Varlamore AFK Mining and Prayer training guide

30.03.2024 - 14:18:56
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Varlamore AFK Mining and Prayer training guide

OSRS got a major content drop last March 20. This new update introduced Varlamore to the game. While there's still more to come, players are already enjoying a lot of the things that came with the new patch. Those that want to train their Mining and Prayer Skills in particular, are in for a treat as there's a new high-yield AFK training method in the game.

Varlamore AFK Mining And Prayer Training Requirements

Luckily, the requirements for doing this AFK training trick aren't too steep. For starters, you'll first have to finish the Perilous Moons Quest in OSRS. This will give you access to Cam Torum where you can start doing the training method. The Perilous Moons quest includes a tough boss fight against three enemies - Blood Moon, Eclipse Moon, and Blue Moon.

Before being able to do the Perilous Moons quest, you'll first have to finish Twilight's Promise as well but this quest is far easier.


As for your Skills, you're going to need the following:

  • Mining 41
  • Prayer 30

The training method will allow you to get to 99 with both skills at the same time. Aside from being AFK, the method is also very quick and easy to do, and it yields high XP. This makes it one of the best and easiest AFK training methods for both skills as of this writing.

Make sure to equip the best mining gear available to you at your current level for maximum effectiveness of the method.

ItemMining LevelAttack LevelShop priceWeightTicks between rolls
Bronze pickaxe111 coin at Nurmof and Bob2.267 kg8
Iron pickaxe11140 coins at Nurmof2.267 kg7
Steel pickaxe65500 coins at Nurmof2.267 kg6
Black pickaxe1110Not sold0.01 kg5
Mithril pickaxe21201,300 coins at Nurmof1.814 kg5
Adamant pickaxe31303,200 coins at Nurmof2.721 kg4
Rune pickaxe414032,000 coins at Nurmof2.267 kg3
Dragon pickaxe6160Not sold2.4 kg2.83
Infernal pickaxe6160Not sold2.4 kg2.83
Crystal pickaxe7170Not sold1.36 kg2.75

Additionally, make sure to have the Prospector's Kit for an XP bonus to mining as well. You can get this kit from Prospector Mercy within the Motherlode Mine.

ItemXP Boost
Set bonus+0.5%
Complete set+2.5 %

Last but not least, make sure to bring lots of jugs of wine or jugs of sunfire wine. These are going to be crucial for the Prayer training part of this method.

AFK Mining And Prayer Training In Varlamore Guide

For starters, you'll first want to teleport Civitas illa Fortis which is unlocked after completing Twilight's Promise. The teleport will bring you to the center of the city - the bazaar. From there, head west until you reach Cam Torum.


Once inside Cam Torum, head straight and then proceed to the right until you reach a mining area. You can see exactly where it's at using this map below.


You'll find several mining deposits within this area and you're going to mine them. Every once in a while, you'll see a waterfall appear on one of the walls. If you mine this, there's a 15% chance that you'll be able to get a Blessed Bone Shard. By mining these deposits again and again, you'll be able to get loads of Mining XP. Since there are so many deposits packed into a little area, there's not much you need to do for this method to work.


Mining Blessed Bone Shards will give you small Prayer XP only but it's a good bonus if you're planning on leveling up your Mining only. If you don't have a need for the Blessed Bone Shards, you can sell them into the Grand Exchange for a huge profit.

As you're Mining the waterfalls, you can also get Calcified Deposits. For more Prayer XP, you'll need to bring these to an anvil and smash them up. Smashing one deposit results in 10 Blessed Bone Shards. There's an anvil at the northern area of Cam Torum so you don't need to travel far for it.

Once you have a lot of Blessed Bone Shards, exit Cam Torum and head north until you reach the top of Ralos' Rise.


The next part of this method requires you to bless wines using bone shards. There's a good chance that you've gotten a lot of bone shards already at the Cam Torum mining area. If not, you can use a chisel on bones that you have in your inventory to turn them into bone shards. Below is a table showing how many shards you can get per bone type, as well as the amount of Prayer XP you'll get when sacrificing the shards to make blessed wine.

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BonesShard yieldBase bone XP/GPBlessed wineBlessed sunfire wine
   Prayer XP per boneBase XP increaseGP/XPPrayer XP per boneBase XP increaseGP/XP
Baby dragon24-39.30120400%-9.82144480%-8.19
Lava dragon68-52.65340400%-13.16408480%-10.97
Superior dragon121-79.17605403.33%-19.63726484%-16.36

You'll need 400 bone shards to make blessed wine. You can bless the wine at a libation pool located north of the altar - inside the Teomat Monastery. Here's a step-by-step guide on the process to make it easier:

  1. Head to the Cam Torum mining area and start mining the deposits.
  2. Once your inventory is full, keep the blessed bone shards and then use an anvil to crush the calcified deposits for more bone shards.
  3. Head to the exposed altar and bless any regular bone shards you have in your inventory.
  4. Fill your inventory with either Jugs of Wine or Jugs of Sunfire Wine. Consecrate your wines using the same method as blessing your bone shards.
  5. Proceed northward to the Libation Pool inside Teomat, situated within a small room north of the Shrine of Ralos. As you approach, your character will automatically commence sacrificing blessed bone shards. Alternatively, you can accelerate the process by repeatedly clicking.
  6. Each sacrifice involves offering 100 shards, resulting in experience gains of either 500 or 600, depending on the type of wine utilized.
  7. It costs 2 Prayer Points for each sacrifice. Fortunately, you can replenish your Prayer Points conveniently at the nearby Shrine of Ralos.
  8. After completing the cycle, return to the bank to deposit your gains, acquire more unblessed wines, bless them, and begin the process anew. Repeat this cycle for continued experience accumulation.

With this method, you can earn up to 64,800 Prayer XP per inventory, and the entire process is passive, allowing you to step away if needed.

Although the Zealot Robes obtained from Shades of Mort'ton offer a 5% preservation rate for your bone shards on average, neither you nor I possess this set.

A Quick An Easy Way To 99 Mining And Prayer

This new method makes reaching 99 Prayer a lot easier. Players have always complained that there are not enough easy ways to train Prayer so this new one is a blessing. The developers might nerf this method in the future so you should start doing it as much as you can before that happens!

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