levels. This means that your build is going to be focused on increasing Defense and Strength only. Some of the popular training techniques for these include:

  • For Strength, Agility, and Fishing training, you can do Barbarian Fishing.
  • Do Pyramid Plunder and search the Sarcophagus. This will net you Strength XP and even help you gain a lot of gold if you're lucky enough to get a Pharaoh's scepter.
  • Use the Blast Furnace Pump for even more Strength training. However, this has steep requirements which include starting The Giant Dwarf quest, and raising your Strength to 30.
  • You can also get Strength XP from minigames like Pest Control and Soul Rewards. You can get XP as rewards for doing this and this will help you reach low HP high Strength builds rather easily.
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Slayer Training For Obbies

With the Slayer staff being as important as it is for obbies, it's very important that you know the most efficient way to get to level 55 Slayer. Getting to 55 isn't actually that hard but again, it becomes more difficult if you're keeping your other combat levels to a minimum.

Before anything else, there are three vital things that you should know before proceeding. This training method heavily relies on a few things.

First, it's important to have access to Fossil Island as most of the actual training happens there. The ammonite crabs are the best enemies to fight for this method but if you don't have access to Fossil Island, you can make ends meet with other crabs. Again, to get to Fossil Island, you'll need to do the Bone Voyage quest.



Next, you'll need to do One Small Favour to use Guthix Rests. This is a tea that reduces poison damage, restores energy, and heals your HP. While there are lots of other healing items you can use for this training, you'll learn later on why this is one of the best items for those using obbies.

To create the tea, you'll first need to heat up water on a range or fire. Combine the hot water with an empty teacup. Lastly, put in any herbs to create an herb tea mix.

This tea functions as a potion. This means you can use it during combat and it will not delay your attacks in any way. This will make training and combat much easier to do.

Lastly, make sure to not skip out on any of the Achivement Diaries. Doing this will make you skip the Varrock armor 1. This is the best in slot chest gear for obbies as it has the best Crush Defence and Ranged Defence bonuses currently. Of course, skipping the diaries will also force you to skip other important items which will be helpful for obbies.

You'll need a whopping 166,636 XP to get to level 55 Slayer. There are a few ways to get this including the Natural History Quiz, Fossil Island lamps, XP rewards from One Small Favour, and XP lamps from the achievement diaries.

There are lots of other ways to get to 55 Slayer but keep in mind that you SHOULD NOT GAIN XP FOR OTHER COMBAT SKILLS. Here's a step by step guide to get there in the most efficient way possible.

1. Complete the Druidic Ritual quest as the rewards play a vital role in your progression.

2. Level up your Agility and Herblore to 10 and get your Thieving to 25. This will help you finish The Dig Site.



3. Once you've completed The Dig Site, go to the Varrock Museum and head to the Natural History Exhibit. This is located just one floor down the entrance. Look for Orlando Smith and do the Natural History Quiz. Finishing this will reward you with 28 Kudos, 1000 Slayer and Hunter XP. Here are the answers for the Quiz.

