OSRS Kurask Guide: Everything You Need to Know

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OSRS Kurask Guide: Everything You Need to Know


There are so many things that you can do in Old School Runescape (OSRS) and one of the most profitable is leveling your Slayer skill. Why? Because tasks given by Slayer Masters often provide some of the highest in terms of EXP gain and GP earned per hour.

Having said that, there is a particular monster that you can fight in OSRS that does not give you a hard time, though careful preparation is needed in order to slay it. What monster are we talking about here? Well, that is none other than the Kurask.

Today, we are going to talk about a special monster that enables you to earn a good amount of EXP and GP, all without breaking a sweat. So, without further ado, read ahead. This is our ultimate Kurask guide for OSRS!

OSRS Kurask Guide: Basics

To understand what you are actually dealing with, here is a brief rundown of the Kurask’s stats:

  • HP: 97

  • Attack: 67

  • Strength: 105

  • Defense: 105

  • Magic: 0

  • Ranged: 0

A quick glance at the stats and you will see that the Kurask is not to be trifled with. Although its accuracy is pretty average at best, this monster hits like a truck! That is why it’s imperative that you go in with the right gear. Otherwise, you will be quickly decimated by these things!

Moreover, defeating the Kurask allows you to earn about 5.2k GP on average. It may not be much compared to the other farming strategies in OSRS, but due to the semi-AFK nature of fighting the said monster, it is an option that you can definitely take.

OSRS Kurask Location: Where to Find Them?

Kurask Spot (Fremennik Slayer Dungeon)

You can find the Kurask in two different locations. The first is the southwestern portion of the Fremennik Slayer Dungeon. As such, you need to be at an appropriate Slayer skill level in order to eliminate them. More on this in a bit.

If you have trained your Agility skill to at least level 62, you can enter a shortcut when you enter the dungeon, significantly decreasing the time it takes to get to where you want to be.

You can refer to our Slayer Dungeons Guide to learn the best and fastest ways to teleport to the Fremennik Slayer Dungeon.

Kurask Fremennik Slayer Dungeon Location

The second location where you will find an abundance of Kurasks is in the Iorwerth Dungeon. If you are new to Old School Runescape, you must know that you have to complete the Song of the Elves quest to gain access to this dungeon.

After finishing the Song of the Elves quest, the dungeon you are looking for is found in the Iorwerth district in Prifddinas, just southwest of the said city.

Kurask Farming Spots in Iorwerth Dungeon

Preparation: How to Kill the Kurask in OSRS

As mentioned earlier, the Kurask is one of many monsters in Old School Runescape where you have to be at a specific Slayer skill level in order to defeat them. More specifically, your character must have, at least, a level 70 Slayer skill to deal damage.

On top of that, you need a special type of weaponry in order to kill the Kurask. What is that, you ask? Well, they are none other than the Leaf-bladed weapons! Here is a brief list of the Leaf-bladed weapons available in OSRS:

  • Leaf-bladed Spear

  • Leaf-bladed Sword

  • Leaf-bladed Battleaxe

  • Broad Arrows

  • Broad Bolts

  • Amethyst Broad Bolts

  • Slayer Staff and Magic Dart

You need to equip any of the Leaf-bladed weapons to even damage the Kurask. The reason for this is that the Kurask is considered a “leafy” monster.

While you can certainly use any of the ranged weapons on the list, the best and most cost-effective way of defeating the Kurask is by equipping the melee weapons, including the Leaf-bladed Spear, Leaf-bladed Sword, and the Leaf-bladed Battleaxe.

Leaf-bladed Spear

The most accessible of the three is the Leaf-bladed Spear, which you can purchase from any Slayer Master in the game for 31,000 coins.

The Leaf-bladed Sword, as well as the Leaf-bladed Battleaxe, are dropped from the Kurasks themselves. Both of them are one-handed weapons, meaning, you can equip a shield on your offhand as well.

Leaf-bladed Sword

What’s interesting is that the Leaf-bladed Battleaxe is actually the second strongest battleaxe in OSRS. Furthermore, you gain a 17.5% boost in damage when fighting the leafy monsters. For this reason, this is the most potent weapon against Kurasks and Turoths in the game.

Leaf-bladed Battleaxe

Best Way to Kill the Kurask: Melee Build

The best and most cost-effective way of slaying the Kurask is by fighting them up close and personal. In other words, you are better off eliminating them using a melee build than employing ranged weaponry. Here are the items that we recommend:

  • Slayer Helmet: If you plan on taking the Kurask slayer tasks assigned by Konar, this is the best headgear you can wear. That is because the Slayer Helmet provides an additional 16.67% damage boost against the said monster. This works on top of the damage boost provided by the Leaf-bladed Battleaxe

