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21.10.2022 - 13:18:12
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Lost Ark Kakul Saydon Gate 3 Guide | RPGStash

This guide is one of the 3-part Kakul Saydon Gate Guides. For Gate 1 check this link, for Gate 2 check this link, and for Gate 3 Check this link.


Lost Ark Kakul Saydon Legion Raid Gate 3 Guide

The last part of Gate 3 will be the hardest compared to Gates 1 and 2. This gate primarily focuses on succeeding so many wiped-out mechanics than doing DPS. Moreover, managing your Madness Gauge here is important to have no problem going through the Mario Mini Game, which will be discussed in this article.


Kakul Saydon Legion Raid only requires at least iLVL 1475 (Normal) and 1385 (Rehearsal Mode). The only difference is in Rehearsal Mode, there will be no hidden phase such as Bingo when you deplete Kakul Saydon's HP to zero.


The minimum requirement for this raid is having a full set of relic-grade equipment, five-level 3 engravings, level 7-8 gems, and level 3-4 tripods. If you want to skip most of the mechanics, I suggest you spend your gold and buy level 10 gems.

Party Composition

  • Ranged DPS
  • Ranged DPS
  • Melee DPS
  • Support


Like Kakul Saydon Gate 2, any party composition will do as long as your party members have critical and damage synergy. In this raid, it's extremely important to have two ranged DPS since you will need them to destroy the Tower and Balls that will spawn in a given mechanic. On the other hand, having a high stagger melee class such as Gunlancer or Destroyer can turn the tide in Iron Maiden Phase.


Recommended Combat Items

Choosing the combat items for this raid depends on the player's reference. Below are the items that will be helpful for this raid.

  • HP Potion: I highly suggest you opt for Purple Potion since supports will have difficulty keeping you shielded and giving you heals.
  • Whirlwind Grenade: This item deals stagger damage and could be helpful in every iron maiden phase of the game. So if you have an issue staggering the boss, this is the item for you.
  • Dark Grenade: If your party is having difficulty dealing high damage on the boss, you can assign at least two of your party members to have this item. This item reduces the target's defense by 20% for 20 seconds.
  • Sacred Bomb/Sacred Charm: This removes CC such as freeze, stun, fear and etc. Having this item could prevent a team wipe in a certain situation.
  • Swiftness Robe: This is recommended for slow classes since it gives you a 40% move speed buff for 12 seconds.
  • Marching Flag: I highly recommend this item if you plan to stack and move together in the Showtime phase. However, it could be a waste of the combat item slot, so I suggest that you do the showtime phase differently.


Sidereal Skills

There are only two sidereal skills that you need to use to get through tough situations: Nineveh and Zena/Innana.

Nineveh (CTRL+Z)

You can only use this sidereal when you plan not to use Azena/Innana on Showtime and plan to perfect Bingo Phase.

Azena/Innana (CTRL+C)

This is the primary sidereal skill that you want to use in most cases since this will help you manage your mayhem gauge and focus on completing the mechanic. Moreover, Azena/Innana prevents you from getting wiped from the bingo phase once.


If you plan to do the Showtime Phase by stacking together and moving as one, you don't need any positioning. However, if you want to have an easier time, I suggest you assign your party member’s position and move either clockwise or counterclockwise. The equation would be Party Number x 3 = Position.

Mechanics Overview

  • x155 HP- Iron Maiden (1st Mario)
  • x125 HP- Iron Maiden (2nd Mario)
  • x90 HP- Showtime
  • x80 HP- Iron Maiden (3rd Mario)
  • x55 HP- Iron Maiden (4th Mario)
  • x0 HP- Bingo (aka Gate 3.5)


Note: In this gate, it’s extremely important that all party members are alive until the Bingo Phase.


Main Mechanics

Madness Bar

This is similar to both Gate 1 and 2, but the pressure on managing this gauge in Gate 3 increases tenfold since you need to fill up your gauge and turn into a clown before Mario Minigame. Thankfully, there are two ways to fill up your gauge:

  • Flame Tower: This spawns 15 seconds before the portal appears, and you need to tank the damage until you turn into a clown.
  • Ball: This spawns once before every Mario phase. This helps you to fill up your gauge without taking damage. However, make sure to destroy these balls as soon as you reach your desired madness gauge to prevent them from exploding, which can deal lethal damage to you and your party member.


