OSRS Children of the Sun Walkthrough

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OSRS Children of the Sun Walkthrough

Youre probably very excited to see all of what the new content in OSRS has to offer. Varlamore is big and teeming with things to do.

For starters, you'll have to go through Children of the Sun first. This is a short quest with a Novice difficulty that introduces Varlamore to players.

There's no other requirement for this quest too. To start, look for Noa or Alina in Varrock Square.



Quick Guide

  • Talk to Noah or Alina and ask when the delegation will arrive.
  • Go after the guard.
  • Enter Lowe's Archery Emporium and run.
  • Go to the northern wall of the building south of the archery shop to hide.
  • Proceed towards the building's southeast corner.
  • Head to Old Man Yarlo's house's western wall to hide.
  • Either hide within the house of Old Man Yarlo or close to the building south of Aubury's Rune Shop.
  • Go back to Varrock Square. By the castle wall, find Sergeant Tobyn and talk to him.
  • Find the thieves acting as guards. To "mark" these guards, click on them. You can find them in the following locations:
  1. Aris tent (standing with his hands on his hips without a weapon).
  2. News stand near Benny (the one without a helmet).
  3. East path outside Lowe's Archery Emporium (he's leaning on a wall with arms closed, without a weapon).
  4. East path between Varrock east bank and the archery shop. (wields a mace).
  • Go back and talk to sergeant.
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Go on the eastern side of Varrock Square. Behind Eliza's stall, you will find Noah and Alina. Speak to either one of them. One of them will let you know that a delegation from Varlamore's Kingdom is on their way to Varrock after being isolated for a long time. Ask various information about the kingdom or when the delegation will arrive. This way, you can progress through the quest quickly, which will begin a cutscene.



You will need to follow the guard. But, be careful not to get caught because if you do, you will need to start again by talking to Noah.

To follow the guard while avoiding his sight, do the following:

  • Run into Lowe's Archery Emporium.
  • Proceed to the northern wall of the building, south of the archery shop, to hide.
  • Walk to the building's south-eastern corner.
  • Go to Old Man Yarlo's house and hide behind the western wall.
  • Either go inside Old Man Yarlo's house to hide or proceed near the building south of Aubury's Rune Shop.

The guard will go inside the small building next to Aubury's Rune Shop after you hide in the last spot. Then, a cutscene will automatically start where you will see how the guard was actually a member of the bandits and how they are plotting to attack the delegation.

Head back to Varrock Square and talk to Sergeant Tobyn after the cutscene. He will then ask you to identify the bandits who are pretending to be guards. Find the said guards and click on them to identify them..

For the first guard, you can find him just outside Ari's tent. He's the one standing with his hands on his hips without a weapon.

To find the second guard, go near Benny and his newsstand. She's the one who's not wearing a helmet.

Proceed just outside Lowe's Archery Emporium on the east path to find the third guard. He should be leaning on the wall with arms crossed and is not carrying a weapon.

Lastly, head to the east path between Varrock east bank and the archery shop to find the fourth guard. Instead of a sword, he is wielding a mace.

You need to complete the Defender of Varrock. Then, go back to Sergeant Tobyn and he will arrest the bandits (off-screen). After that, you will be taken to the palace roof's cell and to assist with the interrogations. While you're there, Prince Itzla will appear as he has heard the commotion and is bored by the politics. He will introduce himself and will assist you with the interrogations.

A cutscene will then play where you and the prince interrogate one of the bandits. The bandit will quickly give in and inform the prince that someone, likely from Varlamore, approached them and instructed them to kill Servius, Ralo's Teokan.



After the interrogation, Prince Itzla will thank you for what you've done and will give you special permission to visit Varlamore. He will also ask you to talk to Regulus Cento, whom you will find outside varrock's eastern gate, when you're ready to go to Varlamore and help continue the investigation.

Is Children of the Sun Worth Doing?

The only reward you'll get for beating this quest is a Quest Point which you'll need to for the Quest Point Cape. Additionally, this will open up Varlamore for exploration and that alone means there's more quests to do!

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