OSRS Gauntlet/Corrupted Gauntlet Guide

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OSRS Gauntlet/Corrupted Gauntlet Guide

What is “Gauntlet”?

Gauntlet is a dungeon type solo minigame in Prifddinas. There are two types of gauntlets that you can participate in, one is the regular, easy one, the other one is the corrupted hard one. The minigame is the same in both the versions; You have a set time limit to explore and clear a semi-randomly generated dungeon. It requires you to collect resources, craft items and use those resources and items to kill the dungeon boss. Participating in this minigame does not require any items or money even if you die in this minigame, you will not be losing anything thus making anything you gain pure profit. After a dungeon is cleared, there will be rewards waiting for you in the rewards chest. There will be a reward in the chest even if you fail and die in the dungeon, however this reward will be very small. 

Is Corrupted Gauntlet Hard?

One of the most frequently asked questions is this one. Although it might look challenging and hard, it is not that hard. This is due to the fact that the boss of the minigame has a set attack pattern and all you have to do really is to adapt to that attack pattern. This will take you a couple of games to fully adapt but after you do that it will be like a walk in the park.


Gauntlet is located in Prifddinas and to access Prifddinas you must complete “Song of the Elves” which is a grandmaster quest that has a lot of skill requirements in the 70’s. Also the completion of “King’s Ransom” and “Knight Waves Training Grounds” is a must for the usage of piety. Secondly you will be needing high combat stats, minimum recommended stats are:

  • 85+ Attack
  • 85+ Strength
  • 85+ Defence
  • 85+ Ranged
  • 85+ Magic
  • 85+ Hitpoints
  • 77+ Prayer - You must have augury and rigour unlocked

Getting There

The easiest way to get to Prifddinas is to use a teleport crystal, if you don’t have to crystal or if you ran out of charges, you can either charter a ship to Prifddinas or use a redirection scroll on a house tablet to teleport there.

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Completing the Gauntlet

To unlock the ability to participate in the corrupted gauntlet, you have to first complete a regular gauntlet. When you first enter the gauntlet, you will spawn in a node with some tools, this is your base area. No monster can enter the base area or attack you even if they are aggroed to you. You will be collecting resources and coming back to the base to use them. The boss will always be next to the spawn node so you don’t have to run around trying to find it. After you spawn, start lighting up the nodes near your base and start collecting resources. The most efficient way to do this is to start from one side and light the nodes in a “U” shape, like this:



After you finish your loop go back into your base and use your resources.

Collecting and Crafting

While running around in the dungeon, you will encounter skilling supplies and monsters. Each resource you collect or each monster you kill will reward you with crystal shards which you will need for crafting. 

  1. Armour and Potions

You will be collecting 3 of each resource type. 3 phren barks, 3 crystal ores, 3 linum tirinums ( white tree thing ) and lastly 3 grym leaves. Each resource deposit ( except grym leaves ) will give you exactly 3 pieces so after you collect a resource deposit you can go ahead and drop the tool you used to collect it. ( Since you will be needing a lot of inventory space. ) You use the ores, the barks and the tirinums to craft yourself crystal armour.

To make potions, craft yourself 3 vials using the singing bowl. Next, grind 30 crystal shards using your pestle and mortar   ( you can drop your pestle and mortar after this ). Fill your vials with water either from the water pump in your base or from any fishing spots. Add the herb and then the crystal dust to create your potions. Combine them into 4 dose versions and drink the last dose to get the stamina potion effect and to clear a spot in your inventory.

If you couldn’t find these resources during your initial “U” trip, look for them while looking for the demi-bosses.

  1. Weapons

As you are doing the “U” shape trip, you will encounter some weak and strong monsters. If you find a scorpion or a unicorn, kill one. You don’t need to kill more than one as it has a guaranteed weapon frame drop chance. If you didn’t encounter any strong monsters, kill the weak ones until you get a weapon frame.

On the off chance that you didn’t see any monsters or you killed all the weak ones but haven’t found a weapon frame, quickly start exploring to find monsters.

