D2R Magic Find Guide

27.06.2022 - 15:39:43
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D2R Magic Find Guide

Magic finding is one of the most fun endgame activities in D2R. Finding a valuable item that drops very rarely is an immense joy. This guide explains how you can effectively farm different bosses and areas with a variety of builds in order to maximise your chances of finding highly seeked items.

Drop Tables, Area Levels

Before jumping to the details of what monsters to farm and how, you should understand how drops work. Bosses have specific drop tables, which determine which items they can drop. The type of items you can find also depend on monster area level, and the type of items monsters can drop varies. The highest level areas are lvl85, at which you will be able to find any item. If you want to check which items a specific Boss can drop, or which items can be dropped by different types of monsters, you can look it up at this drop calculator tool. You should also read our Ladder Starter Magic Find Guide to have a better understanding of how Magic Find works.


The following areas are lvl85 in legacy D2:

  • The Mausoleum
  • The Pit Level 1
  • The Pit Level 2
  • Maggot Lair Level 3
  • Ancient Tunnels
  • Sewers Level 2
  • Forgotten Temple
  • Disused Reliquary
  • Ruined Fane
  • River of Flame
  • Chaos Sanctuary
  • The Worldstone Keep Level 1
  • The Worldstone Keep Level 2
  • The Worldstone Keep Level 3
  • Throne of Destruction
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Other than the above mentioned areas, the following ones areas are lvl85 in D2R 2.4:

  • Act 5 - Worldstone Chamber
  • Act 1 - Underground Passage Level 2
  • Act 2 - Stony Tomb Level 1
  • Act 2 - Stony Tomb Level 2
  • Act 3 - Arachnid Lair
  • Act 3 - Swampy Pit Level 1
  • Act 3 - Swampy Pit Level 2
  • Act 3 - Swampy Pit Level 3
  • Act 3 - Disused Fane
  • Act 3 - Ruined Temple
  • Act 3 - Forgotten Reliquary
  • Act 3 - Sewer Levels 1
  • Act 5 - Abaddon
  • Act 5 - Pit of Acheron
  • Act 5 - Infernal Pit
  • Act 5 - Drifter Cavern
  • Act 5 - Icy Cellar

The best farming builds, Bosses and Areas to Farm

The best farming spots depend on your character build and on what you want to find. Generally sorceresses are considered the best builds for the job, as their teleportation speed is unmatched. However due to the many immune monsters, several areas can cause difficulties. In general, if you want to farm non-immune Bosses, sorcs are your best bet. The other benefit of sorcs is that they can wear high magic find % gear without having to compromise on farming speed. To learn more about the MF sorc, check out our Magic Find Sorceress Build Guide.

Some items, like rune and charm drops are unaffected by magic find %, and the quickest way to find them is by killing as many monsters as fast as possible. Builds that are capable of delivering immense area damage are optimal for this task. Javazons in high-end gear (e.g. high level skills and Infinity runeword on merc for conviction aura) are designed to farm the extremely dense Secret Cow Level. The build is not fit to achieve very high magic find %, but it can clear cows with unmatched speed, allowing them to find many high level runes and charms in the process.

Hammerdins are considered to be the best class to farm any area, due to them dealing immense area damage, quick movement ability, fairly high magic find % potential, and only a handful of magic immune monsters (hammers deliver magic damage) in the game. They can even deal with monsters on player8 difficulty. For clearing high density lvl85 areas (Chaos Sanctuary, Worldstone Keep, Throne of Destruction) they are by far the best choice, and they are also effective against bosses (Like Diablo after a CS run, or Baal). If you want to find the highest level unique items they are your best choice. However to really shine, you will need Enigma runeword's teleportation capability, making the build quite expensive.

As I mentioned previously, the optimal monsters to farm depend on your goals and your build. You can look up which monsters have the highest chances of dropping a specific item here. In general act Bosses are the best source to find unique and set items. Due to Duriel, Diablo and Baal taking longer to get to (~3 minutes), Andariel and Mephisto runs produce the highest number of uniques and sets over a given time period. The best build to farm them is definitely the Magic Find Sorc.

If you want to farm runes, the Countess has by far the best drop rates for runes up to Ist. The perfect build to farm her is the Lightning Sorceress, as she can reach 200% FCR, making her unmatched at teleportation speed.

If you decide not to farm for hundreds of hours, you can quickly buy runes from our D2R Store.

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