OSRS Fastest Training Methods For Each Skil

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OSRS Fastest Training Methods For Each Skil


1. With Alt Accounts

The fastest way to train your melee stats is by having a Dinh’s Bulwark and constantly special attacking nechryaels. Dinh’s bulwark hits 10 enemies in an area at once, so you will be getting a lot of experience and the reason why we are killing nechryaels is because they constantly spawn “death spawns”. So you will always have 10 or close to 10 enemies to attack. Nechryaels that you would want to attack are the ones at the catacombs of Kurend and if you want to maximise your exp do this on a slayer task.

If you want to do this method you will need 2 alt accounts with energy transfer, after you deplete your special attack on your main account one of the accounts will transfer their special attack to you. After each transfer the account that transferred it will be teleporting home to restore their special attack before quickly coming back. This method requires 3 high level accounts and a lot of clicking but it yields the best exp in the game which is:

EXP/H: 420K

2. Without Alt Accounts ( not the fastest defence )

If you don’t want to do a click intensive method or if you don’t have alt accounts that can help you, the nightmare zone is the fastest melee exp in the game, alongside being afk. For this method you will need full dharoks, dragon claws with the best str gear. You will be staying at 1 hp using absorption potions to always deal max damage. You will pick up any power surge you see and use dragon claws to get constant 200 - 300 exp drops.

EXP/H: 100k - 130K ( depending on how afk you are )


1. With Infinite Money

The fastest exp rate in the game is in construction. With 99 construction and 25 magic stones you can create Demonic thrones. For this method you will need a saw, a hammer and some cash to use the butler. Your butler can fetch magic stones from your bank allowing you to constantly train. This method will cost you 13-14b per hour to do but will get you 200m construction in 15 hours.

EXP/H: 14M

2. Viable Method

Best viable exp rates for construction can be earned from making mahogany gnome benches. This is due to the fact that you can remove a bench and start creating the next one in the same tick.


Smithing / Crafting

1. With Infinite Money

After the completion of the quest song of the elves you can start making enhanced crystal keys. This uses a regular crystal key and 10 crystal shards, so it costs a lot of money, however this gives you the best exp rates in both of the skills at the same time.

Smithing/Crafting EXP/H: 2.2M

2. Viable Method

As for viable methods that will not bankrupt you for smithing, it’s smithing gold bars at the blast furnace with gold smith gauntlets which gives:

EXP/H: 380K

For crafting the best method would be crafting black dragonhide bodies which will give you:

EXP/H: 426K


Fletching dragon darts is the fastest fletching exp in the game and unlike previous methods this will not cost you that much money as the gp to xp rate is only 9. Doing this method will get you from 95 fletching to 99 in 2 hours and will cost you 120m. This method is really click intensive and the exp rates go up depending on how fast you click.

EXP/H: 3 - 4M


1. Wilderness Altar

Fastest consistent prayer exp in the game is, 1 ticking superior dragon bones on the wilderness chaos altar. This altar has %50 chance to not consume your bones, which allows you to stay longer before restocking. Also there is a monk just outside the chapel that un-notes your noted bones. However there is a high chance of getting pked in the wilderness, which will affect your exp rates.

EXP/H: 1.3 -1.7m

2. POH Altar With Runners

This is the safer method yielding the same exp rates if done with runners. For this method you will need to hire other players to un-note and deliver you bones. You will need to pay for this service and also since the altars in POHs don’t have a chance to save your bones this method will cost you a lot more money.

EXP/H: 1.5M


1. Regular Farming

If you do a tree run of 6 magic trees and 6 dragon fruit trees, which would take you around 10 minutes you will be getting 190k exp in farming which if you translate it to hours would look like this:

EXP/H: 1.1M

Obviously you can’t continuously do this, because of the growth timer of the trees.

2. Construction Farming

There is a way to get farming exp in the game that doesn’t require you to wait for crops or plants to grow. This method is really expensive to do. You will need to get a lot of bagged plants and level 80 construction to construct “Tall box hedges” in your player owned house.