After you have your weapon frame and some crystal shards you can head back and create a basic weapon. I recommend creating a bow as a basic weapon every time.

To upgrade your weapons you will need to kill demi-bosses. Demi-bosses has a chance to spawn on the outer nodes of the dungeon, those nodes are these:



The quickest way to find a demi-boss is to go in the opposite direction of the boss room and quickly search the 3 nodes that are next to each other. If you couldn’t find 2 different ones just continue along the outer parts of the map until you find one:



There are 3 different demi-bosses:

  • Bear, attacks with melee, drops the melee weapon upgrade
  • Dragon, attacks with mage, drops the magic weapon upgrade
  • Dark beast, attacks with range, drops the range weapon upgrade

You will need two different types of weapon as the boss can use protection prayers. 

Lastly you shouldn’t waste time looking for the weapon upgrade you want, you should use the first two ones you find. If you couldn’t find an upgrade for your starting weapon it’s okay just drop it and craft the ones you found an upgrade for.

  1. Food

While you are going around the dungeon you will find fishing spots, while doing your first resource run fish any spot you come across. If your inventory gets full, cook all of them and drop them. You are most likely not going to find enough fishing spots in your first “U” trip so search for them while going for the demi-bosses.

Boss Fight

There are few mechanics to the boss fight, those are:

  1. Standard attacks: When you first enter the boss room the boss will immediately start using ranged attacks, after four hits it will switch to mage attacks. This is always on a rotation so you will have to switch your protection prayers after every 4th hit. If you don’t want to count the attacks, the boss does an animation before switching attack styles. There is a special magic attack which is purple, that turns off all your prayers, so when you see that attack get ready to turn them back on.
  2. Prayers: Boss will always have a protection prayer enabled. After receiving 6 hits from the player it will switch its protection prayer to whatever weapon the player used for the 6th attack. When this happens you will automatically stop attacking the boss, indicating this change.
  3. Trample Attack: If you walk under the boss, it will do a trample attack that can deal up to 50+ damage. This attack does not count as one of the attacks of its 4 attack cycle. To avoid stepping under the boss, mark the boss using runelite, this will show exactly which tiles the boss is standing on.
  4. Tornadoes: Every once in a while the boss will spawn 1 - 3 tornadoes ( depending on how low the bosses health is ) that chases the player around. You should avoid touching these tornadoes as they deal 10 - 20 damage per tick. This attack also counts as one of the four attacks of the boss.
  5. Floor Tiles: During the fight, different floor tiles will continuously light up. You should avoid these tiles as they will deal 10 - 20 damage to you for each tick you spend on top of them.

Example Run

During this run don’t be afraid to use your prayer points, use protection and combat boosting prayers whenever you are fighting.

  1. After the spawn immediately start doing the “U” run. Collect any resources you come across. ( as I explained above, you will need 1 weapon frame, 3 of each resource type, as many fish as you can find. ) Drop your tools after getting the desired resources. ( don’t drop your torch, that allows you to light up nodes ) Then return to base at the end of your “U” run. Don’t return to base unless you have a weapon frame! 
  2. Cook any food you find and drop it, we will pick them up at the very end.
  3. Craft your weapon and 3 vials, if you manage to find all the resources you need for the armour craft the armour as well if not drop the resources near the singing bowl to craft it later.
  4. Fill your vials with water and grind 30 crystals ( drop your pestle and mortar at this point ) to start making potions. If you don’t have 3 herbs or any herb at all don’t worry you will find it. After creating your potions combine them into 2, 4-dose and 1, 1-dose then drink the 1-dose potion. ( you can do all this while searching for the demi bosses )
  5. Start making your way to the demi-bosses and kill two different ones to get your weapon upgrades.
  6. At this point if you have all the materials and shards needed to craft everything and head into the boss fight, do that. If you are missing any materials keep searching for it and after you find it, teleport to base using your teleport crystal. 
  7. At the end of it you should have 2 perfected weapons of different types. A full set of tier 1 armour. 2 potions and an inventory of food or something close to it.
  8. Head into the boss fight with protect range on and kill the boss.

Congratulations! You just completed the gauntlet.

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