Mario Mini-Game

This is the main mechanic you should focus on if you want to defeat Kakul Saydon. He will make you and your party member play a mini-game where one person goes into a portal and destroy a specific colored ball three times while avoiding obstacles along the way. At the same time, the party members outside the mini-game will have to deal with Iron Maiden Phase, where two party members have to go through a maze and stagger Kakul Saydon to save the randomly trapped party member.



Before you assign which Mario Minigame your party member wants to play, you must note that each party member can only do one mini-game. If the same player tries to do two mini-games, it's definitely a wipe. So, it's important that every member of your party is alive as much as possible.


  • Mario 1 and 2 are the easiest and can be assigned to a player that is new to the party.
  • Mario 3 is the hardest and requires extreme mechanical skill to finish the job without dying. I suggest you assign this mini-game to a support class or someone who is well-adept in the raid.
  • Mario 4 isn't as hard as Mario 3, but this requires map awareness and fast decision-making.



  1. Be aware of your Madness Gauge from time to time. If you're going to do the Mario Mini game, at least fill your Madness Gauge to 40-50% by using the balls.
  2. When the Flame Tower spawns, make sure to be near it and rinse yourself with the flame until turning into a clown.
  3. If you have the time, use your clown's Q ability to the flame tower so that your party member can kill it before becoming a threat.
  4. A portal will appear in the middle, and you must jump into it. Failing to get in on time will lead to a team wipe.


Note: If you're not confident with your mini-game skills, you can go to Trixion and talk to Beatrice to practice Mario 1-4.



You have a set amount of time to finish the mini-game.

  1. The player who was a curse that is indicated by a clown icon must call it out in chat or discord, which color he needs to target.
  2. Targeting the wrong ball will stun your teammate and will often lead to a team wipe.
  3. Destroying the specific colored ball three times will save your teammate from the curse preventing him from dying.



  • Use your left and right arrow keys to move.
  • Your Q ability destroys enemies and the balls.
  • Your W ability allows you to jump.


Iron Maiden (x155 HP, x125 HP, 80 HP, and x55 HP)

There will be a cutscene just after one person goes into the portal and start Mario Mini-Game. What will happen is one player will be randomly imprisoned in the Iron Maiden, and the rest of the party members must go through the opposite side of the map while avoiding one-shot obstacles along the way. You also need to be fast, especially if you know your party has below-average stagger damage, and using Whirlwind Bomb is mandatory.


  • 1st Iron Maiden: Vertical saws will appear, and you must tread carefully, or else, you will die. You must stagger Kakul Saydon before the horizontal saw reaches your imprisoned teammate.
  • 2nd Iron Maiden: Hooks will spawn on the map, and getting caught will prevent you from moving and throw you outside the map. This is less punishing than the first Iron Maiden since you could stagger Kakul Saydon even if one of your teammates got hooked.
  • 3rd Iron Maiden: Hooks and Saws will spawn on the map, and you need to act fast and decide when to move.
  • 4th Iron Maiden: Aside from hooks and saws, levers will spawn at the top and bottom, and players need to pull the lever to stagger the boss. Make sure to communicate with your other teammate when pulling the lever since activating it simultaneously will yield no effect.


Note: Safe spot will spawn at either at 6 o'clock side of the map or 7 and 6 o'clock. Use this safe spot to time your movement.