  • Leaf-bladed Weaponry: It goes without saying that you need Leaf-bladed weapons in order to deal damage to the Kurask. To start with, you can purchase the Leaf-bladed Spear from any Slayer Master in the game for 31,000 coins. As you eliminate plenty of Kurasks, you will have a chance of obtaining either the Leaf-bladed Sword and Leaf-bladed Battleaxe. Both of them are upgrades to the spear, though the Battleaxe is definitely the best in slot

  • Bandos Armor Set: Remember that the Kurask does not have good accuracy, but its attacks are certainly devastating if it is able to land a successful hit. The Bandos Armor set provides amazing defense against melee damage, making it the prime choice of gear when fighting against the said leafy monster. The set is comprised of the chest plate, tassets, and boots, with the last one offering some of the highest defense bonuses in the game for its respective slot

  • Ferocious Gloves: This is considered the best-in-slot for builds that focus on melee damage. This pair of gloves can only be acquired from the Alchemical Hydra

  • Barrows Gloves: If you do not have access to the Ferocious Gloves, the Barrows Gloves are a good alternative. These gloves provide you with a considerable melee damage boost when equipped

  • Avernic Defender: Similar to the gloves, the Avernic Defender gives a substantial melee damage boost. However, it is also effective in mitigating the damage you receive from the Kurask’s attacks. You can get this by getting an Avernic Defender Hilt and combining it with a Dragon Defender

  • Primordial Boots: While the Bandos Boots are okay, the Primordial Boots are the best in the slot when fighting against the Kurask. This footwear grants a huge strength bonus, allowing you to defeat the said monster with ease

  • Amulet of Torture: This enchanted Zenyte Amulet does not offer any defensive bonuses whatsoever. But, what it does give you is a good amount of strength; the highest in the amulet slot. To obtain one, simply grab a Zenyte Amulet and use the Lvl 7-Enchant spell on it. This process requires 20 pieces of Blood Runes, 20 Soul Runes, and one Cosmic Rune

  • Berserker Ring: This is the best overall ring to use when employing a melee build to kill the Kurask. This Fremennik ring gives you a good amount of strength and can be upgraded to the Berserker Ring (I) to provide even more

  • Infernal Cape: Even though this is not mandatory, getting yourself an Infernal Cape can certainly improve your killing efficiency when fighting Kurasks. This is awarded by defeating TzKal-Zuk in the Inferno minigame. The reason why you want to wear this is that this is the best cape to use for melee builds in the game, providing you with a considerable amount of strength, stab, crush, and slash bonuses. If you do not have this yet, you can wear its predecessor, the Fire Cape, instead. 

Why Kill the Kurask

There are plenty of good reasons why slaying Kurasks in OSRS is a good idea. First, they drop some really good loot, including the aforementioned Leaf-bladed Sword and Leaf-bladed Battleaxe, as well as the Grimy Lantadyme Herbs and Torstol Seeds, which you can sell for profit.

Additionally, slaying Kurasks allows you to farm the Coconut and the Papaya Fruit. The latter can be used as payment to farmers if you want them to watch over your palm trees while they grow.

OSRS Kurask Loot Table

Weapons and Armor




Leaf-bladed Battleaxe

1 in 1,026


Leaf-bladed Sword

1 in 384


Mystic Robe Top (Light)

1 in 512


Rune Longsword

1 in 41.33


Rune Axe

1 in 41.33


Adamant Platebody

1 in 41.33


Mithril Kiteshield

1 in 41.33






Grimy Lantadyme

1 in 293.9


Grimy Dwarf Seed

1 in 293.9


Grimy Kwuarm

1 in 176.4


Grimy Cadantine

1 in 220.4


Grimy Avantoe

1 in 147


Grimy Irit Leaf

1 in 110.2


Grimy Ranarr Weed

1 in 80.2


Grimy Harralander

1 in 63


Grimy Tarromin

1 in 49


Grimy Marrentill

1 in 36.7


Grimy Guam Leaf

1 in 27.6






Torstol Seed

1 in 975.5


Lantadyme Seed 

1 in 390.2


Dwarf Weed Seed

1 in 650.3


Snape Grass Seed

1 in 487.7


Cadantine Seed

1 in 278.7


Snapdragon Seed

1 in 195.1


Kwuarm Seed

1 in 130.1


Potato Cactus Seed

1 in 130.1


Cactus Seed

1 in 92.9


Avantoe Seed

1 in 88.7


Poison Ivy Seed

1 in 88.7


Belladonna Seed

1 in 62.9


Irit Seed

1 in 61


Toadflax Seed

1 in 41.5


Limpwurt Seed

1 in 20.67






Big Bones

1 in 24.8


Papaya Fruit

1 in 31



1 in 31


White Berries

1 in 20.67



1 in 20.67



1 in 7.75

2,000-3,000 (quantity)





Kurask Head

1 in 3,000


Brimstone Key

1 in 79


Crystal Shard

1 in 24


Clue Scroll (Hard)

1 in 128


OSRS Kurask Tips

Now that you know the enemy you are dealing with, what are some general strategies that you can employ to kill Kurask in a more effective way? Here are some useful tips:

Stock Up on Prayer Potions

Always bring a healthy stock of Prayer Potions with you if you are going to farm Kurasks in OSRS. In case you do not know, Prayer Potions restore Prayer Points equal to 7 + 25% of your current level. The percentage recovery is increased slightly if you wear the Ring of the Gods or a Prayer Cape, though these won’t be necessary.

