Runescape 3 Woodcutting Guide

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Runescape 3 Woodcutting Guide

Why Should You Train Woodcutting ?

There are few reasons why you might want to train your woodcutting skill. Firstly it can be an extremely AFK skill which allows you to do side activities while training it. Secondly it can be a great way of earning money without paying much attention. Since the skill is so AFK you can leave your character chopping high level trees to make some money. Thirdly there are some quests in the game that require players to have a specific woodcutting level to complete the quest. A lot of these quests are really important for upgrading one's account. Those quests are:

  • My Arm's Big Adventure - Woodcutting Level 10
  • The Tale of the Muspah - Woodcutting Level 10
  • Beneath Cursed Tides - Woodcutting Level 30
  • Curse of the Black Stone - Woodcutting Level 34
  • Animal Magnetism - Woodcutting Level 35
  • Lost City - Woodcutting Level 36
  • Summer's End - Woodcutting Level 37
  • The Fremennik Trials - Woodcutting Level 40
  • Crocodile Tears - Woodcutting Level 47
  • Legends' Quest - Woodcutting Level 50
  • Olaf's Quest - Woodcutting Level 50
  • A Void Dance - Woodcutting Level 52
  • Lunar Diplomacy - Woodcutting Level 55
  • The Fremennik Isles - Woodcutting Level 56
  • As a First Resort - Woodcutting Level 58
  • Grim Tales - Woodcutting Level 71
  • Back to my Roots - Woodcutting Level 72
  • Nomad's Elegy - Woodcutting Level 75
  • Within the Light - Woodcutting Level 75
  • Plague's End - Woodcutting Level 75
  • The Branches of Darkmeyer - Woodcutting Level 76
  • The Light Within - Woodcutting Level 80
  • Head of the Family - Woodcutting Level 90
  • Tuai Leit's Own - Woodcutting Level 90

To get a quest cape you will need to have at least level 90 woodcutting.

Also if you are looking to complete all the area tasks in the game you will need to have at least level 85 woodcutting.

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RS3 Woodcutting Guide

Before we get into the guide, you will need to know of some items or buffs that will come in handy during your training to 99. If you want to skip to the guide please skip to the "1-99 Woodcutting Guide". 


As your woodcutting level increases you will unlock better and better hatchets that you can use. You should always use the best hatchet that is available to you. You should also add the best hatchet you have to your tool belt. This will save you an inventory spot and you will never have to worry about forgetting your hatchet in your bank. An important note here is that you can't withdraw your hatchet from your belt.


If you have at least level 22 invention you can start augmenting your hatchets. This can only be done to your dragon or crystal hatchets. If your hatchet is in your toolbelt you can augment it by talking to the Doc in the invention guild. The perks that are recommended for woodcutting are as follows:

  • Honed 6: Has a 12% higher chance of successfully gathering items.
  • Furnace 4 + Fortune 3: Has a 20% chance of consuming a gathered resource for an extra 100% experience. Has a 1.5% chance to double and bank what you have gathered or produced. Furnace only triggers in activities where resources are received.
Lumberjack Outfit

Lumberjack outfit is an outfit that boosts players' Woodcutting experience. It can be obtained from the temple trekking minigame. It takes around 20 - 40 minutes to get all the pieces. The outfit provides an exp boost per piece worn:

  • Lumberjack hat - 1% Experience boost
  • Lumberjack top - 1% Experience boost
  • Lumberjack legs - 1% Experience boost
  • Lumberjack boots - 1% Experience boost
  • Set Bonus - 1% Experience boost

You will have a total of 5% experience boost when wearing the full set.

Nature Sentinel Outfit

You will obtain this outfit naturally while training your woodcutting. After level 70 woodcutting you will start getting sentinel fragments at 5 minute intervals while chopping trees. You can start making this armour at level 80 woodcutting and 20 invention.

There are 3 different outfits that can be made from the fragments:

  • Willow sentinel outfit
  • Maple sentinel outfit
  • Oaken sentinel outfit

After fully crafting all of them you can combine them to make nature's sentinel outfit. You should craft and use these outfits as soon as you can as they provide a lot of bonuses, such as increased success chance while woodcutting or increased bird nests and crystal geode drop chance.

