Diablo 2 Resurrected Hellfire Torch Farming Guide

07.02.2023 - 12:11:02
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Diablo 2 Resurrected Hellfire Torch Farming Guide

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on how to farm Hellfire Torches in Diablo 2: Resurrected.
Hellfire Torches are highly sought after items in the game, providing a substantial boost to character power. This guide is designed to provide you with all the information you need to efficiently and effectively farm Hellfire Torches in Diablo 2: Resurrected. We will cover the best farming routes, boss farming techniques, and offer tips and tricks to help you maximize your loot and minimize risk. So, whether you are a seasoned player or new to the game, this guide will provide you with everything you need to know to become a Hellfire Torch farming expert.

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Having the right equipment and character build is crucial for efficient Hellfire Torch farming. It is important to choose a character build that is capable of surviving in high-level areas where Hellfire Torches are commonly found. Some popular character builds for Hellfire Torch farming include the Paladin(Smiter/Zealer), Sorceress(Teleport – Can be replaced by having a enigma or tele charge item), and Barbarian(Bo – Can be replaced by Call to Arms Runeword).


When it comes to gear, You’re actually pretty good with cheap gear on the paladin.
You would want to have high resistance, which will help you negate the damage of the Uber bosses.
A well-rounded equipment would end up having ~300-400 all res (Salvation aura included), 70 crushing blow, some attack speed and a life tab wand. Besides that, You wouldn’t need much else.

The bosses will be killed by crushing blow, so no need to focus on any damaging items.


Farming Terror, Hate & Destruction Keys


Terror key:

The terror key is required to access the Terrors Den. The key is farmed at Countress which is easily taken down with a lightning sorc. Due to 5 levels layer to get to the Countress, its highly suggested to have a teleporting character to do this. In the early stages of the game, the lightning sorceress is by far superior.
(Immune to Fire and Cold in hell)


Hate key:

The hate key is required to acess the Hive. The key is farmed at the Summoner which isn’t quite as hard to get to, however with 4 different options and no sprites to look at, You’re pretty much guessing which direction. Skip the mobs as much as possible and run to the end of each route and kill the summoner.

(No immunities and low health pool)


Destruction key:

The Destruction Key is required to access the Worldstone Keep.
This key is a bit more tricky as its going to be farmed at nihalitak, which can be a hard elite mob to fight off.
However, a little trick is to get “Monsters slain rest in peace” as his corpse explosion if what makes him hard.
Another tip could be to go down with corpse explosion yourself which can be done with the Necromancer, Assassin.

In resurrected you can grab the waypoint without the pindle portal closing, so don’t worry about grapping that and rushing Nihalitak.


A keyset consists of 1 terror, 1 hate and 1 destruction key.

When you have 3 of each key, you can open a portal (Its highly recommended to don’t open it before you have 3 “keysets”, due to the RNG of what portal you will open. So by having 3 keysets You’re guaranteed to open a different portal to a different area as long as You open the keysets in the same game.


Killing the “mini-uber” bosses.



Killing Andariel can be the trickier one to kill, she is by far the hardest mini boss and required the map to be scouted. A teleporting character should be spotting her out and creating a townportal for whoever is supposed to kill her. In this setup, we will be using a smiter paladin.

Once the paladin is down at Andarial, he will be casting Life-tab from his wand and go to work. As long as there are not many other mobs around her she can be relative easy. But that’s no guarantee!

A little tip can be do drink some antidote potions before taking her on, as they will increase your poison resistance.



Duriel is actually one of the easier bosses to fight off from the uber bosses. Doesn’t deal a high amount of damage, but more of a annoying slow and slowly ticking damage. This should not be addressed as the boss is easy, You will still need to stay focused and keep life tab up on him at all times.

Once you enter the portal, You´ll be finding your self right next to a false waypoint where Duriel in most cases will be standing all by him self. Take him on and slowly get him down safely.

If not there, scout the map. Can easily be done with the smiter him self.

A little tip to Duriel could be to drink some Thawing potions before fighting him as they give Cold resistance against Duriel’s holy freeze aura.


Izual is one of the easier bosses. The main problem here is that you will normally find him surrounded by a lot of other mobs which can be casters.
However, with a little bit of effort you can clear the area out relative fast and then focus on Izual once he is all by him self.
Remember to keep up life-tab on him and he should’t be much a problem once You’re standing left with him.


There are no real pre-potions that can help you against Izual. When fighting Izual its suggested to use Fanatiscm for the extra attack speed on smite.


Uber Tristam!

Once You’ve killed the 3 mini bosses, You´ll be granted with 3 organs. Put these organs in the cube and transmute them together and another portal will open. This time it’s the Uber tristam! And it’s the roughest part of the whole Hellfire Torch farming adventure.


Uber tristam consists of 3 different bosses. Mephisto, Diablo and Baal.



Out of all the Uber bosses in Diablo 2: Resurrected, Mephisto stands out as the most dangerous one. His high Level Conviction Aura only amplifies the potency of the spells used by the Mephist, making him an even greater threat. The Charged Bolts he fires, enhanced with Lightning Enchantment, can deal substantial damage. Additionally, his Magic Resistance and Lightning Immunity make him a challenging opponent to defeat.


When actively attacked, Mephisto spawns a large number of Skeletons, including melee, ranged, and mage types. While individually they may not pose a significant threat, if too many of them accumulate, they can become dangerous.



Baal may not be a formidable opponent in terms of danger, but he makes up for it with his incredible durability, thanks to his massive Life pool. Upon being provoked, he casts a high Level Chilling Armor, which can pose a problem for attack-based builds, as it significantly reduces their Hit Chance. Additionally, Baal is Cold Enchanted, granting him Immunity to Cold damage. He also uses Teleport to close in on his target, which can be a nuisance.


When engaged, Baal spawns a limited number of Specters and Dark Lords, who are Immune to Physical damage. The Specters' Mana Burn ability can present a challenge, especially if you are not equipped to handle it.




Interestingly, Diablo is often considered the weakest of the Prime Evils Uber bosses in terms of danger. When provoked, he casts an Armageddon-type spell that can cause damage over time. However, his only defense is his Fire Immunity. Otherwise, he is rather fragile.


Upon engagement, Diablo spawns Pit Lords, who are Immune to all forms of damage except Physical. While they may not pose a significant threat individually, if they accumulate in large numbers, they can become a greater danger than Diablo himself. However, Diablo isn’t as tanky as the other bosses and should go down relative fast so you ignore the mobs spawned till Diablo is dead.


The Ubertristam Route

Taking on all three Ubers at once can be a highly treacherous task. However, you can simplify the fight by confronting them one by one. Start by entering Tristram and moving towards the left. Buff yourself with all the resources at your disposal, then slowly make your way towards the center until Mephisto charges towards you. Draw him to the top left and engage him there.

When Mephisto is dead, then circle around to the bottom right river.

Approach the middle house on the bottom right until you can spot Baal. Wait around as he casts his Chilling Armor. He will teleport to your location. Move slightly towards the river and engage Baal there. Once you have defeated him, simply move to the center to fight Diablo.


When the last boss, in this case Diablo falls, he will be dropping a unique Large Charm which will be identified as Hellfire Torch. You can never know which class skills it will be giving prior to identifying the charm, however these sells quite well unidentified if you’re playing on the online battle.net, specially early in ladder seasons.

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