OSRS Splashing Gear Guide

23.04.2024 - 15:46:08
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OSRS Splashing Gear Guide

Splashing has been nerfed to the ground ever since it was introduced in OSRS. Despite the changes made to limit the Magic XP gain from splashing, it's still widely accepted as one of the best Magic training techniques in OSRS. You can still make it work as long as you have the right tricks (and gear) under your sleeves.

How To Do Splashing in OSRS

Unlike most combat training techniques, splashing isn't used against monsters. Instead, it's used on NPCs. To put it simply, when you splash in OSRS, you cast low accuracy spells on NPC so it doesn't actually heal them. Even if the attack doesn't do any damage, you can still gain Magic XP. Since the NPCs don't get hit or die, you essentially don't have to move around to train Magic. This also means that there's no risk of you dying, making it a perfect training method for Ironmen.


Although it's fun and simple, there are a few things to consider here:

  • This trick can be AFK'd but you have to constantly interact with the game to avoid getting logged out. You just need to move your mouse or open a menu every 20 minutes or so.
  • It's not important to have high-level gear for splashing. It's important that your magic accuracy is as low as possible so your magic doesn't land and do damage to NPCs.
  • Not every NPC in the game can be splashed. There are only a select few which we'll list down below.
  • As there's no risk of dying, you don't have to worry about wearing high-end armor for defenses. Instead, you might want to save up your gold for runes which are vital for this training technique.

Best Splashing Gears For OSRS

You can start splashing at any level in OSRS. What's important is that you have a Magic Bonus of -64. This guarantees that your magic spells are going to be a sure miss against NPCs. While it's not exactly hard to reach this type of Magic Bonus, certain builds will make it more efficient. The simplest and cheapest way to do this is with this setup.

  • Full Helm
  • Platebody
  • Full Platelegs
  • Kiteshield
  • Any Elemental Staff (or Goblin Staff if you can't wear the green vambraces.
  • Green d'hide Vambraces or Gilded Vambraces

You can choose any type of these armor. Bronze, Iron, dragon - it doesn't matter because the negative bonus they have on Magic attack are all the same. Since you won't be needing any defences at all, it's best to go with the cheapest set which are the bronze armor. What's great about it is that these pieces of armor

For splashing, the best weapon to use is any Elemental Staff. Unfortunately, all elemental staves in the game provide a 10 Magic Bonus. This means you'll need to counteract the gear with another equipment that can drastically reduce your Magic Bonus.

ItemAttack BonusesDefence BonusesOther
Image StabSlashCrushMagicRangedStabSlashCrushMagicRangedStrengthMagic DamageRange StrengthPrayerWeight
Staff of air0-1710023110030%002.267
Staff of earth1-1910023110050%002.267
Staff of fire3-1910023110060%002.267
Staff of water0-1710023110030%002.267

To counteract the Magic Bonus provided by your weapon, you can equip a Green d'hide Vambraces or Gilded Vambraces which both provide -10 Magic Bonus. This gear is again suitable with F2P players. If you can't equip the vambraces yet because of its 40 Ranged requirement, you can opt to using the Goblin Staff instead of an Elemental Staff.

Splashing Locations OSRS

You can splash in various locations in the game but if you're having trouble looking for some that you can quickly do, here's a list of all splashable NPCs.

LocationLevelsMembership Required?Spawns
House west of the Grand Exchange1No3
South of Slepe1Yes9
Ruins (east)1No3
Ferox Enclave1No9
Port Piscarilius1Yes24
House west of McGrubor's Wood1Yes3
Port Sarim Jail1No5
Draynor Village1No2
South-east of Mount Quidamortem1Yes18
Farm south of Falador1No2
South-east of the Farming Guild1Yes2
North of the Chaos Temple (Wilderness)1No6
Gertrude's House1No1
Fire Altar1No1
Port Phasmatys1Yes2
South of Kourend Castle1Yes4
Mos Le'Harmless1Yes2
Lunar Isle Ship1Yes2
Burgh De Rott1Yes13
West Ruins1No16
Sinclair Mansion1Yes5
Lunar Island1Yes1
South of the Farming Guild1Yes5
Draynor Manor1No2
North-west of Hosidius Town Square1Yes4
Melzar's Maze1No5
South of Gu'Tanoth1Yes3
Fishing Guild1Yes1
Tree Gnome Village Maze1Yes9
West Ardougne1Yes74
Port Phasmatys Ship1Yes1
Port Piscarilius (1st Floor Buildings)1Yes5
Lunar Island Dock1Yes1
Melzar's Maze (1st Floor)1No2
Mos Le'Harmless Ship1Yes1
Port Piscarilius (2nd Floor Buildings)1Yes3
Melzar's Maze (2nd Floor)1No2
Ardougne Sewers1Yes23
Goblin Cave1Yes19
Clock Tower Basement1Yes26
Rat Pits1Yes3
Melzar's Maze Basement1No3
Dwarven Mines1No4
Crandor and Karamja Dungeon1No2
Draynor Sewers1No10
Varrock Sewers1No29
Draynor Manor Basement1No9
Edgeville Dungeon1No2
Sisterhood Sanctuary1Yes6
Stronghold of Security: Catacomb of Famine1No60
Stronghold of security: Vault of War1No56
Grand Tree Mine1Yes21
Taverley Dungeon1Yes4
The Warrens1Yes16
Abandoned Mine (Level 2)1Yes9
Abandoned Mine (Level 4)1Yes3
Keldagrim Rat Pits1Yes8
Kings Ransom Jail1Yes4
Meiyerditch Laboratories1Yes6
The Hollows1Yes17
Meiyerditch Hideout (Myreque Hideout)1Yes2
Observatory Dungeon1Yes4
Rashiliyia's Tomb1Yes3
Shadow Dungeon1Yes12
Skavid Caves1Yes18
Underground Pass (Level 2)1Yes27
Waterfall Dungeon1No9
Cabin Fever Boats1No6
Cabin Fever Boats, 2nd floor1No3
Waterfall Dungeon (Flooded during quest)1No1
Isle of Souls1No4
Corsair Cove2, 3No9
Port Sarim2, 3No10
Port Piscarilius2, 3No7
Icyene Graveyard3No1
Ruins of Unkah3No5
Arceuus, outside the Tower of Magic1No8
Port Piscarilius1No10
East of Yanille1No2
Ruins (west), in the Wilderness1No6
Wilderness spider nest holding a Sapphire spawn1No17
Gnome Maze1No9
Melzar's Maze, Basement Floor1No3
Varrock Sewers1No9
Draynor Manor, Basement1No4
Sisterhood Sanctuary1No11
Stronghold of Security, Pit of Pestilence (level 3)51, 24No35
Taverley Dungeon1No3
Ogre Enclave1No10
Underground Pass (dungeon)1No49
Underground Pass (dungeon) (During Song of the Elves)1No49
Rashiliyia's Tomb1No1
Isle of Souls - Crumbling Tower basement1No3
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Splashing XP Rates Per Spell