Sana's Fyrtorch

Sana's Fyrtorch is a skilling offhand for woodcutting. You need level 80 fletching to fletch it from a Croesus foultorch which is a rare drop from Croesus. When equipped it provides a 6% increase to success chance when woodcutting as well as 20% chance to chop twice in a single game tick.

Lumberjack Auras

These are auras that can be bought with loyalty points. They can be activated for an hour and they will boost your woodcutting success rate. They can be used again after 3 hours.

  • Lumberjack - %3 
  • Greater Lumberjack - 5%
  • Master Lumberjack -7%
  • Supreme Lumberjack -10%
  • Legendary Lumberjack - 15%

Urns can be used to gain additional woodcutting experience while training. When held in your inventory they will start accumulating experience as you woodcut. When they are filled up you can release them to get experience. The better urn you use the more experience you will get. The tradable version of the urns are called (nr) and to make them usable you will need to add earth runes to them which makes them untradable. You also need a certain crafting level to add this rune.

  • Cracked woodcutting urn - Crafting level 4 - 160 Experience
  • Fragile woodcutting urn - Crafting level 15 - 425 Experience
  • Plain woodcutting urn- Crafting level 44 - 825 Experience
  • Strong woodcutting urn - Crafting level 61 - 1662 Experience
  • Decorated woodcutting urn - Crafting level 76 - 1900 Experience
Woodcutting Accumulators

These items can be created by players who have 50 invention or above. They can also be bought from the grand exchange. When this item is in your inventory it will charge up each time you fail to woodcut. After they are fully charged you can study them to gain woodcutting experience.

Perfect Juju Woodcutting Potion

This potion lasts for one hour one consumed and gives the player 5% chance to get two logs instead of one while woodcutting this doubles the experience you receive.

Log-Splitting Scrimshaws

Scrimshaws are equipable items that can be activated like auras to provide bonuses to the player character. Unlike auras they can be deactivated and activated whenever the player wants. While active this scrimshaw has a 20% chance to destroy the log you chop to provide you additional experience.

  • Logs - 5 Additional experience
  • Oak logs - 9 Additional experience
  • Willow logs - 21 Additional experience
  • Teak logs - 30 Additional experience
  • Acadia - 60 Additional experience
  • Maple - 40 Additional experience
  • Mahogany - 50 Additional experience
  • Arctic Pine - 60 Additional experience
  • Eucalyptus - 75 Additional experience
  • Yew - 80 Additional experience
  • Magic - 125 Additional experience
  • Elder - 180 Additional experience
  • Bamboo - 100 Additional experience
  • Golden Bamboo - 210 Additional experience
Beaver Familiar

You can start summoning a beaver at level 33 summoning. When this familiar is summoned it will give your character an invisible +2 woodcutting level.

Waterfiend Familiar

Having a waterfiend familiar summoned while woodcutting will grant you a 5% chance to duplicate the gained resource, which is automatically stored in your waterfiend familiar. You can use a waterfiend scroll to teleport all the stored items to your bank.


Skillchompas are items that can be used instead of a hatchet. A skillchompa is used each time you attempt to collect a resource whether that attempt is successful or not. If you successfully gain the resource it increases the experience you gain by 10% if you fail it however it will still grant you 5% of the experience you would have received on a successful attempt. Each skillchompa is equivalent to a hatchet of different tier:

  • Cobalt skillchompa - Mithril hatchet
  • Viridian skillchompa - Adamant hatchet
  • Azure skillchompa - Rune hatchet
  • Crimson skillchompa - Dragon hatchet
  • Crystal skillchompa - Crystal hatchet
Seren Spells and Prayers
  • Crystallise: This spell requires you to have ancient magicks unlocked and "The Light Within" quest completed alongside having level 88 magic. You can cast this spell on a tree that you are chopping for 6 water, fire, chaos and soul runes. Chopping a tree that has this spell on will not yield any resources but will increase the experience you gain by 50%. Tree that you cast this spell on will never deplete unless the spell runs out or someone other than the caster chops it. If another player chops down your tree your spell's timer will be paused until the tree replenishes.
  • Light Form: With level 80 prayer you can start using the light form prayer after unlocking the ancient curses and completing "The Light Within" quest. This prayer increases the experience you gain from crystallise to 87.5%. Wearing a grace of the elves will reduce the prayer drain rate of this prayer by 50%.
  • Superheat Form: Alternatively you can use the prayer superheat form to burn the logs that you receive. This will reduce the woodcutting experience you receive but will split the experience between firemaking and woodcutting. Wearing a grace of the elves will reduce the prayer drain rate of this curse by 50%.
Ring of Whispers