Lizard (Lacertilia Giganteus)How does a lizard regulate body heat?Sunlight
 How many eyes does a lizard have?Two
 What order do lizards belong to?Squamata
 What happens when a lizard becomes cold?It becomes sleepy
 Lizard skin is made of the same substance as?Hair
Battle tortoise (Testudines Giganteus)What is the name of the oldest tortoise ever recorded?Mibbiwocket
 What is a tortoise's favorite food?Vegetables
 Name the explorer who discovered the world's oldest tortoise.Captain Cook
 How does the tortoise protect itself?Hard shell
 If a tortoise had twenty rings on its shell, how old would it be?Twenty years
 Which race breeds tortoises for battle?Gnomes
Dragon ("Draconis Rex")What is considered a delicacy by dragons?Adventurers
 What is the best defense against a dragon's attack?Anti-dragon-breath shield
 How long do dragons live?Unknown
 Which of these is not a type of dragon?Ferrous
 What is the favored territory of a dragon?Old battle sites
 Approximately how many feet tall do dragons stand?Ten
Wyvern (Draconis Ossis)How did the wyverns die out?Climate change
 How many legs does a wyvern have?Two
 Where have wyvern bones been found?Asgarnia
 Which genus does the wyvern theoretically belong to?Reptiles
 What are the wyverns' closest relations?Dragons
 What is the ambient temperature of wyvern bones?Below room temperature
Snail (Achatina Acidia Giganteus)What is special about the shell of the giant Morytanian snail?It is resistant to acid
 How do Morytanian snails capture their prey?Spitting acid
 Which of these is a snail byproduct?Fireproof oil
 What does 'Achatina Acidia' mean?Acid-spitting snail
 How do snails move?Contracting and stretching
 What is the 'trapdoor', which snails use to cover the entrance to their shells called?An operculu
Snake (Serpentes Fellis)What is snake venom adapted from?Stomach acid
 Aside from their noses, what do snakes use to smell?Tongue
 If a snake sticks its tongue out at you, what is it doing?Seeing how you smell
 If some snakes use venom to kill their prey, what do other snakes use?Constriction
 Lizards and snakes belong to the same order - what is it?Squamata
 Which habitat do snakes prefer?Anywhere
Sea slug (Opisthobranchia Alucinor)We assume that sea slugs have a stinging organ on their soft skin - what is it called?Nematocysts
 Why has the museum never examined a live sea slug?The researchers keep vanishing
 What do we think the sea slug feeds upon?Seaweed
 What are the two fangs presumed to be used for?Defense or display
 Off of which coastline would you find sea slugs?Ardougne
 In what way are sea slugs similar to snails?They have a hard shell
Monkey (Simiiformes Karamjan)Which type of primates do monkeys belong to?Simian
 Which has the lighter color: Karamjan or Harmless monkeys?Harmless
 Monkeys love bananas. What else do they like to eat?Bitternuts
 There are two known families of monkeys. One is Karamjan, the other is...?Harmless
 What color mohawk do Karamjan monkeys have?Red
 What have Karamjan monkeys taken a deep dislike to?Seaweed
Kalphite Queen (Kalphiscarabeinae Pasha)Kalphites are ruled by a...?Pasha
 What is the lowest caste in kalphite society?Worker
 What are the armored plates on a kalphite called?Lamellae
 Are kalphites carnivores, herbivores, or omnivores?Carnivores
 What are kalphites assumed to have evolved from?Scarab beetles
 Name the prominent figure in kalphite mythology?Scabaras
Terrorbird (Aves Terror)What is a terrorbird's preferred food?Anything
 Who uses terrorbirds as mounts?Gnomes
 Where do terrorbirds get most of their water?Eating plants
 How many claws do terrorbirds have?Four
 What do terrorbirds eat to aid digestion?Stones
 How many teeth do terrorbirds have?0
Penguin (Spheniscidae Callidus)Which sense do penguins rely on when hunting?Sight
 Which skill seems unusual for the penguins to possess?Planning
 How do penguins keep warm?A layer of fat
 What is the preferred climate for penguins?Cold
 Describe the behavior of penguins?Social
 When do penguins fast?During breeding
Mole (Giant Mole, Talpidae Wysonian)What habitat do moles prefer?Subterranean
 Why are moles considered to be an agricultural pest?They dig holes
 Who discovered giant moles?Wyson the Gardener
 What would you call a group of young moles?A labor
 What is a mole's favorite food?Insects and other invertebrates
 Which family do moles belong to?The Talpidae family
Camel (Camelus Bactrian)What is produced by feeding chili to a camel?Toxic dung
 If an ugthanki has one, how many does a bactrian have?Two
 Camels: herbivore, carnivore or omnivore?Herbivore
 What is the usual mood for a camel?Annoyed
 Where would you find an ugthanki?Al Kharid
 Which camel byproduct is known to be very nutritious?Milk
Leech (Giant Leech, Hirudinea Acadia)What is the favored habitat of leeches?Water
 What shape is the inside of a leech's mouth?'Y'-shaped
 Which of these is not eaten by leeches?Apples
 What contributed to the giant growth of Morytanian leeches?Environment
 What is special about the Morytanian leeches?They attack by jumping
 How does a leech change when it feeds?It doubles in size

4. After step 3, you should be at level 9 Slayer now. Head to the best Slayer master that you can handle at your current level. Do Slayer tasks from them up until you reach either 20 or 22. While you can Train here till you get to 55, the journey will be far longer and it might eventually force your other combat skills to level up.

5. Once you reach level 22 Slayer, go back to Varrock Museum. Head straight through the gate and start cleaning some items from the digsite. Specifically, you'd want to clean an ancient coin, old symbol, pottery, ancient symbol, and an old coin. Once done, make sure to bring the items to the NPC near the tables and then have them display it at the museum. Putting the items in the cases will net you 10 Kudos each. If you've done it successfully and you've finished the Natural History Quiz, this brings your Kudos to 78.

      • Since you're already here, we highly suggest doing the extra legwork to look for a ruby necklace. This item has a very low drop rate but it's worth getting. Once you do find one, the NPC will teach you to enchant a ruby necklace which can be used to get to the digsite efficiently and you'll need this for Fossil Island. The problem is that you can't enchant the necklace until you're level 49 in Magic but you need 50 for the Slayer Staff anyway. You can't buy enchanted ruby necklaces from the Grand Exchange so there's no way out of this.
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6. From the museum, look for Minas who should be upstairs. You can get kudos points from him by turning in quests.At this point, it's very likely that you've finished a few quests already. You only need 5 for this Slayer training technique. Focus on doing the following.