Now that you're suited up for splashing, it's time to check out the best spells to use for the job. Not all spells are compatible with splashing so you must know which ones to use at a certain point in your Magic training. Below is a table showing all of the splashing XP you can get per spell.

Standard Playbook

LvlNameBase XP per CastXP/hrXP/hr
(Harmonized nightmare staff)
Raw cost/castCost/cast
(basic elemental staff)
(basic elemental staff)
(basic elemental staff)
(combination elemental staff)
(combination elemental staff)
(combination elemental staff)
1Wind Strike5.566008250622,4000.3622,4000.36
5Water Strike7.59000112501067,2000.8022,4000.27
9Earth Strike9.511400142501467,2000.6322,4000.21
13Fire Strike11.51380017250221012,0000.8722,4000.17
17Wind Bolt13.516200202509284100,8006.2284100,8006.22
23Water Bolt16.5198002475010092110,4005.5884100,8005.09
29Earth Bolt19.5234002925010492110,4004.7284100,8004.31
35Fire Bolt22.5270003375011296115,2004.2784100,8003.73
41Wind Blast25.53060038250153141169,2005.53141169,2005.53
47Water Blast28.53420042750165153183,6005.37141169,2004.95
53Earth Blast31.53780047250169153183,6004.86141169,2004.48
59Fire Blast34.54140051750177157188,4004.55141169,2004.09
62Wind Wave364320054000217197236,4005.47197236,4005.47
65Water Wave37.54500056250245217260,4005.79197236,4005.25
70Earth Wave404800060000245217260,4005.43197236,4004.93
75Fire Wave42.55100063750245217260,4005.11197236,4004.64
81Wind Surge44.55340066750253225270,0005.29225270,0005.29
85Water Surge46.55580069750293253303,6005.44225270,0004.84
90Earth Surge48.55820072750293253303,6005.22225270,0004.64
95Fire Surge50.56060075750293253303,6005.01225270,0004.46

Ancient Magicks

LvlNameBase XP/castRaw cost/castCost/castXP/hrCost/hrGp/XP
50Smoke Rush3046846836000561,60015.60
52Shadow Rush3167367337200807,60021.71
56Blood Rush3364764739600776,40019.61
58Ice Rush3445845040800540,00013.24
62Smoke Burst3665065043200780,00018.06
64Shadow Burst371,0501,050444001,260,00028.38
68Blood Burst391,0121,012468001,214,40025.95
70Ice Burst4063461848000741,60015.45
74Smoke Blitz4270870850400849,60016.86
76Shadow Blitz431,1181,118516001,341,60026.00
80Blood Blitz451,0701,070540001,284,00023.78
82Ice Blitz4668867655200811,20014.70
86Smoke Barrage481,0181,018576001,221,60021.21
88Shadow Barrage491,6291,629588001,954,80033.24
92Blood Barrage511,5611,561612001,873,20030.61
94Ice Barrage52982958624001,149,60018.42

Arceuus Spellbook

LvlNameBase exp/castXP/hrRaw cost/castCost/cast
(Tome of Fire)
Raw Cost/hrCost/hr
(Tome of Fire)
(Tome of Fire)
35Ghostly Grasp22.527000100N/A120,000N/A4.44N/A
44Inferior Demonbane273240010084120,000100,8003.703.11
56Skeletal Grasp3339600173N/A207,600N/A4.76N/A
62Superior Demonbane3643200241209289,200250,8006.695.81
79Undead Grasp46.555800245197294,000236,4005.274.24
82Dark Demonbane43.552200466418559,200501,60010.719.61

Get To 99 As Fast As Possible

Training Magic with splashing is still worth it but that's only if you know what to do. It can take just as long as any other training method if you don't have the right gear with you. Hopefully, our guide has made it easier for you to become one of the strongest mages in Gielinor.

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