This item is a quest reward from the quest "Sliske's Endgame". Wearing this ring gives an invisible +3 to all gathering skills including woodcutting.

Incense Sticks

This item can be consumed to give bonus effects. Each stick consumed provides 10 minutes of the effect. When the incense are active, it's potency increases every 10 minutes so consuming at least 4 sticks at a time is recommended.

  • Torstol incense sticks: 0.5% increase per potency to base experience gain.
  • Cadantine incense sticks: 2.5% chance per potency to not deplete a tree.
  • Guam incense sticks: 10% chance per potency to gain additional logs from regular trees.
Relic Powers

Relic powers are permanent passive buffs that you can get through the skill Archaeology.

  • Always Adze: When woodcutting, you will always burn your cut logs for firemaking experience.
  • Inspire Effort: You will gain 2% more experience when training gathering skills.
Dwarven Chainaxe

Dwarven chainaxe can be used in XP mode to double the experience you receive while woodcutting. Since it has charges it is recommended to use it on a tree that gives a lot of experience per chop. These do not work during double experience weeks.

1-99 Woodcutting Guide

Levels 1-15 Regular Trees: From level 1-15 you will be chopping regular trees. South west of the grand exchange is a good place to do this in.

Levels 15-30 Oak Trees: At level 15 woodcutting immediately switch to oak trees as they do not deplete after one successful chop.

Levels 30-35 Willow Trees: At level 30 woodcutting you unlock willow trees, the best location for them is at Draynor village near the bank.

Levels 35-47 Teak Trees: Teak trees provide the best experience rates starting at level 35. You can find 9 teak trees in the hardwood grove. You will need trading sticks to get into the grove which can be bought from grand exchange.

Levels 47-94 Acadia Trees: These trees are located in Menpahos thus, partial completion of the quest "The Jack of Spades" is required to access them.

Levels 68-94 Ivy: Chopping ivy is the most afkable method of training woodcutting in Runescape 3. If you prefer not paying attention and afking this is the way to go.

Levels 81-94 Overgrown Idols: Overgrown idols can spawn on Karamja and Anachronia. You can find one near the gnome glider on Karamja. This is another afk method to train woodcutting. 

Levels 94-99+ Acadia Trees Using Crystallise: This provides the fastest experience rate in the game. Using crystallise and light form will yield up to 180K experience per hour. If you have full nature's sentinel outfit alongside Sana's fyretorch offhand you can gain up to 300K experience per hour.

Levels 94-96 Crystal Trees: There are 7 crystal trees in Runescape, only one of them is active at any given time. You can locate which one is active by going to any crystal tree, right click on it and click the option "look at crystal tree". This will give you the information you need to locate the active tree. Alternatively if you have access to the max guild you can attune one of the portals to the crystal tree which will automatically take you to the active tree.

Levels 96-99+ Golden Bamboo: This is a rare tree that can only be found in uncharted isles. To get to an uncharted isles you will need to complete the quest Impressing the Locals. Completion of the miniquest "Flag Fall" is also recommended to be able to claim the uncharted isles to return to it easily. You must first skill on the arc to get chimes which can be used to get supplies which are necessary to be able to explore uncharted isles. Once you find an isle that has a golden bamboo on it claim it with your claim island flag. Everyday you can chop approximately 100 golden bamboo before it depletes. The daily cap resets at 00:00 UTC.

Divine Trees: These are items you can make by using the skill divination. They can be placed on the ground for anyone to chop, granting a lot of woodcutting experience. However there is a daily limit that prevents you from only doing divine trees.

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