OSRS Med Level PVP Build

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OSRS Med Level PVP Build

Building a Med Level Account

What is a Med Level Account and Why Should You Build One ?

A Med level is an account build name given to accounts that are in the combat level range of 100 - 114. This is the highest level account build for pvp, ( Not counting a maxed level account. ) because of this, it’s the account build where you have the most options available to you. Unlike zerkers you can use just ranged to pk, unlike ranged tanks you can use all the melee styles to pk, what is that, do you want to, high risk ? All the power armour in the game is available to you so you can very easily risk more and get benefits from it. If you want to abuse and bully lower levels this is the build to do it. You will have a huge advantage, fighting against any lower level account build like zerkers. You can simply one shot them with a power armour and piety or if you want to be more safe you can wear full dharok’s to give you extra defence and KO potential. This account build has access to almost all the weapons and armours currently available in the game, thus you can do and use whatever you want however you want. Also since this account build can wear end game armour and weapons and has access to piety, you can do pvm activities whenever you don’t feel like pking. This makes it so that the account build never really gets boring.

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Disadvantages of the Build

There are few minor disadvantages that come with the build;

  • Max levels will try to fight you whenever they can. This is really common and not a huge deal, yes they will have higher stats than you do however this doesn’t put you in that much of a disadvantage.
  • If you just want to bully lower levels, you would have to risk more than them. Think of this as a trade off since you have so much advantage over them.
  • This account build aside from a maxed level account takes the longest to build. If you are not patient it can get annoying.
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This part of the guide is going to provide you with all the essential information to build your own med level account. If you have a good understanding of the game and know what you are doing, this small part will be enough. If not, a more detailed version will be in the “Step by Step Building a Med Level” part.


There are few types of med levels that you can build. They are not that different from one another but it changes their combat level drastically, I am going to list them all down here, pick the one that best suits you. Lower level ones can attack lower level accounts but they don’t have access to newly added high end items. Higher level versions can use any item in the game but almost loses the ability to attack zerkers.

Lowest level Med level:

  • Hitpoints: 95+
  • Attack: 75
  • Strength: 99
  • Defence: 70
  • Prayer: 77
  • Ranged: 99
  • Magic: 99
  • Combat level: 107

Mid tier Med level:

  • Hitpoints: 99
  • Attack: 82
  • Strength: 99
  • Defence: 70 - 75
  • Prayer: 77
  • Ranged: 99
  • Magic: 99
  • Combat level: 110 (70 def) - 111 ( 75 def )
  • Maxed out Med level:
  • Hitpoints: 99
  • Attack: 82
  • Strength: 99
  • Defence: 80
  • Prayer: 77
  • Ranged: 99
  • Magic: 99
  • Combat level: 113

As a med level you will be completing a lot of quests. I will only mention the essential quests and provide a wiki link for each of them. What I recommend doing is to open these big quests and go to the requirements section to find the required quests and open them in new tabs to finish them one by one. Again a more detailed quest list will be down below. ( Runelite and quest helper plugin is recommended for completing quests efficiently. )

Main Quests
  • Recipe for Disaster - https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Recipe_for_Disaster
  • Fremennik Exiles - https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/The_Fremennik_Exiles
Mini Quests & Games
  • Pest Control - For full Ranged & Magic Void
  • Mage Arena 1 & 2 - For Mage Arena Cape
  • Hard Western Provinces Diary - For Elite Void
  • Varrock Museum - 100 Kudos
  • Knight’s Training Grounds - Unlocking Piety
  • Barbarian Assault - For Fighter Torso
  • Fight caves - For Fire Cape
  • Inferno ( optional ) - For Infernal Cape

After reaching 77 prayer and 70 defence buy dexterous prayer scroll and arcane prayer scroll to unlock rigour and augury.

After dragon slayer 2 kill Vorkath until you get it’s head and attach it to your Ava’s device.

You are ready to pk!

Optimised Setups

There are a lot of things you can equip with this account build, I am only going to mention a few.