      • Demon slayer - As the mithril gloves are important for most obby builds, you might as well finish this quest to get it.
      • Rune mysteries - This is a relatively short quest. It's a requirement for One Small Favour and also the Ender the Abyss quests. You're going to need both to complete some achievement diaries so you may as well do this now.
      • Hazeel cult - Another quick quest that you can do. Will net you the extra kudos you need for the next phase of this training.
      • Merlin's crystal - This is another quick quest that you can do. Despite what other guides tell you, 20 Attack isn't required for this. If you have Excalibur on your inventory, right-click on it when prompted.
      • Priest in Peril - Doing this will reward you with Prayer XP. It's good enough to net you a few early levels of Prayer. Alternatively, you can choose Shield of Arrav instead.

7. After doing and turning the quests in at Varrock Museum, you should have a total of 103 kudos. The next stage sees you going to Haig Halen who should be on the main floor. With the kudos you have, you'll be able to complete Bone Voyage which opens up Fossil Island. Once you reach the island, make sure to build a bank chest and clean the bench on it as well. You'll need 21 Construction for this. This will help make training a lot easier.



8. For the next part, you'll need to level up your Woodcutting to 65. Since this won't affect your combat stats, you're free to level it up whichever way you can. You'll need high Woodcutting to collect fossils more efficiently inside the island.

9. Once you've set up everything on Fossil Island, it's time to start farming fossils. For this, bring the best ax you can equip at your level, antidote++ potions, food for healing, and a rake.While inside the island, you'll need to get small, medium, large, and rare fossils. You can get a ton of Woodcutting XP from farming the sulliusceps. However, you'll actually need at least 77 Woodcutting to efficiently farm the sulliusceps. This is going to be a long grinding session so keep that in mind.This part is also a good way to earn extra cash by trading your fossils with the fossil collector. You can also start selling the numulites you get on the Grand Exchange. Again, you can leave after getting what you need but you can do more for the extra money.While relatively easy, you'll still have to worry about taking damage from tar monsters and the mushroom spines while on the island. You can save a ton of resources by bringing a regen bracelet with you.

10. Do a few fossil runs with Woodcutting and then use the cleaning bench to spruce them up. If you don't have the cleaning bench, there's one inside Varrock Museum but it's much better to have your own. Once cleaned, go to the bottom floor of the museum and store them inside the large case. This should clear up your inventory so you can do more fossil runs.Your goal is to get five of each of the large fossils, and 5 of each type of the plant fossils. You'll basically have to complete their displays inside the museum. It's likely that you'll go through a ton of mushrooms before meeting your goal. As such, make sure to bring a lot of patience while you're here.Once done, make sure to start filling up the displays. Just have the fossils in your inventory and then click on the displays to place them there. You'll get antique lamps for doing this and make sure to USE THEM ALL ON THE SLAYER SKILL. This can give you a significant boost to your Slayer skill without raising your other combat skills.To use the small antique lamps, you need to be at least level 20, and they will help you go above level 30. The medium lamps are available at level 30 and will boost you beyond level 35. For the large lamps, a minimum level of 35 is required.

11. At this point, you'll need to complete a few quests:

    • Jungle Potion
    • Rune Mysteries

These are all requirements for One Small Favour so you can get Guthix Rests.

12. Raise your Crafting to 20 and your Agility to 32. You can boost your Agility here just in case you don't meet the requirements yet. Complete Shilo Village.The boss here can be tricky but you can safely spot them using the Crumble Undead spell to make the fight significantly easier to finish. This part is important as it will get you to the Crafting level required for the second to the last step.

13. Next, raise Smithing to 30 and Herblore to 18. The best way to raise your Smithing is by doing The Knight's Sword. You also need 36 Agility but this can be boosted so it's much easier to get with potions. Remember, the lamps need a level 30 to use and can't be stored in the bank, so wait to finish this quest until you're at the right level. For the rock boss, use the safe spot and bring enough food to handle the gang.When talking to the gnome pilot on White Wolf Mountain, keep changing worlds until you find one where the wolves don't bother you, and click quickly.

14. Once done, do all of the Easy achievement diaries that you can. You can skip the Fremennik and Morytania diaries for now. Completing all of these will reward you with lamps that provide 2500 XP each so make sure to use them on Slayer.

Obby Mauls For The Win

Obby maulers are excellent for PvP and PvE instances in OSRS. These may take a lot of work to do but the effort is pretty much worth it. If you want to get your own obby mauler now and want to skip the hassle, you might want to check out a few of the obby maul accounts we have at RPGStash.

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