Showtime (x90 HP)

Kakul Saydon will receive a huge defense buff and will proceed to the next mechanic. He will teleport in the middle, and a cutscene will appear. Players must be grouped up at the bottom side of the map and rotate clockwise. To successfully do this, you need to:

  1. There will be two players that will be marked by a target pattern above their heads. 
  2. Move once the bomb falls on the ground and continuously rotate clockwise until the 2nd cone attack.
  3. Get near Kakul Saydon in the middle and summon Azena/Innana.
  4. Dodge the yellow outline and make sure to redirect the cone indicator on the bomb. This happens twice. Failing to destroy either of the bombs will lead to a team wipe.
  5. Once the two bombs have been successfully denied by Kakul Saydon's attack, you either need to group up at the bottom and move together or go to your respective position (3,6,9 and 12 o'clock).
  6. Once you're in your position, he will summon big yellow target marks that will follow you and your party member. Avoid touching these yellow marks since this will instantly kill you.
  7. If you're running together, use a marching flag to outmaneuver any mechanics along the way.


Bingo (x0 HP)

This is the most annoying thing that will happen to the rest of your raid party- making you think that you beat Kakul Saydon already. A cutscene will appear, and Kakul Saydon will dance and teleport you to a new arena. There would be red and black tiles, and you need to put the bomb where you will likely score bingo in three turns.


There are some rules that you need to know to score a bingo:

  1. Focus on successfully hitting bingo since each time you succeed, you will deal at least x13 HP bar of damage.
  2. For every 3rd bomb, Saydon will teleport at the top and will activate a stagger check. If you complete a bingo (full row of skulls), you don't have to worry about the stagger bar, and it will give you a lot of time to DPS. This is the only time you can freely DPS without avoiding any lethal patterns.
  3. Bombs will appear above your head, and you must navigate through the map for five seconds to find where to put the bomb.
  4. When the bomb explodes, skull tiles will spawn in a given position. Remember that the explosion will be in an 'X' pattern.
  5. If you get a bingo on the 3rd bomb (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal), you will become invincible and prevents a raid wipe.
  6. If you successfully score 3-4 bingos and use Nineveh, you successfully beat the raid.

Note: If you messed up your bingo, you could use Azena/Innana once.


Minor Mechanics

Now that I've finished discussing the major mechanics of the boss, it's time for you to know what are the minor mechanics and how to counter them.


  • HP Reversal: This is a time-based mechanic and would likely happen if you fail to deplete the boss health bar to mario mechanic. A circle below your character will spawn, and you need to get damaged before the 15 seconds debuff disappear. If you're a Mayhem Berserker, you don't have to worry about a thing and just continue to DPS.
  • Laser: Saydon will fire a laser that rotates either clockwise or counterclockwise. The safe place would be behind him. Getting hit by this laser will leave a fear debuff that will prevent you from moving. At the same time, you can throw a Sacred Bomb or use Sacred Charm to deactivate the debuff for your teammate.
  • Rainbow: Kakul Saydon will teleport in the middle and clap, and rainbow will appear two times or four times.
  • Vomit: Kakul Saydon vomits a rainbow that increases your Madness Gauge. This is the free time for DPS since he won't be moving for a long time. 
  • Clap: Just like the rainbow mechanic, the boss will clap and teleport randomly on the map. He will either spawn hooks or saws during this pattern. If he spawns hooks, that's the DPS window you're looking for. Pop your damage buff, throw dark grenades, and release all the high-damaging skills you got. If he spawns saws, make sure to stay in the middle and focus on dodging the saws since they can instantly kill you.
  • Counter Pattern 1: When Kakul Saydon backsteps, use your counter skills to open up a DPS window. It's worth noting that this counter pattern is hard to land, and I suggest you ignore it if you're caught in a bad position.
  • Counter Pattern 2: This counter pattern is easier to land yet much more punishable if you fail since it will follow a targetted player for a short duration and leave him with a lot of fire debuff. If this happens, you can use Sacred Bomb or Sacred Charm.

Note: These minor mechanics can happen simultaneously with the major mechanics. 


My guildmate and I spent more than 20 hrs of progression for two weeks to get used to the Kakul Saydon's mechanic. What makes this a hard raid is all of his skill sets are RNG-based compared to Vykas or Valtan Legion Raid, which are often time-based. In this gate, you must be patient and have a clear mind when doing most of the major mechanics (especially the Bingo Phase) of this raid. If you liked this guide, stay tuned for more raid guides or class-specific guides.


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