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A, B, C, D, E Intermediate P2p Quest Packs

Main/Zerker - Barrows Gloves with Lunars OSRS Acc/Quest Pack from Scratch

 10-14 days

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10-14 days (usually will be faster, but this is a safe ETA

This quest bundle includes all power leveling/questing required for this bundle. The required gold for this order is 10m + membership. Customer simply has to provide a level 3 account with active membership, that has completed tutorial island, and nothing else - we do the rest.

Skilling included in this order is as follows:

70 Cooking
48 Agility
60 Mining
53 Fishing
53 Thieving
25 Herblore
65 Magic
40 Smithing
50 Firemaking
40 Ranged
61 Crafting
10 Fletching
10 Slayer
56 Woodcutting

Major quest lines completed in this order is as follows:
176 Quest Points
Lunar diplomacy quest line (gives lunar spells ability)
Desert treasure quest line monkey madness 1 quest line
Dragon Slayer I /Heros quest lines
Entire Recipe for Disaster quest line (giving barrows gloves ability)
Notes: These accounts are done the difficult way with 42-45 def and 50-60 attack and also have lunars done. The lunars quest line addition adds quite a bit of extra work, and gives access to the lunars spellbook (which is a necessity for future zerkers/rune pures. With this account build, you can purchase it to get the countless hours of questing completed, so you can just afk the combat to your perfect build type, without doing any of the questing/power leveling required
  • Starts with A, B, C, D, E
  • RS Quest Difficulty Intermediate
  • F2p/P2p P2p
  • Quest Type Quest Packs

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