Standard setup:

  • Helm of neitiznot
  • Fire cape
  • Amulet of glory
  • Fighter Torso
  • Dragon scimitar
  • Dragon defender
  • Torag’s platelegs
  • Barrows gloves
  • Dragon boots
  • Ring of recoil

Standard Ranged to Melee setup:

  • Helm of neitiznot
  • Fire cape
  • Amulet of glory
  • Fighter torso
  • Magic shortbow
  • Amethyst arrows
  • Black d’hide chaps
  • Barrows gloves
  • Dragon boots
  • Ring of recoil

Standard only Ranged setup:

  • Full elite void ranged
  • Dragon knives x25
  • Rune kiteshield ( can be changed with odium ward, dragon sq shield, book of law, dragon fire shield, twisted buckler or any spirit shield )
  • Ring of recoil
  • God d’hide boots ( can be changed with snakeskin boots or pegasian boots  )
  • Dragon javelins x25 ( dragon arrows if you are using a dark bow, any dragon bolts if you are using a crossbow )
  • Ava’s assembler
  • Necklace of anguish
  • Heavy ballista for special attack ( dark bow or any crossbow )
  • Dragon thrownaxe x25 for special attack

Standard Void Melee Setup

  • Full elite void melee
  • Fire cape
  • Amulet of glory
  • Dragon scimitar
  • Dragon defender
  • Dragon boots
  • Ring of recoil

Maxed Variants

  • Neitiznot faceguard
  • Amulet of fury
  • Fire Cape
  • Bandos chest plate
  • Bandos tassets
  • Abyssal dagger (p++)
  • Avernic defender
  • Ferocious gloves
  • Dragon boots
  • Berserker ring (i)

You can switch the face guard with a serpentine helmet or torva helmet.

You can switch full bandos with full torva.

You can switch dragon boots with primordial boots.

You can switch fury with amulet of torture.

You can switch the abyssal dagger with Osmuten’s Fang.

It depends on what you want to do and how much you want to risk.

As for special attacks you can use Armadyl godsword and Granite Maul. If you are fighting lower levels like zerks, I recommend using dragon claws as it is very accurate against them.

Step by Step Building a Med Level

1. First things first, ( assuming you are starting from a fresh level 3 account ) you need to get 77 prayer. To do this, buy yourself a bunch of high tier bones, the best you can use before level 70 prayer is dagannoth bones and head to the wilderness altar. This altar yields the fastest prayer exp in the game and it will save you money. We are doing this at level 3 as soons as we can to avoid as many pkers as possible since this altar is in a pvp zone.


2. Secondly like all account builds you will be completing a lot of easy quests. I am going to list a few here however you can complete as many as you please since you will be needing 200 quest points anyways for dragon slayer 2.

  • Animal Magnetism - For Ava’s device 
  • Vampire Slayer - Attack Exp
  • Tree Gnome Village - Attack Exp
  • Fight Arena - Attack Exp
  • Waterfall Quest - Attack & Strength Exp
  • Tree Gnome Village - Attack Exp
  • The Grand Tree -  Attack Exp
  • Witch’s House - HP Exp
  • Horror From the Deep - for book of darkness and law
  • Dragon Slayer 1 - Mix combat exp
  • Holy Grail - Defence Exp
  • Nature Spirit
  • The Fremennik Trials
  • Heroes’ Quest
  • Monkey Madness 1 ( choose the strength training )

3. After completing a decent set of quests, ( complete as many as you can ) and having levelled up to combat level 70 or above, you will be knocking out some of the untradables. You can do these in any order:

  • Fire cape - fight caves
  • Fighter torso - barbarian assault
  • Full void ( all helmets ) - pest control

4. After getting your untradables, you need to work to complete King’s Ransom and knight’s training grounds to unlock piety. This will greatly speed up your grind.

5. Take a little break from your quest and skilling grind to afk in the nightmare zone. You will be needing a few items imbued to further increase your future grinds:

  • Berserker ring (i)
  • Black Mask or Slayer Helmet (i)
  • Archers Ring (i)
  • Seers Ring (i)

6. After the nightmare zone grind, start working on medium and hard difficulty quests to finish getting 200 quest points. During this time, complete Recipe for Disaster anytime you can to unlock barrows gloves.

7. At this point you are set to do your slayer grind, complete the dwarf cannon quest if you haven’t already and start grinding slayer to get 69 slayer. I recommend wilderness slayer as it yields more slayer points and more combat exp ( if you are using wilderness weapons ).

8. You are nearing the end of the annoying quests so hang in there. Complete Monkey Madness 2 and Dragon Slayer 2. After they are both completed kill Vorkath enough times to get, Vorkath’s head and attach it to your Ava’s device. After this complete the hard western provinces diary to get yourself elite void. Then head to the Monkey Madness 2 tunnels to train your magic and ranged up to 99 and defence up to whatever you please ( 75- 80 ). Using chinchompas to train your defence is the fastest way to do it.

9. You are pretty much done now just head back to the nightmare zone to grind your remaining attack and strength levels and you are done!

10. Congratulations, you have created your own Med level account!

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