Prayer Potions

Use Piety at All Times

Now, why would you need a lot of Prayer Potions with you? Well, that is because you are going to use Piety at all times.

Piety is a high-level prayer in OSRS that requires you to have Prayer Level 70, as well as Defense Level 70, to use. It gives you a 23% boost to strength, a 25% increase in defense, and an additional 20% boost to your attack stat.

Being the third highest level prayer in the game, you can expect this to drain a considerable amount of Prayer Points when it is active (about 40 points per minute, in case you are wondering).

Protect from Melee

Now, if you do not have Piety yet, a good alternative is casting the aptly named Protect from Melee prayer to fully resist all damage from Kurasks. So long as you have this prayer up, you won’t receive any damage from the said monster!

Do keep in mind that your Prayer Level must be at least 43 to use Protect from Melee. Furthermore, using it is only good for a more defensive approach. Piety is still the best in terms of maximum efficiency.

Ranged AFK

Even though the best way to eliminate the Kurasks is by using a melee build, you can actually kill them relatively easily by going for ranged attacks. In fact, this is the preferred approach if you want to go semi-AFK when farming these leafy creatures.

Anyway, for this to work, you need to equip the following items:

  • Head: Slayer Helmet

  • Weapon: Rune Crossbow

  • Ammo: Broad of Bolts

  • Armor: Black D’hide Body

  • Legs: Karil’s Leatherskirt

  • Gloves: Barrows Gloves

  • Boots: Zamorak D’Hide Boots

  • Cape: Ava’s Accumulator

  • Amulet: Amulet of Glory

  • Ring: Ring of Dueling

Once you have the above-mentioned items equipped, head to the Fremennik Slayer Dungeon and head to the lower-left side, where you will find an abundance of Kurasks in a relatively tight space. Do not worry, they are not aggressive, so you can just roam around freely without getting attacked. However, you will encounter aggressive monsters along the way, so bear that in mind.

After you have reached the area, simply position yourself at the top-right corner and adjust the camera accordingly. This is the best spot where you can go semi-AFK. When you are in position, simply click the Kurask that will spawn nearby and that’s it!

Semi-AFK Kurask Spot in Fremennik Slayer Dungeon (for Ranged Builds Only)

Other Useful Items

Aside from your main equipment, you should populate your inventory with other useful stuff, such as:

  • Fairy Ring/Slayer Ring: Allows you to teleport directly to the Fremennik Slayer Dungeon. When using the Fairy Ring, input the code A-J-R

  • Herb Sack: Because the Kurask can drop Grimy Herbs like the Grimy Lantadyme and Grimy Cadantine, the Herb Sack gives you extra storage for these things

  • Rune Pouch: The Kurask can be your source of Nature Runes, so bring a Rune Pouch with you to store more of the said runes in your inventory

  • Seed Box: Similar to the Herb Sack and Rune Pouch, the Seed Box gives you a dedicated storage space for seeds

  • House Teleport: Enables you to teleport to your house immediately upon use

  • Bone Crusher: Did you know that you can gain EXP for your Prayer skill simply by putting the Bone Crusher in your inventory? That’s right! Since the Kurask drops bones quite frequently, this item can crush them automatically, giving you experience points for your Prayer skill as a result

  • Food: Unless you have the Protect from Melee prayer active, you need to have a good supply of food with you because the Kurask can hit like a truck

  • Range-Boosting Potions: Stock up on Ranging Potions or Bastion Potions to improve your killing efficiency when using the ranged setup


Slaying Kurasks is one of the best and easiest ways to earn tons of gold in OSRS. They are relatively easy to kill, especially with the right equipment, though you want to make sure that you are fully prepared. Otherwise, this monster will have no trouble eliminating you.

They can be found abundantly in two locations in Old School Runescape, namely the Fremennik Slayer Dungeon and the Iorwerth Dungeon. The latter requires you to complete the Song of the Elves quest before you can gain access. Although it is a lengthy one, it is definitely worth it.

It should also go without saying that you need a special type of weaponry to be able to deal damage to the Kurask. Start with a Leaf-bladed Spear, which you can purchase from any Slayer Master in OSRS for some coins.

Then, after killing plenty of Kurasks, you will get your hands on the Leaf-bladed Sword, and eventually, the Leaf-bladed Battleaxe. These can do a lot more damage than the spear, so be sure to equip them as soon as you are able.

Because the said leafy monster can deal huge amounts of damage, it is best that you bring a healthy stock of Prayer potions with you to have Protect from Melee or Piety up at all times.

So, there you have it! We hope that you have enjoyed our comprehensive Kurask guide for OSRS!

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