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Lost Ark Kakul Saydon Gate 2 Guide | RPGStash

This guide is one of the 3-part Kakul Saydon Gate Guides. For Gate 1 check this link, for Gate 2 check this link, and for Gate 3 Check this link.


Lost Ark Kakul Saydon Legion Raid Gate 2 Guide

If you've finished gate 1, the fun is just getting started. The 2nd part of the raid requires more mechanical skills and an understanding of the boss pattern. There will also be a fall-off mechanic, which was first introduced in Valtan Legion Raid, where you will fall off the map and die in certain attacks.



Kakul Saydon Legion Raid only requires at least iLVL 1475 (Normal) and 1385 (Rehearsal Mode).



First of all, you will need at least a full set of relic-grade equipment for your class to achieve maximum DPS potential. Also, you ought to have at least 5 level 3 engravings, level 7-8 gems, and level 3-4 tripods.


Party Composition

  • Ranged DPS
  • Ranged DPS
  • Melee DPS
  • Support


As per the previous guide, any party composition will do as long there is a synergy from one another. In this raid, it's advantageous to have two ranged DPS, one melee DPS, and support since melee DPS on this raid are less effective because the boss is swift and can reposition while casting your skills.


Recommended Combat Items

Combat items are situational items that can turn the tide. Below are the items that I highly recommend using in this raid.


  • HP Potion: I recommend you bring Blue Potion or Purple Potion for maximum survivability.
  • Dark Grenade: This item reduces the target's defense by 20% for 20 seconds and is recommended if you lack DPS.
  • Sacred Bomb/Sacred Charm: This item will help you cleanse any negative debuffs to your teammates, such as freeze, petrification, stun, sleep, fear and etc. I recommend using this when your teammate has flame stacks or fails to counter the boss counter pattern.
  • Time Stop Potion: This could literally save your life since you will become temporarily become invincible for five seconds. You can use this when the boss does a knock-off mechanic, and you're caught in a bad position.
  • Marching Flag: This is highly recommended for support since this gives a movement speed buff that could help you in Pizza mechanics at x55 HP.


Sidereal Skills

There are only two sidereal skills that you need to use to get through tough situations: Nineveh and Zena/Innana.

Nineveh (CTRL+Z)

Use this sidereal whenever your sidereal meter is full. The timing for this is when the boss is casting long animation skills, or you successfully countered him in a specific pattern.

Azena/Innana (CTRL+C)

You can use this when the Pizza pattern appears at x55 HP so that your mayhem gauge won't go up and confidently do the mechanic without getting turned into a clown.


Gate 2 of Kakul Saydon Raid doesn't require positioning, but you must pair up with one of your party members. One pair (Member 1 and Member 2) go left, while the other members (3 and 4) go to the right at x110 HP.

Mechanics Overview

  • x125 HP- Saydon Appears
  • x110 HP- Curtain of Madness
  • x95 HP- Card Flip
  • x75 HP- Maze
  • x55 HP- Pizza
  • x30 HP- Card Flip


Main Mechanics

Madness Bar

This is the same gauge that is introduced in Gate 1. The gauge will fill up whenever you're hit with a specific pattern. If you hit 50% or more, a cross laser will shoot out from you whenever you're attacked. Make sure to go far away from your teammates since the player that got hit by the laser will spawn a circle around him that fills up their mayhem gauge. At 100%, You will turn into a clown, and the boss will gain an armor buff and damage buff of 3% per stack. Remember to avoid getting clowned, or the raid will be significantly harder and will take a lot of time to beat Kakul Saydon.


Saydon Appears (x125 HP)

Kakul will briefly go into the air, summoning bombs that could deal lethal damage to you and your party members. Dodge the bombs by positioning yourself from the middle to the edge of the map. As the giant Saydon appears, he will make some random patterns that you need to look out for to avoid getting knocked out of the map:


  • Medusa: Whenever you see red flashes of light, make sure to look away from Saydon, or you'll get feared for 5 seconds.
  • Grab: When you see him put his hands on the table, get away from the middle to avoid being hammered to death.
  • Wind: When a yellow line indicator appears, get away from it as soon as possible because it will lead to getting knocked off the map.
  • Fire: There will be a huge 180-degree yellow indicator in the arena. You can either go close to Saydon or get away from it. Failing to dodge will either knock you off the map or leave fire stacks that could potentially kill your DPS.
  • Birds: Saydon will flip his hat and summons a flock of bird that can kill you and your party member. Take note that whenever he summons birds, the birds will come back in the same position.
  • Hammer: This is the most challenging pattern to read since he can either do a double or triple hammer. Make sure to use your Time Stop Potion if you can't dodge this mechanic. There will be a yellow circle indicator on the map, and you need to get away from that as soon as possible.


Curtain of Madness (x110 HP)

Remember the position that I mentioned earlier? When Saydon emits red flashes of light, look away from him to avoid getting feared. There are two possible patterns that you need to complete:


  1. If your side has red bubbles, both players must be in the same bubble.
  2. If your side has two blue bubbles, separate players must be in the bubble.


Card Flip (x95 HP and 30 HP)

This is the easiest pattern on Gate 2 and will be triggered when Kakul disappears. Saydon will spawn seven cards on the floor, and you need to find the Joker. At the same time, one of your party members will have a mark, and Saydon will target him and hit him with the hammer. The targeted party member must be on top of one of the seven cards and dodge at the last second to avoid death.

The easiest way to do this is to start with the 2nd card from the left and then from the right. In this way, you will have an opportunity to peek at the two cards around it. If you haven't found the joker yet, it's guaranteed that it is the middle card. Remember to ping the location of the joker card when you see its exact location.


Maze (x75)

A cutscene will appear and teleport players into a maze. There will be a puppet in the middle, and whoever destroys it will serve as an eye for the remaining players. The remaining players will gain a symbol above their heads and need to kill card soldiers on the map with the same symbol. All players must kill three card soldiers and reach the designated position to complete the mechanic.

We did this the easiest way- using discord screen share so that we could quickly identify the position of our target as well as avoid obstacles. But, if you're pugging this raid, the player that sees everything on the map must indicate the positions of the targets by pinging it.


Pizza (x55)

Kakul will position in the middle of the arena and spawn two stars. The stars will randomly rotate clockwise or counterclockwise. This rotation indicates which direction you should move for the following pizza mechanic. You must use sidereal Inana to prevent from getting clowned, as well as marching flag to help your teammate to move faster.


In my opinion, this is the easiest gate in the whole Kakul Saydon Raid. The boss has less HP and fewer mechanics than Gate 1. However, in this gate, you must be consistent and precise with your positioning since bad positioning will lead to certain death. One final note is whenever you and your party members feel that there are so many random mechanics, it's best to quit the raid to change the 'seed' of the raid. If you liked this guide, stay tuned for the final guide for Kakul Saydon Legion Raid.


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