EXP/H: 280K

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One tick cooking karambwans is the fastest way to get cooking exp in the game. To do this properly you will need to find a cooking spot right next to a bank. Bank upstairs in the Myth’s guild and the bank in Mor Ul Rek are perfect spots for this training method. This method is highly click intensive but will get you:

EXP/H: 950k


1. One Ticking

The fastest exp that you can get in herblore requires you to one tick brew extended super antifires using lava scale shards. Unlike previous one ticking this requires much more clicking as you will need to hover your mouse all over your inventory, however if done correctly the exp results are pretty good:

EXP/H: 850K

2. Ancient Brews

If you don’t like 1 ticking you can create ancient brews, which will get you:

EXP/H: 500K

Ranged/Hit Points/Defence

With 99 ranged, black chinning maniacal monkeys is the fastest way to gain ranged exp. This method requires you to have elite void with maxed ranging bonus alongside using a dragon bone necklace with a bonecrusher to replenish your prayer, so you can keep using rigour. You can make this method even better by having two alt accounts stacking up monkeys for you.

EXP/H: 900K - 1M

This is also the fastest hitpoints exp in the game giving you:

EXP/H: 250K

If you don’t want to do the dinh’s bulwark method explained in this guide this is the fastest method for defence giving you:

EXP/H: 400K


1. 1 Ticking Crossbow Bolts

1 ticking highest tier crossbow bolts yields the fastest magic exp in the game. This requires precise and consistent clicks, the better your click the more exp you are going to get.

EXP/H: 500K - 580K

2. Barraging

This method is popular because it’s relatively afk and yields a lot of hit points experience as well. Just like the ranged method you will be barraging maniacal monkeys in MM2 tunnels and again if you have 2 alt accounts to stack the monkeys for you, this method becomes much more efficient and afk.

EXP/H: 400K


With level 90 firemaking you can start burning redwood logs which grants higher exp rates than Wintertodt. Doing this method will yield:

EXP/H: 510K


Most of the high-end thieving methods yield similar exp rates. However, by a small margin the best one to do, is the high floors of pyramid plunder. If you only loot the 7th and 8th floor of the pyramid you will be getting:

EXP/H: 270K


At level 99 hunter, 3 tick catching black chinchompas in the wilderness is the fastest method. If you want to make this method even faster you can bring an alt to constantly kill black chinchompas that stray away from the hunting zone. Doing this will get you around:

EXP/H: 240K - 280K


For the fastest woodcutting exp in the game you would want to have teak trees planted on Fossil Island. You can cut these trees with a method called “1.5 tick woodcutting” which only works on these trees. If done correctly this method will sometimes give you double logs instead of one, hence the name 1.5 tick.

EXP/H: 220K


1. Lava Rune Crafting

This method requires a lot of money as you will be needing 4 essence runners to get the best exp rates. Just like the POH bone method you will need other players' help to get this exp rate.

EXP/H: 200K

2. Creating Eternal Boots

This method is extremely expensive, even more than the first one. You will be combining eternal crystals with infinity boots. This method yields a whopping:

EXP/H: 350K


The fastest fishing method in the game is 2 tick swordfishing. To do this method you will have to go to Zeah fishing spots and have 2 rats attack you with auto-retaliate turned on. Doing this will get you:

EXP/H: 135K


The fastest mining exp comes from 3 ticking granite in the desert. You will need precise clicks and timing for this method as well and it will get you:

EXP/H: 130K


Slayer exp rates are hard to pin down as it’s not a skill that you would try to rush. However to get the best exp rates you should block any tasks that are not burstable or cannonable and you should extend the tasks that are burstable or cannonable. On average if you do this you should be getting:

EXP/H: 60K - 90K


Agility is the slowest skill to train on old school runescape if we are not counting slayer. The best way to train this skill is doing the highest floor of the hallowed sepulchre. If you are not looting anything this method should get you:

EXP/H: 95K

If you loot you will get 20k less exp per hour on average.

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